Its Watchign You

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  1. If anyone remembers this movie, tell me how you experienced it. You were scared weren't you?!
    Well i was scared the first couple of times i watched it, not just the first time.


    If you haven't seen this movie yet, then i feel bad for you son....
    What are you doing?! Watch it
    And tell me what you think of it...
    please use spoilers for the convenience of anyone who hasn't seen it

  2. I got this movie as a birthday gift from a family member who knew I liked anime.

    My initial reaction when first watching? Its going in spoilers just in case. I tried not to give too much away, but you never know.

    "...Why is there no beginning? Who are these kids? Why do I care about them? Oh, so that's why they came here. But who are those kids? Why do we know nothing about them?! Movie? Explain? ...No? Ok.

    Oh hey! Demons o_o. Do we find out why they're chasing the kids? Movie? ...No again? Ok, I'll play along. Maybe someone will explain it later on.

    ...Poor children.

    ...Wait what? That's what happens at the end? ...Then how do people learn about this game? Why do kids keep coming?


    Nope. Just ending, huh? >:[ "

    But besides that, it is a pretty good movie. Had to watch it a couple times to have enough information to somewhat piece together a story.

    But was it really scary for me?

    No. It was entertaining, and suspenseful at times. But not really scary :/

    It confused me more than anything.