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Look at this way, if you think I'm that great a storyteller then you should also believe that I can adapt to whatever you throw at me. That is the one talent that I think does define me - the ability to come up with creative responses and plot-points.

So like Sakura says, just post. It's always better that way. As long as you are believing in the story and not posting an unhelpful egotrip, then I won't attack you. The only posts I criticize are ones derived from a player's fear or arrogance, i.e. posts that are totally non-commital or posts that are purely attention-seeking or lolwhut for the sake of lolwhut.


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I met Asmo the first day I joined Iwaku, and I was quite intimidated. I couldn't tell if he was grumpy or not...I'd always look at the gigantic Asmo-posts, and almost every other sentence that people said would have to do with Asmo.

Now I've come to realize that Asmo is stressed sometimes, but not really mean. His posts ARE huge, and while I hope I can eventually make better posts, I'm not going to post JUST for that. I'll do that naturally. ^_^ So my fear pretty much turned into admiration, and the same goes for quite a lot of people on Iwaku. ^_^


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That was a very unique way to give a great do/don't for roleplay posting! I loved it! >:D It's always so hard to explain that it's not about length and skill, it's about how you progress the story. I'll be passing that article to people... >>