I've Been Waiting



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A boy -
Loud, outgoing

A girl -
Shy, quiet

The boy and girl had grown up in the same small town, neighbors to each other nearly all of their lives.

The boy -
Nine years old

The girl -
Seven years old

The two played with each other every chance they could. As they grew up, they grew to love each other.

The boy -
Not innocent in the least

The girl -
As innocent as an angel

The boy had issues with his temper and would become violent when he was pushed over his limit.

The girl was calm and did her best to sooth him when his temper took control.

He only listened to her when his anger got the best of him. She was an understanding person and could always calm him down.

His dad moved one day, when they were still little, and took his son. The boy never knew; he didn't have a chance to tell the girl goodbye.

The girl was heartbroken. She went looking for him all over town, thinking he was playing a trick on her. She looked for weeks before she gave up.

She still waits for him, trying to be patient as she waits.

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Loretta [Lori] Hettins // Currently 20
She's a quiet girl with a big heart, with eyes only for the one boy who disappeared without a warning or trace. She moved out of her parents' house about a year ago and works as a waitress at the coffee shop down the road. She still hopes he will show up some day. But with her busy schedule, her thoughts are more frequently drifting from him.
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Ralph Forenzo// Currently 22

Ralph is a loud, outgoing boy who is kind but often lets his temper get the best of him. He is the childhood friend of Lori, the young girl who often calms him down when his temper gets too out of hand. One day, Ralph's father takes him away without giving him a warning, never giving him the chance to say goodbye to Lori. As the time passed by, Ralph grew into a fine young man. But he never gave up hopes of seeing his childhood friend again. He had even picked up a steady job as a sales clerk. Although his work often drew his attention, the thoughts of seeing Lori again still lingered. (picture will be put up later ^^)

"Two black coffees," Lori smiled at the elderly ladies who sat at their usual seat, setting their mugs down in front of them. They hadn't even ordered yet, but they always got the same thing. "I'll be back to check on you two later. Don't cause too much trouble," she winked at them playfully and went to check on her other customers. It was fairly busy this afternoon, with everyone filing in for lunch or a late breakfast. Her mind was still able to wander, but not far.
"How much for the vase, Forenzo?" A man dressed in a long black coat with a suave hat to match asked, as he picked up a vase off of a table which was set in front of a window for display. The man's name was John Harrington, a friend of Ralph's. The two had met at a party and though they were strangers to each other, the two had eventually become the best of friends. Ralph walked over to John and took the vase from his hand and studied it as he turned it slowly in his left hand, while the fingers of his right hand held the mouth of the vase. The vase was marked with pictures of lions that hunted an elk that had strayed off from the pack. As well as a flock of birds that flew high in the sky in flocks, the image repeating itself with each turn of the vase.

"Ahhhh, this is a fine vase indeed Harrington. The original price was thirty dollars, but I will sell it to you for a discount of twenty-five." John smiled at Ralph and that smile was all the clarification he needed to know that his friend was satisfied. Without another word, Ralph took the vase to his register and checked it out for John. Once the sale was made, Ralph walked his friend out the store and waved goodbye.

"Thank you and come again!"


Lori finished her shift before the dinner rush came and clocked out. She changed into jeans and let her hair down before hanging her apron and walking out. She had walked to work today to enjoy the fine weather, and so she had to walk home. She didn't mind, though. She took a left out of the coffee shop and headed home. Coming to her apartment, she noticed the door was open. Oh, no... she thought and cautiously opened the door. No one was inside, but the place was a mess. The table was turned over, papers and broken glass from her lamp was everywhere. She bit her lip to keep herself from crying and focused on finding the emergency money she had hidden. She opened up the side of her desktop and sighed in relief. The plastic bag with a few bills in it was still there. She took it out of the bag and pocketed it before getting up and letting out her held breath.

Pulling out her cell phone, she called the police and then her parents, telling them both exactly what happened. She tried to keep her voice from cracking or shaking, but she couldn't help it as she spoke of the damages at her feet.

Ralph sighed in relief after seeing his last customer walk out the door, giving her a friendly smile and wave. He walked around his counter and stood before his register, removing all the cash box and putting it a vault located under the counter. He walked from behind the counter and made a right towards the door and clicked off the lights before locking the door. His home was only two blocks away, so he didn't have to drive his car to work each day. He was lucky to have gotten a job close to home and very fortunate.

