Iwaku 2012 PETS Calendar - Need Your pets!

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  1. To make totally awesome Iwaku items for members to purchase and love forever, we're starting with an Iwaku PETS Calendar for 2012!

    If you want to see YOUR pet on this Calendar, we need a HIGH RESOLUTION picture. (Like 1600px in width or BIGGER!)

    We also need the NAME of your pet! :D

    We need at least 12 pictures, but if we get more, we'll add them ALL!

    So post your HIGH RES pet pictures in this thread and by New Years a calendar will be available!
  2. Does your pet have to still be alive? (mine died a few years back but I have pics still!)
  3. No, it dun have to be still alive. T____T you could add the RIP date too, if you wanted!
  4. Best keep that fact out of the callender
  5. Here's a Tarma!

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  6. What's the ideal res that you'd like?
  7. IDEAL would be 3500px in width!
  8. BAILEY!!!! <3<3<3<3 > w<

    Let me know if this doesn't work or qualify. o.o I resized it, but.. I'm not all that saavy with making things high res, so.. Let me know. ^^

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  9. There are going to be six pictures of black cats aren't there? :P Maybe I'll rustle up a picture of my white one. <3
  10. this is an old picture of my dog, Ginger. this was when she was cute. XD lulls. just jokes. love you Ginger<3 (i dunno if its big enough, sorry.)

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  12. moorechick

    sebastian passed away in april of 2009, but he was my best friend in the world, so i figured why not?
    both of those images can be downloaded.
  13. Many kitties in here, plus our kitties aren't keen on flash cameras... Soooo, here's a puppy for you :3 Name's Molly. She chews through just about everything but she gets away with it cos she's fluffy with a tail. http://iluveijikikumaru.deviantart.com/#/d4juwgm original size should be somewhere down the side in a download link thing.
  14. Have to say these pictures are gorgeous. O.O

    I'll get pictures of my pet turtles up soon. They're a bit skittish.
  15. Lesuck. All of my pictures of my pets are tall, rather than wide >:/
  16. Tall pictures are fine too. :D

    Also, I'll be taking pictures until the 29th! So I have a couple days to make the calendar!
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