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ғιve ɴιɢнтѕ αт мιĸυ'ѕ -- αlwαyѕ opeɴ

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ×ჯ ƇнιƖɗιѕн Ɯαя ჯ×, Sep 29, 2015.

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  1. Can You Survive...
    Five Nights at Miku's?
    » One...

    "Oh, please let this be over,
    Let this night come to an end.
    That breeze I felt on my shoulder,
    Please tell me that wasn't a hand..."

    The clock is ticking so slowly,
    You better get out while you can.
    This place, it isn't safe,
    Because, well, right here?
    This is your grave, right where you stand.
    I warned you, just as the hand was about to start.
    Welcome upon my land, you'll get to know it by heart.

    » Two...
    I'm not all that scary, not in the light,
    You seem to appear that I give you a fright.
    Why do you shake at my laugh?
    I only want to help you be able to last.
    But, you see, I have to follow rules too,
    It appears that you'll be breaking one soon.
    Don't lift that mask off of your face,
    Or your life will be one terrible fate.
    I can't control myself, don't you see?
    I can't be out of costume either, or where would I be?
    It's my job, to make sure everyone goes my the rules,
    And it looks like I'm going to need my tools.
    You seem to be damaged, your wires are all apart!
    Your endoskeleton is softer than a cart!
    You need some repairs, but don't you fear,
    It's me, Miku, to help you, my little dear!

    » Three...
    They say you'll be here for five nights, is that true?
    Oh, what a lovely surprise!
    We've got room for a special little you!
    We've got a brand new costume,
    Waiting to just be used.
    Go ahead, try it on!
    I'm sure you'll look brand new!
    But what is this, you don't fit?
    Well, I guess we'll have to push you in a bit.
    Oh dear, oh my, what's wrong with you?
    What won't you just move?
    You're really making quite a struggle,
    I don't see the problem.
    It appears to me, that you're making us juggle.
    I don't like the way you're kicking and yelling at us.
    Don't you understand?
    Please, stop making that big fuss.

    » Four...
    It's five nights here, that you have to last.
    Five nights here, and then you pass.
    It's five nights here that you won't be safe at night,
    Five nights here, you better bring some light.I
    t's five nights here that you can to stay in that room,
    Five nights here, at Miku's!

    » Five...
    Welcome one, welcome all!
    The doors are locked, the windows are closed.
    There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
    Really now, I don't think you'll be leaving alive.

    » Welcome to a night full of fun!
    Ah, welcome! I hear you're the new guy! I'm Rini, the bunny! I'm don't think I've ever seen you before, what's your name? Anyways! It's nice to meet you, glad to have you around! You must be new in town! There are many animatronics here, but we don't bite-too hard that is! Now, before we get to do the fun stuff, you have to know the rules...
    You better run, you better hide, in this place, you'll never survive.
    Now, here at Miku's, it's against the rules to be out of costume, so I better hope you keep that in mind. If you seem to be malfunctioning, we'll have to take you apart and repair and and rewire you, to put you back on the correct servo. I wouldn't want to do that, neither would any of the rest of us. We can't help it, we have to follow the rules. We have to be good examples for the kids, you know. Always follow the rules! I hope you'll do the same.
    You won't make it past one night, much less, five.
    Oh... it seems that you have a bit of... flesh on you... What are you, who are you? It's after hours, no humans are usually around. There's something about you that really makes me uneasy. I don't think we can trust you, there's something not quite right. If you try to hurt one of us or the children, we'll give you a fright! What's wrong with you, you seem to be shaking! Oh my, oh dear... It appears that this won't be a fun night... I don't know why it's so quiet, I suppose I'll have to find somewhere that there's noise. But, however, if I find you breaking one rule, you're going straight to the back room! I don't know what you're up to, but it seems to be bad. Well... if I were you, I'd be careful.
    I know who you are, but should I really care?
    There are quite a lot of us, oh yes. There's plenty of us to keep an eye on you and trust me, we know if you'll be breaking any rules. I will go ask what the others think, after all, you seem to have actual skin on you. Humans generally don't stay around here at night, so we'll just have to see what's going on underneath your seams. I don't trust you too well, but what can I say? You have your mask and costume on, so I'll keep away. My eye is on you though and if you seem to play wrong... I'll tear you apart.
    When I was in pain, asking for help, you never were there...
    » So...
    Hey there! Welcome to my role-play! I want to say that this place does not have limited spots { expect for the main parts, of course } and this will never be private in any sort of way. Anyways, this is a... sort of more... er, um... I don't really know how to explain this, but it's based off of Five Nights at Freddy's. I will say that. But... well, as you can tell, there is quite a twist to it.

    I suppose this could be the anime / Japanese version of it? Yes, there are still the animatronics / robots. But, uh... they're sort of animatronics and sort of not... They're human anime figures. They're still tall, still robotic with endoskeletons underneath their "costumes". But, they are the anime version, I guess. And... .er... mostly female. Sort of.

    They have Japanese names, and anime-based figures, but they're still... well... animatronics. They have the signature markings about them. Worn/Old Bonnie is known as Rena, while Toy/New Bonnie is known as Rini. Generally, they're both the same person/animatronic, but to keep it from being too confusing, the old ones and the new ones will have similar-ish but different names. I'm adding a few newer animatronics as well, so... Whoo. I'm sure everyone will easily be able to be recognized. c: Yes, I combined some ideas of the fan-fiction "Five Nights at Miku's" as well. So yeah. cx
    » forum rules
    Please, if you are to be on this role-play, I wish that you follow the forum rules, that way, all my hard work will not be wasted. If you need to look them over before you join, I suggest doing so.

