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  1. I was playing around with the color format of Iwaku just a minute ago and began to wonder...

    What Iwaku color format do you use and why do you like it? :D
    (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, at the very bottom left hand corner of Iwaku there is a color changer).

    Personally, I like Citrine. I love warm colors such as browns, golds, tans, and the works, so for me, it just fits and looks right. ^^
  2. I was messing around with it just now and found that my favourite is Amber. It has something of an exciting feel to it, ya know?
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  3. I like blue stuff.
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  4. Jade is my favorite. >> Cause I love teals and and bluegreens.
  5. This.
    I write like this.
  6. I like Jade as well but I also use Opal because it seems to have the most color variants of all of the light backgrounds. Otherwise the light backgrounds can get uncomfortable to look at with so much of one color against white and the white font on black can be troublesome for my eyes at times. Not to mention the fact no one seems to consider people use light backgrounds >.>

    @Diana: Why is Opal the only one with a tinted background?
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  7. I like Opal, because lots of white-text-on-black-background hurts my eyes O.-

    It gets annoying sometimes though, because most of the backgrounds are dark-themed, so the lighter tones of the colour pallete are REALLY hard on the eyes in Opal :(
  8. The problem with having various color styles, is the fact that members use a lot of colored text in their posts. D: That's why we only had Dark Styles with black bgs. Cause at least then we could guarantee that you'd always be able to read people's posts cause they would use texts appropriate for the background. But people kept asking for light styles, so we added a few.

    We make the light styles have a stark white BG for the posting areas for the same reason. MOST default text colors will at least be readable on both a white background and a black background. (there will just be a few that will be hard on one or the other). If we make styles that have grey BGs or tinted purple bgs, etc, etc, the majority of people's custom text colors become totally unreadable.

    We want to give you guys attractive color options while at the same time making sure you can still read posts. And that is not easy. O__O Someone/something will always not work.
  9. Oh for sure, and overall I still prefer the lighter themes; I do a lot of reading on here every day, and my eyes are bad enough without straining them, the odd time I find a whole post or paragraph in one of those tones, I usually just copy the text and paste it into another program (word on pc, notepad on phone) where I can read it.
  10. I use Rhodonite, because black on white is easier then white on black for me to see, cause I almost be blind. And I like pink!
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  11. Ah, that's understandable :) I just found it odd that Opal was tinted while the others were not x) Not that I'm complaining or anything!
  12. Rubellite or Amethyst is my favorite :)!
  13. Oh.
    I misunderstood this whole question. :D...
    I use Amethyst.
    Because.. birth stone.
  14. Icy Blues, teals, Cyan, and any neon tint or shade of blue.
    all about it.
    The color of the the planet from far, far away
    its just the most Human color in my perspective
  15. Azurite

    You can never go wrong with blue.
  16. I use the Opal one. It's...peaceful. Of course there is the issue with the coloured fonts, but I just highlight what I can't read to fix it, and try not to grump. I'm just not a fan of black backgrounds. Looks sharp, but it's too dark. (And I have terrible vision so it screws with my eyes.)