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Theme of RP


"I have spent my childhood listening to the Golden Age of Iwaku History, the time of King Gabriel Zero. The myths tell us of a Camelot and a kingdom united under one banner. But oh, how that Kingdom has fallen to the disgrace of the unclean!"

The Present

True Iwaku is now total chaos. The Admin War destroyed the old world. Confluence, reality bending, and the other magics are a moot point.

The Trickster and Goddess have created a new reality on a different plane of existence. One that everyone thinks is the real deal; the birth of a new world, free from the past.

It isn't.

Iwaku now stands upon the former House of Moonwings. Nobody knows the difference.

Everyone wonders what the new calamities will be caused by.


"I know. Blame Asmodeus for his greed and Paorou-sama for his lack of caring for life, human or otherwise for all these issues! I blame the Trickster for not taking his role as king seriously! I have come for vengeance. Who am I? I am Azazel, the Savior of Iwaku! The True Hero that the Cycle has been looking for."

Pre-cult Wars, After King Gabriel gives Paorou the sword to return to the lake.

The time-traveling angel Azazel comes before the now mourning Mad King Paorou. His lord, King Gabriel Zero, had ordered him to throw the Sword of Iwaku into Woodrat Lake. In the rational timeline, the goddess Kaoru herself takes the sword and fades into the water. As the Mad King secretly wept, Azazel, cloaked in the wind, stands before him, waiting.

Paorou throws the sword, and at this point is the first deviation from the natural timeline. Azazel takes the sword, adeptly grabbing it by the hilt as it spins, naked, toward the lake.

Further back, he goes, unto the time as Asmodeus and Rory become the Princes.


After Gabriel Zero leaves, his final travel. It is here where Azazel will make his stand.

The previous timeline is now gone. Azazel is now King.

How radically different will this brave new Iwaku be?

Remember, where you were, who your alliances were with. Or, if you are new, know who you are, and your abilities within.

The Cycle needs you.

Iwaku is a realm that exists at the heart of the multiverse. It is neither fully physical nor fully dreamlike. No one can really agree on what it is. But one thing is certain - it is a world to which stories are drawn. From millions of timelines and billions of dimensions, Iwaku draws together legends and adventures and folds them into a single Meta-Narrative.

Often with cataclysmic results.

This plot is a stand-alone story. It is not a part of the old Iwaku World story line. Old lore and mythos are drawn upon but aren't the deciding factors of the plot. Think of it as being "detached." This is done so that new members can have a chance to set up their own lore; it also allows for older members to spin new tales about their characters.

The timeline in this world is separate in the sense that the Admin Wars never occurred. Pao has been forever sealed inside the Tower of Iwaku by Azazel. Asmodues is a wanted figure by Azazel and is therefore not able to become the influential Prince he would later become. Rory is missing, as if he had never came to Iwaku in the first place.

[*] In the current Iwaku saga, there are Four Kingdoms ruled by Azazel's chosen Iwaku Knights:

The Kingdom of the East - Ruled by Prince Jack Shade. Jack Shade is renowned asone of the great heroes of Iwaku. He was initially Asmodeus's right-hand man, a zealous fanatic who helped bring the A.R.C. to dominance. Without Rory being present, he became one of Gabe's generals. While not truly supportive of Azazel, Jack believes that order needs to be maintained in Iwaku to prevent a civil war from breaking out. This land is always damp and somewhat cool like spring.

The Southern Cross -Headed by Lord Palonis. He made a pact with Azazel in order to battle Asmodeus head on. He is ruthless and dictatorial, believing that only beings of high levels of confluence should be allowed to exist within his domain. This land is always hot like summer.

The Western Confederacy-Headed by Lord Chopsticks. Once one of Asmodeus' closest friends. When Asmodeus pushed him away, the normally cowardly man decided to side with Azazel for revenge. Chopsticks does not like the Northern Wastes and would rather see the region removed altogther. He hates the leaders as well. His lands are like the fall.

The Northern Wastelands- Headed by Prime Minister Megane. Formally the Kingdom of Insanity. Since the Bread Cult supported Paorou, Azazel went out of his way to slaughter and remove any trace of the Mad King. This kingdom is the most active in terms of resistance against Azazel. Megane was chosen by a rigged election in order to attempt stability. He has no real power. The region is in reality under the influence of the military led by General Chaos. These lands are always covered in snow like winter.​

Azazel, the King of Iwaku:

The tyrant of Iwaku. Using his knowledge about the timeline of Iwaku, he forged a copy of the blade Isodath, which allowed him to travel from timeline to timeline. For years he studied the events in Iwaku's long and complex history. Azazel came to believe that the true influence in Iwaku came from the Cycle. He believes that the Cycle is used to refer to the concept of Iwaku and its rules. It has two distinct "wills", Legacy, the will of the planet, and Promise, the unconscious and universal will of beings to avoid destruction. Legacy and Promise each have their own interests, and they will be against each other to preserve those interests.

