I've got some 1x1 RP ideas :D

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  1. So basically, my finals are coming up in a week and I realized "Hey! I have time for roleplays now!" and so here I am! Let me start off by saying both of my Roleplay Resumes are completely filled out on my profile.
    Also, I mostly play female unless it's yaoi, and my boys tend to be more submissive in the relationship. I looooove romance in a roleplay, but I also love action. Yes I am willing to do more mature type, and I don't demand much other than no God-modding and at least a paragraph.

    SO I have a few ideas I'd like to try out, but I'm willing to do almost anything if you have an idea of your own:

    1. I have this plot that takes place in a steampunk world with a monarchy, and my character is an engineer who helps build and drive steam machines in the royal army. Which is where she meets a prince of the kingdom or the kingdom nextdoor

    2. A vampire, werewolf, or some other night creature is awoken from a hundred or more year sleep to find the town they once founded was now a bustling city and that the night no longer belongs to them because it's been overrun by gangs, drugs, and violence. Therefore they make it their personal goal to 'save' it, and reclaim the night. My character is sort of just someone who grew up in that town and tries to help out the community and end the violence in a more peaceful way.

    3. A classic high school RP where my character is an art student with some weird aspects (think Luna Lovegood from HP) that does things her own way, and a class pres who is taking an art class so it looks good for college. They hate each other, he finds what she does useless, and she thinks he's the most pretentious human being ever, and it all goes from there.

    4. This one is yaoi, where my character used to be a dominant kind of guy -- strong, good looking, athletic, always on top, aggressive, arrogant -- until one day he gets into an accident and falls into a coma. When he wakes up, due to the damage done to his body and from being comatose, he has a smaller "uke-ish" body which he tries to constantly improve by working out in the gym, eating high protein diets, whatever he can get, but his body isn't the same anymore which frustrates him. He still tries to be tough, often getting into fights (and losing because his body isn't as strong as it used to be) and he meets this guy who finds his attempts to be dominant more amusing and adorable than actually threatening.

    5. This is post-apocalyptic that starts when a bunch of weather disasters are hitting the earth all at once. Now the characters can be friends, already together or total strangers trying to help each other out and this RP would carry on until after the disasters when they need to survive, hunt, scavenge, travel and leave their homes.

    6. A faerie roleplay where the Summer King is bound into a human form and sent to earth until he learns how to feel the emotions of humans (because most faeries are incapable of doing so) and that's where he meets my character. This could be modern or old time.

    7. Think Uncharted/Indiana Jones/National Treasure where my character is a treasure hunter, perhaps your character could be sponsoring her expedition like Elena does in Uncharted (you don't need to understand the reference to understand the RP) or some historian caught in the middle of the mess.

    Fandoms I enjoy rping (though I prefer to use the setting and use OC's):
    Vampire Knight
    Alice In Wonderland
    Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

    Pairings I enjoy (Italicized is the one I prefer to play)
    Superhero X Commoner
    Superhero X Superhero
    Villain X Superhero
    Faerie X Human
    Faerie King/God-type figure X Human
    Class President X Rebel/Hardcore person
    Vampire X Hunter
    Vampire X Werewolf
    High Class/Prince X Commoner/Low Class

    Those are my ideas :D If you want, any of those can be yaoi, het, or mature. I'm on pretty often, I'll let you know when I won't be on or when I work. So if something interests you here, let me know through this thread or PM me with ideas of your own! I'm honestly willing to try most things :)
  2. I have a great interest in the prince/commoner thing. Perhaps I could be the daughter of a metal worker or something?
  3. Five sounds good to me
  4. That sounds like a great idea but I'm sorry to say that right now though I'm only looking to play female characters. I'm a bit bored with the males. I'm really sorry, it's nothing against you
  5. Great! Any questions or anything you'd like to know about it?
  6. So the Seme, is he a stranger to your character or a friend?
  7. That's totally up to you, I normally pictured a stranger, but now thinking about it, having someone who was his friend would be cool too :)
  8. How about a childhood friend that he had not not met for many years?
  9. I would play the prince, it's fine with me.
  10. if you're okay with that that'd be great! :D
  11. Yay! So am I pompous buttmunch that sees you in danger and has a change of heart or a guy who was forced into being what he is and would much rather have a normal life? I can work with both. Which would you prefer?
  12. Lol! I'm kinda liking the pompous buttmunch xDD
  13. Okay so if you wanna start that I'm all over it!
  14. Great! I'll send you a character skeleton and start the thread :D
  15. Oh! And I should probably ask before I start the thread, is there a certain place or time period you had in mind? Or do you just want the generic kingdom with a monarchy, high class, common folk, etc.?
  16. Yeah let's just go generic but add dragons! Dragons are amazing.
  17. I'm actually liking idea #4...
  18. Awesome! I'm glad you like it :D Do you have any questions or something you'd like to add to the RP?