    » literacy
    Ah, as a lot of role-plays out there, I will require proper spelling and grammar. Now, I want four or five sentences per character when you post. This means that you will be posting just about every sense. What do they see? What do they hear? Smell? Feel? Taste? Anyone can type up a sentence. But is it really fun to go off of "He sat down."? No, it's not. So please, four to five sentences or more per character. Also, no text talk while role-playing.

    » power-playing
    If you do not know what this is, it's something that many of us role-players of the forums do not like and find pretty annoying. Now, power-playing is two things; it's when someone (person A) role-plays another person's character (person B) without permission. It's also known as when person A gives person B no other choice but to go along with what person A posted. Remember, you can have Satoshi spring out at the night guard, but you cannot have him actually catch him. This carries onto the next rule...

    » god-moding
    God-modding is actually more annoying than power-playing, so if you're new to this word, read this rule quite well. God-modding is when your character is abnormally strong, fast and just... the best at everything. Say you play as the night guard and Satoshi springs at you. Nine point nine times out of ten, Satoshi will end up getting the night guard and carrying him or her away to... well... I suppose you could say "to join the family". Please, don't have your character be all powerful. It's not fair and it's super annoying.

    » spot-lighting
    This... is actually the most annoying thing you can really do when role-playing... besides making a one sentence reply. If you do not know what this is... then please, listen up. Spot-lighting is actually when you make the role-play all about you and your character(s). Please, this is a group role-play for everyone who wishes to come here. It's not about you or your character. If you could, please respect that.

    » in character and out
    In character, or in role-play, I want you to be literate, use proper spelling and grammar and to let your imagination go. I want you to have fun, but realistically. After all, this is mostly like Five Nights at Freddy's. I'd really prefer that you stick along the lines of what is realistic in the setting. But otherwise, just have fun, let the characters fight or glitch, let them do what you really please, as long as it's following the forum rules. However, out of character, or out of role-play, I wish you to use some sort of way to show that you are talking out of role-playing. You can use text talk to an extent { honestly, text talk annoys me very much } and you can just chat about anything the mods approve of. However... no fighting. I do not want anyone to get in a fight... so this carries onto the next rule...

    » chatting
    Honestly, chat all you want here, I don't mind. Just don't forget to role-play here as well! c: Now, uh, just no fighting and talking about subjects that'll get this deleted and I'll be pretty angry if I come online one day to find this deleted. Please... no fighting.
    Now, as a different kind of thing that I find to be very fun is when we bring our characters into our little chatting world with us. In other words, have our own characters { or the original characters } come in and chat with us. Yoshiki is rather quiet, but Rini is always willing to talk!

    Rini: Yep! Hi! Hello! Nice to meet you! Hi!

    » spamming
    Ah... yes... Spamming... This is the most annoying thing in the world, but I do understand why some newcomers do it. So, I am very easily able to remain... at least polite. Now, spamming is when you just sudden pop up in a role-play, chat or whatever, and ask for us to join your thread, like your posts and follow you or anything of the sort. Please don't do that as not only do members really not like it, but the mods could come in and suspend you or something, because it is against the forum rules.
    Now, asking someone to return to your role-play is completely fine by me, as long as you don't do it every five, ten, fifteen, thirty minutes.

    » characters
    Ah, yes... Characters... There are the ones you make and then there are the ones that are already here, the animatronics. I hate doing this, but to be able to role-play more than one of the animatronics, you need to wait to be able to be a night guard.... Because to be a second one, unless you're a moderator of the role-play, you have to let someone get... ah, stuffed into one of the suits... Now, the ones you make... Well, there can only be two night guards at a time. Of course, there's always the staff of Zatune Miku's Funhouse. So, there's a limited amount of spots for the night guard, but I warn you, it's extremely dangerous and your character has a good chance of getting killed if you chose that. Now, not only can you be staff, but you can also be a part of the visitors/customers. A parent, child, teen, whatever you wish.Now, when you make them, make sure that they aren't perfect. Not everyone likes Miku, nor does everyone hate her. Please, don't make your character perfect... if that is what you choose to do.

    » joining
    When you join, I ask that you use a form. To be a animatronic, you have to role-play as a regular human being. You can only be two animatronics so everyone can get a fair chance at being one. Now, I'd love it if you could please use the joining form. Just fill it out, I'll do all the cute text and formatting myself. Also, just say which animatronic you want. Remember, you can only have one and then you have to wait to be the night guard. Trust me, I'll make sure that those two positions won't be filled for too long. Thank you!

    » other
    Remember, no fighting, careful on the swearing and all that fun stuff. I will really like it if you read everything, but not a lot of people do that.
    Now, also, activeness... I need you to be active. If you could be on at least once every week, that's enough. But when you come online, please don't say just "Hi" and disappear for the next week again. If I see you posting elsewhere and you are just ignoring this place, I will give you one warning. Don't come here for fourteen days and you're posting elsewhere and you don't explain why, I will delete you and your spots will be opened up once more. Now, you wouldn't want that... and frankly, neither would I. But sometimes to do some good, you gotta be the bad guy.
    Oh and one more thing to clear up any future confusion; Miku's Rules, the ones below this, are meant to be broken! My rules? Probably not. But the rules that are meant for in role-play, those can be broken, just don't break them excessively.
    Okay, okay, this is the last little thing. I promise! For another future reference, the animatronics are what I consider real. They may not have living bodies and are just "programs" but they also think individually and on their own. They are real people, basically, stuck within the confinements of being called a non-living organism and a robot. Which also means that they can have relationships, if you'd like them to.

