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Character Name: Seiji Silvertongue
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Vagabond, Bodyguard, Mercenary
Age: 42 (???)


Hair: Greying Brown.
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Build: Athletic-Heavy
Distinguishing Features: A scar running down under the right ear to base of the neck.


Lightning Manipulation: Seiji can manifest lightning to varying degrees. He can throw bolts for destructive purposes, weave "shields", charge weapons, taze people, and can resuscitate much like a defibrillator.

Swordplay: A gifted swordsman, Seiji and carries a large two-handed blade named Durandal. Runes decorate the blade, giving it magical properties and making the blade nigh indestructible. It never needs to be sharpened.


Gunplay: While not the greatest marksman in the world, Seiji can still fire some trick shots off with his revolver Cortana. It is a 5-shot revolver, and chambers .454 rounds. It is covered in runes to give it the same degree of indestructibility as his sword. Seiji can also channel his lightning manipulation into the gun to fire magically-imbued bullets.


Superhuman: Seiji has a degree of endurance, strength, and reflex that trumps that of any normal human. His strength allows him the ability to cleave through stone with his blade without batting a sweat, and his endurance allows him to take five times a beating as any normal human before showing wear and tear. Additionally, while not much faster in terms of speed, he has lightning-quick reflexes and has on more than one occasion swatted away bullets with his blade.

Seiji has died plenty of times, but he always comes back. How and why remains a mystery, and the time it takes for him to come back... varies.

General Personality: "Devil May Care" attitude is an understatement. Seiji rarely takes anything seriously, and would rather crack a joke in the face of impending danger than take to any degree of caution. His lack of seriousness is not to hide fear or doubt-- rather, he is so confident in his abilities that he sees no reason for either doubt or fear! Some of this also has to do with the fact that, despite the number of times he's died or been killed, he comes back. He knows he'll come back, so to have any fear, he feels, is rather silly.

Seiji is deeply loyal and holds he cares about in high regard. He will tear apart the world for someone he cares for, and once his trust is earned, it's permanent-- that is, until that trust is broken. Once that trust is broken, it's nigh impossible to repair that bridge. That said, Seiji is closely guarded and lets very few people into his inner world. Most people only see him as the trickster, jokester, large ham and over-confident slob he shows himself off to be.

General History: ;;WIP;;


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Character Name: Cyrus Markov

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Leader of the Markov Clan

Age: 263

General Appearance: At first glance, few can deny that Cyrus' looks are striking; tall, muscled and angular, with the pale features one would expect of a Markov. Looking closer, however, one cannot help but notice the predatory look about his face. He may look human, but a closer inspection reveals his true nature as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Cyrus' skills and abilities far surpass any mortal man, despite his human-esque appearance. He moves with unnatural speed and grace, fights with the strength of ten men and can only be killed by decapitation or sunlight. This comes at a few disadvantages, however; Cyrus must feed upon fresh blood every day or face starvation and his powers turning against him.

Having spent much of his substantial existence as one of the generals of the Markov's armies, Cyrus has a great deal of expertise in warfare and tactics. His skill with swords and other bladed weapons is considerable as well, and combined with his unnatural nature makes him a terror on any battlefield. It would be easy, then, to dismiss him as a simple brute with few talents outside of warfare, but this is not the case; Cyrus possesses a shrewd political ability, and knows how to get his way without resorting to intimidation and violence.

The weapon of choice for Cyrus, a vast hand-and-half sword that he wields with frightening speed. Though the material it is crafted from has a metallic look, it is in fact a form of stone the Markov clan harvested long ago. Simply touching any part of the blade is enough to draw blood, and the sharpened edges are even more dangerous. Any blood that the Shardstone sheds can be channelled and used by Cyrus in battle, keeping him strong whilst simultaneously weakening his opponents.

General Personality: Cyrus enjoys giving off the air of a charismatic and well-spoken gentleman; he is polite (when it suits him), urbane (when he feels the need to put on a show) and charming (when he wants something from you).

Behind this façade, however, lies a far darker and cold heart. Cyrus is as ambitious as he is ruthless, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Though he knows how to play the game of politics well, he intensely dislikes being challenged or proved wrong, holding grudges against those who succeed in doing so.

General History: The Markovs. Vampires and blood mages who have existed in the dark corners of Iwaku since its founding.

Descendants of the oldest and deadliest Noob tribes who once dominated Iwaku, they were defeated in the time of King Gabriel and driven to a nomadic lifestyle. But when Lord Razilin rose up against the throne many of the vampires joined his armies, acting as shock troops and lieutenants amongst the Noob forces.

Ultimately defeated once again, the Markovs were spared when their leader, the vampiress Katrina, made a secret deal with Asmodeus. They became his most most lethal special forces, in return gaining control of the Mature Tower and were allowed to continue the worship of their dark and ancient Gods. Even after the Admin War they endured in hiding, continuing their practices of blood magic, demon-summoning and their work on genetics.

Except... that never happened.

When Chopsticks rose up against his master, he had an ally within the Markovs; Cyrus, a proud and vicious warrior with grand ambitions. Seeing Chopsticks' rebellion as an opportunity to bring his political aspirations to fruition, the vampire sided with Asmodeus' oldest friend, slaying Katrina and aiding in the capture and torture of the angel.

Now the leader of the Markovs, Cyrus seeks to restore the numbers of his clan that were lost in his bloody coup and solidify his rule. He has aligned the Markovs with Chopsticks, serving much as Katrina and the Markovs did under Asmodeus. He is a cunning and ruthless politician as well as a fighter without peer amongst his kin, with dark ambitions for the future of the Markov clan...


