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  1. As the glowing orange ball slowly made its way above the cloud, most of the town was still fast asleep. Not Andrea. Having been up long before dawn, he had found his way up on op of one of the larger buildings. The air was low, making it hard to breath, but he still enjoyed the view. Using a hand to hold onto a crevice in the building, he leant over the edge, stretching out a hand towards the sun. One day, he would leave. He would collect that gas and find a way to get rid of it. One day.

    Though, it seemed that day was not today. It was illegal to be so high up outside of a building due to the low oxygen levels and now sirens could be heard below. The guard was coming. Oh fun. Sighing softly, he pulled back and regained his footing on the ledge. He then began to climb down, making sure he didn't slip on the smooth surfaces.


    "No... No this is not fair! No, no, no!" The girl slammed her hand on the desk, sending bits and pieces flying everywhere. In her other hand was another paper being crushed in her fingers. "He cannot come here! No way!" Of course, she was screaming to no-one. The house was empty save for the small puppy in the next room, who was originally at her feet. Kitiana sighed, dropping back onto her chair and staring at the ceiling. "I don't want my cousin here..." she mumbled to herself, swinging herself side to side.

    Adika gave out a little yip, then. It seemed someone was at the door. Kiti sighed, getting up formt he chair as the doorbell rung. And then it rung again. And again. "I'm coming! Have some patience!"​
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  2. The town was far from any sort of "paradise" that Nicholas had ever seen. In a way he wondered if he tried to jump down if the landing would kill him, or the poisonous air would get to him first. It was a mystery, but if Nicholas tried pushing someone down, then he would never get to hear the answer. How pitiful really, maybe he'd jump one day to find out. The guards were as corrupt as ever, and every other human being was only there for their own survival. In this life it was either kill or get killed, and Nicholas preferred to stay on the "killing" side, instead of the "dying" side. His clothes weren't even white anymore, his t-shirt was stained in both dirt and blood, mostly someone else's, but he couldn't recall who's. People were so desperate to survive that they would attack head on without even looking at their opponent. Nicholas was far from any buff guy, he had a small, but tall build, but he knew his way when it came to fighting. It was the only way to survive nowadays, but Nicholas had to watch out for the groups. He couldn't take on ten rookies, he was just one person.

    Nicholas was just peacefully walking along the streets in some search for some food, he was getting a bit hungry, when he noticed a guard. "HEY! You!" The guard shouted and was already making his way towards him. How troublesome. Nicholas stopped and looked at the guard, before he looked around himself. The guard had a baton, but who needed that when Nicholas had a nice rusty steel pipe? He stomped on it to make it fly up in the air and grabbed it, swiftly avoiding the baton swing, as he swung the steel pipe straight in the man's side. The guard stumbled a bit backwards, before he went in for another swing. The baton missed, but the guard's fist managed to hit Nicholas's jaw. "Ouch... That hurt..." Nicholas muttered, wiping away some blood from the corner of his lips. A twisted smirk came across his lips, as he hit with the steel pipe straight in the man's stomach again. However this time he grabbed onto the guard's collar, and dragged him over to one of the many edges of Syraei, and held the man over the edge, balancing him on his heels.

    "D- Don't kill me...! Please! I have a family!" The man pleaded as Nicholas just smiled an innocent looking smile, keeping the man on the edge. "Hey. Can you tell me... If you come back to haunt me. Tell me how you died. If it was the fall, or the gas," Nicholas asked as the guard's dark eyes reflected, nothing, but true fear. "Don't kill me! W- We can work together! You'll survive easier in a group!" The guard pleaded again as Nicholas just laughed. "... I'm not giving you a second chance to kill me. I'll kill you, before you kill me," and with that Nicholas let go of the guard's collar and watched as he fell down until he was out of sight. Too bad, he wanted to see if he was going to die when he hit the ground, but this was at the very least a lot less bloody. He wiped some of the blood from the corner of his lips with his t-shirt, and threw the rusty pipe away. Time to find some food. He was really hungry.
  3. Gabby sat atop one of the buildings, watching as the sun made its trek across the sky. It was almost a sad thing to watch. How free the sun must be, up in the open sky, breathing clean air and not having to worry about when your next meal might be. She didnt even remember the last time she had eaten.

    She was tinkering with an old style pocket watch. She was always intrigued with gears and how they worked. The metal pick she had in her hand turned the gears manually. The tick of the hand soothed her. Atleast if she died right now, she would die listened to the soft tick.

    She looked down as a guard fell over the side. Pity. She hated mixing up with those stupid guards. One had tried to get in her pants, but luckly she was good at running away from things. Gabby was tinkering when the pick broke, sticking in one of the gears. Shrugging, she tossed it over the side. Not such a pity.

