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Character Name: Colie and King Weavel

Gender: Female and Male

Job/Role: Sorceress

Age: Colie is immortal (but her physical suggests that she is 12 to 14). No one knows how old Weavel is.

General Appearance:

Powers/Skills: Colie can learn how to use almost all sorts of vehicles or mounts but she seems to favor Weavel over everything else. Weavel can leap about a quarter of a mile in a single leap, making it appear as if he can fly. King Weavel does most of the heavy fighting in Colie's place.

Fist of the Lord of Hamburg: King Weavel’s energy is all focuses into the palm of his hands. Upon becoming enraged, his fist can be flung at super sonic speeds. This power allows him to break throw almost all forms of metals and other hard surfaces. It cannot be applied to anything that is supernatural, such as a spiritual barrier.

If forced to fight, Colie has mastered sorcery and has the ability to control lightning and wind.

General Personality: Colie and Weavel are comrades in arms and have been with each other for years so they cannot be separated as a team. Colie behaves like a stereotypical upper-class individual, often looking down upon others with boredom, arrogance, snobbery and apathy. She has an almost enchanting air of dignity and grace, yet is sarcastic and condescending to those she considers lower than her, always expecting them to have the highest standards of formality when conversing with her. King Weavel on the other hand, is a silent battle harden warrior. He shows little to no emotion, suggesting he may in fact be an automaton. Despite taking punishment from Colie on a regular basis, he remains loyal to her.

General History: Colie was a normal little girl granted magical powers by a drunk wizard many centuries ago. The drunk wizard decided to take her in, until he realized she was arrogant and snotty. He tossed her into the nearest dumpster. That is were King Weavel met her and some kind of creepy and unexplainable bound occurred. They now go around from place to place selling bakeries for a living.
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Character Name: Fel
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Freedom fighter
Age: 40ish
General Appearance:

Powers/Skills: A world renowned hero (at least in his own world) capable with both the blade and the pen.
Current Goal/Purpose: Fel is an ally of Collie and King Weavil, but is in his own right a man aiming for the Iwaku throne. He sees Azazel as a threat, but was an unknown Author until now.
General Personality: A hard man, but personable and caring. He hardly has time to smile, as he strives to be the greatest he can.
General History: He comes from the world of the Eternal Forest. Originally a man called Endry Blade, he gave up that name in this new chapter of his life, calling himself what Collie randomly called him one day.

Character Name: Kestrel
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Knight
Age: 25ish
General Appearance:

Powers/Skills: Master of the Sword, very little magic ability
General Personality: Cold and sadistic, but altogether a good person. Her loyalties lie completely and ultimately with Fel.
General History: Kestrel is an alternate world version of Fel himself, although not that strong of an Author per-say, she is loyal to the core and gets along well with Collie and King Weevil (somehow...)
Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Character Name: Thomas Irving

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Gunslinger/Assassin


General Appearance: Thomas is in his 30s, but is physically in his 40s due to his rough and tumble life. He is considered rough looking with grey eyes. He is muscular but over all, Thomas is a slim man with messy brown hair that reaches the base of his neck. He wears all black and is often seen wearing sun glasses and smoking a cigarette. e is a strong and disciplined man, capable of working through injuries and illnesses that would have killed or incapacitated another man

Powers/Skills: Thomas appears to be a professional gunslinger, effectively wielding two pistols at a time. He is the “Man with No Name.” He carries a 1873 Colt Navy Revolver on his right hip, while he keeps a Government 1911 pistol on his left. Both guns have been modified in various ways to improve their firing power. He has a spiritual connection to these weapons, suggesting that they might have magical tendencies. In a fight, Thomas uses sneak attack as often as possible -- otherwise, he is quite a weak combatant. Thomas has considerable Dexterity, which means he is fast and can use a bow or ranged magical spells with great effect.

General Personality: Thomas is intelligent and somewhat conservative. He maintains a constant level of dualism and is often considered a kindly man or a total jerk, or is at times viewed as a sage or insane. Thomas is a fairly laid back man when not presenting himself in front of others. He lives for excitement, exploring the unknown, and unpredictability of the future. He prefers not to over-plan his actions, trusting greatly in his instinct and skill at improvising according to the situation. He is also shown not to have a great sense of humor: though he knows a lot of riddles he rarely jokes and is visibly irritated at times when his daughter jokes around. Thomas is not one for small talk.

General History: Thomas is a complex being, some call him an angel, others a demon. Thomas fits in closer to being a folk hero since he has relatively few followers and those that do, are more so because of being of a similar cultural background. He seems distant from the affairs of Iwaku, attempting to keep his own personal freedom against all else.

Thomas travels around with a young woman named Eros that claims to be his daughter. He never really brings this fact up a lot. This has led to some to believe that she might be a homunculus. For Thomas the concept of “age” is meaningless for him when dealing with Eros.
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Character Name: Eros Paean
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Assassin
Age: Appears 19
General Appearance:

Adept with poisons and mixing chemicals to bring out their full effect, she's smart and crafty. She can, if pressed, wield a revolver and she does so with a high level of proficiency with a 1873 Colt Navy Revolver, a duplicate of that of her father and whose use she was instructed upon. Though she seems to have magical potential, she puts little faith in it as it is not certain in her opinion that she can use this magic talent.
General Personality:
Dedicated and loyal, Eros would protect her friends all the way through hell and back. She's single-minded and her unwavering devotion is the sole focus most of the time. She is ordinarily quiet, though at times self-sacrificing which comes off as a major downside. Her loyalty is deep and fierce but not easy to earn. She can oft times be dismissive of others and her respect is hard to win.

General History:
There is no questioning Eros when it comes to her relationship with Thomas - he is her father, despite what age may appear. Those who question this or make any uncouth remark as to the truth of the matter tend to end up with bullet holes or poison in them. She travels with him and she has always traveled with him for as long as she can remember.