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I am currently plotting with Jack. But this is what my character will be.

Character Name: Jovian
Gender: Female

Job/Role: Knight Captain of the Castle Force of the Eastern Kingdom
Age: 22
General Appearance: http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/m...bddc68ba8c.jpg
(black strip of cloth around the chest and we can even keep the armor)

Powers/Skills: Electrical current. She harnesses the power of lightning in the form of electrical current that surges through her.

She carries on her a Miao Dao sword.

General Personality: A firm believer in strength of self, Jovian does not believe in weaknesses. Having had the mantra "Only the Strong Survive" verbally beaten into her head, she does not believe she has weaknesses. Also a bit headstrong, and sometimes a little slow to bend her will to authority.

General History: Jovian grew up in the East Lands. Having trained all her life to be as strong as possible to become without weakness, she joined the Castle Force around the same time Jack Shade took command as Prince. She then grew in rank quickly to Knight Captain.



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Character Name: Captain Mordecai Serrall

Gender: Male

Job/Role: mercenary

Age: 36

General Appearance:


Powers/Skills: Mordecai is an infamous soldier and tactician. He is a world renowned swordsman, and his armor and weapons are enchanted to give him exceptional protection.

General Personality: Mordecai is believed to be cold. It is said that two of the only things he cares about are money and winning. He is famous for being a logical thinker. He is famous for joining seemingly hopeless causes, just to prove his prowess. In reality most people do not know about the famed mercenary. He is somewhat kind, and those around him can tell he has a goal. No one knows what he is after other than gold though.

General History: Little is known of his past. He never speaks about his childhood. The first anyone knew of him was when he was part of a large mercenary company in the northern wastes. He was quickly recognized for his abilities, and was given command of an entire battalion. Mordecai formed his own company, The Legion of the silver wolf, a company dedicated to advancing the cause of freedom. Many believe the company a front, but he has done many great things with his soldiers. As he gained power and fame, he seemed to become more focused. He has been working towards something but know one knows what it is. Many believe that it has something to do with the wolf that follows him everywhere he goes. Recently mordecai has been contracted to fight for Fel.

Character Name: Okami

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Adviser to Captain Mordecai

Age: Unknown

General Appearance:


Powers/Skills: Okami is very intelligent. Any who are around him for any amount of time know that he is no ordinary wolf. He seems to have a lot of life experience and is often seen at Captain Mordecai's side, advising him. okami has some coneection to the spirit world. he can communicate with spirits, and channel their power to aid him in combat.

General Personality: Cool and reserved, Okami is the secret behind Mordecai's success. He is kind and hates injustice. he wants to make the world a better place.

General History: Okami is a greater mystery than Mordecai. Most who know of him don't even know he is more than just a mercenaries pet. He found Mordecai when the mercenary had first began as a sell sword. He taught Mordecai everything he knows. It was okami's idea to form the Legion, and to seek a contract with fel.

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Character Name: Orion
Gender: Dude.
Job/Role: Hunter/ Surfer/ Sentient 'Living' Star
Age: 18

General Appearance:


Not seen in the picture is a necklace strewn with teeth collected from the mightiest of the creatures Orion defeated on his way to Iwaku. It is more of just a personal relic that Orion has a deep prideful attachment with. Mainly due to it representing his accomplishments in battle.


[To be confirmed/ potentially modified if there's any problems.]

Cosmic Confluence- Biologically, due to being born in the vacuum of space, he can easily survive in those types of extreme conditions. Orion is immune to suffering from ebullism or any type of ailment brought on by changes in the environment related to temperature or pressure. But he is NOT immune to most magical attacks, physical attacks, or reality-bending. In addition he does not actually have to breathe air at all. Most mysterious however. . . is just how long his potential life-span might be as a Living Star.

Lucky Stars- Due to his unique creation, Orion can command the power of an entire star. When using cosmic energy he is calling upon the nearly boundless energy of the Living Star within his humanoid outer shell that acts as both containment and a disguise. Lucky breaks occur in very minor ways that would have to be expertly exploited to gain any advantage such as just managing to squeeze through a door right before it closes. Inhuman endurance comes not so much in taking several hits during combat but rather that he can remain awake and on the move for days at a time without food, water, or rest by running off his own energy. Accelerated healing kicks in only once he is out of direct combat and may take several days depending on the wound but certainly heals at a faster rate than any normal human. Last but not least, when focusing the cosmic energy specifically he can create a barrier of cosmic energy around ONLY HIS BODY or even just SPECIFIC PARTS OF HIS BODY for protection. However if a strong enough attack hits him or more likely his concentration is broken it will fail.

Surfboard Swordsman- Bestowed by means that all point towards originating in reality-bending, is a unique Surfboard that Orion uses not only to travel across water and through space. . . but as a weapon as well. As far as it is known. . . the board cannot be broken or destroyed by any normal means. It will stand up against almost all attacks when used for deflecting or even an improvised shield. While not sharpened like a blade, when used offensively it can break through just about anything. Orion is also an adept in his own surfboard-based fighting discipline. . . but learning more techniques that could be adapted to his own unique style would not hurt.

General Personality:

A relatively easy going young man who often speaks with the sophistication and slang of a surfer. Just how a Living Star came to acquire these qualities came when mysterious forces bestowed the surfboard upon him. However that belays his relatively sharp intellect and sense of cunning that comes from being a hunter. Despite encountering life on other planets he still retains some rather 'alien' mannerisms. Youthful arrogance and optimism certainly arise when Orion is in social situations and especially combat. Courage and a sense of duty define him. Without a doubt he is the type who would 'go down with his ship' while ensuring everyone else escaped. Though to be fair he wouldn't exactly drown. He is a talented surfer as well as a seasoned combatant.

