It's the weekend!

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What do you do on the weekend?

Do you party like a rock-star? Relax after a hard week at the office/shop/job-site? Or are you a BOSS do what you do every other day of the week?

Although, weekends is FAMILY TIME. Especially Sunday. We either have family bbqs, watch movies all day, or generally hang out.
Usually Saturday I'm stuck inside doing all my homework/studying/etc. I try to play a game or two of League to keep myself sane, and chat with people. But then shut down to do work, which I'm about to do in a moment. >.>; And of course I do more yoga than usual on saturday, cause I can.~ And enjoy a nice long shower. -w - and nap..
SUNDAY. The day of taking out trash, cleaning the dorm, vacuuming, mopping, running to get milk, printing up papers, going to Anime club, and preparing for the next week of work and running about. That is my weekend. o_o; And, if I'm lucky and feel upto it, I shall hang out with people, or go lay around in the campus arboreum, and snuggle in the grass by myself.. n.n The trees watch me..but they're nice trees, so, I don't call the cops on them.<3
On Saturdays I time-travel to 1940's Germany to facepunch Hitler. Sundays, I do whatever I was supposed to be doing on Saturday.
I usually use it as a chance to hang out with my friends, maybe some drinking. I'm not terribly exciting...