It's Unexpected Love (1x1 w/ Terra Rose)

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  1. Sitting on what was left of a handcrafted swing, constructed of two ropes and a wooden plank, was a rather slight girl, head in her hands, her face blocked by her cascading, long black hair. Her small frame shook as she sobbed, but her cries were silent. Even if they weren't, nobody was in this park to hear her.

    Stone park was a quiet, unloved park. Most people avoided it for it's depressing nature. The trees seemed perpetually bare, and no flowers had really grown in the park for years, apart from a lone few on the edges. It was as though the sky covered the small patch of land with clouds and never let it see the sun, and as a result, the people never visited it either. Some thought it so ugly they avoided walking down the adjacent streets entirely.

    Of course, all of these things made it a favorite place for Ariana, a girl who wanted the quiet and the lack of life.

    She'd run away not too long ago, and found herself sitting on the swing, unable to help but allow tears to fall freely. She thought she was alone, but she didn't know what was to come.

    @Terra Rose
  2. Tess was on her way home. She had decided to take a shortcut through that park almost no one goes to. As she was making her way through the park, she saw a girl sitting on a swing. She saw this girl a lot, but was always a bit too nervous to approach her. However, today was different. Today this girl seemed...sad. Tess couldn't stand when she saw someone upset. She tightened her brown ponytail and walked up to the girl, slowly and calmly as not to startle or scare her. "Hi," she said. She looked at her. Her long black hair was covering her face. Her small figure shaking. "Are...are you okay?" Tess asked. Concern and worry in her voice.

  3. Someone was approaching her; the back of her mind heard footsteps through the grass and fallen leaves but she didn't acknowledge it until she heard a voice that confirmed somebody else's presence. She'd truly thought that nobody would ever have stepped foot in this park, but somebody had. Ariana reluctantly looked up, rubbing at her eyes with the back of her hands until they were dry of tears, but red and agitated. Her cheeks were flushed with the sobbing- she looked like a mess.

    "Who are you?" she asked, voice wavering. It was clear she felt threatened by the way she retreated back, wrapping her arms around herself and gazing up at the stranger with eyes wide, but inwardly, Ariana wanted, even if for a moment, to trust this random person. Whoever walked into a dead park and spoke to a crying girl couldn't be that bad, right? Or perhaps it meant the person in question was rather deranged- she wasn't so sure.

    "I'm fine. Nobody comes into this park though." she added as an afterthought, motioning at the empty surroundings.
  4. Tess gave a warm, yet concerned smile. "My name is Tess." She replied. The smile didn't last long, though. She was too concerned about this girl to stay smiling. Her lips said "fine," but her eyes were screaming "help." She sighed. "You aren't fine." She said, sitting on the swing next to this girl. "No matter what your mouth says, your eyes contradict it. I understand if you don't want to talk about it, but I at least want you to know I'll be listening when you do."
  5. Ariana flinched when the girl drew closer, sitting next to her, their arms almost touching. "I've never seen you before. I don't... I don't really talk to strangers." she said, hoping the words would send the girl away. She didn't really know how to talk to somebody she didn't know, especially somebody that wanted to help. "Really, I'm okay. I'll be okay."

    "Why are you coming through the park? You didn't answer me when I asked... or I guess I didn't actually ask. Usually I'm the only one ever here, because it's such a run-down park." she let her mouth babble on, hoping to escape the prior topic, and maybe in attempts to talk the girl into wanting to leave. "But I've been coming here since I was little, you see. It's so empty, so I like it. It's quiet. I tried restoring some of the plants but I can't really grow things, I lack a green thumb. But my mother-"

    She fell silent again, the word like a pang through her chest. Bad idea, Ariana, she thought to herself.
  6. Tess looked at the girl. She had paused after saying something about her mother. It didn't take long for realization to kick in. "So that's why you're so upset. Some thing about your parents...or at least your mother." She sighed. The girl was trying to push her away, that she could see. However, Tess was a very persistent person. Gentle, but persistent. "Look, I know it's probably none of my business, but if I see someone who's...hurting or crying or in pain, I can't help but help them. Or at least try to anyway. If you don't want to talk about, that's fine. Just know that I'm here for when you do." She gave her a warm smile. She stood up and grabbed her bag, hoping the girl would stop her before she tried to leave.
  7. Ariana sat there quietly for a moment, musing over what Tess had said. The mention of that one word- mother- still stung, but as she watched the girl rise to her feet, grabbing her bag, beginning to leave, she felt a foreign flash of panic.

    It took her a great deal of courage to open her mouth and speak. "Ariana."

    What am I doing? She berated herself in her thoughts, but she couldn't help it. She doubted this girl could help, but here she was, sitting in the abandoned park with her, offering to at least try. Where would she find that anywhere else? It was dangerous, she knew- she shouldn't talk to strangers, and her father would absolutely kill her if he found out, but perhaps it was in her best interests to, at the very least, try to make a friend.

    "My name is Ariana."
  8. Tess smiled and sat back down on the swing. She was glad that Ariana had given at least some trust. "That's a very pretty name." She said. Then she sighed. " there anything you need to talk about. Anything you want to get off your chest?" She was worried about her. She didn't exactly know why, though. They had never spoken before and they didn't exactly know each other. However, she just...felt she needed to be there for Ariana.
  9. A faint flush ran to Ariana's cheek at the sudden compliment. She was unused to the sentiment- and felt a tear well at the edge of her eye. She stared towards the sky, looking for the sun, which was barely visible through the heavy clouds, and stared until the oncoming tears were all but burned away. Then she looked back at Tess, examining the girl's expression. It looked genuine... yet... Ariana still couldn't bring herself to fully believe what she was saying. That she would listen.

    But she still didn't want her to go. Not now. So she shrugged and stared down at her hands.

    "It's ... It's nothing. Just family stuff. You know?" she said, somewhat mumbling.
  10. Tess nodded. She did know. She had a lot of family issues as a matter of fact, not that she ever shared them. She didn't want the attention, really. She appreciated the sympathy and care, but she was so tired of hearing it. She turned back to Ariana. "I do know, actually. Believe it or not, I've had family problems myself." She looked down and sighed. Wait, why did she just say that? She never brings that topic up in conversation, especially not to someone she just met. She looked at Ariana again. What is it about you that makes me care so much? Why do I want to pour my heart out to you? She thought.
  11. Ariana sighed, pulling on a strand of her hair and twisting it around her finger, searching for the right words. "It's not like... like... normal family problems. Like on TV and stuff. It's like..." the girl trailed off, unsure of what to say. Painfully aware that she was confiding in a stranger, she was struggling to find vague, but truthful words with which to express the situation with, and she was failing. So instead of trying to explain, she merely shrugged. "It's different."
  12. Tess was a bit hurt, but gave a slight chuckle. "What makes you think I have normal family problems?" She normally hated talking about her family issues, especially with a stranger, but she felt...different around Ariana. And after hearing that statement come out of her mouth, she was just more worried about her. She gave a concerned face. "What do you mean by different? They aren't...hurting you, are they?"
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