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Kuno's stash of hooligans & lore

a. Character Sheets

  1. Gina Robbins
  2. Cain River
  3. Abel River

b. Mah Lore

  1. Happy Camper

Code was shamelessly ripped off of rissa
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Gina Robbins

Nicknames/Titles/Alias(es): Gigi
Origin: Human

Age: 24


Gina bears the weight and build of one well-suited to hard manual labor. At 5'8", she sports a strong, toned physique and the callused hands to match, and she certainly has no qualms about using it when needed in physical encounters. Fortunately for everyone, Gina prefers to utilize the brunt of her strength to where she gained it in the first place: building her robots and armor. Besides that, the rest of the woman is cheerfully bronzed, from the bountiful brown curls that spring from her head down to her soulful eyes, gold as a lion's tawny gaze. Her clothes are a hodge-podge of whatever things she's able to trade for. For the most part, they fit, although her pants do tend to hang a bit. Feminine clothes aren't as easy to come by these days. Her work goggles typically sit on the crown of her head as a constant reminder of how often she's off to tinkering on her projects.

Faction: former member of the Defiant Sisters

Character Audit: In the Wastelands, you're either born lucky or lucky to be born. Gina managed to be a hellish combination of both. Her parents tried their best to raise her proper, but the odds were stacked against them.


Strength: 6
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 9
Agility: 6
Luck: 2

Caps: 1080

Inventory, including Weapons & Armor:

Fighting Style: (Guns or blades? Ballistics or lasers? Plasma? Machetes and daggers? Baseball bats?)

Companion: Brady

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Cain River

Nicknames/Titles/Alias(es): N/A
Origin: Human

Age: 35


Faction: the sole leader of the Happy Campers. Cain founded the family nearly 15 years ago, and what started as a fledgling tribe of ten has ballooned to hundreds of happy communal members. It is a point of pride to him that the community always has what it needs, and he's grateful that they're able to quickly eliminate any dangerous threats to their happy little home. He is hoping to expand their family to Florida.

Character Audit:


Strength: 6
Perception: 7
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 10
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 3
Luck: 5

Caps: (You have two options for starting wealth: F:R default of 850 caps OR roll 10d100s. Big risk, big rewards.)

Inventory, including Weapons & Armor: (Vault 120 dwellers will receive a specific array of equipment, but they're free to grab any additional items from around the vault they have access to. Players from different factions may have different equipment — Only the strongest of Raiders have access to Power Armor, while almost every member of the Defiant Sisters do. Likewise, the Children of the Fen downright refuse to use ballistic weapons and instead focus on an overwhelming offensive assault in cleverly laid traps, all while the Sons of the Machine use laser weapons exclusively.)

Fighting Style: (Guns or blades? Ballistics or lasers? Plasma? Machetes and daggers? Baseball bats?)

Companion: (Vault 120 dwellers will not have access to a companion at character creation (though the option to persuade or purchase one's service will be on the table at a later date), but those who've grown up in the Wasteland are free to create such a character— with the understanding that they're "side-characters" first and foremost, meant to aid the forward momentum in the characters and narrative. Their Origin of Life may be any of the ones listed, as well as an animal* or perhaps one of General Atomics' line of multipurpose Mister Handy robots.)

Miscellaneous: (Optional. Anything else that doesn't fit into the above.)

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Happy Camper

"We're all one big happy family."

Based in the former capital of Arkansas, a new militaristic community has been borne on the ashes of the old world. Happy Camper is a tale of familial survival; sprouting from a tiny cluster of families, the growing encampment has quickly evolved into an isolated fortress of farms and battle-hardened squadrons united by one common purpose: to stay true to their communal family and maintain inner peace of their settlement—and they will kill anyone who threatens it.

Happy Campers blindly follow the will of their family patriarch Cain River. He espouses the motto that "sharing is caring," and all members of the Happy Campers must be willing to share all that they own with their neighbors as needed. Failure to do so will result in punishment or worse–banishment into the Wastelands.

The raid of a nearby vault (and summary execution of its inhabitants) has supplied the cult with a formidable array of weapons and supplies. Nevertheless, qualified Campers are allowed to leave the family compound to go search the Wastelands for more supplies. Only Campers approved by Cain may leave the burgeoning town. Happy Campers who become unhappy campers and attempt to escape the community will be lovingly executed to spare them from the horrors of the Wastelands.

Campers are recognizable by the cheery prints and colors of their clothes as well as the smiley face paraphernalia they don and spray paint everywhere. As well as supply raids, the Happy Campers routinely search for fortunate wastelanders to bring into their family fold.


  • The only way to be a Happy Camper is if you were recruited by an active family member or born within the cult! Outsiders are strictly forbidden from entering the encampment.
  • If you'd like to establish a relationship with Daddy Cain, message me!
  • There is no leadership besides his own. Though he may at times deputize a few lackeys, Cain's word is law.

That's it, that's all! Have fun, campers :^)


Abel River

Nicknames/Titles/Alias(es): Coin
Origin: Human

Age: 23

Appearance: Abel hasn't changed much from his teenage years. Tall and lanky, the young man's put about as much muscle on his runner's build that he can. He's easily identifiable by his nearly platinum blonde hair. A few scars from his days in the wild wastelands mar his pleasant features.

Faction: Abel swears his undying loyalty to the Happy Campers' faction, a familial organization run by his older brother Cain.

Character Audit: Abel has spent the majority of his life running. After Raiders terrorized the small community he was living in around age 7, he was told to run with only the shirt on his back -- and run, he did. The boy spent his life chasing the very essence of it; he would bounce from community to war-torn community, from sympathetic bandit to hostile factions, scraping and stealing any source of sustenance he could find. The world was a cruel and dark place. Abel won't ever speak about life from what he calls the "before" -- before he was reunited with his big brother Cain after a nearly 8 year separation. Now comfortably settled in the Happy Campers' sanctuary, Abel doesn't take this life for granted. He tries to repay his good fortune by helping others within the flock, and should he and his brethren come across lost souls in the Wastelands, he is the first to try and convince his commune to let them experience the same life-saving help that he received. Sometimes this impulsiveness can get him into trouble.


Strength: 4
Perception: 5
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 7
Luck: 2

Caps: 850

Inventory, including Weapons & Armor:
  • Homemade leather padded armor over his legs and chest
  • Revolver and 42 bullets
  • Binoculars
  • A machete, two throwing knives, and one assault knife

Fighting Style: Cain won't let him carry a machine gun, but he's got no rules against blades. Abel is as quick as a viper's bite with a knife, and always keeps at least two daggers on him when he takes out scouting missions beyond the compound. For long distance combat, he's been begrudgingly allowed to keep on his person an old revolver pilfered from unsuspecting bandits.

Companion: N/A

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