The pair retain a high level of sovereignty, though Eros has at times seen intimations of Thomas being more important than he lets on. The pair make money to travel and live off of by killing for money, with Thomas and herself sometimes working as a team and sometimes apart. Eros utilizes her skills with poison for the most part, though if things don't go as planned, she's more than happy to shoot them.
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Character Name: Miru
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Realm Traveler
Age: 15
General Appearance:

Miru has the face of a clock tattooed on his right arm, which records how many times he can use his power.
Powers/Skills: Miru is proficient with magic, able to create and employ barriers for both offensive and defensive purposes. He has a tendency to create a large lance out of this magic, combining it with his magic to fight. The barriers are magical, and therefore bend to his lance.
General Personality: Miru is cheerful when the time calls for it, but very focused during a fight. He also seems to be paying very careful attention to specific events...He seems to know something he's not telling.
General History: Miru made a contract years ago to protect the world from a grave threat, giving him his magic, as well as his ability to travel through the realms, at a cost to his own health...While on this quest, he was trapped within this same loop of events, damned to remain until he can set things right...
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Character Name: Grandmaster Karsikan Banrae

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Grey Knight Space Marine

Age: 253

General Appearance:



Gransmaster Grey Knight; two hundred fifty years of war has forged Karsikan from humble Guardsman to his illustrious position of Grey Knight Grandmaster, he's studied it's secrets and it's nuances to a point where they're almost second nature to him, in addition to his genetic modification, enhancing his body and mind to superhuman levels. This is in addition to his recently awakened psychic abilities.

Chaplain; by space marine measure it wasn't that long ago that he held the title of chaplain among his former chapter, The Black Templar, He is skilled in rallying even the most fearful to acts of near limitless bravery.

General Personality:

for over two hundred year Karsikan has known only duty to his chapter and the biterness of war against the most horrific foes of the darkest pits of mankind's nightmares, and his demeanor reflects such. in his short time in Iwaku however, he has begun to learn the value of such things as compassion, and mercy. Most defining about him however, is his zealous faith in the Emperor of Mankind and desire to protect humanity from anyone and anything that would threaten it.

Though he'll admit it to none, he secretly longs to stand beside his former brothers of the Black Templar

General History:

Karsikan was once a Black Templar Space Marine, his former chapter well known for it's unmatched zeal and hatred of psykers, as chance would have it he was cursed with his psychic power while battling the servants of the ruinous powers. His curse excommunicated him from his former brothers. By some stroke of luck or the emperor's own hand, a council was called to discuss what was to be done with him, the events of such he is unaware of, but it's result however, was that he undergo the trials that all Grey Knight neophytes had to undergo, and would stand among the Imperium's Daemonhunters until the day he died.

He arrived on Iwaku after a freak warp accident nearly destroyed his ship and he was forced to evacuate, separated from those under his commmand, he believes that he is the only survivor.


Karsikan bears several items that are not within mechanicus regularion, forged by his Techpriest, Pratus Akadia, there are many mysteries to his wargear, only the most basic of which have been unlocked.

Runic Aegis; Currently, it is equal to a suit of Aegis Artificer Armor and has a Storm Bolter mounted onto the left gauntlet.

Nemesis Daemon Sword; Like his Armor, his sword two has untapped potential, it is equal to a standard nemesis sword

Adamantine Mantle; this adds minimal but noticeable protective value, and also billows greatly in combat. he wears this Draped over his left shoulder and his clasped behind his insignium valorus by a gold chain.



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Character Name: Zypher Finnsdóttir

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Nótt Töframaður

Age: 22

General Appearance:

Powers/Skills: Lunar Blade: Calling upon the lunar energies from Iwaku Zypher created a magical blade from the powers of the moon. Zypher is quite skilled at using this blade and keeps it on him at all times.

Star Burst: Tapping into the astral and cosmic energies in all life Zypher can create small laser-like bolts of energy. It typically appears as tiny lights around him which rush forward leaving glowing streaks as they attack. He can also use this same ability to make a small glowing orb of astral/cosmic energy like a small sun which he can use to either float around as a light source or he can use it as one strong, albeit inaccurate attack to injure his enemies.

Celestial Healing: Tapping into the cosmos Zypher can use this energy to repair and heal wounds both on himself and others. The worse the wound the more energy it takes from him and the more concentration he needs to put on it. In combat he is capable of healing minor scrapes while fighting himself but that is the extent of it. He can do this from a distance but the closer to his target the easier it is for him to heal more rapidly.

General Personality: Though friendly Zypher can come off as a bit aloof and unapproachable at times, although it's tough to say if it's because of his studious personality coupled with his wait-and-see approach or if he's delightfully foreign and he is a bit shy about his strange customs and tastes. Once he gets to know someone however all bets are off. He is kooky and strange and very foreign, slipping into Íslenska when he gets excited or frustrated. As a student of the cosmos and astral energies he is always ready to stop at night and work on star charts with his telescopes.

General History: Zypher had come from another world, another realm called íslensk which was a small land with varying landscapes and climates. He grew up in the capital city Reykjavik where he studied in an institute for Cosmic Magic and Arts. He was one of the stronger students and took his time making sure to complete all his assignments and learning what he can about his craft. The creation of his sword was his proudest moment and after it was created he poured almost as much time learning how to fight with it as he did on his studies. He knew everything there was to know about the lunar phases and celestial bodies back in íslensk.

During one of his experiments out in the hot-springs of íslensk's volcano he was sucked into a dimensional portal into the world of Iwaku. As an outsider he has been forced to explore this strange land. He is excited however, to learn about the celestial bodies in this new, exciting world.
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Character Name: Jarakahl Pythor.
Gender: Male.

Job/Role: Martial Artist, Cage Fighter, Ring Fighter, Mercenary.
Age: 47, but looks in his early 20s.
General Appearance:



Superhuman durability - Jarakahl's skin is resistant against most sword cuts. A cleave across his chest would leave perhaps a deep, painful cut but nothing dangerous. This has led to his impaired aging.