    » password
    You'll have to look within the first two posts, this one and the next one, but... The password is the name of my panda. Not the animatronic, but my own stuffed panda. It's in here, trust me, it is.

    » fun
    Remember, please! Have fun! I want you to join this so you can have fun! This, hopefully, will be a very fun role-play to be a part of!
    » Miku { the bear } []
    { open }

    » Rini { the bunny } []
    { xXChildishWarXx }

    » Sora { the chicken } []
    { open }

    » Mitsuki { the fox / new female remake } []
    { open }

    » Yoshiki { the panda } []
    { xXChildishWarXx }

    » Takeo { the tiger } []
    { open }

    » Ryuu { the wolf } []
    { open }

    » Satoshi { the pirate fox } []
    { open }

    » Akira { the balloon girl } []
    { open }

    » Maeko { the marionette / puppet } []
    { open }

    » Miyo { old Miku } []
    { open }

    » Rena { old Rini } []
    { open }

    » Saya { old Sora } []
    { open }

    » xXChildishWarXx
    Kid, Kidd, Kiddo Rini, Yoshiki, Toshiaki Shimohara creator active

    » display name
    nick-names characters rank activeness

    » display name
    nick-names characters rank activeness
    » Please, I'll do all the fancy stuff. You just need to fill it out. Thank you! Just please, fill this out correctly and I'll be very grateful!

    -- Character Full Name --
    nick-name(s) age genderjob (if staff member)
    looks «» personality
    crush .: other :.
    { screen name }
    Zatsune Miku's Funhouse

    » Zatune Miku's Funhouse
    Welcome one, welcome all! Welcome to the newly opened Zatune Miku's Funhouse! A fun place for kids of all ages! From teenagers to babies, we have a place for everyone. It's a large place with the colors of black, bright blue and bright orange all around, Miku and her two friends being mainly on every attraction; besides in the teen area, where Takeo and his two friends will be seen. The windows are up high and the doors are very hard to open when locked by even the strongest adult. The animatronics here are very friendly towards everyone, though they have built in censors to detect criminals when they walk in, though they are never allowed to be hostile towards the staff no matter what. Overall, from the outside, it looks like a pretty fun place. And this isn't just for the fun either. Zatsune Miku's Funhouse is also known to have some of the best food around! Now, all the rooms that are being described below are the camera positions, from what you can see in the cameras.
    » Dinning Room
    This is the first room you see when you walk in through the doors that not even the animatronics can break down. You'll see that cameras are nearly everywhere up on the walls, way out of reach of human hands, of course. The walls are the color of Rini's hair, the floors are hard and tilted black and white. Miku's stage sits directly in front of all the tables and chairs at are found, though there is room for children to go up close to the stage and watch Miku and her band. There are many rows upon rows of white tables and black comfortable chairs, so don't be afraid to grab a seat and enjoy.

    » Miku's Stage
    Miku's Stage has hard black flooring and it's slightly elevated above the ground, so the children and teen alike cannot climb onto the stage. The animatronics aren't programmed to react to the children onstage so no one wants to take a chance. However, when they are preforming, the stage is actually lowers-programmed by Miku herself, so that she and her friends can get down without staff assistance.

    » Children's Cove
    The Children's cove is a small little place where the original Satoshi would be standing, but... he's not really around anymore. They recreated him, but the children saw the recreation as a girl, so everyone just accepted her as a girl and called her Mitsuki. This is where you'll find Mitsuki. The staff used to put her together at the end of the day, but since the children always tore her down again, they sort of gave up. There are fish around the blue walls and the floor is hard and white. Of course, there's no carpeting anywhere in this place, as the animatronics don't like static electricity and tend to glitch if they are touched with it.
    » Teen's Arcade
    This is the teen section, a nice and lazy kind of place where everyone over the age of thirteen is allowed in. Couches, love seats and plush chairs are found on the edges of the room, the black a soft dark blue color while the walls are completely black. There are different games across the room and a table or two. If is more of a relaxed area during the day but at night... it's rather a creepy place to look. Especially if Takeo and his crew are wandering about.

    » Takeo's Stage
    Unlike Miku's stage, Takeo's stage doesn't lower at his will, rather than just have steps up and down from the stage, so the three can interact with the teens. It's similar to Miku's stage- wooden walls and black floor, but unlike Miku's stage, Ryuu's drum-set is found there.
    » Balloon Room
    A cute little room where Akira or "Baby" as she's called by the children, is often found- well, part of the time, anyways. There is white walls and dark blue flooring. There's a merry-go-round for the smaller children in this room and a large collection of balloons to be found. At night, this is where you should find Akria... Hint, should. Now, um, you just might not like this room too much if you're the night guard.... You see, this room has a little, well, actually, a larger closet with it's own camera, closet that has a ground level vent that every animatronic can easily fit into... Which means on your left side of the security room, you'll have to keep a keen eye out for any.... visitors. Oh, this room does have two cameras to it. One focuses on Akira and the merry-go-round and... the other one is in the large closet, mostly focused on... something like a large box? Usually, it's closed. This is where the music box is. Always keep that music box playing and never let it run out. Night guards can wind it up from their office with a special remote on the camera thing that have when they watch this particular camera. They'll even get a meter of how much time they have left before the music runs out... Let's just say bad things happen if you let this music box stop playing for more than ten seconds.

    » Party Room #1
    The first party room of Miku's is this one and it's a very fun and cozy little environment here. The floors are tilted black and white, the walls a soft dark blue color and there are a few comfortable chairs and a large table with lots of chairs to it. This can be known as Miku's Party Room, due to the fact that she often visits here and there are drawings of her everywhere in this room.

