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  1. Hi all!!
    So I've been wanting to post up a few fandom requests I've been wishing to play out since I cannot find the right players for it for some reason.
    The first will be a Harry Potter based fandom RP, set in Hogwarts Era the last year and is otherwise named : Three of Swords. The second is a Code Geass themed RP. Which would be otherwise named : R3 - The Rise of Lelouch
    The idea around these stories is that they will contain less smut and more plot. Those of you willing to negotiate certain terms & conditions can do so and hit me up with their ideas and requests in a private conversation.
    I'm seeking someone for long term roleplay with the ability to post at least one good paragraph per post as I post relatively at length. I'm no grammar Nazi but I appreciate good grammar and vocabulary skills.
    My non negotiable terms include :
    -No extreme bdsm themes & sex torture scenes -No extreme gore and vore -No toilet play or anything on those grounds -No tentacles
    -whatever I've skipped I'll alert you about if I remember anything to add to the list.

    The plot :
    From the Institute of Salem comes a powerful alliance shortly after the fall of Lord Voldemort who want revenge for his death. They call themselves the Neo Death Eaters and are much more stronger and trained more harshly than the original Death Eater forces. Their aim is to rise up to power ensuring pain, chaos and devastation in more than one way.
    One of them is a transfer student at Hogwarts who meets Hermione Granger from the Golden Trio and manages to infiltrate and buy their friendship. As all of this happens students start to dissapear without trace, terror reigns beyond the walls of Hogwarts and no one is safe anywhere anymore.
    Will the Golden Trio manage to join forces, increase alliances and take down the new group of the powerful Neo Death Eaters and at what cost?
    Themes : Dark, Angst, Psychological Trauma & Abuse, S/M themes, Violence, Use of Dark Magic and more.....
    Pairings : HG/OC, HG/RW, RW/HP, HG/DM.....

    R3 - The RISE OF LELOUCH - Code Geass RP
    "I destroyed the world and created anew...." so he said, so he did and with him his empire and status fell. After the fall of his kingdom and nation, he exiled himself to another land. This land was of course a foreign land to him and even though he missed home he knew he could never return. He travelled for a long time, and he caught a ship that sailed him all the way to the European countries where he never thought he would ever visit. People lived differently and more strangely than they themselves lived. Getting used to their habits was going to be more than hard. Once in Europe, namely the first place being England, he travelled around for days in a row seeking shelter here and there, using his geass to persuade people into taking him in their household, at least for the night. He practically lived a life of darkness, he was alone and no one really cared of what would become of him. All because he did what he thought was righteous.
    At some point in his travelling days he had given up all hope of ever finding and making good use of his life, and tired, tormented and haunted by his past gave up and thought that it would be his end. He knew it was bound to be his end - After getting so far that is.
    One girl travelling with her mother happened to stumble across him in the street, and nearly run him over, hadn't her mother screamed that there was something in the middle for the road. The two stop to see who it possibly can be, and take him with them to take care of him. Her mother thought it would be interesting for them to actually take him in and make them one of their own since he looked like no commoner. He told them his name was Julius Kingsley and that he had come from very far. From that point onwards he works together with this girl to regain his status in life, and possibly create an allegiance thus restoring proper meaning to his life again.
    Themes : Angst, Politics, Trauma, Abuse, Psychological Trauma, Romance, Violence and more...
    Pairings : Lelouch/OC, Julius/OC

    Those of you willing to play with me can send a private message to me highlighting so, and of course the method of RP they wish to roleplay by :
    1. Thread 2. PM3. E-Mail
    Hope to hear from you all soon enough =)
    A Dracul
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