Auric Manipulation - Jarakahl can mould the blue aura around his body to form energy blasts that can be fired out from his fists or more elaborate attacks that are deadly combined with his martial art skills.

Martial Artist - Being a champion fighter in the ring, Jarakahl is well-known amongst gamblers as the one who is the safest bet, yet with the lowest returns. He has faced down many opponets, some even larger and stronger than him yet he has managed to best them.

Superhuman Physical Capabilities - In short, Jarakahl is faster and stronger than a normal human at peak physical fitness.

General Personality:

He is a rather cheerful and friendly person when he is approached, seeing the person who dares to approach him as a courageous one and instantly earns a degree of respect. He defends what he believes in to the death, and he is a harbinger of justice - He hates injustice and extinguishes it in any form, whether be it with a threat or when worse comes to worse, his own fists.

General History:

Jarakahl was left an orphan due to the wars and grew up on the streets, fighting for himself to survive ever since he was but a boy. It was because of his street fighting skills that caught him the attention of a local dojo, which took him in and taught him and trained him in various martial arts. His prodigal skills made him learn faster than the rest, and so they grew jealous. One of the best in the dojo challenged him in a duel, hopefully to beat down this fast rising star. However, due to an accident in the fight - A sudden burst of auric energy that had stopped the other boy's heart, Jarakahl was exiled.

He was shamed and cast out of the dojo, forced to live the life of a vagrant with nowhere to go, until he heard of the rings. Rings where men fought each other for money, rings where people bet on either side to win with their cash. Jarakahl appeared as a black horse in one of their many tournaments and came up top, his silent personality making him somewhat of an enigma and even more popular with the people in the ring.
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Character Name: Rameses Abraxas

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Warrior Priest

Age: Unknown, looks to be mid 20’s-30

General Appearance:

Powers/Skills: Although he possesses no inherent powers of his own, Rameses does have in his possession a pair of powerful relics that grant him mystical abilities.

The Sword of Set


This bronze blade can summon sandstorms as well as scorching desert winds. It is also an excellent chopping weapon

The Eye of Horus


This amulet powered by the sun has the power to produce a searing light that repels the forces of darkness.

General Personality: Stern and resolute, the former priest thinks of only one thing; the acquisition of power. A man of few words, he remains taciturn most of the time, appearing to dwell intensely on his own mysterious thoughts. His harsh demeanor makes him seem formidable, but in reality he is still quite capable of compassion and kindness. Were he not consumed by his quest, Rameses would be a very gentle being, but he has long since sacrificed most of his softer emotions for the sake of leaving a profound impression on those he meets. Those that get in his way are sure to see that he spares no mercy for his enemies, and he will not rest until he has obtained the object of his desire.

General History: Once a priest of Amon-Ra descended from the pharaohs, Rameses Abraxas, later to be known as Rameses the Damned, lived in ancient Egypt during the time of the Fifteenth Dynasty. Disgusted that his once proud and powerful nation was under the foreign rulership of the Hyksos, he began to search for a means of overthrowing them. Through dabbling in profane mystical secrets and penetrating the most holy of holies of the priesthood, he obtained the power he would need in the form of two ancient relics: the Sword of Set and the amulet known as the Eye of Horus. Although he intended to use these for a noble cause, his betrayal of the orders he had taken as a priest resulted in him being expelled from the priesthood as well as his home in Egypt.

Now outcast and reduced to wandering in the desert, possessing nothing more than the relics he had stolen and secreted away, Rameses contemplated how far he had fallen. When all finally seemed lost, he remembered one more sacred object that might prove to be his salvation. Although it would mean the greatest blasphemy against the gods themselves, out of desperation he saw no other way. After searching for what seemed like ages deep within the desert and undergoing many trials and hardships, he finally found the hiding place of perhaps the most powerful and well-hidden artifact of them all: the Orb of Ra. The legends rumored that it could grant its user immortality and absolute power over the elements, as well as other, less clearly defined abilities. As he reached to take it, Rameses fell victim to one of these mysterious qualities: the power to open interdimensional portals.

Tumbling through space and time, he eventually awoke to find himself in a strange and unfamiliar land. This was Iwaku, where his true journey would begin.
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Character Name: Asmodeus

Job/Role: Iwaku's Most Wanted Criminal

Age: 204

General Personality: Asmodeus loves Iwaku to the point of dangerous, murderous obsession. His Messiah complex is off the charts and orbits his apocalyptic bouts of self-loathing. He pushes the world on his moodswing, and gets kicked in the face when he stands too close.

And... worst of all... he thinks he and Azazel are the same person.

Powers/Abilities: Confluence Pulse: Asmodeus is an epicentre of the powers of Confluence. He enforces gritty, realistic reality in a 100ft radius around him, weakening the magical powers of others and forcing them to fight harsh and gruelling battles at the risk of their very lives.

The Tel'Nein Pistol: Armour piercing. Single and semi-automatic rates of fire. Never overheats.

The Casepheny Pistol: Waterproof with perfect trajectory through liquids. Unaffected by ice.

The Bowie Pistol: Short range with high stopping power. The pistol cannot be broken in any way.

The Reikei Pistol: Long range and high velocity, with perfect trajectory through gases.
Asmodeus was an angel stationed in the infernal realm of Silent Hill, where he spent many years growing weary and despairing at the waste of souls around him. Then one day he heard the call of King Gabriel, Iwaku's first king who summoned the lost and weary to his kingdom. Casting himself out of Silent Hill, Asmodeus fell down the heavenly stairs into Iwaku and there began humble service to King Gabriel.

Asmodeus distinguished himself in repelling the Noob hordes and fighting Lord Razilin in the Nerf Rebellions, and in time was promoted with Rory to a Prince of the Realm. But as the King's madness grew, Asmodeus began work on his own empire. He established the Asmodeus Roleplaying Corporation (ARC) and experimented on captured Noobs, eventually developing Prolific X, otherwise known as the Ego-Zombie virus. With this virus, he was poised to enslave thousands of Iwakuan citizens to his will and monopolise the industrial and entertainment heartland of Iwaku.