    » Party Room #2
    The second room, with black and white tilted floors and light blue walls, is just about the same as the first one. However, this room is known as Rini's Party Room, as like with the first one with Miku, Rini likes to visit this one the most often and there are plenty of drawings of her around the room.

    » Party Room #3
    Last, but not the least, is the third party room, just about the same as the other two, with the same black and white tilted floors, but the walls are actually a happy, bright yellow. Just as the other two party rooms have a animatronic nick-name, this one does too. As Sora loves to visit here and there's plenty of drawings found in here, this can be nick-named Sora's Party Room.
    » Arcade / Game Room
    This is more for fun than relaxation, unlike the teenage version, as this large room has a few plastic jungle-gyms, see-saws, slides, a ball-pit and a few tunnels. Non-slip black floors, a few tables and chairs and plenty of games around... However, the night guard will not like this place, just as the back closet of the Balloon Room, there is a large vent at ground level that is usually closed during working hours but... opened during night hours. And well... the vent just so happens to led directly into the left side of the security office.... Watch out.
    » Backstage of Miku's Stage
    Ah, yes... This is where Rini's guitar can be found when she's not holding it, Miku's microphone and Sora's platter and cupcake. It's basically where employees waxen up, wash and make the three animatronics glisten and shine, making them always pretty and smell pretty too- not always like pizza. Freshly washed and dried, warm smelling stage clothes are presented back here to start the day along with a spray of perfume.... which Miku seems to dislike... a lot.

    » Backstage of Takeo's Stage
    Just like with the backstage of Miku's stage, this is a nice little cozy room for the animatronics, Takeo, Yoshiki and Ryuu, to get cleans up and practice a little. Takeo's microphone, Ryuu's drumsticks and Yoshiki's guitar can be found back here. Not to mention, when not preforming, Yoshiki usually leaves his top hat back here. The boys usually get a newer, freshly washed set of costume clothes so they smell nice and they get a spray of cologne, though Takeo usually doesn't like it.

    » Repair Room
    Spare parts scattered here and there, wires sticking out in areas of older parts and... ah yes... Our old favorites that have been deactivated and forgotten... The older versions of Miku, Rini and Sora are found back here, Rena slumped against the wall, her poor conditions being quite visible, Saya standing up, the camera catching just a glimpse of her worn down presence and... Miyo... Just by the door, sprawled out of the floor... the poor old girl, you can see how much these three old time favorites are just tossed to the side... Um, keep an eye on the at night... As the week progresses... well, they're shut down but if the rare chance that they reactivate themselves.... uh, just... watch out. It's said Satoshi can be found in here too... but, at night, he's usually no where to be found in this room.

    » Storage Room
    The storage room... this is a night guard's worst nightmare. During the night, you will never want to come in here, never want to be found in here... If the occasion you find yourself in here... better hope you have a flashlight, a fast pair of legs and that six o'clock is nearly upon you. There are spare suits, more traditional, that are empty in here. One for each of the animatronics. Well... more like for Mika, Rini, Soya, Takeo, Yoshiki and Ryuu. There are even some very old fashioned ones of a large brown bear, large blue bunny rabbit and a large yellow chicken. However... you do not want to be found in one of these suits.... Aha, these suits... they're made for animatronics, not humans... In the case of being stuffed into one of the suits... sorry pal, you won't see the sun ever again.

    » Kitchen
    The camera is actually mostly visually disabled in this area, but listen closely for anyone in there. Miku tends to put on a song when she's in there, typically the song "One Two Three", which is a mostly Japanese song. When Rini's in there, you'll hear... something like humming, I'd guess? The song will range, but Rini hums while she walks around in there. Saya will giggle nearly the entire time when in there. Takeo is pretty much silent, but he's clumsy so you'll hear him bumping into more than a few things, especially with his tail. Yoshiki... well, he is silent when he's in there. In fact, he makes it silent so not even the regular camera buzz is there. So if this camera sends back a very very quiet feedback... it's Yoshiki. Lastly, if Ryuu's in there, he'll just be messing around so he will probably be found playing the drums on whatever surface he can. These animatronics are a lot like teenagers.... However, if Mitsuki is in there... As with every camera she's in, you'll hear a strange high pitched, abnormal robotic screeching, kind of like a improperly working cell phone or radio.

    rules of Miku's Funhouse
    » Rule 1
    Do not go in the back rooms or on one of the stages found in Miku's. The Repair Room, Storage Room, Backstage rooms and the Balloon Room closet are for employees only.

    » Rule 2
    Never go in the security office or open the vents. Some people like their privacy and it's bet not to disturb the guards.

    » Rule 3
    Please, no running around at Miku's. While the floors are made for running children, we don't want any accidents. So please, no running.

    » Rule 4
    Children under five foot will be asked to stay by their parents or older siblings at all times. Our animatronics will escort them around until a parent, guardian or older sibling comes to take them.
    » Rule 5
    Adults are cautioned to be very through with the animatronics. They are programmed to make sure that they are the correct person to take the children and are treating them correctly. You wouldn't want a large six foot, seven foot tall metal robot to think you're a serial killer now... would you?

    » Rule 6
    Do not do any sort of violent action towards the animatronics. You will get hurt as they are mostly made of metal, a soft fabric and plastic. And you'll hurt the animatronic's feelings. Best not to offend one of them... Children are one thing, adults and teens should know better.

    » Rule 7
    Do not pull on Rini's hair. It is not a rope to be climbed on. This will make Rini a bit irritated, so it's best not to do that.