As he walked passed other shops and businesses, he began to have flashbacks of his friend Lori. The visions were broken into parts that represented the little things they used to do as children. He closed his eyes and became engulfed in the memories as the cool breeze of the day brushed gently against his face. He let out a sigh then spoke softly to himself "Lori, I long to see you again and tell you just how sorry I am. That I never got the chance to tell you goodbye"

He slowly began to go deeper into thought until, the sound of sirens screamed out and startled him, causing him to open his eyes. He had been so engulfed in his memories that he hadn't realized he was in front of his house now. He looked over to his house but didn't walk to it. Instead, he made his way around the block from his house to see what all the commotion was about.
Lori cried, clinging to her mom as her dad and the police officers inspected the apartment and it's damages. Her mom rubbed her back, murmuring words to try and sooth her precious daughter. Her laptop had been taken, along with her jewelry and debit card. Lori's mom reminded her that those things can be replaced with just a phone call or two. Lori nodded and took half a step back from her mom, wiping her eyes and face from the tears.

The apartment manager talked with the officer and dad as well. Lori asked if she could move into a different apartment and have the locks changed, and the apartment manager agreed. They would begin tomorrow, so the maintenance team had enough time to get the supplies. Lori agreed and her mom told her she'd set up the spare bedroom for her daughter.
Ralph finally made it around the block to see that police were everywhere. He was hesitant at first, filled with thoughts that he may see a dead body. But, he realized that his accusation of the situation was wrong when he didn't see any tap or ambulances around. He let out a releaving sigh then made his way closer to the scene. He stopped across the street from the house and looked over to the other side, curiously. The way he looked was more like a kid gazing at delicous treats through a candy store window, wanting to know its secrets.

Finally, after a few more moments of suspense, a woman and two other people with there arms wrapped around her came out of the house. Ralph noticed that the girl was crying and her parents lips moving. He couldn't make out what they were saying, but he could tell they were comforting her. His attention went back on the girl for a few more moments, then towards the opened door. It seemed she was robbed. Although, robberies were common around the city.

He looked back at the girl and focused his attention on her. The more he stared at her, the more she seemed to resemble his childhood friend. But, could it have been possible?

Lori grabbed some of the clothes that were now scattered all over her room and put them in a bag before coming back out and getting in her mom's car, wiping her face once more. She tried to ignore the curios stares of her neighbors; she just wanted to be alone right now. Her thoughts drifted to Ralph. She wished he was here. He would probably know what to do, or at least help comfort her. He probably forgot about her by now. The thought only added to her depressed state; she sighed.

Ralph stood dazed as the girl went back into the house then came out holding what seemed to be clothes. His eyes never left her for a second even when she got into the car. He began to take a step with his left foot, but stopped as his eyes lowered. Maybe he was wrong, maybe it wasn't her. But, what if it was her? He closed his eyes and let out a sigh, then walked away as he placed his left hand on through his hair and scratched his head. He stopped and looked back at the car one final time. He couldn't help but wonder if that woman was alright and if she had been hurt. "I hope she will be alright" ​He said softly, before returning home.

Lori looked out the window and blinked, staring at the face that couldn't belong to... "Ralph," she whispered, watching him walk away as her mom drove off towards the house she grew up in.

"What was that, honey," her mom asked, looking at her.

"Huh? Oh, nothing," Lori shook her head and faced forward in her seat.

Memories filled her head, memories she hadn't really thought of for a long time. The hope that he was back in town just grew as she realized how much she missed him.

Ralph opened the door and walked inside, then locked it behind him. He headed to the kitchen and fixed a sandwich with a side glass of root beer to wash his down. He sat down and began to eat still thinking about the girl that he saw only a few moments ago. Perhaps he wasn't just imagining things. After all, the resemblance was very, very similar.

"Lori, could it really be you?"He said finally as finished his sandwich and the last of his rootbeer. He put the dishes in the dishwasher then headed to his room and got cleaned and changed clothes.

After he got refreshed, he plopped down in his bed on his back, placing his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling.

The memories of his childhood with Lori began to play over and over in his head, the girl who resembled his friend had made him start to miss her even more now.