But it never happened.

Overnight the King transformed himself. Paorou was arrested and Chopsticks and Jack Shade sprang their betrayals. Asmodeus was set upon in his own tower by his circle of bodyguards. The torture was long and systematic, his wings sawn from the bone, his flesh burnt, his ribs cracked. They were about to cut open his chest when someone intervened. His secretary and part-time lover, Artemis, threw herself between the soldiers, and as she was torn apart Asmodeus staggered down the spiral stairways. Plunging deep into his research labs, he dragged his bleeding body into the experimental hovercar, Fidelis, and fled from the Corporation.

He has been on the run ever since. With his zombie research and plans for world domination exposed to the media, the public now regard him as the most dangerous terrorist alive. And his wings weren't the only part of him he left behind. Asmodeus is gone... far gone... and has lost the ability to distinguish between his own identity and that of the one who engineered his suffering....

Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Character Name: Myrnodyn
Gender: Myrnodyn

Prince of Dreamkin/new arrival

ageless, appears as a man in his mid twenties OR as a puppy.

General Appearance:
In his 'natural' form, Myrnodyn appears as a bipedal cross between a Labrador and a Dalmatian puppy. He has Floppy ears, several large black spots on his otherwise white fur, and a sleek tail. His 'front paws' have opposable thumbs and his eyes never give quite give away what he's thinking.

As a man, he looks to be in his twenties. He has long dark-blond hair and a full beard and mustache, which circle a set of full lips. His eyes show obvious intelligence behind the square glasses he wears in this form. He generally wears jogging pants and a loose T-shirt, which tends to hide he's slightly overweight.

Teleportation: Myrnodyn can teleport to everyplace he has visited or can see. Postcards or photographs of locations can be used to get around the inconvenience, but if anything has changed between the time the photo was taken and the teleportation, there's a small chance that things go awry.

Regeneration: Being a creature of pure dreams and ideas, Myrnodyn has a MASSIVE regeneration potential. Ruptured organs close up, severed limbs replace themselves, and severe burns disappear in a matter of a minute or two. Lethal damage to the brain will still banish Myrnodyn from this plane of existence, though destroying his heart will only set him back a while.

Shapechanging: due to his nature, Myrnodyn can switch from Puppy to Man and vice versa. The change is gradual over several seconds and includes appropriate clothing.

General Personality:
Myrnodyn is a playful type with an inquisitive nature. He's always willing to explore the why and how of things and does so while poking fun at everything along his way. He can be serious if he wants to be, but first and foremost he considers his foray into Iwaku as one big adventure.

General History: Myrnodyn is a creature born from ideas and dreams in the realm of dreams. Being one of the first of his kind, he assumed the title of Prince of Dreamkin and for many years gave shape to the realm, inspiring many people and other creatures who visited the realm in their dreams and trances. At one point though, a single human being wandered into the dreamrealm wide awake, and met up with Myrnodyn. A discussion soon followed after the initial shock of both sides, and they quickly began to exchange ideas. As their ideas mingled, their bodies began to slowly meld together as well as the dreamrealm had more and more trouble telling them apart. A new creature was born, both man and dreamkin, with the prince as the dominant personality.
Having this body capable of traveling dimensions and a naturally curious mind, Myrnodyn then decided to visit other realms and gather as much new ideas and knowledge as he could. He traveled many realms, until eventually he arrived at Iwaku, where his REAL story would begin.
Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Character Name: Vay
Gender: Male
Job/Role: New arrival
Age: Indeterminate, presumably early 20s
General Appearance:



Technically Minded (Confluence): Vay has retained his race's aptitude for adapting technology (regardless it the power source is magical or mundane) for use with minimal effort and is able to use most devices as if he had basic instruction.

Eagle Eye (Confluence): Also retained is his avian vision allowing his exceptional vision and detail even at extreme ranges or in low light.

Weapon bond (Soul arts): The sword gifted to him by the mysterious woman is no ordinary blade. While he may not unlock it's abilities without inviting back the horrors that originally brought him to iwaku it has revealed to him enough for him to wield it with precision as as if a mundane blade, yet one he had spent his entire life training with.

Hidden power (Special): Vay was brought back separately for a reason. The sage imparted on him a measure of her own knowledge and skill than now lies dormant in Vay's very soul. The sword he was given is none other than Isodath, the time blade and the longer he has it the more of Rory's skills with it he will acquire. He is completely unaware of this.

General Personality:

Without memory and without home Vay is a man following his instincts. Gone however are many of the primal ways he once reveled in and have been replaced by a calmer demeanor. He genuinely wants to do whats right, and yet is unsure what that is. He remembers his death and the man who killed him, but nothing beyond only the words of the sage.
General History:

"Am I dead?" The voice was unfamiliar even as it came from his own throat.

"Why does everyone assume I spend all day talking to corpses?"

There was a sharp pain as something rapped against his forehead, it felt like knuckles.

"Anyone in there or did I mispronounce the last incantation." sarcasm oozed out of every syllable.

Vay opened his eyes and sat up his hands going to his face as he groaned. "Where am I?"

"At the beginning, a good place to be when you're starting something which you are if you choose to know it or not."

Vay however was looking at his hands, so unfamiliar and though he could not remember what was usually attacked to the ends of his arms if not hands....

"You're not listening.. fine, get dressed and be on your way you have a job to do."

"I'm sorry.. who are you? Where am I?"

But the room was gone and replaced by the deck of an airship and Vay, now dressed and standing with a sword at his hip as the ship came in to land was left with a head full of questions and no idea who he used to be.
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Character Name: Harpy

Gender: Female

Job/Role: New Arrival, Explorer

Age: 18

Flight: Can soar in the air, very similar to that of a bird, and even flap her wings to gain flight. Can not fly for too long though without wind to keep her in the air.

