Iwaku beard-off: MEN ONLY!!!

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Men of Iwaku, the gauntlet is thrown. It is finally time for us to see who among us has the most manly beard. PICTURES ONLY NO DESCRIPTIONS! POST NOW OR FOREVER BE SHAMED!

(Mines coming when I get home)
you've seen gibs and his axe, here me and mine

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I had to shave mine for work. Goddamn oil rigs and their your mask has to fit your face or you're dead in an instant...
My beard skills are weak!!! I don't know why I am twisted in this strange angle, but it's the only slightly decent pic I could find atm.

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Is there any real competition? Jumi is the original beard... thread closed, it has served it's purpose.

Bonus points for Gibs and his axe though,

I'd try to enter the running, but thanks to my genes, the best I can pull off is a mustache...
Yeah I had an epic beard going on for awhile and then I shaved for a job interview a week back.

I have asian facial hair.

... It don't grow in too well.
i now have a mohawk. pictures in this space soon.

(Mohawks are like a goatee for the head. YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE)
Jumi's beard has been and always will be the epic-est. >:] Though, Sho's is pretty impressive...

THAT'S RIGHT. A GIRL IS IN HERE JUDGING YOU ALL~ *gets her girl-ness all over the place*
I cannot compete with the original. However I should at least submit an entry in soon.
I wanna see LESS cowardly men excuses and MORE beards!
So I can't grow facial hair mix of spanish/native american makes it weak as hell. Am I allowed to submit my friends for entry? It's freakin' epic.