Lori was ushered inside by her parents, and her mom made sure not to leave her alone for too long. She let her daughter take a shower and change into her comfortable sweats before she put a movie in and began making dinner in the next room. Her father sat in his chair with a newspaper, making the entire scene a familiar one. Lori grew up with her weeknights in almost the exact same way. It was a comfort to her, and she hugged the throw pillow while she watched the screen. She wasn't really paying attention to it, though. She was thinking about Ralph; wondering what he was doing, where he was. She hoped it was really him that she'd seen earlier, and not just a figment of her imagination.

Ralph sat up in his bed and opened his eyes slowly. He placed his right hand on his forehead as his eyes lowered, looking down at the floor. The thoughts of the woman he saw continued to play over and over even more now. The more he tried to shake the thoughts, the more they came back in doubles. The floor was a little cold as he stood up bare-foot but,he disregard it and walked towards his window. His eyes trailed off towards the sky as the sun slowly drifted off behind the clouds. He couldn't help but wonder if that woman was alright, but it was very strange. He lowered his hand from his forehead and let out a sigh, placing his hands softly on the window.

Lori got up and grabbed the leash. "Tony, c'mere, boy," she called. The large german shephard came out with his tail wagging. He loved Lori and would never let anything happen to her. She knew she'd be safe with him when she went for a jog. She wanted to see the park, take a walk down memory lane. "I'll be back for dinner, Mom," she promised and jogged out the door with Tony. Paranoid, she kept an extra-close watch on their surroundings. She didn't want to be mugged like her apartment had.

Once they reached the park, only a couple blocks down the road, she went straight to the swing set. She tied Tony's leash loosely to the leg of the swing set and sat down in the nearest swing. She swung slowly, chuckling fondly at the memories of the times she spent here with Ralph.

After peering out of the window for a few more moments, Ralph decided to get dressed and get some fresh air. Perhaps, the cool breeze and beautiful scenery would help clear his mind. He walked over to his closet and took out a pair of black jeans and short-sleeve white buttoned down shirt, as well as a pair of white shoes. He changed out of his pajamas and grabbed his keys. Once he made it out of the house and locked the door, he made his way towards the park.

Once at the park, he sat down on a nearby bench and looked around. People walked their dogs, children played football, flew kites and tossed frisbies to each other. Ralph continued to look around until , he spotted a girl with her dog sitting on the swing. He took a closer look and noticed that it was the girl he saw earlier. It suddenly felt as if time had slowed. Perhaps, just maybe, it was her. There was no fighting the feelings he felt it was his long time friends but, doubt slowly kicked in. Ralph placed a hand over his chest then stood up slowly.

He had to figure out if it was her. His legs seemed to move on there on against the will of the rest of his body. Each step took him closer until he came to a complete stop now standing next to the woman sitting on the swing. He stood frozen for a few moments. His heartbeat sped up and he began to shake slightly. He had to speak now or else she would think he was weird or creepy for just standing up looking at her. He gulped then shook his head and spoke softly.

"Um, Hello there."


Lori sighed as she swung lazily and jumped, startled from her thoughts, as Tony got up and went to wag his tail. Tony remembered the scent of the man standing next to her, though she hadn't turned to see him yet.

"Um, Hello there."

She turned to face him and her eyes went wide. Not with fear, but with recognition. He looked exactly like Ralph, only older. "Hello," she said, standing slowly. She hoped this was who she thought it was, and not the person who ransacked her apartment. Tony seemed excited to see this man, whichever he was. The dog's tail was wagging enthusiastically as he tugged on the tied-down leash.

Now that he looked at her more clearly, she definitely looked like Lori. From the eyes, as well as the way she spoke. It was all to similar. He faded off into thought, as memories of Lori and him playing tag and chasing birds in the park played in his mind. As more memories began to play, his thoughts were broken by the sweet, gentle sound of the woman's voice "Hello"

He blinked twice, then looked at the woman with a smile. He had began to speak, the dog in which she was walking, began to bark happily and tug on his leash. He wag his tail as if he were excited to see Ralph. In response, Ralph stooped down and reached out a hand towards the dog, then began petting his head lightly with a smile, speaking sweetly

"It appears that your dog has taken a liking to this stranger"
He chuckled, as he took the dogs head in both of his hands, rubbing behind his ears and under his neck.