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  1. I've been lurking for too long... Anyway, I've come here because of some certain plot ideas that have been flying around in my mind for a while. -Activating cliche storyteller mode-
    Idea 1 - Based in a medieval era kingdom, a new king has come to rule. Peace for many has been disturbed, like 'witches' as the king referred to them. Every creature that has any sort of dangerous magic ability is executed. Those that are found anyway. About twenty four years later, a new threat has popped up on the radar. A 'witch'. Furious that a magic user has been sneaking around right beneath his guard, the king [or tyrant, which ever you prefer] sends out forces to murder the user.
    The magic user is my character, Alice, whom I've not created yet. I've planned a bit farther in than I meant to, so I'll just continue my babbling. She has been leading a group of bandits, and one night, while celebrating a new recruit, she lets her guard down. As fate would have it, knights attacked, killing everyone but her. She's injured, and flees while the rest of her group is killed.
    That's how far I've gotten on that one. NEXT
    Idea 2 - This is more of a modern era. It starts right in the middle of a hunt. A hitman/assassin after an assigned victim. This isn't as well thought out at the first one, and has several variations. I'll continue on this one for now. Anyway, they've almost caught their victim, when someone steps in and interferes. This person just so happens to be someone the hitman knows [Old friend, ex- lover, anythings possible] and the love hate relationship starts up.
    A variation of this idea is that the assassin/hitman is hunting that [old friend, ex- lover.] Not really by choice, but it's either his/her life or their own. Also, it's flexible on which gender plays which role.
    I'm really bad at explaining things [As if you couldn't tell already] but these are the two I've thought about the most. Maybe I'll add on later, but I need to get out of the shadows and start roleplaying.

    Oh, and it doesn't matter if someone has already posted on this. Post anyway! And I'm more than willing to come up with new ideas.
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  2. I'm interested in both. PM me if you want to RP with me
  3. Interested in second one.
  4. Yay! I'll send both of you a pm and we can get started from there.