Iwaku clue: HOW DID THEY DO IT!?

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  1. knife, candelstick, rope, wrench, lead pipe, revolver.

    What would YOU grab to kill with?
  2. Knife.

    CQC, baby.
  3. Knife, the most fun option.
  4. Totally a knife..CQC thats all you need
  5. Good ol' candlestick, of course.
  6. Lead Pipe. Make sure they're dead, and have fun doing it! <3
  7. Wrench, because spies sappin mah sentry.
  8. Revolver.

    shit, if i want them dead i want them dead, no fucking about.
  9. I'll go with the wrench. No one is going to notice a wrench missing, nor will any think a random wrench getting tossed somewhere is weird.
  10. The same goes for a missing Lead Pipe, even more so even.

    Personally, I'd use the revolver. I don't want to get away with murder, if it's a justified killing, just the killing is enough.
  11. Obviously the rope, cuz you can burn the rope...I personally don't like leaving a massive trail of evidence behind.
  12. Revolver. Simple, painless and efficient.
  13. Orochi has watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves too many times!

    Rope? Though really the best way is the way that leaves no trace.
  14. Rope. Gives you the pleasure of watching them squirm while you choke the life out of them. Is easily destroyed, but can leave bruising or marks on your hands if done improperly. Then again...

    Wrench/Pipe/Candlestick. Gives you the satisfaction of beating the bastard/cunt to death. Is hard to dispose of, but can be hidden in plain view. I'd rather use a baseball bat or chair leg. Burn it along with their body.

    Knives are fun and just as intimate as the above two choices.

    Gun. Severely overrated, boring, and overall unsatisfactory. Yawn e_e
  15. My gigantic penis.
  16. Rope. Make it look like suicide.
  17. My Mauser k98. She shot Soviets during the War. :3
  18. Swifty will choose Candlestick. What's more degradeing?
  19. Business end of a claw head hammer.