Sonic Boom: Can screech at such a level that it will have the destructive force of a sonic boom. Very uncontrollable so will not be done in close spaces.

Siren's Song: Sings sweetly to an enemy and lulls them into a deep sleep before doing with them as she pleases.

General Personality: Bubbly and bright, she is eager to make many friends. Though she is technically considered to be deadly she certainly does not act like that. She seems to ramble on at points when she really likes a person and thinks of them as a good friends. She has her serious moments but really she's usually just fluttering around to have some fun!

General History: Harpy is not of Iwaku, though she seems to be accepted by Iwaku natives for one reason or another. In fact she is of the mortal realm, where people spend their days in offices and schools instead of going on adventures. She can not honestly tell you how it happens, but it seems that Iwaku is nothing more than apart of her dreams, or at least as far as she knows. While she is sleeping in the mortal she is awake in Iwaku, she is also very aware of everything and can recollect
memories from the other world, depending on which she is in.

She's not completely sure but she assumes it has something to do with Iwaku being connected to her in one way or another. Though her situation is nearly unheard of she does not let that stop her from exploring, what is there to fear when she'll just wake up in bed after all? She only knows only one thing for certain and that is that she is not acceptation to death, if she is killed in Iwaku, she is completely and utterly dead.
Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Character Name: Karsikat

Gender: Male

Job/Role: The Emperor of Cat-Kind, Lord and Guardian of all Cats.

Age: ??

General Appearance:




Lazor Kitty: http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc70/bhutastan/Cats/LazorKitteh2.jpg

The Emperor of Catkind has the ability to fire powerful laser blasts from his eyes, mouth, and the tip of his tail. He can combine the four but it takes considerable time to charge.

Lord of Cats: As the emperor of Catkind, Karsikat gains a powerful transformation, used typically in times of war or during matters of State. It's similarities to the Emperor of Mankind's own armor and powers are as yet, unexplained.

General Personality:

As a cat he scorns humans as inferior beings, useful to him only as servants and occasionally concubines. His primary concern is for his subjects well being, and can be utterly ruthless in dealing with anyone who would threaten them.

General History:

Karsikat has been the Lord of Cat-Kind since his predecessor fell in battle, and will remain until the day, he too falls. Each Emperor of Cat-Kind rules for thirteen lives of a cat. Each has the power to guide and protect his people from all enemies. The deeds of this Emperor are as yet unwritten, having only just received the mantle.
Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Character Name:


Woodland Pixie Shapeshifter

Eighteen Years Young

General Appearance:
In her human form, Knives doesn't look too out of the ordinary. Except for her always messy, uncontrollable mass of curls, everything about her seems in the right place and order. A natural brunette, sometimes strands of hair seem to have an auburn tint to them in the light, bringing some to believe she is partially a redhead. Though, one of her top desires is to be born a ginger kid, she is not even close to being one. Swirls and swirls going in each direction, it is not uncommon for her hair to pick up objects along the way. Most of the time, though, a hairband is occupied within the tangles, as well as a hair pick, a plastic candy looking stick, a flower, and a little hairband across one side of her bangs. No matter how many times she may try to comb down this beast, it shall not be tamed. As nature intended it to be, usually Knives will give up and just live with it. Her eyes are large, and hold a sort of cat-like turn to them. Hazel, they appear more green than anything else, but can shimmer with hues of brown, maroon, gray and darker blues. Very pale, she stands at about 5' 8'' and is more lightweight than anything, since it would match her facial expressions to be a little thing. Her outfits consist of lolita themed items, with plenty of lace and gentle fabric. Knives simply adores this type of clothing, so very much out of the bottom of her heart, even though pieces often become dirty from her playing around in the forest. Currently, this would be her outfit:
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In her true form, as a pixie, Knives looks a bit different. Her hair is still uncontrollable, nothing can ever change that or help it, and her eyes are still haze, though more of a metallic shade. However, in this form, she is about the size of an adult thumb, from the tip of the nail, down to the meeting of the palm. Being very tiny, it's easy for the girl to slip away into cracks, or underneath leaves, hiding from those who may scare her off or intimidate her. And, just as easily, she can sneak into someone's pockets, grab a coin or two, and attempt at escaping without being crushes by said item. Her body barely weighs more than a feather, and if it wasn't for her wings, she would often be taken advantage of by the casual wind. Her wings are unique, if one couldn't tell upon viewing them. Instead of the ordinary, flimsy cutesy type, upon her shoulderblades lie a pair of tiny, black bat-like limbs used for flight. They are built for speed and are very useful when she needs to rush away for any reason. Oddly enough, she came with a small, black pointed tail to match the wings. Not sure why, Knives never questioned it, and just assumed this was normal for most of her race.

Flight~ When in her pixie form, and only her pixie form, Knives has the capability to use her wings and fly along in the space around her. With different angles, positions, flaps per minute, her speed and direction can change, as well as how sturdy her flying is, and against how must gust she can stay on track.

Shapeshift~ Knives is born with the ability to shapeshift from her natural pixie form, to a human-like body. While in her pixie form, she may fly, and still use her nature-esque powers, she is very tiny, which may give her a disadvantage in some situations. In her human form, she cannot fly, can use her other powers, and is of a normal height and proportion scale.

Woodland Control~ Knives is limited this set of abilities with that of nature around her. She only knows how to manipulate and communicate with plantlife. This would include tree limbs, roots, leaves, flowers, and that of the like. She can speak to animals that would live in a forest area, and only those animals alone.

Natural Healing~ This is also limited as an ability. But, being one with the nature around her, in her natural environment and all, Knives has developed through the art of healing. Somehow, herbal remedies now pump through her veins, perhaps through all the contact with the plants through the years. If she puts her hands upon a wound, it will glow a gentle green, and form back together until it is gone completely. Now, a minor scratch is more realistic for her to heal over nicely than a limb that was cut off entirely. Also, it takes about three minutes for, say, a scratch from a PMS-ing kitty to completely smooth out and vanish. So, this is a helpful power..to an extent.

