Iwaku clue: HOW DID THEY DO IT!?

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  1. knife, candelstick, rope, wrench, lead pipe, revolver.

    What would YOU grab to kill with?
  2. Knife.

    CQC, baby.
  3. Knife, the most fun option.
    1. Alexandra Kalomoira

      The Huntress

      Age 26


      Alexandra is the daughter of the Greek Deity Hades and as such is gifted with extraordinary superhuman strength. She has an Olympian durability & constitution. She could probably go full strength and speed for a couple of days before getting tired. She has never been sick a day in her life. It is unlikely that normal toxins and virus/bacteria would affect her. She isn't particularly bullet proof but regenerates very quickly. She could regenerate a lost limb in a couple of days. Her reflexes and hand eye coordination are higher than the best Olympic athletes. She can probably manage 40-45 miles per hour running.. Alexandra as a daughter of Hades can see the spirits of the dead, talk with them and can generally expect some level of respect. Her eyesight works well in near darkness. In extreme need she could call on her father for armies of the dead, but this would come at a cost. It is whispered, that she cannot die like normal folk.


      Alexandra has trained since grade school in fencing, gymnastics, climbing, martial arts, tactics and all of the normal school studies by both living and deceased mentors. She speaks several languages and has a doctorate in Computer programming with a secondary degree in business. She has become streetwise as she started using the Huntress Persona as she is very bright and charismatic. She has excellent skills with money management & investments.


      From her father she has a sword, a blade of Enchanted Stygian Iron, forged by her uncle Hephaestus. The sword is extremely deadly, the intent of her having it is to fight supernatural creatures. She has a black leather scabbard that makes both itself and the sword invisible when not in use.
      There is a broach with the symbol of her father, the two pronged spear that gives her protections for her mind and soul.

      On the technological side She has had an armored costume made in black and purple. It is close to being completely bullet proof and has mesh to protect from Tasers & other electrical attacks. It is fire & acid resistant. She has climbing gear and an expensive state of the art four wheel motorcycle with a big engine.At her New York brownstone, she has a large state of the art Supercomputer of her own design. She has homes in New York, Los Angeles & New Orleans.

      Alexandra's father is a god of wealth, subsequently Alexandra has money. She isn't Wayne or Luthor rich, but she is very wealthy.

      Weakness: She tough when it comes to taking blows, but her body is neither blade or bullet proof.

      Personality: Alexandra seems to be a well rounded person. She has a strong sense of protectiveness and could be quite vengeful if wronged. She has a sense of duty to her world, her town and the people in it.

      Location, as yet determined. Los Angeles.

      Challenging computer games.
      Eighties music, classical music, Jazz
      Reading, particularly a good Mystery Novel.
      Playing piano
      Old movies
      Museum quality antiques
      Cooking Dislikes
      con artists
      know it all's

      Secret Origin: She is the daughter of the ancient Greek God Hades. Raised by loving step parents in suburban southern California. She was heavily trained from a young age. Her abilities started to manifest in high school. Shortly thereafter she met her father and came to grips with who she was... and who she was going to be.
      Of note, doesn't have the best set of people skills and has horrible luck with Dating.


    Alexandra, sitting at her terminal, reviewed her notes on the new nasty computer virus and the rumors of meta humans in the country.

    The first, she noted was a young man who called himself Raven. A classic Reaper.. Powerful. Why would he interfere from his assigned duties. This bears watching.

    The Second took more work. Ice Queen. From New York, mostly. Beautiful, vane. Good grief, those cant be real. Of note, The woman who became Ice Queen is noted to be very bright. Her scientific reports regarding the climate were well received. Her reports are well written. She is clearly far more bright behind the ice than she lets on.

    The third was called Hex by the press in her city. Appears to be powerful, magus of some sort, possibly a half blood of some sort ?