    The poisonous gas below loomed below the city like a beast waiting to strike. She would eventually die. She hoped that when she did, it would be fast, like hitting the ground from so high up. That was fast. What if the poison made you bleed from every hole in your body? Or it squeezed your lungs and you suffocated?

    She hoped she would never find out.
  4. As he made his way down, Andrea couldn't help but smile at the guards above him. They had only just reached the spot in which he was watching the sun rise and now they had to chase him down again. Too bad they couldn't fly, though he knew the government was working on that aspect. Though, being preoccupied with the people standing above you often leads to the fall of oneself. In this case, it had a literal meaning. When Andrea glanced up at the guards once again, he felt himself slip and fall.

    He didn't cry out, though. He knew that he would fall, and of course, he had a plan. Perhaps not the best plan, but it was a plan. Letting out a cry of joy, Andrea pulled out the hover board he had received years before and began to glide down the edge of the building, gradually picking up the speed as he went. Laughing, he balanced the best that he could before actually realising that the ground was fast approaching. With wide eyes he cried out "Fuck," before finally crashing into a large pile of trash.


    "What do you want at this hour?" Kitiana asked, swinging the door open.

    "I-I'm just the mail man," the man replied, wincing as the door slammed against the wall with a bang. Gulping, he held out a small package," Dr. Preful would like you to look at this. He says it's malfunctioning."

    Kiti frowned, taking the package and weighing it in her hands. "How much is he willing to pay?" she questioned, not bothering to open it.

    "Any amount, he said," the man mumbled. "He just said that it was a very important piece."

    "Very well," Kiti sighed, "I'll have it ready by Monday." She closed the door then, turning to Adika. "Well, then. Lets get this place cleaned before that brat gets here."​
  5. As Anastasia walk across the streets, she cannot help but let out a sigh. She's running late from her meeting and someone is following her. Getting a little bit irritated she said out loud "Excuse me, sir. Do you need anything?" she asked, whipping around and looking at her stalker's eye, her gaze never faltering and her voice made out of steel "What do you got there, doll?" the man asked smirking, slowly cornering her into a wall. She clutched the bag to her chest even tighter, her gaze now on the floor "I-it's just some trash I found in the dumpsters. I wouldn't mind to share it with you if you want." she offered. The man quickly leaned away and snorted in disgust, leaving her behind saying "What a waste of time. And I thought you have some food in you or something" it muttered and walked away.

    After the man was out of sight, she quickly ran to the meeting place, a secluded area where debris and rubble of stones and concrete are scattered everywhere. Children and families started to come out from their tattered homes, meeting her with smiles etched on their faces.

    "Forgive me for being late. I got into a bit of trouble on my way here" she panted while handling the bag to the families. "Oh, dear. Are you alright? You're not hurt are you?" a mother asked, her voice filled with worry and concern. "I'm fine, no need to worry about me" she answered back, letting off a bright and cheerful smile.

    "we wouldn't know what to do if you'll be gone, Ana" a father said, holding her wife "If it wasn't for you who knows what will happen to the children." he stated with sadness in his eyes.

    "Don't worry, I won't be gone. I'll always be with you guys!" she exclaimed "But, i think I won't be able to visit for a couple of days. The guards started to double up around my area and I cannot risk you guys to be found" she proclaimed

    "it"s fine, Ana" the mother said, clutching her hand with hers "You've done more than enough for all of us. Besides, you've brought more food than yesterday. I'm sure we'll manage."

    "Alright then! I'll be taking my leave now. Uncle will be mad if he found out I snuck out again!" she waved them goodbye and walked away from the families.

    She's been giving her food to them for quite some time now, and she felt happy. Her uncle always told her that selfish people live longer yet, she felt that it's wrong to be selfish. She wasn't brought up by her parents to be selfish. So, she decided that it's better for her to give away what she have, that it's better to give away her food to those who really need it. Besides, Anastasia can survive without food for a couple of days.

    As she walk through the streets, she saw a flicker of movement in the corner of her eye "I-is that a pipe?" she whispered under her breath. Her instincts told her to run away, but her curiosity got the best of her and peeked in a corner, seeing a boy letting go of a guard's collar and watched him fall. She let out a surprised yelp then quickly covered her mouth, hiding behind the corner. Hoping and praying that no one heard her.
  6. Nicholas sighed as he could hear his rumbling stomach protest that it hadn't gotten food in a couple of days, but how was he suppose to have gotten food when the guards had been on his tail for the last couple of days? Before that he was stuck in a cell and waited for his time to die, but when the cell was more rusty than the pipe he had picked up, how had they even thought they would be able to keep him in there. He ruffled through his brown hair to get some dirt and blood out of it, flinching a bit when he hit one of the spots that were still bleeding. Fighting wasn't easy, it was tough and even if Nicholas had no one he could return to or have help him, he preferred it that way. The less people around him, the less people could turn on him. Amazing what humans could do just for the sake of surviving. His eyes returned to look over the edge, wondering if he should jump too, but was quickly pulled out of these thoughts when he heard a yelp from behind him.