    » Rule 8
    No adult materials nor weapons are allowed within Miku's doors. The animatronics are able to sense and see these things, even if they are in a pocket or purse and will ask the holder to please leave and will be escorted outside until they leave behind the materials. If the use of a weapon is to be found... well, there's a reason why police and criminal records are found within the servos of the animatronics. They know who's good and who's bad...

    » Rule 9
    Do not use bad/foul language within the walls of Miku's. If a animatronic hears you, you might get a mouthful of soap.

    » Rule 10
    Have fun at Miku's!

    the animatronics
    » Miku { the bear } []
    Ah, the main attraction to Zatzune Miku's Funhouse.... Miku the bear herself. Short, neat warm brown hair, black top hat, red bow tie, brown suit-coat, white dress undershirt and brown skirt, it's seemingly the same old Miku... except for her eyes. They are actually a really dark blue, almost black. Unless, of course, you see them up close. When all up close to her eyes, you'll see they're actually more of a sapphire blue. You'll find her microphone almost always in her hand, don't worry. Now... just be careful... She tends to... ah, give tight hugs. It's rather difficult to breathe with her... hugs. She does not like adults at all and tends to almost be aggressive towards them. Being that she is a bear animatronics, she has the signature brown bear ears at the top of her head as well as three black spots on either side of her nose. Unlike her older counterpart, she can move her ears at her own will.

    » Rini { the bunny } []
    As her name means "Little Bunny", she's the cuter, newer version at the newly opened Zatsune Miku's Funhouse. She's not quite as tall as the older version, but she's still about six feet tall, if not, six foot six inches tall. Of course, she has the cute blush, the blue skirt and long-sleeved top and of course, the red bow tie. Everything about her is very much like the old one... However, there's a strangeness about her around younger girls that approach her, making her reach out for their hands, as if to protect them, though... some say it's to harm them and she glitches back to being friendly. She is almost seemingly hostile towards the fathers and the male staff, however. Unlike the older version, she does have waist length long powder baby blue hair pulled back in higher pigtails. It's quite often that you'll find Rini with her blue and red butterfly guitar- when onstage, at least. Being that she is a bunny animatronic, she has cute blue bunny ears with white insides, which she can move at her will, unlike her older counterpart. She also, like Miku, has three black small spots on either side of her nose.

    » Sora { the chicken } []
    With her name meaning "Sky", this is the cuter newer version of "Sora". Like with Miku and Rini, she's the cute little chicken-like one that many love. She has the brightest blue eyes you'll find, which is quite different from her older counterpart. However, she still has the bright yellow dress and the signature white skirt with the celebrational saying "Let's Eat!!!" on it. She still has the yellow blonde spiky and somewhat short hair and of course, the cute blush that all three new animatronics have. She doesn't seem to like teenage boys at all.

    » Mitsuki { the fox / new female remake } []
    Mitsuki is more of a whiter female remake of her older male version, "Satoshi". Her name means "beautiful moon", so it fits. She has bright red lipstick and pink eye shadow as well as the blush that all four newer animatronics at Zatsune Miku's Funhouse. However, while she still has her white leggings and skirt as well as the upper chest part of her shirt, her "skin" part of her arms are missing form the shoulders to her wrists, still having her hands. Form her shoulders to her wrists, she has nothing put wires and metal. Now, she has a lovely colored right eye, a golden amber, almost brown kind of color. However... while she still has the set of fox ears, not really hidden by her ginger kind of color shaggy hair, she has her left part of her endoskeleton hanging out to her left, a little behind her, which also holds her left eye, kind of like a metal second mini-head. She's seemingly always good with the children, as to letting the tear her apart and rebuild her during the day, she tends to be... almost hostile towards teenagers. Being that she is a fox animatronic, she has white fox ears at the top of her head, with pink insides. She used to have a tail but... well, let's just say that part of her is lost somewhere.

    » Yoshiki { the panda } []
    Yoshiki is one of the favorites of the teenage girls, being that he, Takeo and Ryuu are in the teen section. He's new to Zatsune Miku's Funhouse, as are many nearly everyone but the original four. He has pitch black dark, shaggy some-what spiky hair, silvery gray eyes and a devilish smirk. He wears a black hoodie with white seams, linings and inside, the hood and inside of the hoodie being a fake, but super soft fur material. Since the hoodie is a zip up, he often is to be seen with it opened and he has a black, tight shirt that shows off his "muscles", not that he has any real ones, of course. He wears dark, tighter jeans as well as black boots. He does have a black and white top hat that he wears occasionally, but not too often... except during the dark, of course. He loves to be alone, not liking to be disturbed too often, but he tends to like the teenage boys more than anyone. { I kinda had to make Yoshiki, after all, I have my own black and white bear plushie named Kishinuma, so why not, right? } However, he hates adults to the core. He plays the black and white guitar for the teen section band. He is a panda animatronic, so he does have moving black panda ears at the top of his head and even a cute little panda black tail.

    » Takeo { the tiger } []
    Takeo is the singer of the three new animatronics to the brand new teen section of Zatsune Miku's Funhouse. Takeo means "warrior", so naturally, he's more of a stronger, leader guy of the group. Tight russet orange tee shirt, black leather jacket, black pants and boots... He appears to be rather a cool looking guy. Of course, he's extremely tall, as all of the animatronics as this fun and exciting place are. He has shaggy black hair with orange stripes in his bangs and at the back of his head. He is almost always seen with his black gloves. He's the best with the teen girls but... he's rather aggressive towards any male; young or old. Since Takeo is a tiger animatronics, he has orange tiger ears with black insides and a orange tiger tail with black stripes. Additionally, he has a few black stripes around his "skin" and he has a rather... sharp smile. He has the sharpest teeth of all the animatronics.