    The fourth one, and this I might add was quite a challenge, her files were well protected. Clearly not enough... but phew... nice work on my part. This woman, Gal Gardner had some many files from her youth that the poor government clean up crew couldn't possibly get them all. Bad home, bad attitude, High school jock girl that could sometimes be counted on to beat up her male counterparts. She is a survivor. Then, early in adulthood she disappears. Reappearing as one of the ring people. Energy constructs and armor, probably body enhancements.

    The fifth one... very interesting. Based near Tampa – Saint Petersburg, seems to have a variety of armored outfits, and seems very versatile. Is always helpful and cooperative with local law enforcement. A talent I haven't yet mastered.

    Number 6 Wow... Mostly police records and newspaper reports. This young woman is all over the map with her... activities. She sings among other things. Seems to stop crimes as a matter of convenience. And then there are the magic rabbits. Dear me... Birth records couldn't be found.

    Number 7 and all of his buddies. The record on this man is largely stolen from overseas intelligence offices. He seems to be able to replicate. All by himself he is dangerous... over a dozen more of him could be problematic. Very patriotic street cred. Of note, I found one of his government files which erased itself just as I was accessing it.

    Number 8 Rough and tumble, works with Air. Amazing how effective this power can be. Seems to leave a trail of happenings behind her in different cities. Currently based in Toronto.. for now.

    Number 9 Electrical elementalist. Seems powerful. Plenty of incidents in the central city papers regarding his crime fighting. Note... Add electrical defenses.

    Number 10 Sun city near St Petersburg / Tampa bay again. Young man appears to be a little on the thin side, a magus, Wicca designs. Bears watching.

    Number 11 Pyro. A lot to like about this one, he reminds me a little of myself from what I can research. Accent seems to be Viking even if his body isn't . This one looks even thinner than that other boy.

    Number 12.. Another Pyro. Hard to pinpoint, Central & South America, the Caribbean. Hard to tell at times what side he is on. Perhaps he is still working on that.
  4. Good ol' candlestick, of course.
  5. Name: Joseph "Joe" Chilton
    Codename/Nicknames: Metamorpho, Insect Fighter, Officer Chill, Meta.
    Age: 27
    Powers/Skills: Due to his connection to what is known in most scientific circles as "The Cocoon Verse", Joe is able to summon the raw, untamed energy of the dimension through his Meta-Morpher. Although he happens to be a skilled runner, is trained in Scholastic Wrestling, Gymnastics and Defendo and is proficient in the use of firearms due to his time with The Blackhawks, he is, while unmorphed, powerless. Upon Morphing however, he gains access to a good number of powers and weapons. These are as follows:

    Enhanced Strength: In his morphed state, Metamorpho is stronger than most human beings and much like an ant can lift 60 times his own weight. (235 lbs = 14100 pounds) this level of physical power allows him to Lift medium sized planes and locomotives over his own head with relative ease as well as rip the doors off of trucks and cars and put indents into materials such as solid Stone and Iron. It also works well in combat when fighting against other super powered opponents, the less powerful ones being much easier to take down due to the overall differences in size and strength.

    Enhanced Speed: Many insects could move much faster than we can if they were as large as we are. Such is the case for Metamorpho, who can run 3 times faster than an Jesse Owens could in his prime according to both scientists and sports experts. It is true that in quite a number of cases, his increased agility has allowed him to outmanoeuvre both powered and non powered individuals alike, making him hard nut not impossible to hit when at his normal levels of stamina and energy

    Enhanced Leaping: Joe's other Ability's include, of all things, the ability to leap to great heights. It is said that those who unlock the power of the C-Verse, can leap great and astonishing heights, much like a giant katydid. Joe is no exception. His morphed form is capable of leaping 10 ft high and an 8th of a mile long. An impressive feat by any stretch of the imagination. This, coupled with Joe's gymnast skills, allows him to flip a good many times before landing either on his feet, or sometimes on his back. It also allows him to fly a great distance after being knocked back by more powerful attacks.

