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  1. [​IMG]

    A great and terrible crime has happened in the Kingdom of Iwaku.

    The B.A.N. hammer, forged from the fires of Insanity and enslaved Plot Bunnies, was stolen from Queen Diana's Vaults on the eve of her coronation. The hammer has the ability to disintegrate any being it smashes, serving as the perfect execution tool for the darkest of criminals.


    The seeds of chaos are sown as Diana's Administration struggle to quell their nervous citizens, all the while organizing a crew to hunt down the thief and the hammer. The group consists of Royal Court members, soldiers of the crown and hired mercenaries - all of whom are either devoted to the Royal family or wish to fill their pockets with Reputation.

    The thief also left a calling card a Cess Serpent, native to the country Guy'ah. This is the only clue that the Administration have to go off of and where the crew will head to, their first stop being Nerf Harbor. However Queen Diana already has her suspicions, for the ruler of Guy'ah has been researching ways to craft their own B.A.N. hammer. Tensions are undoubtedly high between the two nations.

    The motley crew is led by Captain Melody L. Regalia, appointed to the position by Queen Diana herself. She is entrusted to not only get the hammer back, but to ensure that none of her crew steal it or use it upon someone else. She bears the responsibility proudly and anxiously prepares for the task at hand.

    ((This roleplay is accepting applications once again.))
  2. This game has very little history with previous Iwaku roleplays, so you won't be required to know the Mythos. The genre is Fantasy/Adventure, although I may squeeze in some Modern elements. Please note that this roleplay is heavily plot driven and I've been known to drop puzzles, riddles and codes for my players to break before moving on with the story.


    1. I will absolutely not tolerate any god-modding. I don't allow the use of teleportation, mind control, or telekinesis as powers.

    2. No gods or demi-god characters.

    3. Please be able to post at least once a week.

    4. I will hijack your characters if and only if these situations occur a) You cannot post and there are others waiting on your character and b) You have disappeared or dropped out of the game c) I need to move the plot along.

    5. Be prepared for me to nit pick at your powers. This isn't because I have a personal vendetta against you, it's because I want this to be fair to other players.

    6. Don't play a loner character. Please for the love of god, just don't. ​

    Character Skeleton (open)

    Appearance: (Realistic images please or a description)
    Are you a part of the Royal Court, a soldier or a hired mercenary?
    If you are a part of the Royal Court, what is your occupation?
    If you are a soldier, what is your specialization? This same question applies to mercenaries.











    Name: Jules Foxtrot (TK)

    Age: 25


    Are you a part of the Royal Court, a soldier or a hired mercenary? Soldier, Specializing gathering intelligence covertly.

    Weapons/Equipment: Metal nails surgically welded to her fingers- painful process, but useful. Also small knife hidden in the cross of the rosary she wears, and finally a cane.... kinda.

    History/Bio: TK showed up one day as a bit of a joke- seemed to be hard to take her seriously, especially as people would gossip that she was from poorer areas- though in an effort to garner support and friends instead of rumors- she underwent training and a painful surgery to become more helpful to her new home. She prides herself on being a bit odd- some would say she's perhaps a little off her rocker, but she does what she can to get results. In her previous country, citizens and workers were united under one thing- hatred, of each other, of themselves, for their country, for everything. Fights and wars would break out commonly there- yet, in this new place, full of peace when you're merely a citizen- it was too much for her. She required some kind of activity that could allow for what had grown comfortable for her. While she loves and enjoys the peace of Iwaku- she wanted to help protect it while engaging in non-peaceful activities. Fighting, verbally or physically has become a part of her life- and though it's a trait that's merely taken root in her, she has prided herself on it.


    1. Manipulation of metal: She can SLIGHTLY change the shape of metals- usually only enough to sharpen an edge or stretch it just by an inch or two. She usually applies this to her metal nails.

    2. Manipulation of water: As with metal, she can not do much with manipulation but with water, she can make small bodies of water- tiny ones, mind you (Much like a very small lake.) slightly cold enough, dense enough that the surface might ice up.

    3. Some speak that she has an odd power to shape shift- into a small, albino fox. This is usually regarded as fiction- though she refuses to say whether it's true or not.


    1. Emotional state- Regarded as one of her more frightening set-backs, TK's emotional state can sometimes be... off-putting. Her mood swings can be extreme- going from an easy-going laughing woman, to a rather cross and threatening murderess- though usually she manages to keep some control over these moods and even use them to her advantage- some fear it.

    2. Over-exertion- Her manipulation abilities are meant to be used for only seconds or mere minutes at a time- anything more and it will start tearing her apart- if it's metal, the welded nails might come undone- leading to an expensive trip to the doctor to fix that. If it's water, fluid will start building up in her lungs- leading to a different kind of doctor's visit. She has had cases of sicknesses that have lasted for months due to this.

    3. Monophobia- fear of being alone. She's literally incapable of being by herself longer than an hour or two- most of her jobs have to be planned with this in mind. She's also slightly afraid of being in too big of a crowd of people she does not know- She'll wear a mask to feel more comfortable- it's a bit like a safety-blanket to her.

