I've had quite a few ideas.

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  1. So these past few days I've been pondering some rp ideas and thought I'd share them?
    • Innocence is bliss- Basically just your average school rp, but instead of high school like they usually are, it'll take place in elementary. Kindergarten through fifth. Obviously no romance or anything, unless you consider sharing your crayons as romance.
    • Blood in the halls- Your not-so-average school rp. This one would be a high school scenario. Basically your good old story where something dark and sinister breaks out in school. Kind of like corpse party, yeah?
    • Ain't no way we're going home- It can be fantasy or modern but the basic gist is that two lovers are forbidden to love and run from their place of living to be together...I kind of got the idea while listening to a song. You'll get a cookie if you can figure it out. Doubt you can. (This one is obviously 1x1)
    • In which we are safe- A genetic mutation has struck the human race. Many babies were being found born with cat tails and bear ears. Like the faunus from RWBY. Yes, humans and animals DNA had been merged by an accidental lab experiment gone wrong. But many people shun these new beings which are called by many names. "Hybrids" is the most common name amoung the English. Nobody liked these 'creatures". Many parents even disliked their own children. Most of them were kicked to the streets, forced to live in the gutters. Until one man decided to stand up and build a sanctuary for the hybrids where they were all moved to. Once they were there, they where free and finally happy.
    • In assassins we trust- in the city of Elderon, an underground association lives. This association is known and feared all across the land. Their job, much like the Dark Brotherhood of The Elder Scrolls, is to take in contracts given by secret patrons and clients to eliminate a certain target.
    • Lights out- disaster has stuck. No, more then disaster. Horror. Creatures have been created in a lab indecent and have run a muck through the world. But these are no normal groups of monsters. These are more to be feared. These monsters are nothing more then a mass. A dark shadowy mass. The only way to escape the creature is to stay on direct lighting. It cannot be killed, as far as we know,but can be potentially weakened my shinning some light on the situation, if you get what I'm saying (*nudge nudge*). A group of people(including you) awaken with a gnarly headache in a lab. The same lab these monsters were created in, and you seem to be trapped in the building, a shadow creature trapped on with you. You may or may not make it out, but I can tell you one thing. You'll have one hell of an electric bill.
    • New idea | Let The Hunger Games Begin!- Pretty straight forward, really. You're basic hunger games scenario. I think I'll have some help conducting this one, though. I'm thinking though, that maybe instead of the players being the ones participating, I think they might be watching from home, possibly loved ones are participating.
    I'll most likely end up creating and posting more ideas. I'm pretty sure I had a few other ideas and forgot them, so I'll post those when I remember.
    And when it comes to 1x1 I do anything accept MxM. Sorry if that is what you're looking for, but I just can't rp guys
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  2. Hmm... Interested in a good number of these, first 3 caught my eye the most o-o
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  3. Awesome! I'm glad someone is interested in my ideas!
  4. If you still wanted to do any of these, I'm up for it!
  5. Oh, yeah. I'm totally interested in doing these still.
    I'm just waiting for more people to see this.
  6. I'm up for most of these ideas~
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