    Super Durability: The C-Verse also grants those who access it stronger skin than they have without it. As a result, Joe is capable of withstanding attacks that would injure or even kill most regular human beings and can withstand having bricks, heavy metal and even energy blasts thrown at him to a certain degree, it all depends on his levels of stamina at the time.

    Outside of his powers, as said previously, Joe is well skilled in two kinds of martial arts, both of which he has learned as a civilian and in his training for the SCPD. These are of Course Amateur Wrestling and the police utilised martial art of Defendo, the former of which he has won several for due to participation in his College's wrestling team. It was also during his time in college where he learned he was naturally skilled in gymnastics. Unlocking this innate ability has made him skilled in such things as jumping, somersaults and of course back flips. The Defendo skills of course came from his police training and is the one Joe is most comfortable about using, not to mention the one he happens to be more proficient at. He also happens to be greatly into swimming. Although this is mostly for fun, Joe has been known to swim a full 4 and a half miles without needing to take a breather depending on his health and energy. Running is a different story, as this is something Joe takes seriously in a big way. When you're a police officer you are expected to be able to catch criminals on foot with little trouble and by maintaining a regular, daily training regiment which involves running 6 miles from home and back every morning, Joe is able to keep up with those demands.

    Weaknesses: Although most objects and weapons cannot cut through his suit, the amount of energy coursing through Metamorpho's costume and body while morphed causes any hits that register to trigger a power surge that causes sparks to leap off of the target and other times through them to the ground when they're hit hard enough. Enough registered hits can force those in morphed form to de-morph so that the powers can have enough time to repair themselves. If however the morpher is damaged or in a worst case scenario destroyed, re morphing becomes impossible unless the damage to the Morpher can be repaired. In his unmorphed state, while about to take down small groups of people, larger gang attacks tend to be too much for Joe causing him to have to Morph in such situations when he or others are in danger.

    To complicate matters further, Meta's powers are in turn, maintained by a code of conduct and rules. Should those rules ever be broken then the morpher's other functions will kick in, and he will loose that power from the range of a day to permanently depending on the severity of his actions. The 1st rule is never to use the energy of the Cocoon Verse for malicious or selfish reasons. Rule number two is that the user of the morpher can never escalate a fight for unjustifiable reasons, meaning that unnecessary brutality is forbidden, this, due to his training, is something that Joe has to learn to control. Last but not least, the third and final rule is that the wearer can never disclose his true identity, as it would put the lives of himself and everyone around him at risk. This rule however is more flexible than the other two and pretty much depends on who the people he reveals his face to are as people.

    Also, Metamorpho's energy is by no means limitless. In fact most of his energy is based entirely on mental and physical stamina. If Joe is tired in both regards or even sick, it transfers into the morphed form. Even then as Metamorpho, enough time and enough patience can wear Joe down to the point of having to de-morph. Not even his equipment is indestructible, as hard enough blows can damage even the Stag-Master to the point of needing serious repairs. Outside of his costume, the only two noticeable vices Joe has are his minor taste for whisky and a love for bacon steaks and eggs which tends to through his almost ridged training regiment slightly out of whack. Above all else, it cannot be forgotten that without his powers, joe is as human as everyone else and when unmorphed can be shot, stabbed, strangled, etc.

    Ethnicity: Caucasian



    His Job Profession.

    Saving Others



    Fighting Crime

    Bacon Steak and Eggs



    Giving Noogies

    Giving Tickles

    Hard Work



    Classic Stand Up Comedy

    Sci-fi Movies

    90s Adult Cartoons

    Pop Punk

    Alternative Rock

    Big Band/Swing Music






    Slapstick Based Comedy


    Hot Dogs


    90s Sitcoms

    Dance Pop


    Country Music

    Getting Tickled

    Seeing people bullied

    Personal Attacks

    Extremism. (specifically extremism related to race, religion and dietary choices.)