  4. Name: Melody L. Regalia (Captain)
    Age: 28
    Soldier, occupation is Naval Commanding Officer
    Specialization: Ship Battles, Mid Range Shooting
    Weapons/Equipment: A saber, pistol, and a pretty badass looking rifle
    Stylish Leather Armor
    History/Bio: Melody was born in a distant land that was filled with turmoil and chaos, where the people were forced to suffer while the rich turned a blind eye. She escaped at the age of 12 after hearing stories about Iwaku and their Queen, how the land prospered and all were treated equally. Melody arrived with hunger in her eyes and immediately starting working towards a station in either the Royal Court or the military. She still wishes to be a part of the Royal Court and feverishly does all she can to win over the Queen.


    1. Agonizing Touch - When Melody is feeling vindictive or mad, she is able to cause pain on those she touches. The sensations can range from burning, frostbitten, labor pains, cramps, etc. All of this is related to physical pain, not emotional or mental. The sensation stops as soon as she removes her hands.

    2. Tunnel Vision - Melody becomes intensely focused, able to shoot down up to three targets in a few seconds. This power of hers is usable when the area is well lit, and she is bleeding out. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    3. Seductress - Voluptuous, sexy and oh so daring, how could anyone resist her? Melody has it easy when it comes to charming the opposite sex - and sometimes the same sex - into coming to bed with her.


    1. Stubborn As a Mule - Queen Diana assigned her a job, and goddamnit she will see it through. If she has to jump in front of a bullet or get naked and go skinny dipping, this woman will do it. She will let nothing, not even death, get in the way of finding the B.A.N. hammer.

    2. Wimpy - When you take away her weapons, and try to fight her in hand to hand combat, Melody will definitely lose. Sure she could probably use her Agonizing Touch, but if her opponent knows a thing or two about fighting, this woman will be on the floor, out cold, in no time.

    3. Pouty Mouth - She's a sailor, she has a sailor's mouth and vocabulary. Get her drunk or riled up and Melody will make your poor ol' grandmother roll in her grave with the words she spews out. Conversations can turn sour quickly if the situations gets to that point.
  5. Name: Thalia Velden
    Age: 24
    Are you a part of the Royal Court, a soldier or a hired mercenary? Hired Mercenary
    If you are a soldier, what is your specialization? This same question applies to mercenaries: Trained in stealth and many different forms of martial arts. She is very good at grappling and disarming.

    Weapons/Equipment: A special suit with holes that stretch to make room for her bones to eject through without destroying her clothing. Weighted boots and A necklace that amplifies her voice when using her harpy song

    History/Bio: Thalia was born to a very vicious and uncaring father named Suedomsa. He completely disregarded her feelings and desires to capture her and put her body through a series of experiments. She was being held up in his mountain home outside the Kingdom of Iwaku, as he was considered dangerous and most unpleasant. Given her newly, chemically and surgically enhanced body, Suedomsa trained her to be a killer, doing his bidding when he was afraid to show his face in public.
    Despite what she had been taught, Thalia was a kind soul, who wanted to live in peace. She was a quiet girl and once she was old enough, she ran away- hearing word of an uncle living somewhere inside the kingdom of Iwaku. It wasn't until she had been living homeless that she discovered her fathers twin brother, Gladius, a flamboyant pastry chef, working in the center of the busy city. She told Gladius of her father and he took her in, treating her with kindness for the first time in her life.
    It was after growing comfortable in the city that Thalia became a mercenary, doing hired jobs when the need arose and falling back on the unfortunate skills her father had forced on her.


    1. Harpy song- She is able to emit a high frequency sound, confusing or startling enemies for a limited time. She can only do this once every so often.

    2. Retracting skeleton- The bones in most of her body (hands, arms spine, shoulders and legs) have been genetically altered in order to allow her to grow two bone spikes. They are more dense than regular bone and if broken, they grow back-though this takes time.

    3. Superior vision- Like her bones, her eyes have been genetically altered to give her perfect eyesight in the dark. Her eyes adjust rabidly to change to adjust to her surroundings. She does not get dizzy or disoriented easily.


    1. Withdrawn- Thalia will never ask for help, simply because she feels ashamed. These leads to a lot of failures.

    2. Daddy Issues- She hates her Father, and tends to express it in a way that makes her easily attached to men, even if they break her heart. She is a bit daft when it comes to affection. If she is ever held down or tied up by a man, she breaks down and cries. (WW weakness is the best weakness)

    2) Sickness- Though her body is chemically and surgically improved, her immune system is not very good. She becomes ill very easily.


  6. ((Character WIP - *puts up construction barriers*))

    Name: Beraeus Halis
    Age: 40
    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG]
    Are you a part of the Royal Court, a soldier or a hired mercenary? Royal Court, Imperial Iwaku Bounty Hunter

    Weapons/Equipment: crossbow, Lochaber axe, a pair of hunting knives. He also carries survival equipment for setting up camp in the woods.

    Beraeus is a member of a rare and little known tribe called the Cammys that exist mainly in the wilds of the Chatlands. He ventured forth as a young man to the capital city of Iwaku and earned his place in the Royal Court by his success in tracking and bounty hunting for the Royal Family. Over his years in the Court, however, he has developed a reputation for debauchery and has heard rumours of other Court members petitioning the Queen to have him thrown out of court. In order to keep his place in the Court secure, he has thrown off his robes and has availed his services to the new Queen and to the Royal Family once more. Even if it means...teamwork.


