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  1. Hey! I'm Voxxian, or Vox for short, but you can also call me by my name, TC. I love drawing, and am majoring in Game Art at Full Sail University as an advanced student! Birds are my favorite animal, and hot demon twins from Hell infest my mind pretty much all the time.

    Been roleplaying since I was 8 years old, so I have 10 years of roleplaying under my metaphorical belt. Though, there is plenty of room for much-wanted improvement!

    Forums confuse me, RP forums moreso, and seeing as I've avoided them all all my life, this is quite a leap for me.

    Dumping a close (though toxic) friend of 10 years led me to seek out adequate roleplay partners for the past two years as she'd been the only one I had all those years, leading me right up to this point in time, right to this website!

    I'm hoping I can find some I kickass partners on here for some private rping. Maybe shake off my fear of forums, haha?

    Also, a quick but very relevant side note: I love BL (yaoi). I read and watch it, I live it (literally). Hopefully I can find roleplayers as enthusiastic as me in that department? B)

    ...Anyway, nice to meet you all!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Defender of Justice!

    Nice to see another Mysme player =w=
  3. Hello, beautiful Sen! Thank you!

    You have no idea, this game has me obsessed. :')
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  4. I'm on Yoosung's route and I pretty much want to punch him right now haha ; ;

    Zen is best boi though. Still need to get to 7.
  5. Oh yeah, all that angsty Rika stuff is killer. He's still a precious bab tho.......

    Zen and 7, they're definitely my top two but..... I have a weakness for obnoxious redheads;;;;;; Almost done with his route right now, actually! Then off to Jumin I go. And Yoosung for last, because he's Yoosung//
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  6. Haha, yeah. I'm following the ideal order bc plot purposes but like??? Zen is a complete 180 from Yoosung and I cannot handle the emotions and the anger in me ; ;
  7. I feel I feel omg. I love him but he wasn't my favorite from the start, which kinda led me to jumping all over the place in game?? I love him but he gets his turn last for being such an emotional angsty pants lmaooooo
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  8. Hello, Game Art student at Fullsail who loves birds. Guess what? I am also a Game Art student at Fullsail, and I love birds! I honestly couldn't believe it when I read your post, what are the chances? I guess this is my lucky day. Speaking of BL, have you ever read the manga Crimson Sword?
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  9. wow, that's actually really cool? like what are the odds of that?? :') and no, i dont think so!! but since it's BL i'll probably be giving it a read though, since i've been looking for new stuff to read B)
  10. I know, right? That must be one of those million-to-one chances. So, besides the all-powerful yaoi, what sort of role plays do you like?
  11. i'd say i have a decent variety?? slice of life, action, mystery, spinoffs/aus, fantasy, something with world building - honestly, all of it is pretty much fair game unless it's too gory :'0
  12. You don't like gore? Man, I really enjoy good gore, in the right setting. I understand that's not everybody's thing, though. You sound like you enjoy a good cross-section of genres :)
  13. yeah, i mean im cool with gore! but depending on exactly what type of gore (cannibalism/eye gore/etc) and the detail paid attention to it is where i kinda get queasy :< but i do really love violence and some gore related to it!
  14. Welcome to Iwaku! I've been roleplaying for some time, too, but I lack in the drawing skills... (I'm slightly jelly).

    I might be interested in that department. I'm pretty much open to any roleplay as long as it's not like... EXTREME.
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