I've returned!

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Hi everyone!

I've been away for a long long...extremely long period of time. I also had writers block for as long as I can remember :( Maybe my mistake was to stop writing and role playing who knows - and also lost in the fake and useless friendships I built till it all smashed down and all Iv'e got is broken glass :( Sad but true.

I'm a writer. This means I write at length, and if I have a good plot I'll let it flow out till it scares you :P - Kidding. But yeah, I do write up to 3 paragraphs. Even more if I have a good back story to back it up with. I take up many pairings and themes some of which are mentioned in my profile including some other details in the resume.

Currently I'm craving dark and twisted plots though. Doesn't really matter what kind, so long as they have psychological drama/horror or that tension we all crave in these kinds of stories. So if you have a real good plot or idea, or want to brainstorm with me don't hesitate to contact me. But it's not a requirement. I talk about everything in general.

Friends and OOC chatter are welcome too provided they are with good intents.

Other than that I hope to see you all around yeah? :)
Not open for further replies.