Iwaku Christmas Party (Anyone can join)

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  1. Digi-Guys house had never been this decorated. Every room was giant conglomeration of red, green, and white. There were two Christmas trees. Two! He really thought it was all rather excessive but his girlfriend Ashley insisted two trees were necessary. If it wasn’t for her, the most decorating he would have done was red and green napkins at the food table. A month ago, Digi-Guy had decided that he would host a Christmas Party for all the people of the great town of Iwaku. It was one of those things he honestly regretted after saying to Ashley. Mainly because there are some….unique people in Iwaku that he had only seen and not met. Some of them were apart various Genital cults. Not that he was one to judge. As long as they were having fun, he didn’t care. That party was going to start in five minutes. Ashley was in the kitchen finishing up the food bar, and he was outside marking where people should park with little light up santas. All though one of them was giving him some trouble.

    “Listen here you little red pedophile. If you don’t light up I’m just going to curb stomp down to the South Pole and back.” Digi-Guy said has he hit the Santa light until it turned on. “Hah, suck it Santa!” Digi-Guy put the last light down then ran back inside.

    The party host walked into the living room where he had his sound system playing Christmas music. He hated Christmas music, but such is the way of things. Everything was set. He had his X-box one and PS4 set up down stairs. The den had been cleared out for dancing. The game room had a pool table and pinball machine. Pretty much if it could be fun in a party, Digi-Guy made sure he had it.

    “Hey Digi, everythings set. Come in the kitchen.” Ashley called out.

    “Coming” Digi said as he walked into the kitchen. The food looked great. “Ash, you did a good job.”

    “Aww, thanks Digi. Are there any guests outside?” Ash asked.

    “Uh, maybe. Hey look, I gotta warn you, quite literally anything is possible tonight. The people of Iwaku are a little crazy. If a portal opened up to another dimension, I wouldn’t be surprised. Just….be ready.” Digi warned.

    “That is what is going to make this party so much fun.” Ash laughed.

    “Right…Oh look some ones at the door.” Digi said as he heard the doorbell ring. “COME IN!”

    And thus the party begins.

    (This is the Christmas party RP for Iwaku. Play as yourself, or a made up character. It's a party so go wild if you want. Keep sexual Content to pms)
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  2. truth entered the party to go animal only to be disapointed
    "yo digi guy wheres every body at im ready to party"
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  3. A massive airship slowly landed in the parking lot, metallic legs folded out and sunk into the snow. The name of that airship was King Caldern's Reverge and it's captain was reviewing the While-I'm-Gone-Don't-Fuck-Anything-Up rules with his crew. "And you can't blow anything up." A long silence only with one guy sobbing in the background was the response he got. He rolled his eyes, "...within 60 miles of any populated area." A loud cheer told him that was as far he was going to get to them. "Wait Capt'n Crono, what of we can come?" "I doubt it. But if you can I'll send up a flare or two." He replied to one of his crew. Of course he was lying, he would probably be arrested or worse, kicked out of the party if his unsanitary and somewhat insane crew turned up. "Alright, Cio." Crono jumped down from the hull of the ship and watched it fly off, a chant of "Ho ho ho ho and a bottle of nog!" emanating from his crew. He walked to the front door of the house wondering how long it would take for "nog" to turn to "rum." "Good grief it's cold." He muttered to his self and had his black mechanical wings fold over his arms. It looked like he was early to the party, because he only saw one person entering. He chose to make a grand entrance anyway, kicking the door open. His foot smashed into the door which, to his dismay, was a pull-to-open. He grabbed his foot in pain and started a long list any nasty word imaginable.

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  4. There was a number of things Vyrd had the ability to do. She could cook a decent enough meal, though it would have a slightly carroty after taste; She could say a half and a quarter of the alphabet forwards, and most all of it backwards; she could kill the firetrucking kraken with only a rifle and cackle like a mad woman at the sheer sound of the poor beast's pained moans.

    Vyrd, however, could not ride a horse.


    The short girl clung to the neck of the maddened stallion. Between her teeth she clutched an extravagantly large green hat--a desperate attempt to keep it from flying off into the distance. She grimaced as mud splattered onto her green dress, but forced herself not to release the horse and wipe off the muck.
    Suffice to say, it probably wasn't the brightest idea to ride ahead when the carriage broke down.


    Inertia took hold of Vyrd as the horse screeched to a halt. With the speed of ten jets, the lady in green quite almost literally flew across the parking lot and into a window. She slammed headfirst into the nearest wall, managing to create a large hole. With a grunt, Vyrd yanked herself out and stumbled onto the floor. Her head spun and she was pretty sure that her girko bone (was that a real bone? She was sure it was a real bone) was broken into a thousand and a half pieces.