    "..." His eyes looked directly over to the corner, as he sighed and decided to not approach, but instead tilt his head a little bit to the side to catch some long blue strands. A girl? "Hey. Come out of your hiding place. It looks more suspicious, and if you're hiding behind a corner then you're wide open on your other side," Nicholas casually advised the girl that was hiding and kicked the pipe away. "I'm judging by the fact you have yet to attack me, you're not going to. But if you are, you're going to join the guard," Nicholas added as he gestured over to the edge. How long ago had it been since he had accepted how the world was going to be? Three, maybe four months ago? It was just one of nature's rules that finally inflicted the human race more than it had before. Get killed, or kill. Nicholas was planning on killing, because he was human too. It was normal to wish to survive right? Grow old, and maybe, just maybe, see the world in a way better light.

    It was then that Nicholas' eyes caught sight of another guard, one that was seeing the girl and not him. "Are you kidding me..?" He muttered to himself. What was this bad luck? Quickly he grabbed the rusty steel pipe again, though he didn't make it to block the knife, and felt a deep stab wound to the side. "... You guys and your cheap tactics!" Nicholas was rather annoyed at the moment and swung his pipe straight to the man's head, sending him stumbling backwards, as Nicholas stumbled forwards along side with him, kicking him over the edge without a second thought, before sitting down and clenching at his side. "Your lucky day huh...?" Nicholas asked as he looked at the girl. "This is the only opportunity you'll get. Make it quick," Nicholas' voice was starting to shake. "Ah... this hurt..." He muttered, applying as much pressure as possible on the wound to avoid bleeding to death.
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  7. Anastasia trembled upon hearing the boy's words "Should I attack him?" she asked herself but quickly shook the thought. She doesn't want to join the fallen guard. She has so much to do before she die. "Uhm... I.. I didn't see anything so...uhm.." she stuttered and trailed off, unsure of what she's going to say.

    She then saw a guard coming into her direction. Shaking with fear, she whispered to herself "Oh Gods, this isn't good" and was about to run away when the boy tried to save her from the wretched grasp of the guard, swinging the rusty pipe and getting stabbed in the process.

    She stood there in complete utter shock and disbelief. Did he just pushed another guard off the edge?

    She quickly snapped out of her trance when she heard the boy in pain, red crimson blood staining his clothes "Oh Gods, you're bleeding!" she stated and came rushing to his side. Not knowing what to do, she ripped off the hem of her white dress and started to wrap it around his side. "That should stop the bleeding for a moment. Gods, your wound is deep" she uttered, looking at the freshly stabbed flesh. That could have been mine she shuddered at the thought and looked at him "Come on, I'll patch you up." she said as she swung his arm around her shoulders, lifting him up by wrapping an arm around his waist. "My house isn't far from here. I got medical supplies to treat your wound." she stated and started to drag him to her house, hoping that her uncle isn't home.

    "God knows what he'll think of if he finds out about this" she muttered to herself, looking around to see if there are still guards around the area.
  8. Nicholas looked up at the girl that was rushing to come over to him, seemingly in a hurry too, before she ripped off a piece of her dress and wrapped it around the stab wound. What was this? Was this girl really naive or just overly kind? Maybe she wanted to kill Nicholas herself without some random help from a guard that Nicholas ended up kicking off the edge. It was just him thinking quick, because that was needed, and why he had saved or helped the girl in the first place was still a mystery to himself. "No you're kidding? I'm bleeding?" Nicholas muttered a bit sarcastically as he let her wrap the piece of her dress around him, it would apply a lot more pressure than his hand could. Oh he shouldn't have pushed that first guard over the edge now, they could have worked together. Oh well, what was done. Maybe the two guards that had flown over the edge could tell him how they died, if they came back to haunt him of course.

    Normally Nicholas would have shoved the girl aside and not let her take him somewhere that he didn't know, he didn't trust strangers, and this didn't make a huge difference. The only difference, the mayor difference, was the part about him being injured. He wouldn't survive for another hour if he walked with such a deep wound, so whether he wanted it or not, he was at this random girl's mercy. Nicholas let out a chuckle as the girl hoisted his arm over her shoulder to help him stand up properly, before she began walking in some random direction. "... You're either really naive, or way too kind," Nicholas muttered over to her as he tried to help her as much as possible by shifting his weight on the opposite side of where she was standing. She had a small build so he didn't want to break her by his body weight. Honestly, this girl reminded him more of a porcelain doll than a human. Maybe it would help her.