    1. Speed - Beraeus can cover terrain very quickly and efficiently. It is also a good skill when it comes to escaping and evading. He can outpace a horse for up to an hour at a time, but doing so will very quickly deplete his energy stores, so he must eat double and rest for twice as long afterwards.

    2. Stealth - Silent stalking and movement. This works best when hunting animals or people, and can help him avoid detection when penetrating defences. He can still be seen, so wide open spaces and lack of cover are distinct disadvantages.

    3. Hearing - He has amazing hearing and can hear three times the range and distance of humans. This has its own obvious disadvantages. He owns earplugs which he uses in loud situations such as heavy arms battles.


    1. Temper - Beraeus has a very short and volatile temper, and while he takes instruction well from a group leader, he does not collaborate well with team members. Sometimes the temper can flare and cloud his judgement. It can also flare at inopportune times, like during a fight.

    2. Drunkenness - Beraeus doesn't spend much time in towns, but when he does, he loves to drink and live it up. Problem is, he has the taste for booze, but not the fortitude. He gets drunk extremely easily, but doesn't have the willpower to turn it down.

    3. Age - At 40, Beraeus isn't the young, virile bounty hunter he used to be. He's definitely starting to feel his years, and cannot recover from fatigue or injury as quickly as he used to, maintain his stamina or push through the pain as well. This could lead to much complaining and griping, as well as more need of assistance than he cares to admit.

    APPROVED - Just write down your last weakness whenever.
  7. Name: Aira
    Nickname: Ai (=P)

    Age: 20
    Mercenary, Occupation, Master of Deceit.
    Specialization: Poison, Alchemy, Martial Arts
    - Light Leather Armour
    - Belt
    - Belt Pouch x 2

    - Fist Weapons x 2 (Knuckledusters)
    - Empty Vials x5
    - Potions x 5

    *SleepingGas Potion x1
    Radius: 10ft
    Type: Thrown
    Affect: Makes targets within the area of effect fall into a deep slumber for 5 hours. These effect will be broken if the target(s) are attacked.
    *Health Potion x2
    Target: User
    Typer: Consumable
    Effect: The user's small wounds begin to slowly heal.
    *Dreamless Sleep Potion x2
    Target: User
    Effect: the person who drinks this potion can go one night without sleeping. Allowing the user to be fully alert and active as if they had 10 hours sleep.

    - Small Jars of Herbs x2 (5 uses for each jar)
    - Daggers x 2
    - Blow Darts x10 & Tube

    Devil's Dart x 1 (Sickness Poison)
    Deadly Nightshade
    All parts of the plant containtropane alkaloids. The active agents are atropine, hyoscine (scopolamine), and hyoscyamine, which have anticholinergic properties. The symptoms of poisoning include dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tachycardia, loss of balance, staggering, headache, rash, flushing, dry mouth and throat, slurred speech, urinary retention, constipation, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, and convulsions.The root of the plant is generally the most toxic part, though this can vary from one specimen to another. Ingestion of a single leaf of the plant can be fatal to an adult. Casual contact with the leaves can cause skin pustules. The berries pose the greatest danger to children because they look attractive and have a somewhat sweet taste. The consumption of two to five berries by children and ten to twenty berries by adults can be lethal. In 2009 a case of A. belladonna being mistaken for blueberries, with six berries ingested by an adult woman, was documented to result in severe anticholinergic syndrome. The plant's deadly symptoms are caused by atropine's disruption of the parasympathetic nervous system's ability to regulate involuntary activities such as sweating, breathing, and heart rate. The antidote for atropine poisoning is physostigmine or pilocarpine. A. belladonna is also toxic to many domestic animals, causing narcosis and paralysis. However, cattle and rabbits eat the plant seemingly without suffering harmful effects. In humans its anticholinergic properties will cause the disruption of cognitive capacities like memory and learning.
    Duration: A Week

    The Snorlax Dart (Paralysis Poison)x2
    Young plants and seeds are poisonous, causing nausea, muscle twitches, paralysis. Often fatal.
    Duration: 12 hours

    Light Sleeper Dart (Paralysis Poison)x2
    Horse chestnut
    All parts of the plant are poisonous, causing nausea, muscle twitches, and sometimes paralysis.
    Duration: 1 hour
    Shud-Eye Dart (Coma Dart) x1
    All parts are poisonous and cause nausea, vomiting, depression, breathing difficulties, coma. Rarely fatal.
    Duration: 3 Days

    Rainbow Dart (Hallucination Dart) x2

    Contains the alkaloids scopolamine and atropine. Datura has been used as a hallucinogenic drug by the native peoples of the Americas and others. Incorrect dosage can lead to death.
    Duration: 12 Hours

    Game Over Dart (Deadly Poison Dart) x1
    Strychnine tree
    The seeds usually contain about 1.5% strychnine, an extremely bitter and deadly alkaloid. This substance throws a human into intense muscle convulsions and usually kills within three hours. The bark of the tree may also contain brucine, another dangerous chemical.
    Duration: 3 hours

    Lost Dart (Senseless Dart) x1
    Seeds and foliage contain hyoscyamine, scopolamine and other tropane alkaloids. Can produce dilated pupils, hallucinations, increased heart rate, convulsions, vomiting, hypertension and ataxia.
    Duration: 5 hours

