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  1. So, I haven't really a set in stone plot, it's total putty right now. However, the basic idea is two brothers (one older than the other sibling by two-four years.) Their parents aren't accepting towards homosexuals, you can imagine the hatred they would feel if they found out their sons were gay, let alone intimate. However, the elder sibling was the one to come onto the younger sibling. It's a toxic mix of peer pressure and enforced fear of their parent's discovery that is used against the younger sibling.

    From that, we can mold and fix it up to however we choose. Ahhh, it's four AM, the idea hit.

    This will include:
    - Incest between brothers
    - Possible non consensual actions
    - Alcohol
    - Peer pressure and fear play
    - Kinks (lay 'em on me.)

    PM me or message down below!​
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  2. And another idea has struck me.

    Two young men, best friends since childhood, have hit a bump. The two will do anything for each other, they're as close as can be, two peas in a pod! However, one of the two young men, character A, has been bullied and constantly attacked. There's not much his friend, character B, can really do but threaten and tell adults. (But we all know how that goes, nothing gets done and the situation gets worse.) One night, Character B is asleep, tucked in his bed when he hears his window open, he looks up to see character A crawling in, that's not odd - it happens often. What is odd, is that he's covered in blood. Not his own blood though. All he hears from character A is: "we have to go, I'm so sorry." Character B, unable to leave his friend, runs away with character A, the two are on the road, running from the law together, encountering so many close calls and struggling to survive.

    This will include:
    - Prostitution (optional)
    - Murder
    - Stealing
    - Violence
    - Non consensual acts
    - Possible drug use
    - ??​
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  3. Still looking (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ​
  4. A rich man, a man who is the boss of his own company that's booming! Money is coming in, the economy is doing spectacular, it's almost hit a peak in the business flow, character A could not be anymore happy than he his now. Money stuffed in his pockets, he can have whatever he may desire - and that means filling his secret life with luxuries many may frown upon. One could call him a 'sick' man, but in all reality, he just dwells in the dark fantasies he plans to make come to life, to fill his sadistic heart and to fill his very desires. In the world he lives in, though it's illegal, he can purchase a slave through the black market, also known as the Underground World. It's his heaven, clubs and joints where he can enjoy himself, auction homes which he can see the selection - on one particular day, he manages to find the purchase of his choice. (Can be any type of creature such as a fairy, nymph, neko, etc.) The creature caught his eye for its attitude, for its almost rebellious nature, he wanted a struggle, he wanted that to fill his twisted and cruel heart and so the exchange is made. Just as he thought when he brought the creature home, nasty temper, agitated and unhappy with the life it's given, but by force the creature will have to accept his role as his master's slave, a slave to the bedroom.

    This will include:
    - Slavery
    - Dubious consent
    - BDSM
    - MxM
    - Sadist and masochist characters
    - Different types of kinks (throw some at me)
    - ..?​
  5. Hmm I know we have two rps together already. But I'd be happy do another if you like. ^_^
  6. Awesome, I'd love to do another. c: can you pm me so we can discuss details?
  7. An old idea I had that I've started wanting once more.

    One day, a young man (character A) takes images of himself in boxers to get a better view, seeing as the mirror is too narrow. Though he's still adjusting to a new phone he recently purchased and accidentally clicks the 'send to all' button. The first person in the contacts list just so happens to be an I identified number. Unfortunately for character A, character B responds and is quite persistent. Do they ever meet in person, or hide behind their phones chatting?​
  8. I will do your second Idea you posted up if you pop me a pm ^^
  9. Looooooove brocest plots, BDSM and naughties. If you're still lookin
  10. I'm interested in your first idea with the brothers, so long as there is no pure non-con. I'm fine with some dub-con though, if they have some amount of hesitation for whatever reasons.
  11. I'm really interested in your second idea if you're still looking for partners!
  12. Send me a PM and we can go into details! c:
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