    "I'm not used to being all friendly and mushy stuff like that, so don't expect anything big, but...." Nicholas brought one of his hands to brush his brown bangs out of the way, looking over at the girl and tried his best to smile despite the stab wound on his side. "... I'm Nicholas. Nico for short," He introduced himself. She decided to help instead of kill, at the very least she deserved some trust back since she was putting a lot in him right now. Maybe because he couldn't exactly go crazy and start killing or attacking anyone for a while, at the very least not until the stab wound was properly patched up.
  9. Anastasia simply rolled her eyes at the boy's statement "Well, let's just say I'm both." she said to him and smiled, huffing and puffing on how heavy the boy is. She felt relieved when he shifted his weight to his side, decreasing the weight she was carrying.

    She ignored his introduction, concentrating on dragging him to her house. A couple of minutes and guards passed, they were finally in a secluded area hidden behind damaged buildings and broken houses.
    "Just a couple of feet more and we're almost there" she muttered under her breath.

    No one would expect to have a house surrounded by rubbles. Now, they were standing in front of her house, it has a patio and colourful flowers in front of the yard. No one ever knew where she lived, and yet she made sure to keep the house in pristine condition, like the war never happened.

    They walked inside, her eyes scanning the surroundings for her uncle.
    "Uncle?" she asked out loud and after standing in the hall for a couple of minutes like an idiot, she ushered the boy upstairs into her room, grabbing a bowl of fruits on her way up.

    "Gods, that was close..." she muttered under her breath, closing the door and wiping the beads of sweat forming on her forehead. “Here have some fruit" she offered to him and went inside the bathroom, grabbing a few medical supplies and saw a note on her mirror saying:

    I'll be gone for a few days. Be safe okay? You know where the food is and please promise me you'll never sneak out while I'm gone? That this will be the last time you'll sneak out?


    She sighed to herself. So I’m alone in my house with some stranger? Great! Just great. She thought to herself, walking out of the bathroom.

    "Sit" she ordered him, pointing on the bed and started to patch up his wound. She cleaned his wound, disinfecting it and replacing the bloody cloth with a fresh bandage. "There all, done. You should rest first before leaving. It's not good for your wound if you move around much" she stated in a matter of fact voice as she clean up the bloody mess "I'm Anastasia by the way, and you're safe around here." she introduced, grabbing a fresh white dress from her dresser "Don't worry, I have no intention of killing you. It's just the two of us in this house. There's food under my bed and some water. Call me if you need anything, okay?" she looked at him smiling, then opened the door "Oh, it's nice to meet you Nicholas" she said and went downstairs to change.

    Am I doing the right thing? She asked herself once more. Maybe he’s right. I am either really naïve or way to kind.
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  10. Gabby was walking in a side street, only a few feet from the edge of the city. What would it be like? To fall and land onto the earth below. Maybe she wouldnt break her neck in the fall, or her lungs shrivel up like burning paper from the gas. She would float to the earth below, and the world would grow anew like a blossom in spring.

    Yeah, Right.

    Gabby stopped and leaned against a building. She wished her parents were here. Or that she had somebody to talk to. Her thoughts seemed to run around in her head, like they were trying to win a marathon against themselves. It seemed endless, and it was tiring. She wanted to share her thoughts so the would stop running circles around her.

    From her position on the side of the building, she could see the horizon. It was beautiful. It would probaby be a lot more so if the clouds below it werent teeming with deadly chemicals. With a sigh, her back slid against the wall until her backside reached the cold earth below. The guards hardly ever checked back in the alleys, so she had a chance of not being spotted by many people.

    She laid her head back against the cold of the building behind her and groaned, her eyes closing. Why did he have to be born now? Into a horrible, poisoned world with nobody to go to. Her parents left her with a house and barely anything. She was always hungry, and worried if she would be alive and breathing by her next meal. That is, if she got one. The people here were all scavenging stray animals, hoping for some sort of miracle.
  11. William Agora or known more likely as Will was walking down the streets with his hands in his pockets and whistling softly to himself. He wasn't any better off then any of the other people in the city but he always did his best to try and stay on the positive side of things and help others who needed it. That wasn't to say he wasn't dangerous when he needed to be he just would rather choose to avoid violence. Especially if it would lead to the death of someone. He knew martial arts and practiced quite often at home when no one else was around. He knew that if someone found out about his talents it could cause some serious issues with the guards which is why he did the best he could to keep them hidden.