Yet, deep down, believing he is the only one of his kind makes him rather lonely.

General History:

Long long ago and far off from the first incarnation of Iwaku, in the far reaches of space had been a place of blackness darker than the rest. It was just beyond the touch of light from any star in that universe. Due to this a force greater than many decided such a place should no longer exist. Perhaps it was the God Homac, or simply one more powerful than most yet less powerful than Homac planted the seeds of a strange life force. It fed off the battles and the stylings of first Iwaku while still in early infancy. Before the city had even been created from the nothingness. This Star-Baby therefore became much like the reality bending comic book world and would have not connected with Iwaku for a long time.

Until Azazel started shifting things around.

As he adjusted the cycle around by changing the time-line itself, the Cycle reacted in kind. Lacking the subtly of the original timeline allowed it appeared the cosmic being had a much deeper link to Iwaku. Now it became obvious the Cycle had always intended for this entity to arrive at Iwaku. Events that were to shape this cosmic entity were either sped up or completely removed to accommodate alterations.

It swiftly laid the blueprints for a humanoid form of silvery skin and golden hair and white hot blue eyes that had a twinkle in each one brimming with cosmic energy. Seconds later the silvery skin dulled into a slightly less lustrous white. Now boundless energy was contained within a solid 'shell' of a form. Upon a mere whim this creature that created light in the darkness could keep it's portion of space illuminated in peaceful existence and bathe it in the brightness of serenity for millennia to come.

Yet now the interstellar infant had no time to fulfill the cover story Cycle made for it existing and had it's development thrust harshly forward. This ensured it was initially a being of cosmic confluence. An 'alien' as some might put it. Perhaps more than that. Down at the core however, no matter what, it would always command the power of an entire star.

Tiny fingers grew as they stretched out toward the other stars, other galaxies. . . only to find quickly that none of them shared the unique life which it held. None of them were a living star that could do more with cosmic power than simply exist in space. Rather than maturing over time the Star-Baby turned into a Star-Child within a matter of days. But that did not mature the persona enough to deal with such isolation. Crying out in lonliness the entity wanted something to keep it company. And so it was in this time when Iwaku existed like a comic book that this tiny creation came into possession of an item that survived every incarnation of the entity since:

A surfboard.

And for some reason. . . just started talking like a surfer.

Seas of stars were now opened up to the creature for exploration and the cycle urged exploration in the direction of Iwaku as it traveled with a child-like curiosity. During this cosmic journey that took months rather than years the Star-Child still remained more than impressionable. Outside influences could shape the very destiny of the cosmic child. Golden hair shone brilliantly as it flowed in the solar winds during these innocent exploratory travels. Up until this point the entity had actually been rather nude, and upon visiting a certain world. . . was introduced to the concept of wearing clothes.

He fought against many creatures that were on watery planets, and even creatures that lived in the depths of space. He took the teeth of the most mighty and made a necklace of them to hang around his neck. It led to the beginnings of becoming a great hunter despite having the outward appearance of a teenage humanoid mortal.

Eventually the machinations of the cycle could not be resisted and the cosmic being which came to call itself Orion made his way to an Iwaku that unlike an alternate future. . . was devoid of any rift-storms. For this reason he will likely retain all of his memories after arriving on Iwaku though they are ones congruent with the new time-line rather than the original.

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Against my better judgement, I've decided to cast my lot in this.

Character Name:Kino
Gender: Female
Job/Role: World Jumper
Age: 18
General Appearance:


Implanted in Kino's sternum is the Shining Trapezohedron, a extraordinarily powerful magical artifact that is the source of her powers.

The Shining Trapezohedron takes the form of a glittering black gem, not unlike this one. It is ovular, and is a bit smaller than a clenched fist. The flesh around it is ropy and scarred, in the pattern of veins-it is literally implanted into her skin, a part of her body. It rests in the center of her chest, above her breasts. Usually it is covered by clothing.

The Shining Trapezohedron is a gateway and a crossroads, connecting all realities. This enables her worldjumping, and other powers.

Kino can access other realities, and steal energy from them, or move energy from this universe to another. At least at first, Kino can only use this power on heat, allowing her to either heat or cool things she comes into contact with. The upper limit on this power is dictated not by personal stamina or time, but by Kino's physical health-channeling too much energy starts to affect her, so bringing in too much heat will give her burns. Pulling too much out of the universe will first chill her fingers, then give her frostbite.

Kino can, with some effort, summon a black suit of armor. It boosts her physical capabilities quite a bit, and allows her to channel much more energy than she could otherwise. Whereas before, she could maybe start small fires, now she can create large jets of flame, swords of ice by freezing air, so on and so forth. The armor is exceptionally tough, even by the standards of a world where bolterguns are common. When in use, a set of chitinous plates cover the Shining Trapezohedron; against a strong enough foe, they can be pulled apart to acces the gem.

Kino's wounds heal rapidly; even bone fractures can be fixed in a matter of hours. Lost limbs can be regrown, and even if her body is somehow completely destroyed, Kino can come back as long as the Shining Trapezohedron exists-it will, over some time, grow a new body for her out. The only way to permamently kill her would be to damage or destroy the artifact itself, and given the energies it commands that is a BAD IDEA.

On the flipside, just because you can heal from almost anything doesn't mean it's pleasant. And, if the Shining Trapezohedron is pulled from her body, her current one will be immediately destroyed. She won't be able to do anything until the artifact finishes growing another body for her. Death still hurts, so she's not going to be running headlong into lethal situations.

