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  1. So I thought I would try my hand at a comic. And well I wanted the people of Iwaku's opinion if I should continue! For like newsletter and such. Tell me what ya think!

    Here it is.

    Title: Ingenious

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  2. 0,0

  3. John sighed* "she is just over protective of you eve."
  4. That is awesome, dude.
  5. Hmmm....

    Needs cake.
  6. "He gets that from kunari too."
  7. "Daddy.. she's not here..." Evelyn mumble softly.
  8. Needs more Cowbell.
  9. haha agreed TK, any suggestions for future comics are appreciated! :DD
  10. Perhaps illustrating a four long page of me just spouting non-sense from various awkward positions. I could provide you with the dialogue.

    That's how EVERYONE sees me. ;_;
  11. "So, Yun, how do you like reading the critically acclaimed Monokuma Rising?"



    "You tell me."
  12. Dude, make one about Khang's.... Korm's.... (SIGH) Whatever his name is, attitude.

    I think the gibberish would be a funny thing!
  13. Hello! I'm Nue, (it's pronounced Noo-eh), but you can also call me Kar. I'm a wolfdog from hillbilly hills. I'm not too partial to anime, but I'd fall in love to see some kemono's/furries in that art style. I roleplay rather decently, and you can see how i rp in my resume here on iwaku. I like videogames and listening to people's stories, but I don't like being called cute <///>
  14. Me = wanted to do an iwacomic for a while... but mine was srs business, not lulsie.
  15. I wonder how I'd appear in a comic...Since no one but Jack knows what I look like...Could probably just draw me as a shadow...Cutting off Khang's head when he gets out of line...
  16. Okay. That seriously made me laugh. XD
  17. TNT:
    Well this is what I figure TNT to make it more fun I would from now on not draw us in real life. Instead how you would like to be drawn. Like for me actually be Tuxedo Mask. and Seiji a Mandalorian.

    Diana: I'm glad you enjoyed it ^__^ Just randomly thought about how silly it was people say booby trap, when in all it's entirety it's a trap. No booby's about it.
  18. John smiled* "I guess you are right

    IT'S A MAN-Size.

    And Tux, Rory gave me inspiration.

    Somthing akin to this: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXSlyxRNF4E"]YouTube- Too Much Coffee Brak[/ame]

    I'll write something up next time I have a dream about Asmo rescuing babies from burning buildings.