    As he walked he passed a young boy who was hardly older then eight. He was wearing ragged clothes and looked like he hadn't eaten in days maybe even weeks. He paused and looked at the kid and noticed he wasn't moving or reacting to anything. He instantly paled and leaned down and checked the kids pulse. Dead. He sighs and shakes his head and then stands up "..his life ended before it could even truly begin..." He said a small prayer for the boy and then turned to continue on his way but a guard was blocking his path "look what we have here...murdering a little boy huh? that's not going to go over well. we don't have room for murderers so I'm just going to save the trouble and take you out myself!" The guard lunged at him and swung his baton at his face. Will's eyes widened in shock and quickly ducked beneath the swing. He then reached up and grabbed the guards arm and jammed his hand up into the guards elbow as hard as he could bending it in the opposite direction. A loud snap followed by a wail of pain and a string of curses could be heard as he guards elbow snapped right in half only to hang uselessly at his side. Will quickly followed up with a round house kick to the side of the head to knock the guard unconscious before he ran off before any one else came by.

    Once he was out of sight he sighs and shakes his head. "what is this town coming to?.." He rubs his eyes and then continues his way down the street. Kill or be killed. Survive or die. Those were the rules these days and unfortunately Will had to play along to the rules. Even if he didn't' want to.
  12. Andrea grumbled under his breath, trying to get out of the mess of food scraps and an assortment of things he'd rather not know what they were. Finally freeing himself from the large pile, he brushed off whatever scraps were left. He then began digging for his board, completely forgetting that he was being chased by the guards not minutes beforehand. "Well, Fuck," he muttered, pulling out the broken board from the mess and putting it away. He would have to get his cousin to look at it.

    Turning, he ended up walking into the guard from before and bouncing back onto the ground with a thud. "Well, hiya officer," he said, tipping an imaginary hat.

    The guard picked him up by the collar, "You have violated so many codes. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I disposed of you in my own way."

    "Let's not and say we did?" Andrea suggested, smiling a wide smile and tilting his head. The guard narrowed his eyes, replying with a punch to the face. Once again, Andrea fell to the ground with a thud. "Now, that wasn't nice. What if I hit you?" he asked, again receiving a reply with a fist. Except, this time he managed to dodge. "Hah, missed!" he cried, swinging a punch and sending the guard flying. He then took his chance to run again, picking the closest street to run into.

    Of course, he didn't get very far before he ran into another being ((William)). "Oh jeez. I can't seem to keep my head today," he muttered, turning to the boy he had barged into. "My apologise, but I really must be going. Nice to meet you, bye!" His words were a string without breaks as he hurried away, only to find the street was a dead end. "Today is not my day!"


    Once the apartment was cleaned of anything that may cause her business harm, Kitiana decided it was time to go out for a walk. She needed parts for her next project. Specific parts that were only attainable from the other side of the city. Though she thought of her cousin as a bit of a dimwit, she knew he would be able to find the spare key and get inside the house if he arrived before she returned home. Patting her leg, she waiting for Adika to follow before shutting the door and walking out of the apartment building.

    Once the two of them were well into their walk, Adika ran off into a back alley, making Kiti run in order to keep up. "Oi, idiot! Wait up, I'm not as fast as you!" she called, skidding to a stop next to the puppy. After taking a moment to catch her breath, she looked up at the man hanging from one of the lines strung between the buildings. Another murder. Taking a closer look, Kitiana realised that it was her supplier hung up in the air like a rag doll. Well, it was about time she found a new one. It was just unfortunate that he had to die when she had a job to do.

    "Well, Adika. I suppose we will have to improvise until we can find someone new. Don't worry, it shouldn't take all that long," she murmured to the puppy, giving the little one a smile before turning back the way they had come. "Hurry now, you know I cannot stand the bright light that the sun provides."​
  13. Nicholas chuckled amusingly at the girl's answer. "That's a bad mix," He answered as he was being carried away. He tried his best to think of where they were going, but in the end he paid more attention to her. Did she do it to have a favor for later? Maybe she planned on killing him in his sleep? Throw him over the edge like the two guards? Nicholas thought he had the entire human race figured out, to just kill them if they attacked and leave them alone if they didn't. He was wrong, but there were always some exceptions to any theory. Those exceptions were annoying, because they would always get him. At the least it was for the better this time. The brown eyes were traveling from one side to the other, seeing a bunch of run down houses, he figured he was in a neighborhood. She had a house? Not many had houses that were livable, most were just planks and some bricks barely standing with gaping holes in the walls. Nicholas left his own house for a few months ago, if he had stayed then he wouldn't have been breathing right now. It was barely standing when he left after all.