Kino's pretty good at unarmed combat. This comes not from the crazy magical artifact planted in her chest, but rather time spent fighting monsters.

General Personality: Kino is normally a calm girl, content to just enjoy a lazy sunday or a peaceful walk outdoors. She is exceptionally kind, and has a hard time turning her back on anyone in need of help, even if she knows nothing about them. She has a strong sense of justice and "Someone should stand up for this", but has serious doubts about her actual capacity to help.

Kino views her powers as something of a curse; while they grant her awesome might, they set her apart from normal people. Their use has always ended badly for her, and she does not trust them. If it's at all possible, she'll avoid summoning her armor, and even though she's practically unkillable she avoids things that would cause her serious bodily harm as much as anyone else.

Kino, above all, would like to avoid fighting and live in peace. She needs a vacation, from the constant battle and running that up until recently dominated her life. Her powers, and the gem stuck in her chest, are unpleasant reminders of that time. Thus, she seeks to avoid them as much as possible.

Well, using them to chill drinks every now and then is fine.

General History: Not more than a year or so ago, Kino was kidnapped by a group of cultists. She was to be a virgin sacrifice, the vessel for their god to enter this world.

Normally, a certain world-jumper would have arrived and saved her, just in the nick of time. Thanks to Azazel's interference in the timeline, that never happened. The ritual went ahead, and the Shining Trapezohedron was implanted in her body.

It...didn't turn out as they planned. Certainly, she gained the sort of powers they expected from their god; but Kino was still very much herself, and very angry about the whole thing.

Only a few escaped with their lives.

Afterwards, Kino tried to go to back to a normal life. This didn't stick; horrors summoned by the remaining cultists would attempt to attack her in her daily life, kill her friends, so on and so forth. A friend encouraged her to use her powers to become "An ally of justice", and fight for the greater good. She wanted nothing of it; but she tried to do better in her battles.

Unfortunately, things didn't work out so great. Civilians died in her battles; friends were taken and killed by her foes; her government deemed her a threat to public safety that must be stopped. In the end, the bad guys managed to take integrate themselves into the government, and use her amazingly destructive battles as an excuse to fuse the governments of the world under their control. They didn't have their god, but they had everything else.

After it all, Kino was tired. Exploring the powers of the Shining Trapezohedron, she found that she could visit other dimensions. Feeling a tug towards one in particular, she left her home, never to return.


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Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Character Name: Justin "Chaos" Vermillion
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Local Enforcer
Age: 23
General Appearance:

Powers/Skills: Chaos is good with a sword but not much else. He's attempting to learn to channel magic into his sword, but progress is slow and inconsistent.
General Personality: Chaos looks and acts distant and detached, but in reality he's simply shy, keeping his thoughts to himself and regarding most situations with a lack of enthusiasm. Beyond the exterior he is fiercely loyal, strong willed, and driven by a strong sense of right and wrong.
General History:Chaos' life has been uneventful. An enforcer for a town located in the Southern Cross, he's lead a relatively simple life bringing general peace to the local area. Yet something about all of it feels wrong, not that he'll acknowledge any of it. In passing years he's come to worry about where he's going in life. This has been impacted by the arrival of a stranger in town, clad in a black cloak. He only ever interacts with Chaos, which gives the young man odd looks from the other towns people. Even more so, he's been giving Chaos cryptic statements. The enforcer is both uncomfortable and drawn to the man at the same time, always vanishing just as quickly as he had vanished. The most cryptic thing the man has ever said has stuck with Chaos, and it eats at his mind.


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Name: Melody Tin-Shi
Age: 9
Job: A childAppearance: kit.jpg ((This isn't my work, so that isn't my signature on the bottom, just clarifying.))
Before Melody left home, Melody typically wore clothes that were meant to work the rice paddies, until she left home that is. She is often seen wearing this hat and she still wears it as she is traveling the land. She also wears the traditional silk red Chinese shirt and pants which breathe really well, but as far as keeping in body heat, this is very difficult to do. She also wears slippers which have been worn down and to save them from more wear and tear, Melody sometimes will take them off and walk bare foot. Needless to say her body is very weather beaten.

Melody carries around with her a small dagger, although for someone of her age and size, the dagger is quite large for her. It has yet to be seen if she can actually wield a weapon and protect herself with it. She is also somewhat knowledgeable about the art of martial arts. She uses this to the best of her abilities.

Powers: If she is able to touch you, she will inflict full body pain. Depending on how she's feeling, the pain can be full on cramps of all of your major muscle tissues, feel as if you've been doused by gasoline and lit on fire, a hang over, and even if you lack the necessary body parts, she will imitate the agony of going into labor.

History: One would assume from looking at her clothes, especially her hat that Melody's family were peasants, and yes they were. Everyday she went out with her family to work the rice paddies, knowing full well that her ethnic populace was slowly diminishing. While her parents had done their best to keep that knowledge to themselves, Melody knew from watching the people leaving their land and from the many hushed conversations between her parents that something bad was happening. Her childhood, while still not done, is very dark and hard. Work in the fields was back breaking, especially when it became difficult to acquire food. Her childhood becomes darker as Melody witnesses her parents' marriage break apart....

Melody's parents fought constantly, her mother being a subservient wife to her abusive and often drunk father. She didn't know if their parents disposition made them a horrible pair or if it was simply because of their near starvation... Whatever the case while Melody had some knowledge about self defense, she could never bring herself to defend or fight back against her father. But her break came when her father went too far. It was the worst fight Melody had ever witnessed with her parents, and she tried stepping in to save her mother, but her father was far too large for Melody to incapacitate him. As she was screaming, and begging for him to stop punching her mother, Melody felt her rage and despair build. She wanted above all else for her father to feel all of the pain he dealt to his wife. Some voice - a malevolent one - told her she could do that and without pausing to think, Melody pressed her hands up against her father's chest and saw on his expression that her wish came true.

