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    That right there is the second last post in the archives. Clearly something's happened. Server issues that deleted most of the content on the site.

    Now this begs the question. Exactly what was on Iwaku before this event?
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  2. ... You must be some lurker to have found that. o_o
  3. All I did, was go to the Archives, then click the last page. Isn't much there.
  4. Atlantis maps, proof that aliens exist, the source of Grumpy's grumpiness, the Tessaract, when Rory was alive and the dark secrets of Diana and her owlness.
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  5. He was guarding a cube. :P
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  6. Ladies and gentlepeople! Another revelation concerning the olden days of '09 has been revealed!

    If you take a look at this thread, you will see what looks like any other roleplaying guide for the time. Sure, the system has been changed a lot since then, but if you hover your mouse over one of the hyperlinks, then read the address it actually leads to, you will find it actually goes through Diana's blog, space-kitten.org! As a matter of fact, the antique "Join any time" button is stored there too!

    But what does this mean? Does it reflect the fact that during the server issues, files had to be stored elsewhere, and links going by there to avoid the issues? Or is it a symbol of Iwaku's bad storage capabilities at the time, leaving Diana and other members of the site to put things wherever they had access to?

    Forget the library of Alexandria, I'm getting to the bottom of this.
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  7. Oh children. Let me teach you something about history.

    Now, assuming I have my timelines correct, I believe @Diana became an administrator either during or shortly after this period of information wiping. This is clearly evidence of one thing.

    ... The victor writing the history books.

    The less you question this, the better your lives will be, children.
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  8. So what you're telling me, is that Diana used the delete as a cover for her true intentions. To delete all the content on Iwaku. *gasp* Diana did 8/09.

    Also, her user number is 8. That's basically nothing. She was one of the first members on this site. ...Or at least one of the first to get her user back. I believe there's more to this.

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  9. @Staff - Security we have another one who has found out the truth for you to send to the Gulag.

    Now, now, Children. Glorious and Benevolent Empress Diana has graciously opened Iwaku and allowed it to continue as it has, all while gracing us with her benevolence and care. We must not spread lies about our glorious and benevolent ruler, lies are treason.
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  10. [​IMG]

    It's just a regular doritos chip. Don't think too hard on it.
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  11. You'll never get me alive!

    Diana rhymes with Montana. Montana. Montana has 7 letters. 7 is 6 more than 1. 7 + 6 = 13. The age over which you are considered an adult on Iwaku is 18. 18 - 13 = 5. There are 5 letters in the word 'Diana'. Does this mean Diana is in the Illuminati? Let's find out.

    Diana has one owl. Owls have wings. Chickens also have wings. Wings. Redbull gives you wings. Redbull rhymes with Docker pull. Docker pull is a coding command. Coding. Iwaku is made up of coding. Diana is an administrator on Iwaku. Owls have two wings, but Diana has no wings. 2 - 0 = 2. On Iwaku there is one General Chat. 2 - 1 = 1. There is one eye on the Illuminati. Diana = Illuminati confirmed.
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  12. In reality it is one of my saddest moments as a server admin. Storage failure combined with backup failure. Things are ridiculously more redundant now.

    If you really want to look into Diana, look into the time I spent an entire night recovering most of the last day of database changes after she destroyed it doing "maintenance" with the site live. I suspect she was actually covering up something.

    My hourly backup policy is more to protect the site from Diana than anything else. :p
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  13. But wait, it gets worse! In this thread, This is what happened to Iwaku, we get to see a lot of ground-breaking stuff.

    For one, this.

    Woah! Big conflict in Iwaku? Was it this Diana tried to put to a brutal halt with her new admin powers, but using server issues as a scapegoat to take the responsibility off herself? To restart the site as we used to know it, filled with chaos and an ongoing conflict? To give us all a new, fresh start?

    Edit: I... did not know Jared feels so sad about this. Sorry about this.

    Then another thing. On the second page of the thread, Jared555 is welcomed as a "hostman", but a guest member accepts the welcomes. What was that? Wasn't Jared already a "hostman"?
  14. Diana deleted my account multiple times. Apparently she didn't think I was worthy of being a member on the site.
  15. Questions about the dark time are not permitted. Remain where you are, the death squad will apprehend you momentarily.
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  16. Never! Not in a hundred years! Which might be the time Iwaku has existed for, for all we know.

    The things of lost days shall return! The Iwaku Radio Show will air again! Roleplays of times long gone will be found! Asmodeus will rise! You cannot silence the truth, staff! All will be restored as it was!

  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Also implying I'm not planning to re-inpose Asmo as Admin when I take over
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  19. Y'know, if you want me to make Iwaku 2: Electric Boogaloo, this is a great way to start that off.
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    Peridox created Iwaku on proboards, but it was a .hack rp site.

    Homac took over Iwaku when Peridox vanished and moved it to a new Proboards.

    Gabriel Zero took over Iwaku when Homac went inactive and he invited a ton of people set the tone of the first Iwaku Era. During this era, Gabe asked Diana & her site rp site "Moonwings" to be Iwaku's sister site.

    Rory took over Iwaku when Gabe left to create Roleplay Adventures. During this same period civil war tore Diana's Moonwings apart and it was destroyed.

    Rory invited Diana to help him create a new structure for Iwaku due to many staffing Issues. It was only supposed to be temporary and Diana would go back to her private castle of AFTA.

    Iwaku kidnapped Diana. She fell in love, probably because of Stockholm and never left. Then Diana and a group of the OLD GUARD stole Iwaku to be hosted on a real domain because proboards sucked. That domain was space-kitten/iwaku.

    THERE WAS A BIG SERVER ACCIDENT during those first few months. O__O A machine died. Luckily we were still at the beginning of our empire, so there's wasn't a lot to lose.

    Not long after it was decided to put Iwaku on it's OWN domain so it could grow big and mighty.


    And soon.... soon I will be gone and a new era shall begin...
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