    Equipment: By morphing, Joe also produces a full body set of nano fibre and chrome armour plating as well as several additions that aid him in the fight against evil. the antenna on his helmet for example, grant their user a sort of Radio sense that allows them to hear from up to 4 miles away. This ability is unlocked through concentration and can be stopped when said concentration is broken. The suit also protects it's wearer from being cut by most human made weapons at the price of the previously mentioned power surges. Stronger and more unusual weapons like lazers and magic based attacks can also pierce the suit's defences. Meta also possesses a "Web Gun" that allows him to temporarily trap his opponents. however, he is only ever to use the gun for defence, otherwise it is taken from him for up to an hour.

    Of course the most powerful of the weapons granted by the Cocoon Verse is the giant robot known as The "Stag-Master." A giant, humanoid mecha with insect like features that he is able to utilise only in the most dire of situations. the Stag-Master weighs approximately 1000 tons, can lift a small mountain off the ground and is utalised both for the prevention of natural disasters and for the fighting of Kaiju. Finally, there's the "Meta-Morpher" than acts as a "Belt Buckle" around Joe's waist when unmorphed. By punching the buckle in such a way and uttering the activation phrase: "Meta! Morph!", Joe can transform into his Metamorpho form and back again.

    The Web Gun

    The Stag-Master


    In Costume


    Out of Costume


    Personality: When it comes to personality, Joe is one of the most reliable people you could meet. As a police officer he is seemingly highly dedicated to his work, something that transfers and carries on into his role as a superhero. He embraces the active side of police life with a deep level of enthusiasm, but utterly hates any kind of red tape that he feels keeps him from doing what's right. To complicate matters, due to the corruption and racism in the SCPD, doing the supposed "Right thing" is somewhat difficult to achieve and in turn, Joe has a great deal of contempt and distrust for most of the other men and women on the force. When he sees others in trouble or in need of help, he almost instinctively will try to help them, both as himself and as Metamorpho. Who he chooses to be at that point depends on the situation.

    Out of his costume and uniform, Joe is a pretty fun guy to be around. Once outside the limits of his uniform, he is happily able to joke and clown around with the best of em. He can become slightly annoying and slobbish in this mindset of course but given his dedication while on duty, it's easy to justify his laid back attitude while off duty. Joe is therefore seen, by those who know him, as a fun and trustworthy person to be around and is the guy many ordinary citizens respect and admire around the community. This alternate way of thinking, like his eating habits can cause Joe to throw off his usual routine. He's also a firm believer in doing onto others as they would do by him, even if few he knows feel the same way.

    Despite his excellent work as a cop, he isn't really too skilled in giving advice outside of that line of expertise. Another unfortunate thing about the guy is that he happens to be a bit of a loner apart from a small handful of friends, due in part to him being unpopular in the police force due to his lack of corruption and general attitude in the workplace. Most of the other officers tend to keep their distance from Joe fearing that he will get them killed. in some way. Although Joe tries to hide the pain of this, given his own childhood and the general loneliness and occasional loss of friends for various reasons he went through back then, the heartache he feels over this sometimes tends to slip out onto his facial expressions.

    When it come to Sun City, Joe wishes more than anything he could say he loved his city. Unfortunately, this would mostly be a lie. Although he can rarely express with shame or hesitation his pride and respect for most of the people in the city, Joe recognises how messed up it is outside of it's deceptive appearance as "America's Vacation Capital", and feels frustrated that no one else outside of the criminals, politicians, corrupt business people and his own force can see that as plenty of tourists still visit the city despite the dangers it poses to them. Although Joe can still help out as a cop and as Metamorpho, he sometimes feels overwhelmed by the load and wishes he had more help than he does in these matters and given the steady rise of crime he sometimes has trouble figuring out what to do. While he does use the C-Verse powers for good, the higher sense of purpose and range in what can be done with them tend to lead to Joe sometimes overusing them or using them when it isn't fully necessary. In some cases, Joe has become a mild addict to his alter ego and is usually more willing to show his fun side when in hero mode.