General Personality:
A sweet, gentle little individual, Knives enjoys being polite and friendly. If there was a type of monster that could cuddle to death and care until someone chokes on such a high amount of kindness, well, that creature would be this one I am typing about right this very second. Although, she doesn't stumble upon many opportunities to communicate and socialize with mortals, or creatures other than plants and some animals, she isn't too painfully awkward to be around. However, some moments she may become quiet, and just use facial expressions, as they bring her more into a comfort zone within herself. A bad part of Knives is she can be extremely naive and gullible. This has led her into a couple of traps when she is to trust someone she has just come into contact with. Luckily, she can get her way out of a complicated scene in no time with the focus and concentration that is high with self control. Around people she may feel shy and timid, which makes it easy for her cheeks to flush up in a bright pink hue. Knives enjoys the little things, like a nice joke or story, and is one to smile and laugh until the dimples against her cheeks make it seems like her face is being punctured, and might fall off in a short while.
And with this normal side of Knives comes one that is unexpected. Hidden behind the majority of being an innocent gem, there is a trickster laying deep within the soul of this pixie. Certain times, it goes unnoticed the way her eyes gleam and shine with mischeivious thoughts. A snicker or two can crack her lips into a grin, and sarcasm may arise to leave that same mouth. Mannerisms become playful and like that of a Joker, which may take some by surprise who have fallen to her Lolita-styled exterior. It is the perfect double personality, leaving her to never need a weapon, for she is enough on her own.

General History:
The Past is a collection of blurs and shadows for Knives. If someone was to come up and ask her, 'Hey kid, where were you when you turned three?', she would have to look down, sigh, pout a bit for effect, look up, quiver and respond, 'I..don't...know'.
It was an extremely rainy night, the air was chilled to the point of it not feeling like springtime anymore, even though this was normal sometimes for the Kingdom of the East. Heavy, fat droplets of water crashed against bent over blades of grass, mud splashing out from newly formed puddles of mess, just all over the place. A maid in a forest would not be a very happy guest, especially not right then. Knives opened her eyes at the age of twelve inside of a large tree, hidden along one of the main forests located within the boundaries of the Kingdom. Where was she? She wasn't quite sure. Why was she there? Er, not positive on that.. Who was she? This was embaressing.
From being an infant, to waking up inside the oddly comfortable, spacious home of bark, Knives has no recollection of having a family, how she spent her time, nor even her purpose in life. She was alone, she was scared, she was utterly confused, and just then, freezing. Luckily, natural instincts brought her to find food through some acorns, warmth with petals, and shelter underneath the tree. Being a small pixie was helpful in that sense, where one could make anything around them potentially a home, bedding, or some kind of defense mechanism. With that, Knives was able to live through the years within the forest she woke up in. Too timid to leave and explore on her own, she would enjoy herself, prancing along with the flowers, bringing the tree limbs up to wrestle with her on the ground, and tricking human wanderers that came in for a picnic or some relaxation. However, recently, she has taken up to exploring other forests of the lands around her, comparing each season to the others. All was well in her head, she still is quite content with her place amongst the shrubbery and foliage.
Curiously enough, the only way Knives found out her own name after waking up so flustered and baffled by existing, was the choker collar that hung around her fair neck. With a small cat-like bell hanging from the front, which does jingle merrily, though not obnoxiously loud, every time she moves, she spotted her name etched in on a little leather circle hanging like a tag underneath the shiny orb. Trusting this must be true about her, her real title, it helped to comfort her after she felt so lost. At least there must be some kind of meaning for her to be there, if she had a name. A name brought her so many reasons to carry on through life with a smile. She had something to go by, something to bring up in conversation with the animals and plantlife around her, and so on. It was truly a wonderful, beautiful revelation.
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Character Name: Ozymandius
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Ossochantric priest
Age: 21
General Appearance: She has a young, androgynous appearance. Her hair is dark, often taken for black, and perpetually messy; her eyes are blue-green. Her style of dress tends toward eclectic, sexless robes with high collars and gloves.

Powers/Skills: Ozymandius has the ability to reanimate or reshape the bones of living or dead creatures. She houses the soul of the Ossochanter, an ancient two-gendered necromantic priest. At times, the Ossochanter presents itself through her, changing her personality and appearance to resemble either the male or female form. She has no memory of her actions when this occurs.

General Personality: Slightly ornery, yet charming, and easily wins friends. She is assertive and fearless, and has no problem jumping right into the middle of the fray.

As the Ossochanter, Ozymandius becomes mischievous and calculating, and somewhat cruel. It often presents itself after a death, or during bloodshed.

General History: Ozymandius comes from the city where the Ossochanter once lived and where it is now worshipped as a divine being. She was born 100 years to the day after the Ossochanter's physical death, and is in essence the being's reincarnation. Her abilities began to manifest from a young age, and once the Ossochantric priests became aware of her, she was brought to the temple to be impressed into the order. Her true nature was suspected, but never proven, and after taking her vows, she left the temple on a pilgrimage to spread the worship of the Ossochanter to those outside of the flock. She has a familiar, in the form of a microraptor whose fossilized remains she reanimated.

Appearance as the Ossochanter (both aspects): In male and female form, the Ossochanter is pallid, with black hair and green eyes.

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Character Name:


Advisor and General to Prince Jack Shade of The Kingdom of the East. Lives in exile.


General Appearance:


Battle Hammer - Torsty has a battle hammer passed on by viking elders to him as his melee weapon, it is said to be blessed by the gods. This weapon is more symbolic than practical, it has not been used for some time.

Kenjutsu - Torsty masters a form of Japanese swordsmanship. He uses this in melee combat.