    History/Bio: Both of Ai's parent's were geniuses, her father was a pyromaniac and loved to blow things up while her mother loved nature, herbs and everything that went with it. Fascinated by both of her parents interests, Ai found an interest in poisons and alchemy. The stories that her parents told her of assassins were always the coolest ones too her. With a strange sense of the concept of good and evil Ai developed a strong interest in her mother's interest of herbs and what other things they could be used for other than healing people. While her mother strived to keep Arianna a good willed child. Which on every account she was....when she wasn't nobody knew about it. As a young girl, Aiwas unable to interact with most of the children some of her; because her parents moved around a lot she spent most of her time in the company of adults and therefore wasn't quite sure how to act around people her age, their humour confused her as well as the general topics of conversation and thus learnt to lie low. Because of this, Ai developed a hug affinity toward nature. If her own kind wouldn't be her friends, nature would. For a time she had a pet cat that she called crystal. After spending a lot of time with her pet and with nature, Arianna found herself possessing strange powers allowing her to shape-shift. Her unique abilities gave the girl confidence and allowed her to open up to the world. Of course she never told the other kids her secret but after observing people for so long, she also managed to learn what makes people tick and how to manipulate them, she learnt to analyse their movements allowing her to predict if they were lying or not. As time went on Arianna became more and more two faced and cunning about her work, with her parents full support along the way. Ai's general lack of appreciation for societies ideals and politics lead her to be a mercenary, it's freelance, she earns money and doesn't have to join a side. It's a win-win situation.


    1. Is able to use shape-shifting. During this shape-shift form she has all the creatures natural abilities and her intellect stays the same as if she were in a human form.

    2. Improved Insight, Arianna always knows when somebody is not telling the truth. Within talking distance, has to be able to see the person.

    Note to Zen: Does not get the truth, is only able to know they are telling a lie or not.

    3. Charismatic, Arianna finds it easy to interact and receive information from people.


    1. Shape-shifting takes a huge toll on Arianna's body which means she can only transform into a creature once per hour, if she does not do this Arianna will become exhausted for six hours and will need to rest. When in an animal form, her heightened senses can be used against her.

    2. Poisons take 5 minutes to take effect. Allowing a period of time where a person can function as if nothing happened and take an antidote before the effects of the poison take place. Thus rendering the poison ineffective on that target for the duration of the antidote.

    3. Naturally flirtatious, has a lot of misunderstandings with men.

  8. Name: Valdus

    Age: 20

    Valdus has a black robe (Like in the image), jet black hair that ends at his shoulders. It almost completely covers his ears but the tips still sticks out. He has a blue amulet around his neck that glows when he uses it. He is 5'7, tone and skinny. His has no facial flaws and is pail.

    (I couldn't find a realistic picture of an elf that I was thinking of. I hope this is good, if not I will keep looking =/...)

    Are you a part of the Royal Court, a soldier or a hired mercenary? Mercenary, He specializes in speed fighting.


    Amulet of Speed; It can triple his normal speed allowing him to 'flash' at will. It takes alot of energy however so he can only do it 3 times a battle. Normally he uses it to double his speed making him faster than usual but not impossible to hit.

    History/Bio: Valdus roams around looking for jobs. He takes anything from, escorting a caravan to assassinating a ruler. Valdus is well known for never failing a mission though he never had a hard one yet. He thinks things over fairly well and if he decides he figured something out he will test it as fast as possible. Even if that means leaving everyone else behind. No one knows where Valdus came from other than somewhere from the Elvin lands nor do they know why he left. There are rumors that he is a prince who ran away not wanting to take the thrown, and others that say he had been banished for crimes that he had committed. No one knows for sure because he doesn't talk about it.

    He can return his sword to his hand simply by holding it to his side. It only works for his sword however and he has to see it.

    His amulet gives him great speed.

    He is very confident in his ability's that sometimes he will rush ahead of the group using his amulet. It has cause problems before.

    His amulet uses a lot of his energy at full strength. It takes away 1/3 of his energy each use after the third time he may fall unconscious.



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  9. Here's what I've got, hope it's alright!

    Name: Dahlia Eostre
    Age: 28
    Appearance: Short, barely over 5 feet. Eyes are a shade of blue so bright that they appear to glow.

    Are you a part of the Royal Court, a soldier or a hired mercenary? - Royal Court.
    If you are a part of the Royal Court, what is your occupation? - Assistant Deputy to the Minister of Royal Good Will

    A traveling kit of ink, pens, and parchment.
    Assorted candies and chocolates.
    Courtly clothes.
    Basic travel equipment (Bedroll, flint, identification, etc.)
    Small ornamental dagger.

    Dahlia's history is a mysterious one that she prefers to keep close to her chest. When asked, she will simply say that she is taking an early retirement from her previous occupation and is eager to start a new life in Iwaku. Ever since coming to the Kingdom Dahlia has had a spot in her heart for its people and leaders. Her sunny disposition and desire to serve those who make a realm what it is have moved her up to her current position in the Court; a very minor position but one in which she wants to prove her worth. Despite her relatively short time serving the Court, Dahlia has made several friends in thanks to her upbeat demeanor. One of whom is very close in temperament herself and fast becoming a dear friend. Zen Yip and Dahlia hit it off immediately when the latter was sent for the mandatory martial arts training required for those members of the Iwaku Court. Zen taught Dahlia the various secrets to hitting pressure points on the b[SIZE=3]ody in combat, wh[SIZE=3]ile also becoming a friend and confidante- at least for what little Dahlia was willing to tell.[/SIZE][/SIZE]


    1. Light Emanation- Ability to produce light from within her body, making her skin and eyes glow bright enough to become a light source. She has a majority of control over this power but sometimes when emotions run high it does tend to get away from her a bit. This power doesn't seem to be taxing in any way and more something she is somewhat embarrassed about.