    Nicholas groaned a bit as the stab wound was starting to hurt, a lot more than it originally did, because the adrenaline from the heat of the moment and risk of getting killed had finally disappeared from his body and the realization of pain would finally hit him. It hit really hard as well. The house was surrounded by rubles, but once those were out of the way, the house looked as if it had entered a safe zone where the war never happened. Pretending was never good, it was just another way of escaping the harshness of reality, but no matter what they did to hide away, the truth always found a way in and would break the "perfect" world they had built for themselves. That was yet another fact that was normal before the world went to its current terrible state, but it didn't really show as much as it would now. He was lead inside the house as the girl called for her uncle. Oh, live sacrifice? Nope, he was not at home and he was ushered to go up the stairs which he did. To say Nicholas was surprised would be an understatement, this was truly breathtaking.

    The room was neither filled with riches nor with a portal to another world, but it looked normal. Untouched by the war, there was even a bed there! For the poor Nicholas who had spent the last couple of months, if not even years, on sleeping on cardboard boxes or the cold hard ground, a bed was like heaven. "Huh... Not bad," Nicholas decided to sigh out. Touching his side to find more blood there. Damn, so much blood. The girl returned and ordered for him to sit down on the bed, she even brought first aid kit, where had they gotten all these supplies from? "Yes nurse," He said in a sarcastic tone and sat down on the bed and obediently let her patch him up, lifting up his t-shirt, but not taking it off, as he let it fall over himself when she finished. "Yes nurse," He repeated as he let out a sigh and laid down on the bed. Yeah, this bed he could get used to. "..." Did she really... just announce they were alone? "Yeah," He answered shortly as he watched her walk out of the room. He waited a little bit, before he sat up and opened the door, sitting on top of the stairs. "I think your uncle has either locked you up in here, or done a really good job protecting you outside. If you're brave enough to say we're alone then that's either foolishness or courage," Nicholas called. He knew she had grabbed a dress, better to not go downstairs.

    "Are you usually this kind to strangers? Giving them food and patching them up. Any other stranger would have charged you and killed you by now. If you think that because you're nice everyone else is going to be too, then you're wrong. In this world, only one rule stands: You have to kill it, before it kills you," Nicholas said as he felt for helping Anastasia out a bit. He would stay around as long she was alone, because out there she wouldn't survive two second. Running away always worked, but predators always caught up to their prey. "Oh. I'm not planning killing you. I can't in this condition anyway. Just thought I'd tell ya. This world has taken enough of kind souls, no reason to let them take another one," He added in the end and began eating on an apple from the fruit basket she had brought. Food felt really good right now. He had waited way too long since last time he ate.
  14. She walked out of her uncle’s bedroom, now wearing a fresh white dress, similar to the one she wore earlier. Heck, all her clothes look similar so why does it even matter?

    Anyway, she heard him say something about being locked up and she can't help but smile. Yes, her uncle did a really great job locking her up here. Making her think that she lived in a perfect world that everything was fine and dandy, but that was before she learned the harsh truth. Just how messed up the world she's living in and how naive she was to be hidden away from the truth. She felt guilty for that, she felt guilty for living like there's no problem at all, that's why she decided to give everything she have.

    She walked up the stairs and saw Nicholas sitting at a step and out of bed "Hey! Didn’t I tell you that you should rest?" she asked and carefully pushed him to bed, tucking him in. After that, she sat down on a chair beside the bed, peeling an apple. "As for your question, I'm usually this kind to strangers. I know about the rule killed or be killed. Heck, I learned it the hard way" she said laughing, her voice filling up the room like wind chimes in the wind.

    She once snuck out of her bedroom in the middle of the night with a bag full of medical supplies. She heard that one of the children she takes care of is sick, and she cannot just sit still in her house, doing nothing, knowing that they don't even have the proper medical supplies to treat the poor kid. On her way to the sick kid, she got cornered by a bunch of guys, trying to grab the bag out of her grasps. She knew that those people needed it but the child needed it more. She held the bag firmly, and she was threatened to be killed. She was thankful that her uncle taught her self defense so long story short, she had her first kill. After that, she vowed that she'll only kill someone if she find it reasonable.

    Remembering the event made her giggle and then she continued her conversation with Nicholas "But, maybe it’s what this world is missing: kindness. If they were shown kindness in the first place, would the war even happen? If they were shown kindness, would they find a reason to do bad things? Ah, I'm sorry, I'm starting to mumble nonsense. Anyway, I’d rather take the risk of being killed out of kindness than to do the killing out of selfishness" she stated, laughing once again.

