I've got a list!

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  1. Lately I've hit a bit of a stump with creating solid, good plots and ideas. Everything's gone down the drain. ;v;
    Though I have a few pairings that, with a little help, I can probably get a good, solid plot out of.
    If your interested in anything down below, send me a PM or comment!

    Human x Death
    Were(anything) x vampire / any mythical or real creature
    Demon x demon summoner
    Human x mythical creature

    Demon x Angel
    Guard x prince
    Assassin x Target
    Slave x Master
    Enemy x Enemy
    Popular x not so popular
    Murder x Random hostage
    7 deadly sins manifested as humans / creatures & wreak stuff. (Kinda apocolypse themed.)
    Mad Scientist x test subject
    Stripper / prostitute x customer

    ??? x ???
    { Bolded out roles are what I'd like to play as, anything left untouched means I could fall as either role. }
  2. SlaveXMaster I would want to be slave up for MxM or MxF
  3. Pairings I'm interested in:
    Assassin x Target
    Murder x Random hostage
    7 deadly sins manifested as humans
  4. Demon x Angel
    Enemy x Enemy
    Slave x Master
    Popular x Not so popular
    Human x Mythical creature
  5. Demon x Angel
    Slave x Master
    Robber/Murderer x Random hostage
  6. Master x slave
    Mad Scientist x Tedt Subject

    Both sound great! I would love to do an MxM on either of those if your still looking for a roleplay! ^.^