    Location: Sun City, Florida.

    Secret Origin: Once upon a time, somewhere in the space between good and evil, darkness and light, there existed and still exists a dimension of pure energy known as the Universal Cocoon of Power. How it came to be or why it exists has been and always will be somewhat of an unsolvable mystery. Many seem to believe that when the Insect Gods of old passed on, due to belief in and worship of them fading away in time, they created The Cocoon-verse as a way for something of them to be left behind once they faded away into Parts Unknown. With it, they left an unlockable gate so that those with good purpose might use it's powers for the betterment of others. Alas however, we humans or at least the majority of us, due to our primitive nature technologically as well as scientifically, were unable to harness it's energy and so it was up to other races on other planets to unlock the door and tap into the cocoon's insectoid properties. It was soon discovered however that without the correct means to harness and channel this energy, mortal bodies simply wouldn't be able to cope with the immense power.

    It was to this end that the race of beings known as the Czarnians, a greatly progressive race indeed, moulded and refined the energy into a series of powers, weapons and disguises stored in 6 chrome devices known by their creators as the ''Meta-Morphers.'' Upon their creation these small, hand held gadgets were spread throughout the galaxy and put onto different planets via six space exploratory vessels. That is where our story begins. One of these vessels, the 5th one to be precise, made it's way to our galaxy with the firm intent of leaving it's cargo on the planet Mars. This plan was irreversibly sidetracked when, having deflected an earth bound asteroid...with the hull of the ship, the pilot was forced to crash land on the Planet earth, where a subsequent rock-slide buried all but the entrance. Where it had landed: The eastern part of what would become known as the state of Florida. The Year: 1843.

    And so, for 167 years the spaceship and it's deceased occupant lay buried under the rocks, more or less undiscovered. that is to say that any creature that did manage to discover the ship and make it's way inside seldom lived to talk about it. However in time, even the ship's security mechanisms short circuited and died due to no one being around to recharge them. It took 57 years for them to die and for another 100, nothing more was seen or heard of the ship or it's contents. That is, untill Joe Chilton happened to discover it one day.

    Joseph Chilton was born on March 10th 1983 to mother Alice Chilton and his father Max Chilton Jr in Calvin City, Connecticut. Calvin City already had a reputation as a place of heroes and during Joe's childhood, he would learn why. the city was of course, home to the superhero group known as the Seven Soldiers of Victory. The leading heroes of the New England area of the country. Joe's father was, as his son would be later in life, a cop, working for the CCPD. He had had the privilege of working with and assisting the Seven Soldiers on a number of occasions and indeed young Joe would grow up hearing stories about his heroes and their exploits starting from the tender age of 3. (Not to mention owning tons of Seven Soldiers merchandise, playing Seven Soldiers with his small clique of friends and of course watching the Seven Soldiers cartoon series every Saturday morning with his dad.)

    Although Joe had a mostly great home life, his personal and social lives were something else. He had friends, sure, but even then the majority of the time, due to his then skinny and slightly diminutive physique and slight social awkwardness, he found himself to be not only the last pick on most sports teams during recess, but pretty much generally ignored and unnoticed by his peers. It was his hope therefore that someday he would become a hero like his idols and gain the respect, attention and admiration of others. then, in 1993, hard times came. The adventures dried up, accusations were passed around like candy and soon, the supehero community seemed to vanish off the face of the continent. Such of course was the fate of the SSV one day when, out of nowhere, all 7 members announced their retirement. For then 1 year old Joe Chilton, it was heartbreaking. But worse things were to happen still to the young boy. With crime in Calvin City now reaching a 10 year low, a number of officers were either layed off or transfered. Max Chilton was one of the lucky ones. His son was anything but lucky.