Melody left home immediately after the event and has been on the road looking for something. She will not talk about her family, her past or anything about herself aside from her name to anyone.

Personality: For a child who has been through a lot, Melody is still in that stage of life where the harshness and happiness of life hasn't given her a bias towards people or events. She views most things as an outsider looking through a window into someone's home. She is very fearful when it comes to strangers, but will force herself or be in a situation where she has to beg them for food. Her determination and willpower is extraordinary.

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Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Name: Cyanide

Age: Unknown

Gender: N/A

Job/Role: Over-Zealous Historian

Race: Shapeshifter

General Appearance: Cyanide has no basic form which it adopts and can be considered as its neutral form. Its first form is no longer accessible to it due to loss of the memory of things long past. However, some of the most prominent forms it takes include that of Jester, Vice Esclave, Void Varkanus, Rayne Okaeshi, and Itazura Mono.


As Cyanide:
Immortality: Cyanide has been alive for an unknown length of time, and is generally considered immortal. However, this is partly a fluke. Its ability to shapeshift into a younger form is the reasoning behind its longevity. Theoretically, if he discovered a form which contained true immortality, then this constant changing would not be required.
Adaptation: When Cyanide shifts into the form of a person, it gains a large percentage of their abilities. However, their knowledge is unknown to it, so using these abilities can be difficult at times.
Osmosis: Cyanide can transfer its shapeshifting abilities to things it touches. For instance, a blade of grass can quickly become a rather sharp, yet very green longsword.
As Void Varkanus:
Necromancy: Void's necromancy is split into two different catagores. That of the Animal Kingdom, and that of the Plant kingdom.
Animal Kingdom: Void has a very experienced use in the ressurection of the dead. He has been known to use anything from your basic Ghoul, to more advanced creature such as his Wraith.

Plant Kingdom: This section of his abilities is usually reserved for areas such as swamps were the amount of dead plant life is abundant. Again this includes anything from your basic vines, to ressurecting dead trees. However, with this ability comesanother things. The r3essurected plants tend to take on animal like characteristics. Trees walking for example.
Lich: Void carries with him a Lich he captured and keeps prisoner upon his staff, which is made of the bones of a dragon.

Personality: Cyanide, like many historians, has a tendancy to remain rather alloof from getting into friendships and relationships that hold any real tight bonds. However, when it does encounter a being which it connects with, it is extremely loyal so long as it does not effect its work. Still, most do not associate with it due to its extremist ideas about the Cycle and what it really means to call it a cycle. Every major member in history is its idol, and it tends to obsess over learning new things about the past. All of which it keeps a very stringent record of.

History: Cyanide hails, most recently, from a world known as Aloria. Aloria itself is a largely Japanese based culture. There reality is paramount. It is a magic free land, which did not fully suit Cyanide's needs. So it branched out. This when it located the realm of Chatango. Here reality was much less strict. However, the realm itself had a predesignated boundary for how high one could expand their magical abilities. Content however, Cyanide remained here for some time. Finnaly however, it succumbed to a hatred of this realm, not because of its boundaries, but because of how it ran. Chatango was divided by groups of people called Clans, similar, though different, to the cults that played a major part of Iwaku history. Clans fought for supremacy in matches, clan wars were an everyday occurance, and all anyone cared for was how strong they were in comparison to the others. Cyanide attempted to create a school for these people, to redefine their definitions of life, which it named Twisted Dagger. This was a short term failure as it crumbled beneath the ever-increasing fight-based Chatango.

Cyanide became a background observer of this realm for a long time before it found its newest home. This was Iwaku. Within Iwaku it found a location in which it could fully express its talents with no true boundaries. However the Cycle also had a mission for it. The history of Iwaku was sparse, and limited for those who were not driven enough to search for the answers. Past peoples and times were largely unaccounted for and left gaps in its view of the Mythos. So it set out on a journey to find everything there was to find about the History. What it did find, was that the only person from the realm that seemed interested at all in perserving the history was a man known as Asmodeus, as well as a female named Kitti.

Taking Asmodeus' work as a starting point it truely began searching. When it finally found an ill-kept tome full of bits of history it was both saddened and happy at the same time. Saddened that it was not the first to come up with the idea, but happy in that it needed much work. Work it was more then willing to do. So it began and still continues to be the Historian that seems to have manifested itself within itself.

In its studies it has, however, developed a odd phenomena that is generally considered a change from what would be the norm. Where most people see history and try their best to not let it repeat itself, Cyanide wants it to repeat itself. This is however, a product of zeal. Many of its homes before Aloria have been lost. There was no event to gather together the members and keep them driven towards a single goal. Cyanide is driven to do everything it can to create the events which will gather together the people, at whatever cost, and keep this realm alive, unlike its previous ones.


Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Character Name: Megane-kun
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Insanity
Age: unknown, but is assumed to be in his mid 20's

General Appearance:
He's a mild mannered young adult of average height (around 6ft tall) and a somewhat ordinary built. He wears eyeglasses and a somewhat well-maintained uniform of some sort.

He possesses two wakizashi-like bokutous which he treats more like as a good-luck charm than as a self-defense weapon.

Megane-kun is out of synch with the Cycle, seemingly unaffected by certain things that happen. This a both a blessing and a curse, for he is unable to both affect or be affected by certain occurences. Megane-kun can choose to be unaffected by other people's powers unless the the power concerned overwhelms him.

