It's Time;

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  1. I never really talk about about my experiences throughout my life;
    I see no point in constantly explaining to people why I am the way I am today.
    But I feel like it's my time to talk- to just share what I've been so ashamed of.

    When I was 12, I went to the hospital for extreme cramps.
    I had started my period the year before (Sorry if TMI) but these cramps were nothing I had ever experienced.
    When I was 12, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.
    A cell in my ovaries became out of control, turning very cancerous.
    During the duration of my life after that, I remember loosing myself.
    I wasn't the little girl that would make up games with her friends and laugh all night; majority of my older childhood, I spent in an uncomfortable bed in a boring white room. I turned angry and resentful towards those around me because I was the one that had to be sick, as if I had done something so terribly wrong in my short years and was being punished for it.
    It was hard coming out of the rut- especially for having my life change completely.
    But somehow, I did it.
    It wasn't a complete honorable story about how I overcame cancer but more of a story of me finally finding myself, even in such a shitty situation.

    But, now being 19, I can happily say I am cancer free and have been for two years.
    I go to school (which I had been so excited about- homeschooling drove me insane) and interact in a way I thought was never possible for me.
    I even went the extra mile of inspiring to be an actress.

    I don't know why I felt I needed to tell this story.
    I guess, I just feel like people loose themselves a lot, it sucks and it seems like the end, but it isn't.

    I don't know.
    This is extremely personal and I'm sure its weird how I can openly post it out there for strangers over the internet but it was my time to talk. ​
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  2. First off i'm so happy that you beat cancer. Alot of people lose their life to it and it warms my heart when I hear that someone overcomes it. I'm happy that your life has begun going the direction you want it to go. Believe in yourself and go the extra mile for everything. Give it your all and don't look back.

    Your life may have been rough before, but now your world is better than it has ever been. Keep going the extra mile. Never Give up and Never Surrender.

  3. I love each and every person who is willing to come out and tell their story.

    Honestly, If everyone knew each other's struggles and pain, I feel like we would all get along so much better because people are shallow things- sometimes we need to be pushed to see beyond the surface.