    Pops Chilton was soon given a transfer to the police department in Sun City in Florida. and it was once there that Joe soon began to recognise the differences between his old home and his new one. Mainly that his new home was, for lack of a better term, a dump. The city was run down at best and a crime ridden shit hole at worst. Public schools in the city especially the Jr High School that Joe ended up attending, were poorly maintained, poorly staffed and poorly run. Worse still, the student body at the school was mostly made up of shallow, conformist assholes and Joe struggled even more to get by. Only the company of the people he was able to form friendships with, I.E. the Other school outcasts made up for it all in the slightest.

    Joe's last year of Jr High was when things really went to hell for him and his mother. On May 22nd 1996, Joe's Father's team, a special crimes division of the Sun City Police known as the Blackhawks, were in the process of busting the operations of a formerly rich and powerful drug gang, (one that was no longer able to bribe their way out of trouble) when in the heat of battle, one of the members took of Max's protective helmet and put a slug between his eyes. The family grieved and from that point on, Alice tried everything she could to keep her soon from ending up like her husband. That never stopped Joe fro dreaming about becoming a blackhawk like his father before him. Nor did it stop him from bulding up his body and muscle mass while in high school with swimming, routine trips to the gym and of course healthier eating. Once in College he learned the finer points of self defence when it came to his College wrestling team. He left college early after that at the age of 21 and attempted to join the force. He was accepted into their ranks of course, but soon discovered that unlike the CCPD, the SCPD upheld anything but the motto ''to serve and protect.''

    With the corruption in the force and their apathy towards the havoc the gangs who had them on their pay role caused in the lives of civilians, the disillusioned Joe often found himself at a loss for words and did his job quietly and without interaction with many of the other officers. this was no skin off their backs however, as they felt that associating with a guy like that would lead almost certainly to death. Eventually however, Joe made his way quickly through the ranks and became part of the Blackhawks like his dad before him. One day, in January of 2010, which is the month the heroes came back, Joe and another cop were hunting down the last remnants of the death cult known as the "Parliament of Trees" on the outskirts of Sun City, when the last remaining members managed to slip away from them behind the hills blocking the view of the ship. The guy Joe was with insisted they turn back, but Joe was having none of it and got out of the car to chase the rest of the cult down, prior to his "partner" deciding to leave him there. It was during his hunt for the rest of the trees when Joe found the ship. Entering out of curiosity, he found not only the remains of the humans that had tried and failed to enter the ship previously, but also, after a good deal of searching, the Meta-Morpher. Upon accidentally activating a hologram of the long dead Czarnian pilot, Joe soon learned about the morpher and the nature of the powers within. As luck would have it, the pilot also explained how to activate the powers.

    All of this would have been strange to Joe, had he not grown up during the golden age of superheroes when stuff like this started to become normal. Upon attaching the morpher to his belt, Joe decided to give morphing a try. When the sequence was complete and Joe saw what was standing in front of him, he knew that after all these years, the dreams of his childhood had finally come true.Using these new found powers, he located and rounded up the rest of the Parliament before bringing them to Police HQ. that was about a month and a half ago. Since that time Joe, now using the codename of Metamorpho: Insect Fighter, has resigned from the Blackhawks and gone back to being a regular officer in order to provide himself with a better cover should he need to morph again. During 1st finding the powers and now, he has faced down everything from crimelords, to wife beaters to, naturally Supervillains and for the 1st time in a long time, the people of the city have a sense of hope and duty. So, in that regard, maybe there is some hope for Sun City, Florida. As long as Metamorpho's around, that is.

    Inspiration for Alteration: What we have in this app is a far cry from the guy who can transmute his body into any element from the Periodic Table. i guess my biggest inspiration for the change is my general love for Tokusatsu (the Japanese term used for shows like Power Rangers, Ultraman and Kamen Rider.) and the fact that with a name like Metamorpho, the theme just seemed to fit somehow. As for using the name Joe Chilton instead of Rex Mason, that came from Harvey Dent being the name of The Superman of the Tangent Universe. It seemed like a nice tribute to that, plus I was looking for something a bit out in left field.