    But at least she was early.
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  5. Digi-guy's statement about a trans-dimensional portal was fairly accurate. A portal did indeed appear-- and a very ominous one at that. It looked like some sort of giant evil creature would burst out of it and blow something up. What really happened was quite the opposite. A fairly small green object fell out of the center, landing in the snow, and the portal quickly closed, leaving the place just as it had been before. Suddenly, the object began to move, until it got up. The object turned out to be none other than the frog-like alien invader, Sergeant Keroro.

    "Gero gero gero gero... It appears your machine worked, Kururu... Now time to begin the plan... Commencing operation 'Christmas Party'!" He stuck his finger in the air, as if leading an entire army. His face looked like it too. However, he was alone. It took him a second to realize it, but noone else was there. "Huh? Where's my platoon?" He could easily imagine the reactions of his subordinates, left behind at his base. "Well, I guess I'll have to continue without them." The thought excited him. He could now use this "plan" for its true purpose: for Keroro to have as much fun as possible.

    He began searching for the target house, and was not surprised to see that others had already arrived. "Hope I'm not late to the party!" he exclaimed as he happily made his way to the door.

    ((I guess I'm the first person to play as a canon character...))
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  6. Neko and her friendly cat just walked up to the party when a horse looking rather spooked screeched to a halt flinging a rather extravagant girl through a wall.
    She was deliberating wether or not she should just go and not risk self injury,when a friendly growl from her cat reminded her she was here to make some friends. She set down her cat memo
    "Stay here and find some other cats to play with girl"
    She stepped through the door cautiously avoiding the rubble of the nearby hole
    "Hay everyone" neko said immediately blushing
    She decided to sit on a near by sofa next to truth
    (She made a point of sitting as far as possible from him as the couch would allow.
  7. truth was amused at the growing crowd
    "i guess i was wrong this looks kick ass "admiring the damage
    "hay crono"truth shouted from the couch "bring any drinks i feel like some of that nog" he glanced over his shoulder too see a girl who look more outta place then a skunk at a squirrel convention.
    he also saw her big bust and cracked a pervy smile :)
  8. Neil couldn't help but see a frog hoping around the party...
    And a guy starring at her...
    She didn't know what to do so she decided to move...
    And just so happened to step on vyrd
  9. Keroro arrived at the house to find a strange scene. There was a giant hole in the wall and a horse outside. This was almost normal for the alien. He had witnessed much stranger. He walked up to the doorway as if nothing was wrong and entered the house. He was amazed by the decorations everywhere. "Wow, such amazing decorations!" After spending a moment taking in his surroundings, he noticed something in a different room. Could it be? A pinball machine? Keroro's eyes widened as he let out a high-pitched scream. "Pinball!!" He ran to the game room, practically running into the machine, and pulled the plunger in a very enthusiastic and dramatic manner. "Let's go for a high score!" he exclaimed as the ball came rushing into the playfield, hitting countless bumpers and targets as it bounced around. He managed to rack up quite a score. He was just points away from the highscore, but something else caught his eye. He was only ten points away from the high score, but he quickly lost focus as his mind wandered to this other object. That other object was the pool table. He grabbed the nearest cue stick and reached up onto the table, grabbing the white cue ball. He then walked back into the main room and shouted out to the others, "Who wants to play this game?"

    Little did the others know that he had no idea how to play.
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  10. Vyrd gave a small shout of surprise and pain as someone stepped onto her stomach. "Woah, there," she grunted, wincing. She lifted her eyes to see a young, timid looking girl. "Augh… mind stepping off?" she grunted with a pained smile.

    Meanwhile, a certain horse was growing bored of just standing outside. He neighed in annoyance as a chilly breeze blew past. He didn't deserve staying in the freezing cold! He was a (semi)royal horse, for Pete's sake! With a prideful snort, the horse trotted into the house.
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  11. "Sorry..."
    She stepped off only to trip again...
    (Say whatever you want about wherever I land)
  12. truth was about to play pool with the little peculiar frog
    when a clumsy girl trips on the arm of the couchlanding boobs first into his face
    "mhf mne hrf a derp"
    (damn girl buy a dude a drink first)
    [you did say whereever ;) ]
  13. Neko gets up face burning red and runs out the back door knocking over poor keroro in the process
    "I knew I shouldn't have come"
    She decided to leave...
    But she couldn't find her poor cat...
    So until the party ended she was stuck here
    She curled up into a ball in attempt to hide from the other party guest
  14. truth a little shocked,decided to help vyrd up...
    "hay was up hot stuff names truth whats yours"
  15. Vyrd raised an eyebrow as a boy walked up to her with a flirty grin. "My name is Vyrd. And I can take care toof myself," she sniffed.

