I've returned, Finally!

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm back on the writing scene! - and decided it would be good to re introduce myself to make myself shown a lil bit :P

    It's been many months where I've been away for severe personal reasons. I'm not totally ok but it's getting better now. I feel like I'll go insane if I don't write anymore though. Writing is my life, it's my freedom, take that away from me and my life becomes chaotic and useless.

    Anyhow, I'm back because I want to roleplay of course, and maybe make some new friends. I'm not going to write what I like/dislike what themes I am in and so on because all the 'boring & lengthy' details can be found in my Info & Resume sections. I've modified some of it, and changed my signature and avatar but the rest is pretty much the same.

    For those of you who want to reach me out of here, I've also specified how you can reach me provided you follow the simple instruction within. Other than that I stick to PM's mostly usually but I also do threads not really an issue with me. It's good because it allows others to actually see your works and what you have to give or not in the writing scene.

    Other than that, you're welcome to talk to me about pretty much everything I'm open minded about most things.

    See you all around hopefully

    The Frozen Queen ❄
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  2. Well umm welcome back !_!
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  3. Thanks! :P
  4. Welcome back, also- love the name. :)
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  5. Haha. Thanks. I believe I chose it because it resonates to much with me *cringe*
  6. I joined on here later than you, but welcome back! Have a bucket of rainbows!
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  7. Awwie thanks =) We sure need the rainbows it's all grey and gloomy haha.
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