Guns - Torsty uses different types of guns that the Eastern Army may provide.[spoili]I'll not use any time to describe this any further, gunz r boring to write about-lolwhut.[/spoili]

General Personality:
Torsty loves to talk. This should not be confused with being annoying or desperate. He loves to discuss and debate ethics, politics and how to build the future.
He shows xenophobic tendencies to wards shapeshifters. He believes Iwaku is served best with two rulers. One in the shadows and the other in the limelight, charesmatic and caring.

General History:
Torsty was born and raised in the Northern Wastelands of Insanity, more accurately as a child he spent most his time roaming the slums of Asylum. Stealing, fighting and misbehaving became his everyday life as a way to stay alive and healthy. This all changed when a viking spotted him raiding a grocery store with a pack of fellow street kids. The viking put an end to their assault, chasing away the other kids, but holding a firm grip onto young Torsty. The viking was convinced he was one of them. Viking is the common term used for humans descending from ancient germanic tribes that settled in Iwaku long ago. Considered a minority, they are recognized for worshipping pagan gods. Often covering their bodies with tattoos of runes and mythical creatures from their mythologies. Vikings are known for being skilled at warfare, farming and fishing. The elder who found Torsty told him his urges to fight and steal for ones own welfare comes naturally from their tradition and would explain why he excelled at it.

Torsty was brought "home" by this man, finding comfort in the germanic community in Asylum City. Belonging to a community gave him time to use his life for more than survival, reading books on knowledge past on through time became a hobby. This is where he found his interest for politics and philosophy.

Torsty also found faith in the Bread Cult, a cult with a strong position in the viking community. He believed the Mad King would be the one to lead Iwaku to glorious times. Therefore it was only natural that he would side with Paorou during the conflicts that were to come.

Through his interest for changing the community of Iwaku as a whole into a higher level of order he was noticed by King Gabriel and appointed a role under his guidance. During his early days working in the administration of Iwaku he spent most of his time in foreign dimensions. Fighting, raiding and kidnapping in order for Iwaku to prevail as a powerful realm.

As Torsty got older his position was changed to that of an advisor to the leaders of Iwaku. A fitting role for his interest in politics. Torsty still works as a general in times of war.

Since Azazel's time of rule, he has had to flee the Northern Wastelands. He sees Megane but nothing else than Azazel's tool in the region and is sceptical to Chaos' forces. He believes himself to be the rightful heir to the region until the Mad King is brought free.

Now he lives in the Kingdom of the East, working under commands from Jack Shade. Torsty searched for refuge here, in spite of Jack's past with Asmodeus. This because he supports Jacks stand on keeping the regions from ruining each other in a civil war. He also supports Palonis' way of rule, but sees his involvment with Azazel as too direct. As for Lord Chopsticks, he wishes him gone.

Azazel punished Torsty for his aligment with Paorou by taking one of his eyes. He considers this punishment to be mild, and wonders why he was allowed to live on. Torsty only agrees with Azazel on the point of getting rid of Asmodeus.
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Character Name: Prince Jack Shade
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Prince of the Eastern Kingdom, one of the most vibrant and productive Kingdoms of Iwaku
Age: Questionable
General Appearance: Jack Shade is a tall man with a striking jaw and stark white hair. While not as impressive as his second, Torsty, in terms of physique...the prince has been known to surprise those that would underestimate his strength. He tends to dress lavishly, an admirer of bright colors and the trappings of royalty. A long scar dominates his left eyes, carving out where it once was, a casualty during his betrayal of Asmodeus. When in an official capacity, Jack exudes a sort of raw prescence that can be felt as a sort of tremor in the air. Without the legacy of subservience or obsession with Asmodeus, Jack has come to a new plane of self realization and confidence.

Legendary Blacksmith: Even before he came to Iwaku, Jack was a master crafter, churning mythical weapons from his forge to any who proved themselves worthy to take them. Even now, the weapons he creates and provides to trusted generals and lieutenants are things of awe inspiring power.

Combat Expertise: Trained by the shifter Drake, a warlord of impressive hand to hand prowess. Jack excels in both martial weaponry and physical hand to hand combat. Years without Asmodeus has honed him, and he has not let the time take away from his effective power. Jack wields the weapons he has crafted in frightening capacity.

Battle Mage: Jack Shade can cast his spells in battle without worry or losing concentration.

Necromancer: In order to prolong his life, Jack Shade has placed his soul into a phylactory. Learning Necromancy from the collected arts of Great Libraries and captures usurpers, Jack is an accomplished mage. His phylactory, a prime weakness, is yet unknown.

General Personality: Jack is a straight forward and haughty man, upbeat and positive even in the face of tragedy. He tries to put the times of war and strie behind him, pitying Asmodeus for his failed ambitions and wary of Azazel and his powers. He views the other kingdoms in varying realms of respect, but has made no secret of his desire that all should be united as one, rather than divided into four. When on the throne, his attitude can sometimes seem cold or distant, making judgements that must be made without batting an eye. To those who know him best, however, he mourns the deaths of his subjects, the loss of his friends from before, and can be deeply insecure with his position and power.

General History: Jack Shade came to Iwaku alone, quickly taken under the wing of Asmodeus in a conscription program for the beginning of A.R.C. At the time, Asmodeus's most trusted adviser was Chopsticks...a man that regarded Jack with suspicion. To this day, Chopsticks hides Jack's true parentage from either his or Asmodeus's knowledge.

Jack rose to prominence in Asmodeus's command, but when his ambitions failed, joined Gabriel's vanguard and eventually took a royal position from Azazel. It is Jack's goal to maintain peace in Iwaku, even if he must go to extremes to ensure it. Torsty, punished, was sent to Jack and since then the Prince has made Torsty his second, valuing his opinions and advice. They both share the vision of a peaceful Iwaku but are leery to Azazel's methods. Both agree Asmodeus should be removed from the public as his volatile nature starts revolutions, but neither have the means to hunt him at present time.
Re: Iwaku: Azazel

Character Name:
She goes by the name of Umbra. Few recognize her as Fluffy.


