I've got a lot of weird ideas right now!

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  1. Weird and weird, would I call them weird, now? I don't know. Well, as for my usual this and that I prefer fxf or mxm mostly in romance, I seem to run dead in mxf - but if you've got a good idea for a plot I'm open, generally speaking.

    Okay so, I'll just write down the things I have in mind(do note that this is only very basic things, with for example but not limited to: settings, time periods, realistic/fantasy, pairing type(mxf, fxf, mxm))

    1. The first idea evolves around this blog entry, that I made a little while ago: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-blog-entry/this-is-really-a-strange-thing-new-character-s.3712
      Basically, I'm thinking in the lines of the doppelgänger ending up falling for "herself". It's not really incest in itself, but I was basically thinking that they sort of (soul-wise) grow apart and in the end, they're two people that still are one, for some reason.
      The "old" of them before the change into her new persona falls in love with her new, cooler, kinder, more out-going self and suddenly a lot of things change between them.
      It's a really strange concept and it can be changed to mxm if that's a preference. Basically, it'd be a modern romance with that little bit of fantasy in it as in having a "clone" of herself.
    2. My second idea is the typical meeting at a bar - and yet, is it that typical? My idea is that one of the characters (preferably the submissive if it's mxm) works at this bar (can be a strip bar, or a host club, something of the like) and is basically "dressed up" unlike usually. The bar is a gay bar(obviously) and this character's friend has just mentally come out of the closet and thought that they'd try out going to such a bar.
      Basically, they meet the other character who is working at the bar, they recognize each other and it gets awkward to the point where they don't know what to do anymore.
    3. The third one involves me being this character: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-blog-entry/a-new-character-futuristic-setting.3143/#comment-3644
      More or less, as it says in the title, I was thinking of a futuristic setting (and if you're not comfortable with that, we can go with her being some sort of underground type of person who's into weird things if that's the case) and it could be anything from a random meeting to them being friends. My original idea was that the two characters meet when my character gets drunk and the other character ends up having to take her home and put her to bed because she's so drunk. I'd like this to be an fxf but it can be changed if you come up with a character I'm fond of.
    4. Another one is one I've been thinking about for a while. It's about a detective who falls in love with the criminal he's chasing. Of course, this criminal will be hiding themselves so that the detective doesn't figure it out, and when the truth is revealed, what could happen...?
      I would like this to be in any kind of old-fashioned setting, perhaps around the time of Sherlock Holmes. I like those kinds of settings for detectives - but if you have an idea that's modern, sure thing! I'd also prefer for it to be mxm in this case, I don't really think I'm into the idea about mxf for this setting...
    5. This one is purely my fetish - because you'll see a million of those during your rp time with me. I was thinking along the lines of crossdressing - a cute little guy with a habit of buying cute dresses and then he one day falls in love with a guy. Of course he's dressed as a girl at the time, and the guy totally falls for the "girl". From then on he has to constantly pretend he's a girl trying to win this guy's heart, and in the end, it of course comes to him having to tell the truth.
      It's supposed to be really cute and nice and I was thinking that the crossdresser maybe had a model job, or something of the like causing him to get interested in women's clothing.

    I don't have much other ideas than these five at the moment, and if I get more (or you have an idea that sounds like one of these, maybe) then I'll post them and I'd love to hear your ideas!

    Looking forward to rp with you guys. x3
  2. I'm obsessed with the first idea. If you're still looking I'm interested :)
  3. Yes, of course I am. So is it fxf or mxm for you?
  4. preferably fxf, if you don't mind
  5. That is completely fine with me. Which of the two would you like to play?
  6. the doppelganger, not the original
  7. Alright. She'll be the socially inept and usually sad one :3
  8. so your char is the outgoing one? okay
  9. Yes. I was thinking that the doppelgänger will be the part of herself that she got rid of. That means.. a person that she has rejected as herself. It could create drama later. :3
  10. okay cool. how do you want to go about the arranging of the char's and their names, personalities etc...
  11. Well, their names should start with the same letter, ex: Lucy and Lana or Valerie and Victoria. I don't know what to call them, though... their personalities should be close to opposites.
  12. do you want to make a cs for the original, and I'll base mine around that?
  13. Of course. I'll go right at it.
  14. I forgot to make this cs, aaa Dx I'll make it later today D:
  15. it's totally okay, don't worry about it
  16. Did you see my cs in the other thread though?
  17. just did. I'll reply now
  18. Alrighty, I'll make the other one later on
  19. [[Finally getting this done!]]

    Name: Francesca Lina Norris
    Nickname: Valshe, Lina or Fran (she is almost always called Valshe)
    Ethnicity: English | Japanese | Spanish
    Age: 19
    Orientation: Homosexual

    Height: 5'10"
    Build: Lithe and slim
    Complexion: Fair


    Gentle | Optimistic | Outgoing | Kind | Understanding | Intelligent | Light-headed | Loyal | Funny

    Fran is an always outgoing person, seeing as she has an idol job. She always treats people with kindness and tries to be the best, always trying her best not to make people upset. Sometimes, though, she happens to not notice things. She's a dork when it comes to noticing people who are infatuated with her, and some have even come to her in tears and confessed because she just "wouldn't get it" as they phrased. Fran finds this strange but refrains to mention it. She always stays by the side of her friends, and she does not want people to hate her. She tries to be perfect but sometimes it just isn't possible.


    Fran grew up in Japan and moved to America at the age of 7. She has no signs of her inheritance from the Japanese side of her family aside from her black hair (which is currently dyed blonde). When she was a child, Fran had this habit of telling people that she was a boy, just for fun. She got severely scolded for that, and over her course of life, she wondered what was really so wrong with it. When she first got to America, she only knew the English that her father had taught her, which was British English, and the children always said she spoke in a funny way.

    When Fran grew older, she got more and more outgoing with her life, and eventually got into a music academy, which she's still in now. Her high school years are a bit of a blur to her, but she did have some wild times in her life. Before getting into high school, she had a bad middle school period with bullying. Firstly, because she had black hair and looked pretty Asian despite her blue eyes, and secondly, because she wasn't very sociable. She didn't like talking to others and the bullying just became worse. When she was about 17, she got really, really drunk. She didn't do anything that night, luckily, but she had fallen asleep on her bed that night, her body feeling uneasy and unsteady until she woke up the next morning, only to look into a mirrored version of herself. Well... sort of. The person had her face and features, but instead of her current blonde, the girl's hair was black.

    Unable to do anything else, she let this girl live with her, and that was when she settled her life again and got into the college she wanted to. She is quite popular already with the few CDs she's made and the magazines she poses for now and then.

    E X T R A:

    ↳ Fran is fluent in English, Spanish, German and Japanese
    ↳ Her hair only happens to be there because her mother had a gene for light hair and her father also had light hair.
    ↳ Eyes:
    ↠ A gentle, dark and yet light blue, as the ocean.

    ↳ Scars/Tattoos/Piercings/etc:
    ✒ Tattoo of two black stars on the inner side of her lower right arm, a few inches above her wrist.
    ✒ She has scars on her left wrist and just below her collarbone.
    ✒ She has a birth mark behind her right ear.

    ↳ Fran is a person who rarely gets angry, and when she does, there's usually a good reason behind it.
    ↳ She is a very lonely person, which was why her other half was created.
    ↳ Fran often wakes up with a pain in her wrist, and has over several occasions in her past had panic attacks.
    ↳ Fran's artist name is "VALSHE".
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