Iwaku Christmas Party RP?

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  1. Ok, now bear with me here.

    You still reading???


    Have you ever been to a Christmas party? Pretty fun right? Have you ever seen a Christmas party in a movie? Ridiculous right?

    Good, I'm glad you agree. Its never like how it is in real life. Those parties are chaotic, hilarious and a little over the top. So I thought why not put on our own crazy and ridiculous Christmas party rp?

    Any interest? It would only last through new years. You could participate as yourself, or a fictional character. Things can get as wild as you want. If it is going to be mixed age, we would obviously need to keep mature content to a minimum.
  2. Im Interested ono
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    I want in
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  4. This seems interesting, if I have time I would like to be a part of it.
  5. Oooh, how fun! Count me interested.
  6. Bring on the party animals.
  7. Cool! I will post it up today. Invite all your friends!
Thread Status:
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