    2. Flash Bang- Through a force of will she is able to concentrate the light within and propel it outward through her palms and away from her a short distance. Shortly thereafter the concentration of light explodes harmlessly in a blinding flash and earsplitting crack. This is taxing and any attempts to repeat the action consecutively may lead to loss of consciousness.

    3. Kind Hearted- Seen by some as a weakness, her sincerity and love for people is apparent. She will do anything she can for a person she feels may need a caring hand. This kind behavior and patient understanding makes it easy for her to be trusted and liked. Coupled with an ever-present smile and cheerful disposition her charm is undeniable.


    1. Naive- Her kindness unfortunately makes her vulnerable. She is trusting of people almost to a fault because she wants to badly to believe in the good in them.

    2. The Heart's Curse- Men will often turn her head and cloud her thinking; she seems to constantly be falling for some man or another. She realizes this and dislikes it but she is powerless to do anything about this weakness of the heart.

    3. Rainy Days- Rainy weather seems to make her lethargic and only a shade of her typical bright self.


  10. Name: David Dudeson: Aka: Punchfist
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Is around 5'7" tall, wears a brown jacket, his trusty battered boots, his satchel, and tucks his hair under a cloth cap. His skin is more tan than the photo.

    Hired Mercenary
    Specialization: Fighting (knack for grappling), Tinkerer

    Short sword
    Assortment of trade tools
    Satchel of Holding: Deceptively spacious
    Various technical texts on mechanisms, and pyrotechnics
    Adventuring gear.


    David hails from a medium sized city where he once lived with his mother and siblings. His parents had him when he was young, and his father was a trouble maker and becoming a known criminal. Unable to handle being a father and unable to cope with normal work he skipped out on them when David was four years old, by then he had a sister. For a couple years his father would send money to them. But David's mother, still young and hurt would send the money back until finally he stopped sending it. She managed to get by through the years, leaning on her brother for support although she knew she couldn't depend on him forever. Over the years she had four more children, one with a man who died in a fire, two with a man who was a low life and upon finally realizing this ran him out of the house. The last child was born to a man who she is married to today. Growing up as the oldest he had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, until his mother married his now step-father it had fallen on him and the oldest of his sisters to help support the family. David loved his family, but once the weight was off his shoulders he was increasingly antsy to get out of this city. He found himself wanting more, craving something he felt this city couldn't give him. By this time he was accomplished in many skills and in fighting (having siblings from different fathers generated comments he didn't like). Two years after his mother being married he left his home to find adventure. He's been away from home for almost two years now and has gained some reputation, working as a mercenary improved his skills faster than others, changing his name so the potential rivals couldn't attack his family to get to him. Where his skills improved, bringing him on par with some of the more notable mercenaries, he still lacks experience and many others don't take him seriously. So he's out to prove himself on this adventure.


    1. Diligence Empowerment: Empowered by diligence, becoming stronger as her persists with a task. Enables him to perform great feats of strength, stamina, will, and success at certain things as long as it takes effort. He can also be empowered by other peoples efforts over time as long as they are focused on the same task. This is strenuous on his body, potentially harming rather than just exhausting.

    2. Accelerated Development: His skills and physical abilities get improved far faster and to much greater upper limits than regular people. This applies on the genetic level, allowing his body and mind to keep up with rapid developments. It allows him to benefit from training or exercise that would otherwise cripple or kill some one else. Also applies to spiritual or magical aspects.

    3. Mind into Matter: By concentrating hard enough David is able to project his raw force of will into reality, creating a radial blast of force from his body. He doesn't have control over it yet, but eventually he'll be able to direct it in a single direction, channel it into his fist, or form barriers with it.


    1. Being hot headed, it's not uncommon for him to rush into a situation that could be hazardous; and be one of the first to volunteer for dangerous tasks.

    2. If distracted for too long from a task or he becomes too disheartened the power granted to him through diligence would be gone until he recovers from the strenuous effort or if he can be encouraged to try again and start building up power once more. Some tasks can take too long or be too complex for his patience and he will just give up.

    3. David's body is very well conditioned to fighting but he is inexperienced in fighting those with extensive formal training. He prefers to grapple and that's where he excels, it's best to keep some distance, or use bullets.

  11. Name: Zaeke Pharazon

    Age: 24

    Appearance: (Realistic images please or a description)

    Are you a part of the Royal Court, a soldier or a hired mercenary?: Hired mercenary

    If you are a part of the Royal Court, what is your occupation?

    If you are a soldier, what is your specialization? This same question applies to mercenaries.: Reconnaissance

    Weapons/Equipment: Chest seal

    History/Bio: Zaeke wandered the barren wastes of Insanity for years, unable to be around others due to the insatiable void within his chest that threatened to consume anyone he came near. He had no idea where it came from originally, simply remembering that it had always been a part of him and that it brought disaster to anyone who became close to him. Having given in to his loneliness and despair, the void might have collapsed on itself and swallowed him if a mysterious hooded figure had not approached him and affixed a magical seal to his chest, allowing him to control the power of the singularity within him. The hooded man did not explain why he had decided to help Zaeke, only stating that one day the reason why he had been cursed with the void would become clear. Zaeke didn't question the gift himself, and for the first time in years he was able to rejoin civilization. He entered the kingdom of Iwaku shortly after that and made a living for himself using his powers as a spy and gatherer of information for various clients, most of which are part of the kingdom's seedy and extremely active underground.