    » Ryuu { the wolf } []
    Hair silvery gray, his bangs fading into a pitch black, eyes a darker green, a sly smile often on his face... This is the drummer of the new teenager part, Ryuu, his name meaning "dragon". He wears a long sleeved black shirt, a denim sleeveless vest, black jeans and dark black boots. What makes him most different from the other two is that he is most known for malfunctions... Out of the new animatronics... he's defiantly one to keep an eye on. He's not very friendly towards too much of anyone; besides the children. He's very good with the children, even if he seems scary. He hates teenage girls though and has been known to just... stare off at them as if they were his prey, someone to take out. Ryuu has gray wolf ears, since he is a wolf animatronic, as well as a gray wolf tail. His teeth are second sharpest out of all the animatronics, but unlike most others, he actually has a little bit of what you could call claws for finger-nails.

    » Satoshi { the pirate fox } []
    Ah, the signature old pirate fox that everyone seems to love.... Satoshi, meaning "clear thinking; quick witted", is rather a tricky kind of guy, not to be fooled all that easily. He has that black eye patch, black over coat that reach down to his knees, white dress shirt and... well, what used to be tanned rough textured pants...? From his mid-thigh down, is only his metal endoskeleton , his boots even being gone. He still has the bright amber eyes, the ones that seem to be the color of a lively flame, his hair being a messy and shaggy, a darker red color. Of course, he has that hook of his right hand and that devilish smile. Satoshi has always been good with the young little brave boys, but... he has a very big dislike for the parents. Though, not that anyone has ever seen him since they remade the place. No one has seen him, Miyo, Rena nor Saya... well, except for the employees and of course, the night guard... Out of all of them, he actually is the most dangerous; for the older, withered ones, anyways. Satoshi is a fox animatronic, so he does have the reddish orange fox ears with the white insides and a russet fox tail with the white tip.

    » Akira { the balloon girl } []
    Short ginger hair that's a bit spiky, a blue and red striped hat with a gold twister on top, the shortest of them all, is Akira, her name meaning "bright, clear". Though, by most of the children and staff, she's called "Baby". She holds balloons in her left hand while holding a sign that says "Balloons!!" in her right hand. She's roughly four feet tall, so she's very much easily the shortest. She has bright blue eyes and of course, that adorable blush. Now, her outfit is vertical stripes of darker blue and red, her shirt being a tee shirt and her pants being black along with her shoes. She loves the children, naturally, but she tends to not like teens at all, especially the boys.

    » Maeko { the marionette / puppet } []
    Maeko isn't known as well as any of them, as she keeps hidden and she's easily the one that is least liked by the children. Ah, with popping up from her box suddenly like that when the music stops, she does give them a fright, so it's understandable. Maeko has shorter dark purple hair, her eyes actually being pure black, though when up close to, she has white pupils. Her red lips are often in a smile; insane or cheerful, it's hard to read her expression, so not many can tell. Unless, you're a animatronic, of course. She has the red blush on her cheeks, a rather pale white face and purple stripes going down from her eyes to her jaw/chin. She wears a pure black almost kind of jumpsuit, her animatronic parts being very well hidden, even compared to the other new ones. On her lower shins and lower arms, she has a set of white stripes on her sleeves and three white buttons down her chest. Now, she does wear gloves so she is completely hidden. She doesn't often come out of her box, but it's known that at night.... well, they say that it's best just to never let that music box stop.

    » Miyo { old Miku } []
    Ah, the poor worn out animatronics found in the back, in such a horrible state. Used for scraping parts for the newer versions, these three girls have come to taking new names, Miyo, Rena and Saya, while Satoshi keeps his. Miyo is in the best of condition, having the same outfit. Her teeth are gray and silver, her eyes a soft blue and she still has about everything; besides her right eye. But her costume is ripped in places and her shirt has tears that does show her endoskeleton at times. She isn't the one to worry about as much, but if she and her two other friends start stirring... keep that flashlight handy. Of course, they never do anything during the day. Like her newer remake, she does of bear ears at the top of her head, but she cannot move them. She also does not have the spots on either side of her nose.

    » Rena { old Rini } []
    Rena, who used to have the name of Rini, decided, as the other three, to take upon a new name. It isn't really known who has it worse, her or Saya, but she's gotten worn down pretty badly. She doesn't have that many tears in her costume... but... her... well, she's faceless. They took away from her jaw up, so only the inside of her endoskeleton remains, her eyes being a bright red light. She is also missing her left arm, a few long stray wires sticking out form where they took it off- a bit forcefully. Her left pigtail is also absolutely cut away as well, a few strands as long as the other one still remaining. Unlike her newer counterpart, Rena used to have red colored eyes and her costume and hair is purple, not blue. Ah... well, Rena does have the bunny ears too, as she is a bunny animatronics, but... well, we can't say for anything else as well... it's missing.