    Theme Song(s):

    Main Theme:

    Fight Songs:

  6. Wrench, because spies sappin mah sentry.
  7. Revolver.

    shit, if i want them dead i want them dead, no fucking about.
  8. I'll go with the wrench. No one is going to notice a wrench missing, nor will any think a random wrench getting tossed somewhere is weird.
  9. The same goes for a missing Lead Pipe, even more so even.

    Personally, I'd use the revolver. I don't want to get away with murder, if it's a justified killing, just the killing is enough.
  10. Obviously the rope, cuz you can burn the rope...I personally don't like leaving a massive trail of evidence behind.
  11. Revolver. Simple, painless and efficient.
  12. Azalia Ashburn

    Central City, United States

    Sitting idle Azalia began to sway her legs back and forth. Time was tedious and not being able to see made things far less interesting. Letting out a popping noise by using her lips and teeth the girl seemed to turn heads. Smirking she did it again causing someone to speak up “Can you please stop?” One of the women in the room asked. The girl looked in her direction… sorta “Oh, I am sorry I didn’t know anyone else is in here with me.” She responded back and she heard the woman scoff. “It's rather obvious isn't it. What are you blind?” The woman retorted rather unapologetically.

    Staring and now homing in on the woman Azalia nodded “Actually, I am.” She stated in a matter of fact voice. The other noises in the room indicated that there were in fact others besides just the two of them and they didn’t sound the most enthralled with the woman's comment. A voice called for Azalia and walked over to help her up. She wasn’t helpless but she couldn’t see anything and would rather not have her rabbits running amuck… in all places a doctor's office. She felt them pulling at the corners of her mind but she took a deep breath and managed to banish them for at least some time. The cackling was constant but… after awhile it seemed to become white noise.

    After her routine check up and having some blood drawn the girl managed to get home to her apartment. Slightly light headed she opened her door to be greet by a large Maine Coon cat. Feeling the cat against her legs she leaned down and pet the furry creature. The size of a regular sized dog and almost weighing twenty five pounds the cat made its routine rounds before giving her the eye and walking off. Clutching her head she felt the tear and before she knew it she could see in four different directions. Sighing she knew immediately what had happened. Walking forward she kicked the head off one of the rabbits sending it bouncing into the apartment and causing the cat to bolt after it.

    Reaching up the beheaded rabbit felt around for its head before throwing its arms up in the air in defeat and falling backwards. Flailing around she shook her head and relished in the fact that it could yell or scream. Rubbing the side of her head she felt another one of the four rabbits tug on the back of her shirt. Turning around she looked at herself through the eyes of the creature before Azazel snatched it up and threw it against the wall. Putting its hand on Azalia’s right shoulder the larger rabbit guided the girl into the living room and to her couch before walking away. Now home she could try to relax. Sadly, she knew it wouldn't be easy. She didn’t indulge the rabbits all day and they were going to be a hand full.​
  13. Please post where you are. City and Country. ​
  14. Rope. Gives you the pleasure of watching them squirm while you choke the life out of them. Is easily destroyed, but can leave bruising or marks on your hands if done improperly. Then again...

    Wrench/Pipe/Candlestick. Gives you the satisfaction of beating the bastard/cunt to death. Is hard to dispose of, but can be hidden in plain view. I'd rather use a baseball bat or chair leg. Burn it along with their body.

    Knives are fun and just as intimate as the above two choices.

    Gun. Severely overrated, boring, and overall unsatisfactory. Yawn e_e
  15. My gigantic penis.
  16. Rope. Make it look like suicide.
  17. My Mauser k98. She shot Soviets during the War. :3
  18. Swifty will choose Candlestick. What's more degradeing?
  19. Business end of a claw head hammer.