Unlimited Emo Works
For some reason unknown, Megane-kun attained some ability, though this ability is powered by his emotions. When Megane-kun utilizes this ability, emotions of people around him similar to what he is feeling is amplified. This feeling, usually despair, could be amplified to such an extent that people could be immobilized by it, or even driven to suicide. For the time being, Megane-kun isn't aware of this power, nor is able to control it.

General Personality:
To most others, Megane-kun is simply one of those silent, brooding, emo types. Socially inept, he prefers the company of those he is familiar with, to which his character becomes that of a playful, if not a bit too childish, boy. He is fairly intelligent, but his desnity prevents him from realizing his situation most of the time.

General History:
Megane-kun found himself in the forests of Anirune, without memories and without anything else other than what he's wearing and a pair of wakizashi-like bokutous. Wandering aimlessly, he ended up in the Kingdom of Insanity where he presented himself to the military in exchange for food and shelter. He soon found himself in a series of events he could never be prepared for....

At long last, I was able to make a draft for Megane's character sheet. However, I'm still unsure about the history, and as such, it might be subject to some edits.


Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Character Name: Father Ryuji Okabe. (Nickname : Okabe)
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Mysterious Catholic Priest
Agent of the Brown Madness
Age: ????

General Appearance: 5'11". Obese, Pot-bellied, with brown swarthy skin. Short black hair and small black eyes. Crooked yellow teeth. He has a strangely deep voice. Wears a black long-sleeved shirt and black pants with a white collar, typical of priests doing official business outside mass/sacraments. No matter how much you search him, there is no evidence of him wielding or keeping weapons on his person.

- As a priest, since he accepted the 'vow of poverty', he is self sufficient, being able to cook, clean, and do various housework. He is also capable of doing hard labor despite his girth, and this was how he founded his parish in the northern lands.

- Extensive, almost esoteric understanding of mystic laws. As a result, he is an incredibly powerful Magus. He is also immediately able to discern how certain magical effects occur, making him specialize against supernatural creatures and other magi. He also is an expert diviner, and reader of fates as a result.

- An almost unrivaled expertise in Time Magic. Although far from the power granted from Isadoth, Okabe almost always has 'time to spare' in almost any situation. He can see things before they happen, see back in time, slow down, accelerate or even 'pause' time. However, he can only cause things to 'travel forward in time' a span of a few seconds, or 'time leap' a few seconds prior. He is not capable of 'true time travel'.

- As someone from the 'Burial Agency', he is trained in Muay Thai, Knife Throwing, and battle exorcisms. He uses some other magics, since they are required of executors that hunt witches and the undead. His se cond best school of magic is linked with 'fate'.

Okabe is an almost perfect copy of man, but he isn't. 'He' is akin to a glove or a limb for a greater, extradimensional power known as the 'Brown Madness'. As such, he has the following capabilities:

- Denial of Probability - linked to his Time Magic, it allows Okabe to automatically succeed at something he concentrates in doing. All it requires is that there is even a 0.0000001% chance of succeeding. Things that are considered 'impossible', with all factors considered, will still fail.

- Although not his own power, Okabe can be replaced if he dies... With another Okabe, given the same data as the first. However, that decision is left up to the Brown Madness. There can only be one Okabe in a world at any given moment... unless the world has been altered in some great way.

General Personality:
Okabe is a mysterious, but friendly and benevolent character... most of the time. In truth, his mind is alien and unknowable, constantly piling schemes on lies based on half-truths. When it seems that when you're 'important' enough for whatever his schemes are, he becomes an antagonizing, cryptic manipulator, open for all to see. (Which is in turn, an ironic and strange thing to do)

He enjoys taking walks alone, usually at night, or in dangerous places. It is through this strange hobby that he appears in 'the right place' at 'the right time'. He is known to smirk and smile at people in a creepy way. Okabe loves a dish called Kare Kare (a kind of filipino peanut curry) specifically with lots of spicy bagoong. (fish paste) It is said he will turn from his master's evil ways if given such a dish, purely out of good will.

General History:
Okabe is a catholic priest who set up a parish in a small village called 'Derpery', located in the northern lands. He arrived just a few years prior to the start of the game. Before this event, no one knows where he came from The parish is semi-self-sufficient, relying on the good will of the people for food and funds. The priest himself attends to the needs of the downtrodden and fearful folk, by spiritual and physical means. (helping out in chores, etc)

In truth, Okabe is a copy of the 'Paorou data', created by the unfathomable extradimensional being known as 'Brown Madness'. How the Mad King and this Being are linked is unknown. The Okabe are agents of the Brown Madness, literally 'gloves' where it can exist in a lesser state within worlds. This Okabe just happens to be assigned to Iwaku, for whatever nefarious reason.

Captain Nic

Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Name: Captain Nic
Gender: Male
Role: Representative of the Teknikan Empire and guerilla officer

General Appearance: A 6'4" tall, brown-skinned man who looks to be in his forties, and can be surmised to be of either Asian or Hispanic descent. He takes on the form of a tall, slightly bulky man - a form adopted to inspire fear in his enemies, which he saw fit to take in the face of Azazel's attempts to eliminate Bread Cultists and their affiliates, which includes Imperial elements, from Iwaku. His hair is a deep black, shaven to a semi-skinhead, and often concealed under an officer's hat. Apparel commonly worn by the Captain is an Imperial Navy uniform, comprised of fatigues, a jacket, and the aforementioned hat. Alternatively, he may wear a custom-tailored pilot suit and a specialized navigation helmet.