    1. Caged Void- Zaeke's body is host to a miniature black hole of sorts that manifests itself as a perfectly circular opening several inches wide located in the center of his chest. Using the seal, he can unleash its power, drawing in everything nearby with its inexorable pull. Potentially, the Void can consume almost anything, and the spatial vacuum will not stop until the seal is placed on it once again. Objects that enter the void are presumed to be lost forever, eternally consigned to oblivion. However, leaving the Void open for more than a few minutes at a time is very draining on Zaeke, and he can only do so once or twice a day without risking complete physical exhaustion.

    2. Phasing- By forcing part of his own mass into the Void, Zaeke can phase out of sync with reality and partially send his body into another dimension. This makes him incorporeal and intangible, allowing physical matter and some forms of energy to pass directly through him. Since the Void is apparently mystical in nature, magical energies can still affect him while he is in this state. Zaeke can make use of this power while the Void is sealed.

    3. Empathy- As it turns out, not even emotions can escape the gravity of a black hole. Because of this, Zaeke can pick up on the thoughts and feelings of people around him, even when the Void is sealed. If the Void was to consume a living person, Zaeke would permanently absorb part of their memories and personality. He is extremely tight-lipped as to how he knows this, and will not confirm whether it has happened before or not.


    1. He must constantly devote a great amount of focus and energy on maintaining the seal upon the Void. One mistake can spell doom for Zaeke and everyone around him. As a result, he is not much of a fighter and usually seeks to make a quick escape or remain hidden during physical conflicts. His only way of defending himself is to release the seal on the Void, which he considers a last resort.

    2. While the Void can consume practically anything, objects that are larger or have more mass than Zaeke himself require much longer to pass into the Void and cause him a great deal of pain. If the strain is too much for Zaeke, the Void will outright reject objects that are in the process of passing through, cutting them along a shear plane at their point of entry.

    3. His empathic abilities result in constant psychic interference and background noise in his mind. When in large crowds or in situations where intense emotions arise, Zaeke has been known to shut down and become nearly catatonic. There is also the possibility of someone else's emotions overwhelming his own and their personality briefly replacing his, granting them influence and control over him.

  12. I want in, so let me go ahead and start making a CS

    EDIT: YESH! last space :D

    Name: Delvin Myr
    Age: 24
    Specializes: Stealth, Sharpshooting
    Weapons/Equipment: Knife, Sword, Cape of Steel skin (the cape is light as leather, hard as steel), Crossbow

    History/Bio: Delvin was the young leader of a failed military coup in a far off land. Due to the tyrannical rule and petty squabbling, it weakened the military and was an easily conquerable kingdom. In the midst of all the fighting, a large invading force had come and conquered them without much resistance. Delvin, having been able to see the invading force, was able to round up some of his men and flee the country before they had taken over.

    He and the remainder of his fighting force had fled and found their way to the kingdom of Iwaku. They had took the forests for awhile to rest and lick their wounds. After some debate they had agreed to go their separate ways, working as mercenaries throughout the kingdom of Iwaku. Despite being separated from his comrades he kept in touch, and has a large information network across Iwaku.

    For the last two year he's been wandering the large kingdom of Iwaku and surviving off of mercenary work and forestry.


    1.Eagle Eye- He has been gifted with the power of far sight and is able to spot threats at far distances.

    2.Survivalist- He's hardened to the elements and knows how to live off the land.

    3.Runner- He went through rigorous military training from a young age and was forced to run hundreds of miles. He has excelled at this and is able to run fast and far for extended periods of time


    1. Crushed Spirit- When things start to go bad, he starts to lose his will to fight

    2. Greedy- He's always wanted more than what he has and always is open to make a quick buck

    3. Compulsive Liar- Whether he lies for good or for bad, he just lies. It's become second nature for him to spout out something that might be far from the truth. It's been a habit that he has yet to break, but it's gotten him into some very sticky situations sometimes.

    APPROVED - Just make sure you write down your last weakness soon.
  13. Aww, what the hell since I'm doing this, may as well make your character @Timbolonian

    This character is meant to keep my sanity. =P I didn't expect to have this many people so you guys will be split up in certain encounters, with Melody leading one group and Zen leading the other.

    Name: Zen Yip
    Age: 25
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Are you a part of the Royal Court, a soldier or a hired mercenary? Royal Court
    If you are a part of the Royal Court, what is your occupation? Martial Arts Trainer for the Royal Court members
    If you are a soldier, what is your specialization? This same question applies to mercenaries.
    Backpack, Rations and water
    History/Bio: Zen was born in the land of Iwaku, both of her parents already members of the Royal Court. Her father came from a Temple where he learned martial arts and taught it to his daughter. Zen's mother was an accomplished healer and from her was where Zen learned how to heal by hitting nerve joints and channeling her chi. When she became old enough she was trained to take up her father's position as a Martial Arts Trainer for the Royal Court. She was responsible for ensuring that those in the Royal Court knew how to protect themselves when in danger. Zen takes great pride in her job. She has a happy go lucky demeanor, smiles easily and laughs a lot.

