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  1. So I thought I would try my hand at a comic. And well I wanted the people of Iwaku's opinion if I should continue! For like newsletter and such. Tell me what ya think!

    Here it is.

    Title: Ingenious

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  2. 0,0

  3. ...INGENIOUS!

    hehe, I like how Seiji vaguely looks like Seiji XD
  4. That is awesome, dude.
  5. Hmmm....

    Needs cake.
  6. Thanks everyone!
    And indeed there will be cake, as I have yet to try an Asmo cake.

    Myrn: That was the idea XD

    *goes to work on a REAL booby trap!*
  8. Needs more Cowbell.
  9. haha agreed TK, any suggestions for future comics are appreciated! :DD
  10. Perhaps illustrating a four long page of me just spouting non-sense from various awkward positions. I could provide you with the dialogue.

    That's how EVERYONE sees me. ;_;
  11. I love it, nice pieces that can be used for the Newsletter.
  12. Dude, make one about Khang's.... Korm's.... (SIGH) Whatever his name is, attitude.

    I think the gibberish would be a funny thing!
  13. Sounds doable Khang feel free to send me dialogue. I'll see what I can whip up. However that will be after I make a comic for this months newsletter.
  14. Me = wanted to do an iwacomic for a while... but mine was srs business, not lulsie.
  15. I wonder how I'd appear in a comic...Since no one but Jack knows what I look like...Could probably just draw me as a shadow...Cutting off Khang's head when he gets out of line...
  16. Okay. That seriously made me laugh. XD
  17. TNT:
    Well this is what I figure TNT to make it more fun I would from now on not draw us in real life. Instead how you would like to be drawn. Like for me actually be Tuxedo Mask. and Seiji a Mandalorian.

    Diana: I'm glad you enjoyed it ^__^ Just randomly thought about how silly it was people say booby trap, when in all it's entirety it's a trap. No booby's about it.
  18. How big of a booby trap are we talking? D's? DD's? FFF's?

    IT'S A MAN-Size.

    And Tux, Rory gave me inspiration.

    Somthing akin to this: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXSlyxRNF4E"]YouTube- Too Much Coffee Brak[/ame]

    I'll write something up next time I have a dream about Asmo rescuing babies from burning buildings.