I've returned! (The other sites I was on are, for all intents and purposes, inactive.)



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I decided to come back and try RPing here again.

And as my account seems to have been purged for inactivity I introduce my self again.

Hello, my name is Ryex, or Ry for short. I've been in and out of this forum about three times but this is the only time I've needed to recreate my account.
I'm currently studying to become an Aerospace Engineer and am a fan of epic fantasy
I'm great with grammar but I can't seem to spell worth a literary devise. as such my posts will likely be littered with misspellings and words that look really close to the ones I intended to write (spell check isn't perfect as I've learned time and time again).

It's nice to meet you people of Iwaku.
Welcome back, Ry. <3

I don't believe I remember you, so I'm pleased you meet you. I'm Fluffy! I'm open to helping you if you should need it. :3 I can direct you to some really cool fantasy roleplays, or even help you create your own. If not that, feel free to toss me some chit chat or site questions.

Have fun during your stay here. Everyone makes spelling errors once in a while. ;]
I wasn't exactly known or even all that active so no surprises that I'm not remembered :P
*leans against the wall near the door arms forded.*

So now you come back to us when you have nowhere else to go.

*pushes off the wall and grabs Ry's hand shaking vigorously*

Welcome back! You may have noticed a few changes, like me no longer well... I MADE STAFF and have to be "responsible" now but that also means I get to help you get reacquainted with the place. Enjoy your stay, but be careful, the old forums as crazy as ever.
Welcome back man.
Ah a warm welcome, thats always nice to see. and yes I supposed I did come here as a last resort. I guess thats because I never really tried to get acquainted with this place.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku person that is new and old at the same time. If you have any questions just ask and I should be able to help
Greetings, Ryex. Welcome to Iwaku. *Bows* *teleports out*