I've already gotten a bad start 'round here.

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  1. Seems I've already done something wrong around here- saying I'd like "Literate RPers only" in my first role play, seems to make some people mad?
    =_=; Why though? I prefer literate people because then I can tell what the hell is going on in the role play.
    I haven't found very many role play sites that seem to like me, and it's getting a bit frustrating.
    I'm not sure what to do now.
  2. Hmmmm...I believe that would be because you have not found the right people to roleplay with :o

    Do not give up your search =p

    You may want to look at the profiles of members and find a specific type of pal to roleplay with. Otherwise, I suggest you become a jet and bomb someone until they obey you. The second part was probably impossible. But, still. Good luck and god speed =)
  3. Ah sweetie, maybe you have a bad time on roleplay sites because you freak out over something small. XD You're not in trouble, no one hates you and it's not a big deal at all! (Or maybe those other sites are assholes! O__O )

    About the literate thing though.... That is a -terrible- trend, and I don't know who started it. Whomever did needs to be slapped. :/ I asked you to read that blog, because most people don't realize that telling people they need to "be literate" is a very rude and condescending way to talk to people. People get offended, and feel like they need to be good enough to roleplay with you. That you will be critical and judgement about their posting. They don't take it to mean what you WANT it to mean.

    So it is a much much better thing to just explain to people what you expect from posts in a more constructive and polite way. 8D
  4. I fixed my post, I suppose it does make some people feel bad.
    I've just had far too many people role play with me with horrible chat speak and bad punctuation, so bad that you couldn't even tell what was going on.
    I added things to make it more specific, and took out the "Literate RPers only" part.

    I just seem to always do something wrong on every RP site I join, so I was like "Oh God, not again."
    Anyway, thank you for pointing that out.
  5. Yeah horrible chat speak and shitty punctuation always drives me insane too. >< But I make sure to say that in my requests, that way potential partners will understand very specifically what things I won't tolerate. Everyone has different pet peeves when it comes to grammar, so it's good to be specific.

    It also helps newer roleplayers learn, and those lazy roleplayers get a hint. 8D

    Dun worry about doing stuff wrong! <3 We all do stuff wrong at some point. If you make any mistakes, people will be really nice about helping you out. We hit them with sticks when they don't... >>
  6. *Prods about with my stick, prepared for the hitting* Wah! :O!
  7. Diana is exactly right. Saying "literate" always sounds so terribly condescending in my opinion. Even those people who type chatspeak are literate. Literate is to be able to read and write, which they can do. It makes it a fuzzy, messy, blurry line because you're not actually stating what you want. Everyone on this forum is literate.

    Like Diana said, tell them what you're looking for and people might rise to the occasion better.
    State "I would like my partner(s) to type to the best of their ability with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. No texting speak or asterisks, please".
    That way people understand what you want and can actually give it to you.
    And try not to sound too strict, else you might scare people away. Making it sound as though an accidental typo where their fingers got excited and "the" became "eth" will intimidate people because everyone makes minor mistakes.

    Don't get discouraged, though. Using these tips, I'm sure you'll find someone to play with.
    Another alternative is to join a game where someone else has already stated rules such as these or you enjoy the story and participants.
    Chin up, kiddo~