    With a grunt, Vyrd rose up. She noted, with distaste, bits of wall and plaster stuck in her black hair and mud smeared onto her dress. So much for looking good. She plopped her green hat back on and looked around for the timid girl. Vyrd spotted her curled up into a ball in the corner. "Poor child," she noted sympathetically, walking over to the girl. "Hey, you alright?"
  16. A black A-frame bicycle slogged across the sidewalk, carrying a boy pedaling with much effort. "This is what I get for skipping a week of Wii Fit," thought the rider. He put on the brakes in front of the house, checking his notice once again as the wheels spun to a halt. "Christmas Party at Digi-Guys... Anyone on Iwaku invited..."

    The rider read the address, glancing once more at the notice, before dismounting the A-bike. He pushed the frame together, compressing the pipes until the bicycle could fit on his back. He clipped four carabiners onto the folded bicycle and hoisted it onto his back.

    As he walked up the steps to the porch, Jaysunn wrapped his arms around his torso, shoving his hands underneath his armpits. He watched his breath curl out of his mouth.

    Jaysunn knocked on the door. "Hello?" he asked, timidly shuffling his hands in his pockets, his right hand turning the 3DS in his pocket over and over. Jay huffed, a white cloud of mist bursting from his throat.

    Not getting an answer, he knocked again, with the "Shave and a Haircut" rhythm. He articulated "two bits" with the DING-DONG of the doorbell. He shoved his hands once again into the pockets of his green, synthetic-fiber jacket. Jay looked up at the decorations. Through the white mist, the green-and-red blinking Christmas lights flashed in time and succession. Green. Red. Green. Like some kind of happy traffic light.
  17. Crono would say he was politely waiting for the others to arrive but that would be a lie. In truth he was busy 'unloading.' A pirate always had to be prepared and he was carrying just a few weapons. Soon a large pile of cutlasses, flintlock pistols, and knives from nearly every place with knives lay outside Digi-Guy's house. He looked over at the waiting doorbell remixer and said ",You do know you just go in, right?" Crono held the door open for him then entered. Such amazing décor, without a doubt, a woman's touch. He noticed a hole in the wall in addition to Truth already hurting a young woman's feelings. He when up to her and said ",Come on now. Surely a foolish child like Truth isn't going to ruin your time already. He may seem a bit rude but he can... No he's just rude." He turned to the frog, thing. "You wanted to play pool yea?"
  18. "Oof!" Keroro managed to somehow through both the cue stick and the cue ball into the air as he fell, both ending up hitting him in the face. He wasted no time getting up, and was happy that some of the other guests had expressed interest in playing with him. "Yeah, I wanna play!" He now knew the name of the game he was about to play, and he though he had a good idea how to play. He turned back towards the game room, jumped on top of the table, and began to repeatedly toss the cue ball into the air and catch it. "Ready to play?" he asked, his eyes squinted, giving him a very sinister and mischievous look on his face.
  19. A glowing rip within the dimensions opened up just outside Digi-Guy's house, and a familiar blue hedgehog strut on through. He took a gander before looking down at a watch in his wrist.

    "Yo Nicole, is this the place?"

    The watch had a screen, and it quickly crackled to life. It released a digitalized female voice.

    "Affirmative, Sonic."

    A face buzzed onto the screen; a smiling face.

    "Have a merry Christmas."

    Sonic smiled and chuckled, waving at the woman on-screen.

    "You too Nicole. Seeya!"

    He switched it off, then turned back to the rift, calling into it.

    "Hey buddy! This is the place, come on out!"

    An orange two-tailed fox soon hopped out, and the rift closed behind him. The fox laughed and came up beside Sonic as he was pat on the back. They both stepped inside, and Sonic shouted.

    "Let's party! Hahaha!"
  20. Elly the Elephant was peacefully walking round the African plains, relaxing as she ran away from cheetas. As she picked up a large tuft of grass, her relaxed trunk brought it to her mouth. Suddenly, Elly transformed into a bowl of petunias falling from a spaceship. No-one knows why, not even Elly, but as she fell her last thought was, 'Oh god, not again,'. The bowl of petunias hit the ground nearby a newly invented whale, and cracked. One thousand years later, some primitive, stocky humans found remnants of the clay pot and a shrivelled flower inside. The people ate the flower, and soon fell sick, and decided not to eat anymore flowers. They took the broken pottery as an heirloom which they passed down for a million years, then dropped and accidentally buried by the first ever dog. It was hidden away underground until the primitive apes slowly became interested in pieces of green paper and digital watches. They dug up the rock hard pottery, mistaking it for metal, and built a robot out of it. They called the robot EvenBetterThanADigitalWatch v.1094.35.2, but for some unknown reason, the depressed robot preferred to be called Elly.
    Elly was walking down the dull street as his normal miserable life, wasting away in this bland, average town with a brain the size of a planet, carrying boxes of fruit to the market, when she suddenly found herself out side a reasonably dull but slightly more interesting house comparitvely to her original life. She sighed and knocked on the average, dreary door to query where she was
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