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  1. Ivy
    The love story of Ethan & Ivy.


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    Character Name: Ivy

    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Seamstress

    Age: 23

    General Appearance: Long blonde hair, light eyes, slight freckles, pale skin. Rather short – approximately 5 feet tall, very slender.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Ivy is currently raising her brothers and sisters while her father is away; she hopes that someday, when he returns, he will deliver her a suitable mate and she will become a mother.

    General Personality: Ivy is very sweet and silly. She is often shy, but strong-willed and very hard headed. She laughs at most anything and is extremely dedicated to her family; they are her life, and if something threatens them, she is known to take a stand against it.

    General History:

    Ivy is the third oldest of a family of eleven children. Her parents would have had more, too, if her mother hadn't died in childbirth of her youngest sister.
    But now that a war is raging between the fairy and werewolf boundaries near the beautiful city of Chicago, Ivy's brothers and father have left to serve as soldiers. She, now the oldest by several years, is left to both support and tend to her gaggle of brothers and sisters.
    Worse of, however, is that Ivy is constantly scrutinized for her family. It is customary of fairies like her own to have children only for reproduction, and not to nurture. But Ivy's parents have always been close with their children, and have spread their philosophy onto their daughter. Now, all Ivy can hope for is to find all belonging, safety and love in her little community miles from Chicago's busiest centre.

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    Character Name: Ethan Fuller

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Journalist for the Chicago Tribune

    Age: 24

    General Appearance: Short, dark hair. Light blue eyes, and a tall, lanky form. He’s approximately 6’0” with light stubble.

    Current Goal/Purpose: As a rookie, Ethan is trying to climb his way to the top of the journalism business. After graduating from the University of Chicago, he was chosen among a hundred other candidates for a job in Illinois’ most prestigious newspaper – the Chicago tribune.

    General Personality: Ethan is usually known for his intelligence, quick thinking, wit, and quirkiness. He’s relatively outgoing and can get along with practically anyone. Besides being a bit of a dork, channeling his serious side is relatively easy whenever he’s at work.

    General history: Ethan Fuller grew up under the supervision of his father and older sister, Kathryn Fuller, after his mother left shortly after his birth, never returning. He never viewed this as a handicap, however, excelling in school and quickly graduating as valedictorian with a spotless 4.0. The same trend continued in college, and shortly he was working for the Chicago Tribune. Now, he lives on his own in a small yet comfortable apartment in the business center of Chicago, with two dogs.​