    "I know you had no intention of killing me" she said, smiling "If you had, you wouldn't have saved me in the first place, and I'm thankful that you did. If it wasn't for you, the world could have taken my kind soul"

    "Now, enough chit chat. You need to rest" she declared and watched him eat some apples thinking I wonder what made him to be what he is right now.
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  15. William winces as he feels someone (Andrea) slam into his shoulder. He rubs his shoulder and looks at the guy who was clearly running from a guard. "oh boy..this doesn't look good." The guard ran right past him without even a second glance as he chased the boy. Will watched the chase from where he was and saw the boy run down a street that led to a dead end the guard following not far behind. He gave a small sigh and ran after them. The guard ran into the entrance to the dead end that the boy had taken panting and wheezing for breath as he held his baton threateningly. "now I've got you you little punk..better say your prayers.." William stood around the corner and watched the guard for a moment then when he was sure the guard didn't see him he quietly snuck up behind him. When he was close enough to him he wrapped one arm around the guards neck and put the other on his fore arm and pulled down tightly on the guards neck as he put him in a sleeper hold. The guards eyes bulged out of his head and he dropped his baton as he gasped for breath. He reached around behind him to try and grab Will's face to get him to let go but just couldn't reach. Slowly Will lowered the guard to the ground as he choked the guard into unconsciousness and then let him go. He then quickly checked his pulse to make sure he was still breathing. "..good he's still breathing..last thing I want to do is kill a guard.." He sighs and stands up and looks over at the boy "you alright? looks like I caught up to you before the guard could do anything"
  16. Nicholas was about to take a bite into the apple, but instead he was interrupted when Anastasia returned up the stairs. She even stressed about him not being in bed, but how else was he going to talk to her? He couldn't talk so loud to shout down the stairs and into the room where she was changing, he didn't like being noisy anyway. "Well yeah, bu-" So much for objections, because Anastasia was already ushering him up and back in bed before tucking him in. It had been a while since he had felt like someone actually cared for him, to feel like people could care for each other in this time for need. Maybe too long. Nicholas's eyes watched as she began peeling the apple next to him, and then began answering his question. Where was she going to sleep if Nicholas had the bed? Well, it was still early so it wasn't a problem yet. There were probably enough room for the both of them in the bed, better than the floor.

    He laughed a bit when it came to "learning it the hard way", but everyone had learned it the hard way. It was certain that things hadn't turned out like this if people expected it, if it had been expected and not experienced then there wouldn't even be a war. "I think that before this happened... before everything went downhill, or uphill for that matter," Nicholas chuckled a bit at his own play with words as they had created a world up in the sky, and abandoning the one in the ground. "That there wasn't a lot of kindness to begin with. We have rich people because they don't want to give to the poor. People were killed long before this happened, before we 'had' to because we needed to survive. In all honesty you can never justify killing. Whether it was in self defense, for someone you loved, or an accident. What "killing" is that you take the right of another human to live. Bad or good, it's still not justified," Nicholas rambled on before he looked over to Anastasia. Ops, looked like he went out on a rant as well.

    "I don't even know why I saved you. Instincts maybe," Nicholas muttered as he too the apples that she had peeled and ate them gratefully. It would be a waste to not eat them since she was nice enough to peel them. "Okay. I'll sleep then," Nicholas said as he felt like he wouldn't be able to stay awake even if he tried. When was the last time he slept in a bed? Far too long ago. It was strange, but he felt safe sleeping if she was nearby. Maybe the kindness was worming the way into his chest as well. "You're strange," He chuckled, only meant as a joke and maybe even a compliment, before he closed his eyes completely. It was only a matter of seconds before he had fallen into a light state of sleep. He really had dropped his guard, how strange.
  17. "See? Told you all this world need kindness" she stated giggling. Hearing him say that he's about to sleep, she let out a sigh of relief "Finally! And I thought I was going to sing you a lullaby" she joked, the apples she peeled now all gone. "Alright then, rest as long as you want. I'll be by your side when you wake up. ~" she winked and then moved her chair near the bed, watching him sleep.

    A couple of minutes after he closed his eyes, she smiled, her long bluish-black hair softly framing her face as she leaned in. She watched the boy sleeping in front of her, carefully studying his features. "Wow" she whispered, reaching a hand to his soft brown locks and brushing it off his face. She watched him with her eyes full of curiosity, his chest heaving up and down as he breathes. He looked calm and peaceful; like he can't hurt a single fly, but of course she knew that he just pushed two guards off the edge earlier and that he can kill her.

    She can hear him mumble to his sleep and cannot help but let out a small giggle "Cute~" she cooed. He was quite handsome to say at least. Even though he somewhat have a sarcastic attitude, Anastasia didn't mind it. She felt safe around him, like her security blanket. Realizing that how creepy and improper she was acting, she quickly stood up from her chair and moved far away from him, sitting on her window.