Azazel believes that due to the lack of a hero that Iwaku has fallen into chaos. He blames Paorou and Asmodeus for the events that led to the Admin War and in one potential future, the Rift Storms. Why Rory remains outside of his plans is unclear.

He now wants total knowledge... total prediction... total order. Azazel seeks become the ever-watching and ever-living God of Iwaku, his whims unknowable and his rule unquestioned.

Iwaku: Azazel is a mythologized story about our forum. It tells of a dreamworld where characters arrive and are pulled into epic adventures and conflicts. Most of us play as our avatars or characters from other roleplays and fanfictions. The ethos is that pretty much everything is possible, as long as it makes sense (and sometimes even if it doesn't!)

All characters and levels of literacy are welcome. There's always new adventures and new plot twists to write! Think of this as a place to experiment and get to know (and fight) other players. You'll find most of the members here, involved in some plot or other. So don't be afraid to get stuck in.

Main Game Masters: Rory, Fel, Ozzie

Secondary Game Masters: Jack Shade, Vay

Number of Characters: One to Two, please PM if you want more than two. Amends will be put into consideration.

Posts per week: Please aim for one or two.

Rating:Older Teen, 16+. There will be violence, some adult themes, and crude humor.

House Rules: Because there be many people involved, we ask that any posts that are MORE THAN 2 PARAGRAPHS have a summary included at the end, so that players who are absent can catch up quickly with the plot.

Ask my Maid Mandy! But seriously though, you have any questions or there is anything I have left out, just go ahead and ask me (in this thread or PM)

Well, if you've gotten through my entire badly-lain plot and you still want to RP, here's the sheet. Characters will be approved via a like for the post. In general the GMs aim to give one with a day of the posting of the character. Don't worry if you don't get a like right away, it just means that we want to ask a few things before the character is introduced into the plot.

Character Name:
General Appearance:
General Personality:
General History:


Suddenly, I remember how I felt and what I was thinking back then.
I'm so in. Will get a character sheet up later.
if I wasn't so busy with school now i would join...perhaps later i may try
I'm hoping that like Dark Reign this will be 'eternally open.' but that's kind of a 'depends on the popularity' situation.
- w-
I'm scared.
Staci will be joining this eventually..
as the little sister type, Knives.
I'm just watching others post their profiles first.. Brainstorming ideas for a role in my head right now. So. -nod.- Perhaps tonight or tomorrow. Depends on how occupied I am with Real Life and all.
I will be getting a character profile all filled out shortly.
Wait, are we going back to around the time that 'Myrnodyn' joined the realm?

That would be AWESOME...

I'll add my character sheet soon.
I'm very tempted to join...though I'm not sure if I'd fit in well...I'll look into getting some character ideas and such but until them I am uncertain.
I'm in. I'd like, if possible, to get some support for the Eastern Kingdom. We have everyone dividing up or lone-wolf'ing it and not enough Kingdom love. Let me know if you're interested in following Jack Shade or helping me shape out the Eastern Kingdom a bit.

Special thanks to Rory for the rp.

Let the games begin.
Good work guys, and I agree with you Jacky boy.
Thankee Torsty. *Rubs hands plotishly*
Do people want to chose sides or shall we do the random shuffle? DINGS GOT DARN COMPLEX MAN.
I trust whatever you think should apply with my type of character, Ror-san. o_o
She's..sort of excluded from the mainstream of news.
I'm not sure what happened to the shapeshifters in this timeline...

Either way 'Myrnodyn' is just going to be a random arrival, where he arrives and what the nearest people to him treat him like will determine what will happen, I guess.
@Jack: Glad to help out.

@Rory: WUT DO U MEAN?? Most characters seem to have no real ties to any of the regions. Where do they start off?

I've always had a problem with the lack of a standard of technology in IwakuWorld-RPs. I'm concerned mostly with weapon techs here. If a sword-slinging knight enters Iwaku, he would most probably adapt to a space marine's lazer-beaming guns pretty quickly if he wants to survive. No?

It could be explained with how masses join iwaku from a wide diversity of dimensions, but how historical weaponry (like the kind you(Thomas) and Kitti describe) can "live" side by side with such guns as I imagine space marines would use seems to big of a gap to be rational.

Or am I just thinking too much?
Point seen, Torsty, point seen. However, I would assume that is where the realms of magic are concerned. Most (but not all) midieval fighters have had magic powers as well as their swords, maces and axes, whereas the modernists and futurists have had only their weaponry.

I think, on the point of 'sides' a compelling agruement should be made IC so that people can decide for themselfs. Predecided things tend to make less compelling storytelling, and that's exactly what we are here for. Story telling.
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