Rebel against Azazel

Late 20s

General Appearance:
Umbra stands at 5' 7" with an athletic build hidden beneath a pale gray jacket that helps keep her warm. Her skin is an ill tone of white and her eyes are a dull shade of gray. The length of her hair dark stops above her shoulders. It's very choppy looking because she cut it herself after deciding that her long hair was a disadvantage in combat. Umbra claims that her disease has changed her hair and eyes. There are streaks of red in her hair, which is all that's left of what colour she once had for hair. Soon enough, those highlights will disappear. The most noticeable thing is the odd looking gas mask she wears. Umbra carries a highly contagious illness she does not wish to spread, and there are contraptions built into the mask that enhance her performance. Fumes of medicine will pump behind the mask at times, too. This is what keeps her in good condition to fight her battles. In addition to that, she uses the mask as a way of hiding her identity. She does not want old friends realizing who she is, because of what she's become.

She fights with a Morning Star. With this deadly weapon, Umbra can puncture armour and inflict brutal wounds. She makes use of both the spiked ball and the pole when in combat, making her that much more dangerous.

Also, at times, she can be seen using ice based attacks. She can send shards of ice from her hands, and make her melee attacks ice elemented as well. That is the limit of her abilities, sadly. As the disease eats at her, her magic becomes weaker.

Though, as the ice spells become weaker, her shadow magic becomes stronger. During times of need or weakness, these abilities take place. Umbra can conjure phantom-like limbs to strike her opponents, which look a lot like tentacles. They are as murderous as they are terrifying. Also, she can completely transform herself into a shadow beast of some sort that gains great strength and agility. The downside is that once the fight is over, Umbra will be left unconscious until she regains her energy.

General Personality:
Umbra is a complicating person. There's a delightful, childish side to her but at the same time, she's quite dark and malicious. What happiness you see from her is all that's left of her humanity. When she's engaging someone she despises or a battle, she completely turns cold. There's a melancholy aura to her, too. Just the sight of her is depressing. No one can really tell how she's feeling because there's no way of knowing if she's smiling, and her eyes are emotionless. Truthfully, she does have a sense of humour. She adores and appreciates jokes of all kinds, and if you make friends with her, she'll be your friend 'till the end.

General History:
A series of unfortunate events is what shaped Fluffy into "Umbra". Betrayal, abandonment and an incurable illness, to be exact. She resides in the Northern Wastelands as a rebel hoping to throw Azazel into a coffin, and then that coffin off a cliff into a sea of predators.

The disease she has could be considered a curse. One evening when she was left alone, wounded against a boulder while snowflakes began to bury her, the winter embraced her so tightly that she was freezing to death. As seconds ticked away, she became sicker. Just before she closed her eyes, ready to give into the chill and her loss of blood, a mysterious figure unburied her. That night is a fuzzy memory to her now, but she can remember a scary looking phantom of sorts whispering to her in something foreign. He seemed ready to kill her, though. So she asked him, "Please. Put me out of my misery." Fluffy was heartbroken, fatally injured and ill all at once. She wanted to end right there and then.

This stranger did not fulfill her wish, though. Instead, he set a curse on her that would kill her slowly and painfully. The day she dies, her body will transform into a hideous, shadowy creature that will unleash chaos on all who oppose it. Each passing day, she grows weaker. She's had to depend on technology and medicine developed by the best engineers she knows, in order to extend her life. She considers this health issue a challenge she must face, plus there are people in need. Umbra is not finished yet. She wants to see to it that Azazel is brought down, for she does not agree with his ways.

Additionally, she has old friends she intends to say farewell to. She also has favours to ask them, which is to kill her after she is "brought back to life".[/dash]
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Character Name: Woodrat Automated System I #040818 ("Was" for short)

Gender: Male Programming

Job/Role: Former Guide and "Greeter" to Iwaku

Age: n/a Unknown

General Appearance: Can take several forms. Primarily appears in the archaic guise of a combat mage from the old Iwaku Kingdom (see image).


Solid to Intangible: Technically Was is a sort of magical hologram. Thus he can at will phase parts of himself from being completely solid and tangible to semi-intangible.

Mage: Despite having a fragmented memory Was does recall a few magical spells. Mostly what he can remember are strong defensive spells (shields and barriers), flares (multiple colors), a few offensive spells, and basic healing spells. Needs to be used in moderation, as it draws energy for the magic from himself.

Medical Knowledge: Self explanatory

General Personality: "Was" was designed to be unerringly polite, friendly, and helpful. The first generation programs were however not designed with a complex personality, expected to develop one as they interacted with new arrivals. Since the fall of Iwaku, Was has expanded upon the base programming. At the core he is still friendly and helpful.

Was is inquisitive and enjoys trying out new personality traits and mimicking others. He has experimented in sarcasm, wit, optimism, and pessimism over the years. However he often falls back upon the core programming. Was has also integrated complex notions of ethical and moral standards into himself.

Was is troubled with his lack of any real coherent memory of his past, and will purposely avoid questions directed at such. His search for new experiences and inquisitiveness is basically compensation for a lack of a past. When presented with an opportunity he eagerly gathers information on the history of Iwaku.

General History: The WAS programs were designed to be naturally friendly and greet new arrivals to Iwaku. They were developed by Woodrat in order to help adapt new arrivals to the Iwaku Kingdom in the Golden Age of Iwaku. They were part tour guide, part history/lore teacher, part information desk, part police, and part technical support. In order to prevent vandalism and destruction of the WAS programs, they were designed to be almost impervious to physical attacks and extremely resilient to magical attacks.

Was is a first generation WAS program. When Azazel came into power those WAS programs that remained operational were ordered destroyed. Only a handful programs survived, Was being one of them. However it left him with a fragmented and incomplete memory. Naming himself "Was," he created a new appearance, and sought to explore the realm.
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