    » Saya { old Sora } []
    Ah... poor broken down Saya... Just as the other three, Saya as been put in disrepair and taken for her parts. Her costume is ripped in places, showing her metal frame and endoskeleton, but she looks... nearly the same... It's wondered who has it worse, her or poor old Rena. Saya has her cheeks mostly worn away, her jaw holding up by just wires. Her endoskeleton teeth are showing very much now and she's missing her hands. Unlike her newer version, she has pink colored eyes. And she doesn't take it lightly at what has happened to her jaw.

    jobs at Miku's
    » Night Guard { 1/2 positions filled }
    Hello? Hello? Oh, hi there! Welcome to your first night on the job at Zatune Miku's Funhouse. This is a place for adults, teens and children alike to enjoy their day. Now... I know you might think this is just your everyday job... well, time to wake up, because it's not. I assure you, it's a perfectly fine job and it's a nicely paying job. You see that camera there on your desk? That thing is your second best friend. You need to check on the animatronics often to make sure everyone is in... in their place. If they aren't, it's fine, I promise. Just... watch around for them. They don't have a proper night mode, so when it's quiet, they'll wander around to find where the people are. In this case, that's you in the security room. Now, it wouldn't be so bad that they saw you... if they didn't think you were a endoskeleton without a costume. That's why there's a empty bear head in the right lowest door. It's said they used to have actual animal figures but decided to turn them into more human-like. Personally, Takeo is my favorite. Anyways, check the vents from time to time. Not that they wander too much on the first night, but the animatronics do... tend to wander. They have to, otherwise their servos lock up and then where would we be? Now, you have only a few seconds to react if you do see one in the vent. You will have to put on your mask quickly otherwise... Well, the animatronic is programmed to take you to the storage room and put you in a costume. That normally wouldn't be so bad... if you didn't... well, it's made for the animatronics, not humans, so if you're stuffed in one, it kind of will... give you lots of pain.... and well, end your life. But hey, don't worry. Just don't get caught. Your flashlight will end up being your best friend. In case that the old animatronics are up and moving, just flash them with the light. That'll stun them and probably make them wander away. I think that glitch is with the newer ones too. Now, you'll have to wind up that music box quite often as well... The... The puppet in that box... Yeah, she doesn't like it if she is without her music. Do not let that music run out... There are only two animatronics that the mask will not work on. That's the puppet and the old fox, Satoshi. He used to be my favorite at the older version of Miku's.... They tried to remake him, but it just ended up being too feminine so they call her Mitsuki now... Ah, Satoshi is very clever, so he won't fall for the whole mask trick. In fact, if you let him wander too close he'll probably drag you to the storage room... Aha, it's best to run at that point. But, if you leave him in that room alone... he will take your bear mask... so, please, be careful. I will talk to you tomorrow, alright? Have a good night.
    Past Night Guards: ​

    name { killed by ... }
    name { quit }
    name { was fired }
    name { switched to day position }

    » Day Guard { 0/2 positions filled }
    Oh, hey there! This is the day guard job. You have your office, sorry if it's a bit messy. Night guards do have a tendency to be rather... panicked. I think it's because everything is so creepy at night that they might panic. Not that they'd be in danger or anything... Anyways, it's your job to keep an eye on the animatronics and the costumers, to maker sure that everything is going in proper order. Just watch the cameras and wind up the music box from time to time. It's okay to let the music run out, but the the puppet will pop out... be careful on how young of children you make the puppet pop out to scare. This is a really easy job, so I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. See you at the end of your shift.

    » Waiter { unlimited }
    Great, you're the new guy? Glad to meet you, now I am glad you already have your suit on. Yeah, it's customary to wear a suit that resembles Takeo, Yoshiki or Ryuu, for the guys at least. I'm glad you already have gotten yours. Your bangs are... ah, there you go. Now, all you have to do is wash the dishes, clean up after the customers when they're done with their meals and serve them their food, of course. Be polite and always have a smile! Remember, the customer is always right.

    » Waitress { unlimited }
    Great, you're the new girl? Glad to meet you, now I am glad you already have your dress on. Yeah, it's customary to wear a dress that resembles Miku, Rini, Soya or Mitsuki, for the girls at least. I'm glad you already have gotten yours. Your hair is... oh, there you go. Now, all you have to do is wash the dishes, clean up after the customers when they're done with their meals and serve them their food, of course. Be polite and always have a smile! Remember, the customer is always right.

    » Cook { 0/2 positions filled }
    Hello there, you're the new cook? Hi, how you doin'? Great, now cut the chatter, we need you to get onto the job right away. I see that you have your right clothes on, that's good. I need you to prepare and cook the food. Yeah, there's only you and one other person, but it's fairly simple... The waiters and waitresses will help you at times, due to the animatronics will sometimes try to wander in here to get a child a snack. Of course, they are allowed to do that, but they try anyways. Just quickly, go prepare! It's nearly time to open the doors!

    » Janitor { 0/4 positions filled }
    You're the new cleaner? Glad to meet you. You should know what to do, clean up the floors, wash the windows, fix the simpler things, all that fun stuff. Of course, you know, you're never allowed to stay over hours. Your job and shift is over when the night guard comes. You are never allowed to be here after midnight. Don't even think of being here until that time. It's... a rather unpleasant time to be around. Don't believe me? Ask the night guard. You do understand your job, right? You clean up... ah, everything... If you get a morning shift, at six o'clock in the morning... don't be shocked if you come one morning to um.... well, let's say if the night guard didn't do his or her job properly, you'll find them in the storage room. That's the first room you'll have to clean up. Got that? Please, don't call the police, it's a natural thing that can happen from time to time. It's all in the contract, so... of course, you'll to be doing your job. Glad to have met you, now I believe it's time to get to work.

    » Technician { 0/2 positions filled }
    Oh great! I'm sure happy to see you! Mitsuki is missing her bow and she's not very happy about it. Could you perhaps program for her to just get another one? Right, you know your job. You fix up the technical errors that our animatronics have. Say their hand is missing or their voice is glitching. You'll be the one to fix them up. However, I do not believe you'll be able to get some of the glitches out of their system,... We've been trying to figure it out for a long time, but I don't know if anyone can figure out that glitch that makes them see the night guards as a endoskeleton without a costume... Well, I hope you can help Mitsuki, right? Go on now, do your job.