Persistence: Nic's experience in Reality Bending enabled him control over his own life and death, even if not completely. He can take otherwise lethal strikes, only to reform completely the moments later. His long age and appearance can be attributed to this power. Nic can use Persistence to save the lives of others, but he often prefers himself to be the sacrifice.

Arsenal of the Mind: Though sparingly, Nic can 'think' into existence any weapon he has memory and knowledge of. Any weapon formed by this power that is a replica of a known existing weapon is always inexact and lacks any properties not borne of nature or physical law. However, 'new' weapons don't bear such imperfections - Nic's halberd, Pax Imperia, is a thought given form. Pax Imperia is a thermal halberd, at first glance a technical marvel, but its workings are not known to anyone but Nic himself, and the circumstances where the strange weapon sees use are uncommon.

1.) A power module, which serves as his backpack. Stored within a pocket dimension that it can access is a 20mm autocannon that an ordinary man must fire from a suitable platform. Nic can fire this weapon with his two hands and retain stability.
2.) The aforementioned Imperial Navy uniform
3.) A custom-made pilot suit, with matching helmet
4.) A small power-warhammer, with the words "The Not-Popsicle Stick" etched upon its shaft. It is possibly a much weaker replica of a weapon used by a Teknikan Emperor. Mainly used for puncturing armor and people.
5.) A long repulsor pistol that fires a wave of kinetic force strong enough to throw personnel off the ground and knock over any car-sized object of similar mass and weight. The force-wave is incapable of inflicting injuries.
6.) Pax Imperia, a 1.8 meter long powered halberd with a double-edged axe head and a shaft that splits into a series of handlebars. Only Nic knows what it is capable of, and it seems that even it acts according to his thought-dictations.

General Personality:
Nic is a stoic man, and a bit jaded, as a result of a thousand years of war with the Empire's enemies. He shows unflinching loyalty to his cause, and considers any ally that may come to his side as something he should never let go of. However, he has the kind of arrogance typical of a Teknikan: a disdain for technologically inferior races and peoples. The relentless attempts of Azazel to drive away the forces of the were-to-be Princes have molded Nic into quite a bloodthirsty warrior, though he is not without methods of subterfuge. Towards others who are not of his breed, he tries to be as compassionate and reasonable as his cold heart can be.

Nic came to the realm of Iwaku, summoned by Paorou to forge a future worthy of their names. He and a contingent of Teknikan Imperial forces were sent to the realm to find anything of import, anything that would drive the Empire forward in its cold war against the Alliance. He saw potential allies in some of the peoples of Iwaku.

Before the magnificent fruit of the Bread Cult could blossom, however, there came the angel Azazel.

Nic's allies in the Bread Cult resisted the imminent rule of this new arrival, but eventually were whittled down and scattered, seemingly without another chance at rising again. Nic witnessed Azazel spirit Paorou away into imprisonment, and, fearing that he may be next and without the power to oppose Azazel alone, went into hiding, biding his time. He urged his Imperial comrades to remain in the cosmos, and, honoring his request, the Empire now engages in a guerilla war against Azazel's grip on the realm.

Nic uttered a curse unto the universe, that one day Azazel may be crushed by Iwaku itself.


Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Since Winter Break's just around the corner, I only have to do actual work for two more nights and then I'm free so I figured I'd join. Besides, I had this idea for a character and I've been wanting to do it so bad!

Character Name: Acqua Dalca
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Freelance Musician/Azazel Sympathizer
Age: 17
General Appearance:
-Note: She's always had a penchant for a sort of hooker-ish look because it was the style of the teenage girls in her home village, who often told tales about female assassins posing as prostitutes to get to the government officials they killed in the old days before Aeri's crackdown on the slums of Tolu (its second biggest city)
Acqua's Call:
She calls forth the patron spirit of the village she remembers so fondly as a child. This allows Acqua to convert any form of water (gaseous, solid, liquid) into liquid form. The power becomes of less and less use in more arid climates because it does not create liquid water; it simply converts what is already present. The call can only be performed twice a day and lasts for approximately half an hour each time.

Hydrokinesis: Put simply, she can manipulate liquid water using solely her mind. She can use it to slow down enemies, cause minor to moderate damage, or defend herself by using a wall of water or a wave to create a shield. Because of the inter-dimensional rift between her original world and Iwaku, her experience with using this skill has reset itself to the point that she has to focus more to utilize this skill than she had to back in her home world.

Magic Melody: By using her singing (or instruments if she knew any), she can invoke the town of Acqua's patron spirit's magical abilities. If she is singing with the intent of attacking, black music notes flow from a dark circle surrounding her as the singing continues, attacking enemies by gradually draining their physical energy. If used as a healing measure, white notes flow from a glowing circle surrounding her, which heals all allies within hearing range at a gradual but steady rate. Those who are deaf or have some means of blocking out the singing will not be affected.

Basic Weapons: If push came to shove, she could handle a non-ranged weapon (swords, daggers, etc.) competently. This was by no means her main mode of attack even before being transported to Iwaku. Furthermore, she lost all of her weapons
and the majority of her knowledge regarding weapons in the transferal process.

General Personality: She tends to drift in and out of situations quite quickly, often gaining the description of 'elusive' among those who know her. However, she tries to stay loyal to the few that have helped her in life. Most of the time she has good intentions, even though she might end up doing the wrong things at the wrong time because of them. She is somewhat negative in her views of the world, but still has hope deep down that things will change, especially considering how much less corrupt Iwaku is than her own world. She has similar views about people; that most deep down are really not good people, but that there are some who really wish to do good in this world. Because of this she has her guard up often.

