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I feel like I need to mention this, because I've just had too many role plays failed, but I prefer to RP with someone who is more advanced in their writing. I expect posts about two paragraphs long, but the more the merrier. I'm also one of those people who get easily annoyed by typos and bad sentence fluency, but I can understand it happens to all of us, just don't let it become a thing on every post.

Speaking of posts, I work full time so I'm not on all day. I could probably post at most three times a day, more on weekends, so you must be patient with me too. And while we're on that, I really hope you can let me know if you won't be able to post or if you get bored of the role play too. I don't mind, I really appreciate it, actually.

Moving on...

I have a lot of plot ideas. And I'm actually really good at coming up with stuff on the spot. I don't want to write them out because I have so many, but just to give you the gist of what it would be:

I'm really into modern themes, I have plots for a lot of different modern ideas, some include criminal activity, some include a lot of romance. Romance isn't a requirement for me, but I do enjoy it. Especially if it's subtle. I love supernatural, war, apocalyptic and futuristic universes. I don't have much experiences with fantasy or history, but I'm willing to give anything a try as long as we can have an OOC conversation and understand each other's preferences.

If none of those interest you, there's an idea I've been trying to do for a long time that keeps failing, but I feel like I need a really advanced partner for it to survive this time. What it is is basically for those who can't make up their mind of what type of role play to do, a way to jump from one world to another, anything is possible--time travel, magic, warfare, supernatural creatures, super powers--let me know if that catches your interest, I can dive further into that.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested. And thanks for reading. <3


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Hello there Jiffy,

I believe I may be the guy you are looking for. I too am not around much so I can only perform a few posts a day. With that being said however, I put all my effort into my posts to try and make the Roleplay enjoyable for the both of us. My grammar and spelling is good, my vocabulary is rather complex, however fluidity is something that I am lacking on sadly.

I do not do well with coming up with plot ideas, so hearing you have a lot stored inside your head is a relief to me. The idea of the world hopping is something I have played around with on many occasions, I have come up with three basic languages for different planets. However I tend not to do this as it becomes complicated and people who I have tried to do this with before have not been able to keep up.

I am very interested in all of your ideas, so if you are still looking for someone to roleplay with, I would be more than happy to fill that role for you.

Hope to hear from you soon,
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