    When news of the B.A.N.'s hammer's disappearance reached her, Zen volunteered to join the hunt, especially after learning that many of the members in the team didn't know how to heal.


    1. Chi Blocker: Zen will target certain nerves on your body, causing temporary loss of control over limbs. The effect lasts up to at least five minutes. That is, if your body is human or close to it. She is not familiar with any other bodies.

    2. Prayer of Mending: Zen will begin an intense prayer where she will heal the injured person. She needs to remain in physical contact with the person and any distraction will make the monk lose her concentration. She is not able to grow back limbs, but can heal through cuts and burns in a matter of minutes.

    3. The Lights of Heaven: A massive area of effect heal that takes a great deal of energy from Zen. The monk's body and eyes glow for a split second before the energy is released in a giant golden halo. The pulse has a 10 feet radius and any allies who it touches have minor burns and cuts healed. It cannot heal fatal wounds, replace blood or regrow limbs. Takes five minutes for the spell to charge and Zen is out of the fight when she does so.


    1. Squishy: Zen does not wear any armor, only clothes. So taking any sort of attack from a sharp or blunt object could be fatal for her.

    2. Compassion: She is very hesitant to kill anyone, as she has not done so in her life. Zen knows that if she were to kill, she would be a very broken person.

    3. Happy Go Lucky: She is not mentally prepared for the things she is about to witness in this grim and dark country.
  14. Name: Damian Xabernathy
    Age: 22
    Appearance: instead of the long sword please picture two short swords and several daggers. To further his appearance there is a blue butterfly tattoo on the left side of his neck just under his ear and on his right forearm the paw of a cheetah is visible. Non-visible tattoos include a Hawk on his chest a lizard on his left foot, a wolf on his right calf, and an ermine on his left shoulder blade

    Hired Mercenary

    Specialization: Close combat/Tracking/Survival
    Weapons/Equipment: An assortment of daggers he keeps on his belt, two slim short swords cross-sheathed on his lower back, and a small pistol on his right side. Backpack containing rations, water,
    History/Bio: Damian grew up in a small forest home approximately 5 miles from the nearest town or village. There he lived with just his father and his brother and they learned about the art of nature. Their father taught and they learned how to communicate with the animals in such a way they could take them into their body. Their father warned them it was a special skill that should never be taught to anyone. When Damian and his brother were a little older (about 13) and more adept in their art, he started to teach them combat. Isolated from society knowing only the forest life of hunting and combat training Damian was shocked when their father invited them with him to town one day. Damian new to keep his powers a secret while in the village, but it was important that they traded the furs of their hunts for goods they could not otherwise obtain. Their trips grew more frequent and as the years passed Damian began to recognize a great opportunity his powers could bless him. He trained harder with his father and brother to become an expert at his transformation, to guide his animals with ease and little error, and little did they know but to better his stealth skills as well. When he was 18 he informed his father of his plan. He expected confrontation but instead his father pat him on the shoulder hugged him and turn away to whatever task he had in mind. Damian swelled with pride and left to become a mercenary and offer his services to those who would pay.


    1. Wild Tattoo: This ability allows Damian to recruit (and by extension release) any animal into his service where it will live and be represented on his body as a tattoo until called upon. (6 Animal Limit)
    Current animals include: Cheetah, Wolf, Hawk, Blue Butterfly, Lizard, Ermine

    2. Animorph: This ability allows Damian to morph into a hybrid/anthro of any of the animals he has recruited. He can only use this power once per day and must remain in this form until he sleeps. Doing this can give him the advantage in battle or in stealth.

    3. Summon: Damian can summon any of the animals in their best physical health to do his bidding which can be great for recon/scouting or other various espionage type missions. He can only summon one at a time. While the animal is out he is in full control of it (see through its eyes, hear what it hears, and direct its behavior and communicate with it, ect.) but can still communicate with others.


    1. Should any of Damian’s animals die while summoned they are completely eliminated body and soul. Damian would have to recruit a new animal to replace it. Since Damian shares a direct link to the animal summoned he can suffer minor sickness from the animal’s death. (Usually stomach related)

    2. Damian never learned to read or write. He has taken most of his jobs by word of mouth but when you’re a good mercenary you don’t need to find work, work finds you.

    3. When Damian summons an animal he is very vulnerable in that beyond basic tasks he has to remain pretty stationary when controlling the animal. He can choose to let the animal do as it pleases (usually because of the bond it just follows him around) and then be totally functional.

  15. Name: Grandmaster Karsikan Banrae
    Age: 273

    He currently is in the Employ of the Royal Court for reasons he has yet to explain.

    Karsikan is a Space Marine, that is his role, profession, and religion all rolled into one.
    Exsanguinatus - The Sword of Broken Blood
    Exsanginatus, Karsikan's annointed nemesis blade. Was forged from the shattered remains of his chaplain's crozius on the lathes, it holds a surgical coldness that's seemingly at odds with it's wielder's hot blooded nature.
    Exsanguinatus is Anathema to Daemons borne of battle and blood, and they find any guarding against such a weapon to be utterly impossible. Additionally when Karsikan pours his heart and soul into a single strike, the blade blackens, and sunders any daemon's very essence.

