I've seen more spines in jellyfish

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  1. Hey all! I'm new here, so I figured I would post in here. I'm Rio, I'm 22, and I've been roleplaying since I was 11 or 12. I have been doing a lot of one on one lately, which I enjoy because I like getting to know my partners and its more intimate and personal that way. However, I have been a part of a roleplaying site before...I think it was called xxbloodlustxx or something like that, it was amazing and I loved it so I wouldn't mind starting to do more group type roleplays. Really I'm not picky.

    I do tend to post a lot on my phone, so auto correct plagues me but I do try to proofread as much as possible. I play m// and mxf, though in mxf I prefer to play the male sex if possible, but I flexible. I don't have many limits, other than things that go in the toilet...stay in the toilet...if you catch my drift. Other than that, I'm good. I tend to play more dark, violent characters, usually criminals, addicts, mentally unstable...but I have been known to play complete sweethearts as well.

    I know that I'm probably forgetting some things but I have no problem answering any and all questions, so feel free to interrogate away :)
  2. Welcome to Iwaku. Good to have you here. Though the title causes me to wonder what you meant it about... (Possibly about Dr. Pepper? Because I'm sure it's a good thing if a drink contains as few spines as possible. They have a tendency to get caught in the bottleneck and block the path of the drink. :P)
    I suggest you copy what you just said here into your resume (it's in your preferences). That way you won't need to direct everyone here when they want to roleplay with you.
  3. It's a song that's been stuck in my head :) by a band called Brand New. My addiction remains troublesome yet safe from spines (hopefully). I will take your advice though, and I thank you :D
  4. Oh, I see. Now is when I should pretend I knew that, but I didn't. :D
  5. No worries :) I was trying to pretend I was smart, knowing a "non" mainstream band, like a cool hipster :p. Sadly, I cannot keep up that pretense for long and my true, redneck-ish colors come out. It's alright that y'all din't know it O_o (my true way of speaking).
  6. Ahaa the toilet thing made me laugh. Anyways hi welcome! :D
  7. I like the whole redneck from Conneticut bit too, lmao. I didn't even know they had those :D
  8. We are a rare breed here ma'am.
  9. Also is resume the same as the author bio? Or is the resume something else entirely?
  10. The resume is like what your roleplay preferences are. :o
  11. Is there a specific spot for my roleplay preferences? Or no?
  12. When you go to the top of the page and click on your name there's a link where it says "Preferences" and that's where you edit.
  13. I found it! Much thanks!!
  14. You're welcome Sir :D
  15. I'm not sure? lol, like I said, I'm new here myself. What I've found is that you hover your mouse over someone's name and it gives you a box of information and options. One of those options is to check out a person's profile and within their profile is an option that says "Roleplay Resume" Je ne c'est pas. Never took French, but can pronounce the phrase "I don't know". lol
  16. Nvm, see Ryuu already helped you! :) I like Hippy Dippys!
  17. Welcome to Iwaku! If you ever want to RP and have some plots in mind, just message me. [: