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  1. [​IMG]
    (For any information on this Rp please go to the sign ups/ooc section of Its Written in the Stars--PG13 version. Thank You.)

    (This is the cabin everyone's characters will be residing in while on this trip, everyone can choose their characters own rooms and even decide if they want to room with someone elses character, make sure both parties agree, when you post you can decide on whether or not you want to post a picture of the room or simply decribe it. You can also start off any way you wish whether it be when your characters driving to the cabin, packing to leave on your journey to the cabin, etc. Additionally the cabin is located in Rancocas, New Jersey! Have fun everyone!)

    Lilah Estella Rivers

    Her right hand moved quickly as she listened closely to the words of a witness who came down to the station to report a robbery and shooting that occured earlier on in the afternoon. Her mind quickly processed thevague description before the older male paused, as if to think of what else he could remeber, but it was too late, she had already finished she set down her pencil and turned the picture around to face the man,

    "Is this whom your describing sir?"

    She questioned as the elder man in his mid-seventies looked at the skectch. She knew their was a one in a million chance that she managed to match the description perfectly due to their being numerous crowds of people in New York, Manhattan moreso.

    "Why yes that is him! I hope you officers catch him and bash his face in!"

    The man with the shiny balding head as grey whiskers laid before his nose as a small mole sat next to his dark grey eyes stated in a huff, she smiled and nodded before signalling for one of the officers on call to enter the interrogation room,

    "Well we will be sure to atttempt to catch him Mr.WIlkons and thank you for coming in today its greatly appreciated and will help us further along in our search."

    She stated professionally as she stood and helped the man up as he stood carefully with his cane,

    "Im glad I was able to be of some assistance Ms. Rivers."

    Wilkons replied a two officers entered the room and one of them escortted Mr. Wilkons back to the main entrance of the NYPD station. She was good at her work and often enjoyed working until evening time after getting off from her morning university classes at NYU. She picked up the sketch off the table before handing it to the officer who remained,

    "Here you go Ortiz."

    She told the young hispanic officer as he took the paper out of her hands. He stood at a good height of 6' 2" and had buff muscles that buldged with every movement. He was one of those guys who hit the gym and train in their free time,

    "Thanks Lil, and Ill see you when you get back from your trip. I hope you have a great time kid."

    He said before ruffling her dark waves, as he removed his large hand from her head and grinned, her blue eyes seemed to turn green as she glared at him only for them to lighten as a smile appeared o her face.

    "Thanks Ortiz, but I probably wont stay the entire time Im suppose to, and I'll probably be driving back up here next week for me to attend one of my professors lectures in the evening."

    He smiled as she began to run her fingers through her hair in an attempt to tame it,

    "Well if you do come back make sure to pay me a visit."

    He stated reaching down to ruffle her hair again, but she dodged his hand and gave her friend a quick hug before disappearing out the door cslling out to him,

    "I will dont worry, bye Gabe and good luck on the case! Be safe on the street alright!"

    With that said she headed out the building, saying goodbye to a few others along the way before heading out to the PD's parking lot. She haded over to her most prized possesion and swung her leg over it and securing a helmet on her head. She sent a text to a buddy of hers who said he would lend her his pickup. She told him she was on his way to his home before sticking her phone securely into her pocket, kicking up the stand and speeding out ot the parking lot and heading out onto the highway.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    She pulled her friends Dodge Ram 1500 into the dirk road that led up to the cabins parking area. As soon as she parked the borrowed vehicle she hopped out and quickly ran to the trunk of the bronze vehicle to unload her Kawasaki Ninja. The traffic on her trip to Rancocas was horrendous so instead of it taking 2 hours to arrive it took her 3, She was lucky that she didnt have any classes that Friday mornng and that she got off at 12 pm. It was 3pm now and she skillfully began to fix the motorcycle ramp. The sun peeked through the branches of the tall willowy trees as she worked on getting her bike situated.

  2. Andrea H., crimson

    Andrea let out a breath of air silently as she turned her hand and raised it, wiping off the sweat that gathered on and around her forehead. Some would have found it odd, that sweat would even gather when you're stuck in an ice rink - of all places - wearing casual clothing. What most would not know, is just how long the redhead had actually stayed there, making her laps around the ice rink fondly, twirling to blur the images into her mind ... oh and the absolute best: when the music kicked in.

    After the heavy beats and gentle piano notes washed over her, time just seemed to fly right by, and before she knew it her time was up. Andrea got the 'wake up' in the form of a good friend of hers - her go-to skating partner - Adeline. The blonde had her arms crossed, looking over at the redhead with a nostalgic smile as she stood behind the panels.

    "Andrea. It's time," she called out, bringing the redhead to a slow halt.

    Andrea bit her lip, looking at the blonde, "Is it now?" She asked, looking over the blondes head to the large numbers that did indeed read "1:30".

    Adeline nodded, "You're going, are you not?" She asked, "Then it's best if you go now," before you back out.

    The last part went unsaid, but both could hear the unspoken words clearly through the silence before Andrea let out a quiet laugh and a nod. "You're right, I'll miss this, Skating and the city ... and maybe you, but I need this break," the red head said, skating over to the benches to take off her skates.

    "When do you supposed you'll be back?" Adeline asked, uncrossing her arms to make her way over to the seated red head. "Just so I know when to ditch my substitute-partner for your return," she added with a grin.

    "I'll be back when I return," Andrea returned the grin, "don't worry Goldilocks, you'll be the first to know when I get back." She said as she put the blade covers over her skate blades and put them into a duffle bag carefully. She then stood up, tossing her signature red hair over her shoulder, before regarding her close friend with careful eyes. Adeline had been a great friend, skating partner, and a sister-like figure. Both were going to be missing each other like crazy - in a familial sense.

    "Safe trip then, Andrea," Adeline broke the staring contest first, hugging the red head, "Have fun, stay safe ..." she added as she pulled back.

    Andrea nodded, "I will, you do your thing here and have fun, too." She said as she returned the hug. Pulling away, the red head only nodded a silent 'goodbye' before she made her way over to the exit - parking lot. As she pushed open the double doors, she heard a loud "ADIEU, ANDREA!" from before the doors of the skating rink. Tossing her head back with a loud bark of laughter, Andrea turned her head over her shoulder, replying.

    "This isn't goodbye! À bientôt, Adeline," With that, Andrea quickly made her way over to her car, a simple hyundai tucson 2011 white in color. The redhead made her way to the back, opening the trunk, she fought off a frown as she bit her lip, realizing that the back didn't exactly have any more room - even if she had already shoved down the back seats to make some room.

    With a huff, the redhead opened the passenger seat and tossed her duffle bag there. With everything in the car locked and loaded - she had shut the trunk, she climbed into the drivers and seat and was quick to drive off.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
    Andrea didn't know exactly how long it would take her to get there, sure, google maps had helped but no one knew how traffic would go. There were times that it was good, but overall, it just seemed like a busy day for everyone.

    Luckily, the redhead enjoyed the moments where she could just stop the car and think to herself as quiet music filled the silence in her car. Her mind wondered to thoughts about her family, Adeline, her courses, and some other people who have been told of her mini-vacation.

    Thinking back, maybe it wasn't such a good idea. Once she got off the Freeway (Is that what they call it in USA?) and into the streets, Andrea found herself turning the wrong way more than once - a result of her zoning in and out, daydreaming while behind the wheel. Everything was fine though, at least she knew where she had to go. It wasn't like she was completely lost.

    At around 3:30, Andrea began to see a bit more green. A rare scene, seeing as she was so used to being surrounded by buildings and streets in New York. Not to mention the sounds of leaves rustling, and ... water? Or maybe that was just her music playing. Either way, Andrea hadn't seen a sight like this since ... well, the memories she had when she was still in Canada - playing hide and seek in the woods.

    Soon, Andrea was pulling up into the parking area - of what she hoped was the cabin area, if she read the map correctly. There was already someone there, their car had the trunk open, and the woman appeared to be ... well other than fashionable, she was setting up a ramp? For her bike probably, the redhead reasoned as she pulled out her key from behind the wheel. ​

    This was it. She made it, and she was going to enjoy this.​

    (I don't usually write this long. It's just the introduction)
  3. TANYA & GLENN, turquoise "I guess it's too late for me to change my mind about not bringing Shiloh?"

    "It was too late when we were in Kingston."

    Tanya made a whining sound, and contented herself to fiddling with the radio. Of course, she knew that she couldn't ask Glenn to turn around now- they'd been on the road for four hours, which was an hour more than it should have been. Traffic had gotten congested around New York- of course it did, everyone was going home for the weekend- and it had been slow going for quite some time. Tanya was glad he'd insisted that they leave at 11, as it was 3 now and they still weren't there.

    At any rate, Glenn's small car would have made the large dog nervous and uncomfortable. Tanya had decided not to subject her dog to that when they left home, but missed him already. "Why is this place so far away from anything, anyways? Or is there something closer in the opposite direction?"

    "Nope. It's a vacation, remember? We're getting away from everything." Glenn didn't even look at Tanya as he calmly spoke. He was a careful driver, even after this whole way. Tanya, on the other hand, couldn't even be a careful passenger. "Would you stop fiddling with that? Choose a station and let's listen, okay? We're almost there, anyways," Glenn said. It was about as annoyed as he ever got with her- and, in compliance, Tanya found an alternative station and let it play at a low volume. She contented herself with fiddling with her hands as the journey culminated.

    "Do you think there's gonna be a lot of other people there?" They had both, surprisingly, gotten the acceptance letter to this cabin, and guessed that they wouldn't be the only ones. The letter hadn't indicated there being multiple winners, but what were the chances of the only two winners being childhood friends from the same town?

    Glenn risked a moment to glance and grin at Tanya. "Maybe it'll just be us. Some crappy vacation, right?"

    She giggled, and playfully punched his arm. "Hey! I thought we were coming here to get away from each other!"

    "Even though we're driving here together?"

    "I'm simply taking advantages of your niceness and your car. You'll see. I'll be hitching a ride home with someone from California." The two laughed.

    "Well- it looks like you're not stuck with me for the whole time after all," Glenn said a few moments later. They had arrived. There were two other cars, and a person, in the driveway. Glenn pulled up slowly, and parked to leave room for anyone else who would arrive.

    He and Tanya got out of the car. While Tanya went first for their luggage, Glenn approached the girl by the truck. "Hey- do you need any help with that?" At his words, Tanya stopped what she was doing and looked up, trying to see if her help would be needed, too.
  4. [​IMG]Michael leaned back into the seat of his car and drummed his fingers against the wheel. The traffic out of the city was ridiculous. He made sure that everything was packed the day before so he wouldn't have to do it the day of and knowing him he'd be too lazy to get up and last minute packing meant that he'd be leavings things that he wanted or needed behind.

    The trip for one thing was much needed. It would be relaxing and a new experience for him to get out of the fast life and into a more peaceful environment. All Michael could think about at the moment was the damn traffic. Usually there was traffic when he took the Hutch but then again the Hutch always had accidents and stuff.

    It took about 10-14 minutes before the traffic started to flow more loosely and in an hour or so Michael had finally arrived at his destination and boy was the sight beautiful. As Michael pulled into the parking lot he noticed that there were a group of people were already there. The invitation to the vacation didn't mention any other people but it wasn't like he was bothered by it anyway.

    Squinting his eyes he tried to make a good look of the group of people whom he noticed were thee women and a male who look around his own age. He climbed out the car and then popped open the trunk so that he could get his things and once he had done Michael approached them. " Hey, I'm guessing you guys are also here for the vacation thing too huh".
  5. Devon R., #4a20bd Sitting patiently in the front seat of his car, Devon took the time to talk to his parents. The Bluetooth headset sat comfortably on his ears; his parents always get so loud when they heard he was talking to them on the phone when he drove. Their voices sounded loudly in his ears, still wishing him a good vacation.

    "You put me into the contest in the first place," his voice lilted. "If you wanted me to have fun, I could have found something to do." He drummed his fingers against the wheel. Traffic wasn't that good, maybe he had left too late. Oh well, more time to relax. His parents were still talking.

    "I hope you have a good time there!" his mother chimed in. They all had such funny voices in the Rask family. "Make sure to fix any interior decorating mistakes too!" That was the mother he knew and loved.

    His father chuckled. "Hope the architecture over there's nice, Devon. Make sure you relax, will you?" Devon hummed in reply. His life wasn't stressed in Manhattan, what gave them the thought that he had to relax? Maybe the schoolwork and his freelance work combined made them think that.

    The cars in front of him started moving again. "I will, I've got to go. The traffic's getting better. I'll call you when I get back." The call ended and Devon flung the headset into the passenger seat. It wasn't that comfortable after all. He supposed he'd relax at the cabin, maybe it would remind him of home. Isolated and surrounded by trees.

    He pulled into the driveway and it was not isolated. There were already five people there and he guessed it was to be expected there would be other people who won the contest. He parked his car, one he picked out with blind pointing on a webpage his parents begrudgingly bought for him, in the driveway and he stepped out of it. Two guys and two girls were already there. Some were even helping each other out and talking to one another. Devon opened his trunk and got his one bag. Hands in his pockets and bag slung over his shoulder, he lazily strode over to the people by the truck.

    "What an interesting contest we've all won." He tilted his head to the side and slowly smiled at them. His voice continued to lilt and drift off.
  6. Scarlett Reed, Maroon
    Scarlett rolled around in bed trying to avoid her roommate's hands that were trying to wake her up. "Time to get up. The sun is shining, the air is clear, and there isn't a clou-" Her roommate, Gabby, said, only to be shut up with a pillow that Scarlett threw. "I don't have class today, Gabby," Scarlett managed to say through her covers and her sleepiness. "Now, go back to bed. It's too early for this." Scarlett fluffed her pillow again, so she could get comfortable before falling back to sleep.

    "Early? It's twelve thirty-six. You should be getting up by now, if you wanted to go to that cabin early," Gabby stated causing Scarlett to get out of her bed. Scarlett went over to the dresser to grab the clothes she prepared for today, and went into the bathroom to change. Gabby stood there with her arms crossed with triumph. "Aren't you glad you decided to stay in a dorm instead of renting an apartment?" Gabby yelled so Scarlett could hear her in the bathroom. "It's still debatable." Scarlett replied. She never did get use to the fact that she was sharing a room with someone, but she's nicer to Gabby now than she was four years ago when they were first roomed together.

    It was thirteen minutes after one o'clock when Scarlett stepped out of the dorm, and was heading towards the white Nissan Altima 2010 in the parking garage. She had a black suitcase with her filled with the necessities needed for this trip, and already said 'see ya later' to Gabby. Scarlett was ready to roll. After putting her suitcase in the trunk, and hooking up her MP3 player so it played "Stella" by All Time Low, she turned on the ignition so she could driver to the cabin in New Jersey.


    When Scarlett was pulling up to the cabin, she was confused. "People? Why are they here!? I thought this was a vacation to get away from them. This sucks." Scarlett thought as she parked her car. She stepped out and took a good look at the people standing around who were confused as her, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone. "Since I came all this way, might as well deal with them for as long as I can." Scarlett concluded within her head. She took a big sigh, and retrieved the suitcase from her trunk. "Good luck, Scarlett." She whispered to herself.
  7. Cora Whitman

    "Honey please let me drive you." Her dad pleaded and Cora laughed, shaking her head. "Daddy, come on. I can drive myself! Plus if we go up together I'm not going to want to stay!" She insisted as she continued loading her bags into the light blue 1976 Jeep CJ5 that her dad had bought her when she first started college. The thing had been rickety and broken down back then, but after Cora and her father devoted two weeks to it, the thing was as good as new.

    "Well-I-" Her dad argued, but couldn't quite find a good reason for not letting her drive up to the cabin alone. Cora smirked and gave her dad a hug. "I'll be just fine, daddy! It's not like this is the first time I've ever been alone." She pointed out and her dad huffed in defeat, crossing his arms and pulling a childish pout. Cora burst into laughter and the two traded a couple of gibes before she hopped into her jeep and pulled off.

    It didn't take that long to get to New Jersey, as the traffic wasn't as bad as she had thought it'd be. To be honest she was kind of wary of staying at the cabin. She didn't see how she would have gotten this freebie out of the blue. She wasn't anyone remarkable after all. But still, her father and friends had encouraged her to go. 'And after all' they had said 'if it turns out to be some scam you can always turn around and go home'. So she had decided to make the trip.

    As she pulled up to the cabin, her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the group of people standing in front of the cabin. Cora narrowed her eyes. She was a hundred percent sure that the letter that she had received, had not mentioned any other people. "We-ll," Cora muttered to herself, tapping her fingers against the steering wheel. "Looks like it is some sort of scam. Maybe a weirdo time share stunt." She grumbled, but still got out of her car.

    "Hey!" She called out to the group. "Did you all get invited to this cabin too?" She asked, pursing her lips, a black cloud already dampening her mood.
  8. Jay, Teal
    | Yesterday |


    "I have an order of a....Strawberry Bean and two croissants!"

    Jayden watched as one of the many customers that occupied Chalk and Stars, a small café that most didn't know about, came up to the counter to receive the order that he had shouted in the café. An easy smile graced his features as a girl around his age grabbed her drink and her pastries, shooting him a smile of her own. Maybe it was mixed with some other emotion and maybe it seemed a bit flirty, but he sucked when it came to signals and reading between the lines so he only nodded at the girl, not wanting to end up jumping to the wrong conclusion. "Enjoy!" Was what he told her as she made her way back to her friends, who were all talking in hushed whispers and throwing glances at him from time to time. Really, he needed to step his game up when it came to things like this. This is why he's probably a single Pringle. Well, that, and he never really had time for a relationship. Hopefully, his little vacation can give him some free time.

    Thinking about his vacation, Jay whipped his head to look at the clock that was located behind him. He had five more minutes before he was done with his shift and he could be on his way. With his last five minutes, he was able to do one more order - a simple pastry order. After the older man had gotten his pastry, the brunet had disappeared from his spot at the counter, which was quickly filled. He went to the back so he could put up the apron that they were all required to wear when working. There were a few other people back there as well and, as soon as he was spotted, questions were being fired at him from left to right.

    "Is it already time for you to go?"

    "How long did you say that you were going to be gone?"

    "It's in Rancocas, New Jersey, right? Do you know how far that is, Alex?"

    As Jayden began to put his work things away and gather his personal things, he answered all of the questions in a quick manner, eyes darting around, doing double checks inside of his mind. "Yes, the end of my shift has come. I didn't say how long because I don't know," the young adult said as he stopped checking and turned to face his co-workers, "and, yes, Ash, I do know how far it is. Which is why I'm leaving now." He began to make his way out of the back room and the small café. "Bye, guys! See you when I get back!" There was a choruses of 'goodbye's and 'see you later's as he exited out the door of Chalk and Stars.

    The ride home was short and, as soon as he entered his house, he gathered the bags that he packed before he went to work that day, transferring them to his car. Humming along the way, he was able to get everything in his trunk and in the back of his car after a bit of time. A loud bark that echoed before disappearing completely caused a grin to break out on his face. His best buddy and dog, Kodi, who was a Miniature Australian Shepherd, was excitedly wagging his tail as his owner came towards him. Grabbing his leash, Jayden walked his dog towards his car and let him hop in the passenger's seat while he got in the driver's seat. Settling down and starting the car, he turned to Kodi, who was staring at him and panting.

    "Here we go, Kodi!"

    Pulling out of the driveway, Jayden began to ride out of his neighborhood and onto the highway, where he would end up at his destination.


    | Today |


    Pulling up to the cabin where he was suppose to be staying for a while, Jayden wanted to cry with relief. After a total of twenty-five hours and eleven minutes (or 1511 minutes), give or take, since he was stopping in between, he had made it to Rancocas, New Jersey. Through practically blood-shot eyes, the young adult could see that he wasn't the only person who would be staying at the cabin after all. At that moment, he could care less. All he wanted was a warm bed for him to snuggle and sleep in, along with his dog. Parking his vehicle, he shut off the engine and just relaxed in his seat for a little bit. Deciding that he should at least introduce himself, the barista got out of his car, shutting the door softly behind him. As he made his way around his vehicle so he could get out Kodi, who was dying to run around after being cooped up for so long, he gave a nod to all of the people surrounded around the truck.

    Once Kodi was out, he took off his leash and let him run around. The Miniature Australian Shepherd ran on the grass, doing all sorts of things. Shaking his head with a small laugh, Jayden turned back to the group of other young adults. "Hi," he said to all of them, offering a weary smile. He was so sleep deprived that he didn't know what to do with himself. "Seems like I'm not the only one who needed a vacation. Would love to stay and chat, really, but I haven't slept for a bit so..." He trailed off as he gestured to the cabin behind everyone. With a whistle and a pat on his leg, he was followed by his dog Kodi and disappeared inside the cabin.

    [If there is like a simple living space (like a living room), then Jayden will be there, taking a nap on the couch with Kodi sooo....yeah.]

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  9. [​IMG]

    Lilah Estella Rivers

    Her attention was turned towards the male voice she heard that offered to help her as she began pulling her dark hair up into a messy ponytail. It was rare for someone to offer to help someone else in New York, so the ebony haired girl wasn't use to a strangers kindness. She looked over at the man by whom's voice spoke to her. He was a blonde individual who seemed to have arrived with a brunette female. She smiled their way and shook her head,

    "Thanks! I really appreciate offer, but I think I'll manage. Plus you still have to unload your own belongings and I don't want to use up a lot of your time, but really thank you anyway!"

    She chirped before turning back to working on un-mounting her bike from the back of the truck. She worked rather quickly and had the bike unloaded in about a half hour. Her hair was a mess and a her clothes were slightly dirty. She removed her back cover from the truck and tossed it over her bike before jumping back up into the trunk and placing the ramp back into the trunk neatly. She brushed her clothes up and took her hair down from the ponytail to take her now wild hair. She was proud that she managed to accomplish her goal in a relatively short time.

    As she pulled her hair back her eyes wandered about the parking lot as she saw several people around. She heard as a few people said similar things about the contest when a confused look appeared on her face. She thought that she was suppose to be alone in the cabin getaway. She shrugged her shoulders not really minding that she'd be living with many more people that looked to be around her age for the next few weeks. She just prayed none of them were psychopaths that killed people in their sleep. She hopped out her truck and nodded to the new male who appeared by the truck,

    "I assume we are."

    She smiled before closing the trunks door and walking over to the doors of the truck. She pulled the front seat up so she could get her bags out the backseat. She grabbed her knapsack and slung it over her shoulders before diving back Ito the car and unloading 6 other bags that held her clothes, sewing machine, fabric, sketchbooks, pens, pencils, shoes, toiletries, and whatever else she felt was necessary to bring. She stacked her vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases on top of her matching rolling suitcase. She tossed her mini matching duffel onto her left shoulder.

    She loved shopping as much as she loved creating clothes. So when she began working, she would buy herself a new Louis Vuitton item on her birthday and add on to her collection, hence her many Louis Vuitton items. She re-approached the group that stood beside the Ram, and introduced herself,

    "Seeing that we're all going to see each other more often, we might as well introduce ourselves. I'm Lilah Rivers."

    She stated with a large friendly smile excited to make new friends and hoping that with her beginning to introduce herself that soon they would follow suit. Soon a new guy appeared with his pet, he looked tired most likely from his long drive up to Rancocas. She waved hello back before watching him walk up the path that lead to the complexly designed cabin.
  10. TANYA & GLENN, turquoise "Thanks! I really appreciate offer, but I think I'll manage. Plus you still have to unload your own belongings and I don't want to use up a lot of your time, but really thank you anyway!" the girl said, and after four hours of driving, Glenn was in no mood to push the issue. He returned to Tanya and took his bags. While other cars arrived, the two friends took their bags inside. The cabin was beautiful, but Glenn was in need of a break and Tanya was excited about the other people there.

    They wandered the cabin for a few minutes, searching for rooms or any designations thereof. Finding none, they then glanced about in the rooms. "This one has two beds," Glenn said, after poking his head in one. It was fairly large, with white walls and wood flooring and ceiling. It had a window and a TV, as well as a chair, a bench, and some shelving, across from two queen sized beds with light green and white duvets and pillows, and white quilts and pillows. It even had something of a hallway between the door and the room, allowing for extra privacy.

    "Let's take it."

    "Will everyone be okay with it? ... Let's just put our stuff down, for now, then we'll see."

    Tanya had no complaints, so they set their bags down on and near the bench.

    "Let's go introduce ourselves, Glenn," she told him.

    He stretched. "It's been a long drive..."

    "Come on- just say hi, then you can rest, alright?" Having been able to nap during the ride, Tanya was restless and eager to do something.

    Of course, Glenn gave in. "Alright. I'll say hi and make sure that we can take this room, then I'm going to take a nap, alright?"

    Tanya gave a squeal of excitement and led him back outside. They passed a boy with a dog that Tanya eyed with longing- she should have brought Shiloh!- and looked to the crowd growing around the girl with the bike's truck. Two more guys and two more girls had joined the party, and Tanya and Glenn merged into the crowd.

    The girl had finished with her bike. "Seeing that we're all going to see each other more often, we might as well introduce ourselves. I'm Lilah Rivers," she said.

    Tanya grinned. "Introductions was how I got this one to not take a nap on us immediately. I'm Tanya Greenfield."

    "Glenn Gressen," the young man said simply, with another stretch.

    ((To clarify, they put their stuff into the last room with two beds shown in the video, ~3:52. They are open to moving to another room if requested.))
  11. Cora Whitman

    As others began entering the cabin, Cora shrugged and began unpacking her stuff. It's not like the letter hadn't said anything about other people. And either way, Cora was good at ignoring people so she probably wouldn't get annoyed by their presence. A man with a dog entered the cabin first and Cora let out a 'aaw' as she watched the dog run around for a bit. It was then that she heard an angry growling emanating from the back seat of her jeep. Cora's eyes widened as she stared down at the floor of the car and saw her fifteen year old Siamese cat. "Kawasaki!" She shrieked, and the cat stared up at her with an insulted look on her face as if Cora had somehow knew that the thing had jumped in while she and her dog had been saying their goodbyes. Cora whipped out her phone while reaching down and grabbing the cat, who was sniffing the air and growling low in her chest.

    "Oh my god..." Cora moaned when she saw the hundred calls from her dad and listened to the many emails with her dad asking her if she knew where Kawasaki was. "Of all things..." She groaned, and zipped open her large purse. "In, girl, come on." She commanded and the cat reluctantly jumped inside. Cora only zipped the bag up so Kawasaki wouldn't fall out.

    Grabbing her bags, and hurrying into the cabin, Cora entered the cabin and began to find a room that would offer her the most privacy so she could deal with her stowaway cat situation.

    (Cora got the second room shown, the one with the bed that looks like it's headboard are made of branches.)
  12. Scarlett Reed, maroon
    After removing the suitcase from within her trunk, another car pulled up to the cabin. This car carried a tired young man, and a dog. Watching the dog run around reminded Scarlett of her cat that she left at home in Denver, Jinx. Jinx wasn't as active as the dog running around, but he was a pretty curious cat which attracted Scarlett to him in the first place.

    Everybody was introducing themselves, and getting settled in the cabin, everybody thought was thiers. Scarlett decided to do the same thing, but she didn't really want to be friends with these strangers so she decided to give a short introduction. "I'm Scarlett. Scarlett Reed." Not bothering to listen to anyone elses she went to unpack in the room of her choice.

    After unpacking, Scarlett plopped herself down onto her bed. Scarlett then reached to her bedside table to grab her MP3 she set there while packing and put the earbuds in. She then pressed play to play whatever song was on.

    (The bedroom is the 1st one shown or the one at 1:36
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  13. Andrea H., crimson

    "Seeing that we're all going to see each other more often, we might as well introduce ourselves. I'm Lilah Rivers."

    "Introductions was how I got this one to not take a nap on us immediately. I'm Tanya Greenfield."

    "Glenn Gressen,"

    "I'm Scarlett. Scarlett Reed."

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    Andrea had been leaning against the side of her car, letting her eyes watch each person who introduced themselves. Slightly shy, the redhead bit her lip, unable to step in and reply, instead she watched as each of them grabbed their luggage or whatever they had and head into the cabin, probably choosing their own rooms by now.

    Huffing, Andrea opened her trunk and seeing as the back was filled with many bags the redhead only took two out of the many. One bag was filled with her clothes, and the other with essentials. As Andrea closed the back of her trunk, she turned around and was just a bit surprised to still see a few people out in the open.

    Fidgeting slightly, it didn't take long for Andrea to crack a smile over her face as she regarded the three people out there. If she remembered clearly, it was ... Lilah, Tanya and Glenn standing in the parking lot.

    "Hello there, I'm Andrea Hollirane, nice to meet you all," She introduced herself, nodding at the three as she readjusted the bag over her right shoulder.

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