    Gods, what did I just do? She asked herself flushing red. Anastasia, snap out of it! He'll leave as soon as he wake up so don't get too attached to him! She scolded herself and looked out of the window. The calmness and peacefulness of the room made her slightly forget how chaotic the world outside is. She looked back at the boy, still sleeping peacefully and mumbling. She giggled, "I think he wouldn't mind" she muttered to herself and opened the window, stepping out and swinging herself up to a nearby tree branch and sitting on it, admiring the view of destroyed buildings. It’s funny how it looks like she lives in two Wolds: one chaotic whiles the other almost perfect.

    "I wish... I wish everyone can find peace, even for just a moment" she muttered to herself, thinking about the families she helped and the guards patrolling the area, and let out a yawn "Wow, I didn't realized how tired I am" she mumbled, slightly leaning her head on the tree trunk and slowly drifting to sleep.
  18. Andrea huffed, turning back towards the guard and raised a fist. "You think you have me?" he asked, shaking his head and laughing loudly. "I let yo-" he began to yell, though it was then when William knocked out the guard, gently lowering him to the ground. Really, he didn't want to kill the guard. They were jerks. "Uh, yes, I'm fine," he replied, leaning back against the wall to catch his breath. "He wasn't going to do any damage, it would have been the other way around. But, uh, thanks anyways."

    Andrea pushed off from the wall and stepped towards the other boy. "My name is Andr-" He had almost told this person his feminine name,
    "Andy, what's yours?" he corrected himself, holding out his hand.​
  19. Will smiled at him and took his outstretched hand and gave it a firm shake "William but most people call me Will. Nice to meet you Andy. and I don't doubt that you could have kicked that guards ass. The down side is if you might have risked killing him and that only makes matters worse for you. trust me I've seen it happen before" He lets his hand go and puts his own in his pockets. "so..if you don't mind me asking what did you do to get the guard chasing after you? to be honest I had a run in with a guard only a few short minutes before you ran into me back there"
  20. In no time at all Nicholas was fast asleep and inside of dreamland. What happened in reality was just a blur, but what he could feel was a soft hand ruffling through his hair. It was a soothing and calming touch, one that made him feel safe. Was it his memories having fun torturing him about something he had lost a long time ago? That such touches would never be felt again? Life was always cruel, playing its game like it want and just continuously pretending as if everything was okay, when there was so much wrong in the world. Memories quickly turned into ghosts of the past instead, where "remembering" was a curse and "forgetting" would be a blessing. Would it be okay if he didn't open his eyes? To have that touch there forever as long as he stayed asleep? It was fine for him. Solitude was nice and all, it was the safest in a world that was in chaos like this one was, but oh so lonely.

    Eventually the touch left him. Emptiness, loneliness, darkness. Solitude had its cost, because the man would become nothing more than a blade, made to kill without any reason why. Nicholas opened his eyes very slowly as he had yet another dreamless sleep, it was normal for him to not dream anymore. He wasn't even daydreaming, and held no ambitions of how the world was going to turn out either. What he noticed first was how Anastasia was no longer sitting next to him, scouting around to try and see where she was, he ended up looking at the open window. Opening a window? Why not ask the burglar in through the front door? He sighed at her carelessness, before he stepped over and looked at the blue haired girl sleeping by the tree. She was so careless... Didn't she realize she was carrying a sign with "Please kill me" around her neck when she was sleeping outside in the open like that? Nicholas had slept outside countless of times, but never that openly. "Do I get paid for babysitting her?" Nicholas asked himself, sighing. He didn't like owing people something, and she needed to sleep somewhere else because he occupied her bed. He'd let it slide.

    Swiftly he jumped out the window and landed softly in the dead grass on the ground, groaning a bit as he touched his side. It still hurt. He sighed once more and grabbed Anastasia, carrying her in bridal style, back into her bedroom and lying her softly down on the bed. He turned the blanket around, since he had used that side, and let her have the other. Fair skin, crystal blue eyes and dark blue hair. Small petite build, small, but not too small. How long ago had it been since he had seen someone so beautiful? "Not the time Nico... not the time," He muttered to himself and gave himself a small mental slap, one of his fingers very hesitantly moving over to brush some of her blue bangs out of the way of her eyes. He hesitated to touch her. Something so pure... he shouldn't stain it with his bloody hands. It was as if she was an angel, and Nicholas shouldn't drag her down to hell with him.

    Once more he would sigh and then grab the knife and an apple. How did people even peel them? He began peeling, rather clumsily as he didn't manage to get a lot of skin before he needed to start anew, but he was at the very least trying. He was sitting down on the chair where she had been sitting before, closing the window since he didn't want anyone to get inside, and the word "fresh air" was just something that belonged to the past.
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