Iwaku Birthday!



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[size=+2]Congratulations to Moonlit Blade, whose first Iwaku birthday is today! What day its your Iwaku birthday? If you're too old to remember (I am :c) then do you remember the general time that you joined?[/size]
My first Iwaku birthday is near the end of November, around the 22nd I think.
I don't know the first time I logged on to Iwaku, but I think we can safely say I became known to Iwaku after a certain incident, so I'll just claim my anniversary on the first of April.
July 19! I've been here a little over two years. Sometimes I still feel like a newbie cause of Iwaku's looong history. Although I have to admit because of the great community I felt at home after the first couple months.

Wow, hard to believe it's been a year since Mr. Moonlit joined, with his Pokemon humor that I never understand. :P

*brofist* Congrats dude, I got your back.
:D I feel special! And yeah, it's sorta awesome, being here for a full year.

*brofists Oct-bro* Thanks! And yes, my Pokemon humor is very hard to understand, even to those that play the games.
I joined like...three months before the old Iwaku vanished. O.o
So like...late 2008 somewhere? Not sure. >_>;

Also, Happy one year, Moons-Trainer! :D
Jumi, I'm so impressed that you remember.
I really don't remember my Iwaku birthday. D;
I don't remember my Iwaku birthday either. D: I don't even remember what month or time of year it was. I just remember lots of fun and the big prank.
October 11, 2005


Dear god I'm old in Iwaku years...

[EDIT] At least that's when I joined the second version of Iwaku... the first version was sometime around August 31, 2005.
Summer 2006. Or was it 2007? I forget the exact day, but my memories are telling me June in one of those years. =__=; *sigh* I was such a terrified little teen, just following Gabe around.
There was some kind of crisis... in Cuba... with a missile...
Looks like Jumi joined up on my 15th birthday. But as for the Iwakuan Birthday...

I believe it was March 18, 2006, 5 days before Katsugi joined up.
Jumi is even older than me. But not by that much >>;
I joined March 2008 just after my 19th birthday.

Also; anyone ELSE remember the scarglefloop?
Shit if I remember...I'm sure I joined in January of some year though...probably either january 07 or January 08...

I remember seeing the site for the first time on new years eve...Porg was logged in and was sending a message to Jack shade...Back when both were still very much visible on the site...

...Man...feels like I've been here forever...