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  1. One year ago today (02/11/11) I was living in upstate New york. I was trying to get into contact with an old friend i had not heard from in over a year. I had no phone number or e-mail address, all i had was his name and some names he had used on other roleplay sites. After a while I finally found him. Iwaku was the only place he was still active.

    I realize I have not been the most active on Iwaku, but I still love this site. it has been there for me through some really hard times. Iwaku has taught me a lot about myself, like that I am not very good at writing. That may not seem a good thing to take away from Iwaku, but you must realize that I used to think that i was an amazing writer. Iwaku has humbled me, and I am working to improve.

    So how long has everyone else been here? How did you discover Iwaku? How has Iwaku changed your life?
  2. I found Iwaku on Google when I was like, 15 years old. *snickers* Nothing too special. This June, I'll have been with Iwaku for 5 years.

    I've found good friends and lost good friends in Iwaku. There have been laughs, there have been tears. But mostly laughs. :3 It's been such a great experience and will continue to be! My writing has improved, my creativity's never been starved, and I've gotten to know some great writers. Yaaayy.
  3. I'm the dramatic case, I suppose.

    People on here saved me. I was horridly depressed.


    That was when I was fourteen, turning fifteen.

    Prolly six years ago, I joined shortly after Christmas, prolly only a couple weeks at most.

    Gabe, an old admin on the.... second Iwaku, I think, found me on Gaia, tracked me and a couple others from an RP I was in.

    The others weren't interested, I took the bait.

    It's helped my writing improve, it's given me solace, and a bunch of my friends are on here. ^.^

    I tried to go back and get those folks from that RP to join, but the horrid luck was, the site malfunctioned after one of them joined. And then I lost my password for Gaia.

    ^.^ Either way, I love the site ^.^
  4. Gabe asked me to be a sibling site and if we could do cross-site events. XD it was the first time I ever had a GOOD experience with interacting with another Admin. >> Normally I stay in my hole and never visit other sites. Iwaku and the people in it mirror my own community exactly so I was comfortable and at home in it. XD

    Of course... I was intending to steal all of Iwaku's members for myself. D: But Iwaku stole ME instead. Stupid Iwaku!
  5. I can't remember when exactly I came here. I think it was close to 4 years ago. I also remember when another Chaos came along and there was this mass confusion for like 30 minutes.

    That other Chaos is the one you know know as Fluffy.
  6. Loveless brought me here from RPGC. She kept mentioning it until I finally joined. I have been here a little over a year.
  7. c___c Yes, yes I remember... I was such a terrified newbie for like, a week after that.
  8. I was on the Otaku Boards one day checking PM's and found one from Gabe. Trying to be the rebellious teenager I was I wanted to find a site where I could RP that was seperate from my friend's. So I came here and I became Pirogeth, the not so fancy writer who used to ignore OOC's entirely after the RP IC was in full swing. We used to do OOC stuff in the IC on the Otaku Boards but after ICSYL made its grand debut I learned to appreciate the secondary thread as a means of conversing the story.

    This was all about five years ago now. I'm happy to still be a part of this growing and fluctuating community of real people. (Seriously the people here are more real than anywhere else.)
  9. I have been around here like forever now...Going on five+ years now. Admin for 4 years this summer, then. As for I got here, Gabe found me elsewhere don't remember the other forum because I was only there for a few days and then came here. People were nice, so I stuck around. Somehow became a admin barely a year into my stay and now have been in charge ever since.
  10. I was recruited by Gabe a week before the board imploded, Gabe left, and Simica left. I was confused, n00bish, still writing in disjointed first person...ish. I managed to convince people to give me the password to the mature board despite the fact I was only 17. (kinda almost 18). I've been here since then and I'm 21 now...been a helluva run. I pop in and out, move around the internet typing all over the place but no matter what I always end up here.

    Always here.

    I dunno if I can imagine leaving.
  11. Like many others, whether they admit it or not, I followed Diana.
  12. I was looking for porn and clicked the wrong link.

    I should've joined I Whack You, a community for erotic child-abusers.

    I could've been the best thing that ever happened to them.... T___T
  13. Instead, you're the worst thing that's ever happened to us, and we love you for it.
  14. Hm, I've been here for a short while, methinks. I joined in the summer, last year. My old RP site was nigh on dead, and I felt like looking for another place. I think I found Iwaku among a list of other RP sites, after I checked a few others out.

    Totally glad I came here, I honestly don't see myself leaving for a LOOOONG time.
  15. I showed up in typical fashion, I stumbled drunk into the site.
  16. A friend invited me who didn't stay for very long. Gosh that was ages ago back when Gabe and Homac were still around. I left for a little while and then came back again into like Iwaku 3? 4? Something like that.
  17. Let's see...

    A friend in my freshman year keyboarding class convinced me to start RPing on dragon-tear. I was 14 at the time and I loved RPing there. Gabe joined there a big into my stay there, and within two months and two completed RPs, he suddenly left, saying he moved on to a site called Iwaku. Apparently, he had PMed everyone in the RP section of dragon-tear that.

    Curious as I am, of course I looked at the link he presented me with. I was still 14 when I was drawn into the venus fly trap-like prison that is Iwaku. I'm 21 now. Once you get in, you can't get out.

    BTW, does anyone know how I can contact Kris? She came with me from DT, maybe a little earlier than me. I want to talk to her. I miss her lots. :(

    She taught me how to RP.