I've just lost my life

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  1. No...I didn't die...duh...

    Neither am I planning to kill myself, thoroughly opposed to that shit.

    Basically, I've just lost the only 'life' I've lately been able to live comfortably, because other people have decided that it's not the 'right' life for me.

    Starting at the beginning:

    A while ago I was under watch, A timer got installed on my computer that shut off my internet after a certain time had passed. This was a huge problem for me because the people I knew and loved to communicate with were online during the times I didn't have internet. I don't know how many times I ranted at this in chat but at least, that shit was temporary.

    In their infinite wisdom though, the people who have control of my life have decided that it is the best course of action to disallow me ALL internet between 9:30PM and 12:00AM on everyday but friday and saturday (and even then on certain conditions) This is, as far as I know, considered as a permanent solution to my 'problems' while the timers they've tried before have proven ineffective.

    I don't have that many friends irl, and most of those have busy lives in such a way that I can only see them once a week. I don't have a job (and would be hard-pressed to find one) NOR any activity besides my internet time. The hours I will be allowed will be exactly during the downtimes of Iwaku, and my messengers will fall inactive as Iwaku is basically the only place I still talk to people.

    I feel my already empty life has just gotten emptier, and that I'm powerless to stop it. I feel like I will lose friends, some of them for good, and when I finally get to my trip to America I will have lost my REASON for the trip. I truly feel like I've lost the only life I know...

    Well...guess I'll be seeing most people around on the forums. Maybe...
  2. And that's why Diana hates most of those help places. I don't think any of those people ever actually get on the internet themselves or try visiting the sites their clients are visiting to see whether or not it is a help or a hindrance. >:[

    Makes Diana mad. t__t There are all kinds of different lifestyles. Having lots of internet time is not a bad thing if you're doing it in a mentally healthy way. Getting to be online and interact with you people save MY life. >>
  3. Good luck with everything, Myrn.
  4. I know how that feels, Myrn.... It's tough.... I've here if you need me, at any time. Send me PMs if you need to?
  5. Brofist, man. Think positive, and work towards a goal, whatever it is. You apply yourself, and you'll get it done, man. It's all a matter of drive.

    You know how fucked my hours are, so if you need anyone to talk to and you see me on, feel free.
  6. thats it. i need t get over there with a bat or some harsh language!

    in serious terms, that sucks Myrn.
  7. Myrnii can always send me emails .-.;
  8. Thats about the worst never I've heard recently. Myrn you have my best wishes until I can get over there and and SHOW then what no internet does to me (you don't want to know, I'll say its a stabilizing influence). Holding a seat open for your return, or dog basket whichever you prefer.
  9. Oh boo hoo. You don't internets for a whopping handful of hours. You got off light. ESPECIALLY since most cell phones are internet accessible...worldwide. ESPECIALLY since school and library public computers have internet for free. ESPECIALLY since all your online friends can still be contacted by email or saved "offline" instant messenger messages. ESPECIALLY since there are dozens of other ways to get online.

    ....wait, how is this a solution again?
  10. Cellphones with internet access also generally require a handful of euro's, at least around here, to keep that internet connection every month. The problem is not that I can't communicate with my online friends anymore, it's that I can't communicate with them DIRECTLY. Most of the other solutions you mentioned won't work when it's 3 AM and I want to get on skype.

    I know you're trying to help, and I'm ALL to aware of how 'sad' I sound, but your tone of voice could use some serious work..."Tough love" Isn't a universal solution -_-

    EDIT: Having replied to that, I just want to say thank you guys, for the responses. It MIGHT not be as serious as I make it out to be, but it's bumming me out and I really appreciate your reactions :)
  11. Myrn, you can also PM me whenever. You know I'll reply, as well. That really does stink, though, and it's why I don't like those help places. I think a person is fully capable of figuring out any "help", if any, they might need. =\

  12. >( Myrnii, acknowledge that I was giving you permission to spam my email fortress with messages. I was being sweet to you, I generally hate to be emailed.
  13. Pm me if you need anything, I agree with Diana, But I also think.....Mmh....Maybe even if you aren't able to keep every friend due to the time restrictions, use it as an oppurtunity and be on at different times, and make new friends. I know I need to log on more frequently, and if you ever need someone to talk to, I can start being on any time you need me to before 10 pm texas time, I have pretty similar time restrictions as you actually, and I've sort of learned to work around them. It's not impossible to deal with, it may be difficult for a while, but try and think of it as a chance at something new, rather than losing everything you already had. You get different times online, and you get to hang out with different people, make new friends. Sure it may seem unfair, but remember, there is a positive in absolutely EVERYTHING. You just have to let it come to you. And I hope if nothing else, I can be here for you and help you find that little light of positivity to make things all better.