General History:
[SPOILI]She was born into a shady family who had mysterious dealings all over her home planet of Aeri. Aeri was ruled by a corrupt government heavily involved in the drug trade that her parents Emilio and Lora Dalca helped sustain through providing weapons to various cartels. Her childhood, however, went by surprisingly well due to the fact that she was pretty much separated from her parents, taken care of in the large, seaside mansion that her parents bought with all the money coming in from the arms dealing. The only person she really had to care for her was a nanny named Cassandra who stayed with her 24-7.

Cassandra, unlike her parents, was somebody whom Acqua actually deeply cared for. Her humbleness and wisdom provided a stable ground for the young Acqua to develop; the mother that she never really had. However, Cassandra did more than just that for her. Often due to the lack of communication between the mansion and her parents' quarters in the cities, Cassandra would take Acqua to the small village that she was named after, located on the sea that her parents' mansion overlooked. There, she would be acquainted with the simple folk's way of life. They taught her almost all she knew: how to sing, how to call forth the spirit for which the town was named after, and to use various weaponry. The teaching of weaponry among women in the village was seen as harmless by the rest of Aeri because of the primitive manner of the weaponry and the long cultural background relegating only females to become soldiers.

However, the good times couldn't last forever. On her sixteenth birthday, after graduating early from her school's training academy for the Aerian navy, Cassandra passed due to an illness that swept through the town. Acqua tried to plea to her parents who were actually there at the time of her death to call for a doctor, but in vain. Not able to understand Cassandra's role in Acqua's childhood, they simply let the nanny die, only to replace her with a different one.

The new one was Stefani. Stefani was much more like the citizens of the city in which her parents worked. Left with her, Stefani soon left her influence on Acqua, teaching her how to handle a gun. Eventually, tired of the low pay that Acqua's parents gave her, Stefani used her manipulative skills to eventually convince Acqua to leave the village and head for the city of Tolu where her parents were dealing arms. Upon arriving in Tolu, though, Stefani and Acqua were intercepted by corrupt policemen. Refusing to give them the large bribe that the police wanted, the authorities proceeded to take the girls in for "questioning" upon the grounds of "looking like prostitutes." (The crackdown on the slums of Tolu was an event that had occurred while she was a tween. Because of the reputation of female assassins to often assume the dress of a prostitute, both prostitution and the dress that accompanied its profession were outlawed. However, the corrupt police soon interpreted the last provision to mean any sort of dress that was even slightly provocative, thus limiting freedom of expression through clothing)

Unfortunately, for the authorities, Acqua and Stefani weren't going down without a fight. They used their magic to bust out of their cells with ease, only to be confronted by many policemen with guns loaded, ready to fire. Stefani, in a last ditch effort, conjured up a portal, which she pushed Acqua through. The last thing she heard was the blare of many rounds being fired, and the crunching noise of Stefani's collapsing body.

When she came to, she ended up in the Kingdom of the East. On her journey alone now, she has to find her way in a new world filled with turmoil, using her powers to make a living. Due to the inter-dimensional rift between Aeri and Iwaku, her identity has been split into multiple identities, which is why another, more innocent version of herself appears later on in Iwaku's mythos.[/SPOILI]


Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Character Name: Touya Jechi

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Illusionist

Age: 13, although he uses illusions to make himself look older

General Appearance: 300px-Gambler.png


Illusion: Allows him to display normal illusions.

Mind Reader: Allows him to read minds.

Hypnotic: Allows him to force his targets to fall asleep, as long as he is within a 20 meter radius. However, he can control this radius, making it it smaller, or bigger. To increase the radius, it takes Touya extreme focus.

Emotion Surge: Allows him to control his target's emotions for a limited period of time.

Thought Intrude: Allows him to send a thought to the target.

Realism: Allows him to make his illusion real. However, this is extremely risky, and causes pain to the user. For example, his eye may bleed, and there are side effects that may be permanent, such as blindness in one eye. To do this, Touya must stay still, and this makes him vulnerable.

General Personality: Not many words can describe him. He's apathetic, mysterious, reserved, sarcastic and witty.

General History: Since he has amnesia, he cannot remember his past. However, there is a key that will be able to unlock his past. He has been searching for this key ever since he could remember.


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I almost suspect I've been bitten by a radioactive noob, but I think I can make this work.

Character Name: Guimauve "Gigi" Tailer


Job/Role:Vengeful Ex-Ecdysiast

Age: "Only just turned 21. You'll be okay."

General Appearance:[Catgirl Image Goes Here]


Retractable Claws

Aspiring Writer
- How good? Come on. These things are subjective!

- Comes with being a shapeshifter. She can become more or less human or catlike at will as well
as make cosmetic adjustments to her appearance.

- Voluntary healing factor. A specialized and more advanced application of her shifter potential though still with room for growth. It's developed enough to keep the bruises of a beating from an angry manager the night before from showing up before her next performance.

Catlike Agility-
Sharpened by regular performance of job-related acrobatics.

Fighting- The owner was cheap. The girls had to be their own bouncers.

General Personality: Timid except when she's feisty. Feisty except when she's timid. Plucky, tenacious, inconsistently jaded, and sort of gay. May or may not have a subconscious deathwish.

General History: A poor shapeshifter with limited opportunities for advancement... or limited awareness of them... It's kind of hard to say. Chicken and egg, y'know? Anyway, she performed at a club while working on a script that she--at one time--believed would change her fortunes. Then she befriended another catgirl who was studying to become a physician. They moved in together. Then one day the other catgirl was abducted and allegedly murdered by Asmo. Upon hearing this, Gigi decides to quit her "day job" and seek out revenge.
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