    » Watcher { 0/9 positions filled }
    Hey, you made it! I'm glad you're here. Yoshiki is being such a pain and we've needed a watcher on him for a while. What's a watcher, you ask? Well, aren't you a bright one? Maybe you should be paired with Soya... Anyways, a watcher is basically a animatronic's best friend, that one person they trust. You will understand one animatronic and their system. You will be the one to calm them down, the one to talk sense into them, the one they'll go to if there is a minor problem. You'll be that animatronic's best friend. Why do we need this job position, you ask? It's because we need someone to call to if a certain animatronic is having a bad day. They are like teenagers, you know. Everyone needs someone to trust.
    Open Positions:
    Miku's Watcher
    Rini's Watcher
    Soya's Watcher
    Mitsuki's Watcher
    Takeo's Watcher
    Yoshiki's Watcher
    Ryuu's Watcher
    Akira's Watcher
    Makeo's Watcher


    » staff
    -- Toshiaki Shimohara --
    Toshi nineteen malenight guard
    Standing at five foot eight inches tall, having a skinny and sweet look to him, is Toshiaki Shimohira. Known as Toshi by his younger brother and his friends, this young man is a open book. Lightly tanned skin that's a bit to the pale side, long skinny limbs that make him very hard to catch, narrow jaw, baby face... He's someone that most feel pretty protective of. Well, the ones who he's let get to know him. He's one that reminds you of a frightened kitten or puppy. His voice, which is normal for a teenage boy, though a bit to the high pitched side, is soft and gentle, usually no louder than your indoor voice. Toshiaki is almost always smiling, usually having a bright and cheerful look in his handsome blue eyes. Eyes, Toshiaki has blue eyes, the type of blue you'd find on a evening sunset, the last bit of blue sky before it darkens into the night sky. This young man isn't very strong, no, not by any chance. He's clumsier than a three legged yak, he's rather quiet and he is in no way strong. But he's fast and he's agile, when he isn't tripping over thin air. Toshiaki has a very faint splash of light brown freckles upon his cheeks, though you can only notice them if you look extremely closely. He always ha his caramel brown colored hair in a shaggy mess. His hair is a bit to the spiky side, but that's mostly because it has that morning, I-just-got-up kind of look to it. Toshiaki loses thing quite easily, so his uniform for work is just a white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his blue tie around his neck, his black pants, black leather belt and his black shoes. He's always wondered why the shoes were so... light. The shoes made sure he wouldn't slip and that he'd be able to run pretty fast. But... why would he have to run fast? He hasn't exactly been on the job... yet. So we'll see if this'll be edited later in time. «» Toshiaki is a shy, quiet and gentle soul, not one to harm a single person. He's very soft-voiced, someone who just stands off to the side, watching from a distance. He has a small stutter to his voice, often getting tongue-tied over the silliest things, but he can be pretty good with his words. This nineteen year old is a guy to his word, someone who believes promises should always be kept. Having a little brother makes him actually a bit more protective of younger children, as he adores his little brother very much. Toshiaki is someone who you'd go to if you needed a hug or just needed someone to listen. If there is one thing that this boy has, it's loyalty. He's always there for someone when needed and he has quite the heart. He's gentle and quiet, but he's a open book. He has no secrets to hide, nothing really to protect from the world. He's a klutz, that's true. And he's super messy, losing things nearly as soon as he gets them. He lost the black over coat to his job uniform and he hasn't even worked one night yet. What does that tell you? But, anyways, that's Toshiaki for you. He's silly, he's gentle and he's quiet. He's quite thoughtful, but when rushed or frightened, his mind is rather muddled and he makes rather not-too-smart decisions for himself. This nineteen year old boy can be a bit jumpy at times and he's rather a bit afraid of the animatronics. He really just would prefer to have them have their space and he have his own. That's how he visions his job... Ah, silly, silly Toshiaki... He has a bit to learn, doesn't he?
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    » I didn't make this just by myself you, know...
    While I typed out all of this by hand and did create all of the words and text myself, there are some things that I do need to give credit for, as I did not exactly come up with it myself...
    The idea of the whole haunted pizzeria thing is obviously from Five Nights at Freddy's as are the basics of the animatronics above. I got most of this idea from a different thing, but it's based mostly off of Scott Cawthon's second game, "Five Nights at Freddy's 2".
    I based the animatronics off of the MMD (MikuMikuDance) female models on some cute videos I saw on YouTube. So, that's where you can see the actual models themselves, not just by words. With the acceptation of Takeo, Yoshiki and Ryuu.
    The whole "
    Zatune Miku's Funhouse" wasn't all created by my mind. There is a fan-fiction of "Five Nights at Freddy's" called "Five Nights at Miku's" and that is basically where I got most of this idea from. Some of the things, such as the name and the idea of human-animal animatroincs was by the author of that fan-fiction, not me.
    And lastly, it was me, Kid (xXChildishWarXx) that typed out everything and all that. Please, do not steal my work. I typed out everything you see here and it took a heck of a long time too. I originally made this on the official warrior cat forums. But anything to do with animatronics was banned from that site, thus in the deletion of my old role-play, though I think there might be the original thread floating around somewhere on that site... So if you see a user called "~Twilight's S+ar~" on that site, it's me. So I didn't steal it. cx
    Thank you.
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