    The Runic Aegis - Unlike many things in the Imperium, The Runic Aegis is truly new, and is a suit of Aegis power armor incorporating several aspects of older marks, fortified with psychic runes of protection and strength. He has been fitted with an Adamantine mantle, a cloak which offers mild protection from all attacks.

    Wrist Mounted Storm Bolter - essentailly two bolters attached together with a single firing mechanism, Karsikan's is mounted on his left forearm.

    Liber Daemonica - The holy text every Grey Knight carries, it holds several passages for guarding the soul against daemonic influence and litanaies of hate aimed at daemonkind.

    Karsikan's history is a long one, and that's before his coming to Iwaku.
    To begin he was a Lieutennant in the Imperial Guard before becoming a space marine, when his world became the victim of an Ork Waaagh rivaling that or Rynn's World, the guard fought back ferociously, but kept losing ground. A cry for assistance was made and the space marines of the Black Templar answered, but even then the planet was lost, with Karsikan the sole native survivor. He diddn't know it then, but he was alreay cursed.
    Accepted among the Black Templar, he became one of them, and developed a reputation as aHot-Blooded and Reckless warrior. He frequently charged ahead and savagely clashed with the enemy, or worse, Slew his opponents when battling an honor duel with another chapter. Only those close to him knew the source of his immeasurable wrath. Karsikan would only lose his temper when he discovered they world they were on was going to be destroied, and recklessly tried to kill every enemy he came across to prevent that.
    His chapter eventually seconed him to the Dethwatch despite his instability. But even there his curse haunted him. No matter how hard he fought, or how many he slew every world he set foot on was destroyed.
    Then came the inevitable day, when deployed to monitor a growing ork threat, they found traitor marines there, led by a sorcerer, manipulating the orks. Though his kill team slew the traitors, the sorcerer unleashed a barrage of psychic power and devastated them, It was Karsikan who with the sorcerer, but not before he unleashed his final spell, granting all of his infernal power to Karsikan.
    After extensive screening Karsikan was declared free of daemonic taint, though, because he was now a psyker, he could never return to his home chapter, for the Black Templar permitted no psykers. He can only guess at the forces that changed his fate, It was eventually resolved that he should become a Grey Knight. He became their master of the hunt after only three quarters of a century among them, and seeks to destroy the daemonic forces that cursed him to leave his chapter.


    1. Master of the Nemesis Blade - Karsikan has chosen to follow in the path of his mentor, and master his chosen weapon, The nemesis force sword. He can effectively wield it as if it were any other nemesis weapon by althering or focusing the psychic power he channels into the blade. There is no real visiual que except for when he manifests his sword as a Daemon-hammer, When raw psychic force gathers in a sphere at the tip of the blade.

    2. Psyker/Sorcerer - due to the method Karsikan gained his power, it is unknown wether or not his is a daemon sorcerer or an imperial psyker, regardless he is a master Biomancer, as well as trained in several Grey Knight Psychic Techniques, to include the Holocaust, Might of Titan, Psychic Communion and Hammerhand.
    Biomancy - The psychic art of bodily control, specifically mild shape-shifting, regeneration, bio-electric blasts, and flash boiling the enemy's blood.
    Holocaust - A blinding aura of white fire that's nearly impossible to control outside of short bursts, no protection exists for those caught in the blast. It centers on the user
    Might of Titan - Summoning the spirits of the fallen Grey Knights, the user greatly enhances his own strength for as long as he maintains the power (Can and will stack with Hammerhand)

    ((*scratches head* That's actually a lot of powerful abilities. I'll let you keep two of them otherwise it's gonna be overpowered.))

    3. Lance of Karsikan - A power that's currently less than half complete, developed by Karsikan to slay daemons that no other method is possibly strong enough. To use his terms it is currently as a syringe holding a cure to all sickness, without plunger, needle, or doctor to administer it.

    Red Rage of Compassion - Unlike nearly every space marine in existence Karsikan cannot sit by and watch the suffering of humanity without acting, this flaw comes in one of two levels. The first, he immediately intervenes and strikes down the most obvious source of oppression. The second, comes from when he forces himself to ignore the suffering of those around him to accomplish his mission (even if his mission is to destroy the root cause) and can only ignore their suffering on five separate occasions before going berserk, and attacking the most immediate cause, without even pausing to ready his weapons or use his psychic powers.

    Psyker's Curse (Sorcerer's Curse) - Karsikan is a Psyker (or a Sorcerer, even he's not sure which) but regardless the cost of channeling warp energy can be terrible. Strange Phenomena occur when he uses his power, the most benign of which consist of feelings of dread, or the sentch of brimstone. where as the worst of them could see him sucked into the warp, or a rift opened, with Daemons pouring out.

    Death Prophecy - Karsikan knows the exact situation to his own death, though not the hour.
    "Three times will you hunt the Deamon that Stalks the Angels, and three times will you triumph. Yet if you do not call the Angels brother, three times shall you remain victorious, and no more."
    He has danced with the Daemon once already.

    ((Well I'm gonna have to ask you to give me your third weakness because you've got 3 powers now. Wouldn't be fair to the others I've asked to come up with theirs.))

    "As the brightest souls are sacrificed to darkness, thus do I sacrifice darkness.
    As naught but darkness surrounds me, thus do I reach to the light.
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