It's the Season of Gibbing - Free games. First come, first serve.

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With Thanksgiving coming and going tomorrow, Christmas should be thrusting it's over-inflated presents in our face from every conceivable angle not stop until the Knights of January slay this insatiable beast. I thought I'd join in the festivities and bring you...


So, to kick off the holidays, I'm handing out 10 9 copies of Half-Life 2 and 7 copies 3 copies of Deus Ex: GOTY out on Steam to anyone who wants 'em. But you gotta be quick, it's first come, first serve. And who knows, maybe I'll even keep doing this! With something more than a couple people might enjoy!

Oh yeah, and be sure to post your Steam name and which game you want. 'Cause I'm no good at guessing and it may end up in the hands of HITLER.

No, Barbiel, you are much to high for video games.

Plus I need, y'know, information...
Gibs, my Accounts Warmaster_death, and if theres still a copy floating around, can i please have a Deus Ex? I've heard is absolutely brilliant!

cheers man!
Alright, turns out I'll need email addresses because for some reason Steam doesn't let you sent games to another Steam account unless they're on your friends list.

However, to make it easier, feel free to add me to your friends list if you want:
-look up at Gibs with big teary eyes-


I-i-i want a shiny new game that all the boys play....BUT, NO, I CANT HAVE ONE....GIBS...PROMISING SHINY THINGS AND UNABLE TO DELIVER TO ALL... ;__; -run away crying-
*looks down at the ground & kicks it*

. . .I. . .I dunno if I should ASK you for anything. . .y'know. . .since you've given me SO MUCH already. . .
chainsawdeathgod, can I get a copy of Deus Ex?
Only 3 copies of Deus Ex left, get 'em while they're hot!

Still 10 copies of Half-Life 2 out there. Get them while they're ... luke warm.
I don't have a Steam account. =x But I've heard that you have to pay for the games. =x
But I've also heard that Deus Ex is amazing. =x
Both Deus Ex and Half-Life 2 are amazing. Seriously, if you lot don't have them already Gibs is offering them FOR FREE.

This is very nice of him. Accept his charity and stuff.
Is it =o
Would Grumpy explain Deus Ex to me, please? =o
Deus Ex is a cyberpunk First-Person Shooter, with a fair few RPG elements within it. It's different from other shooters because of the multiple paths it offers through each mission. For each task you're given, you can go stealthy and complete it without the enemy ever even knowing you were there, or you could go balls-out guns-blazing and kill every motherfucker unfortunate enough to cross you. Plus a number of other means to complete the job.

And it's a single-player game, though it does have some multiplayer to it I think (never played it though).
Hmmm....Usually I don't play games like that. ^^;
Mmm...But maybe I could try... =\
If this netbook can play it, that is. =o
I know it's a late bump, but I still have one copy of Deus Ex left to give. And still a lot of Half-Life 2s. One last shot to grab one before I dump them off on other folks.

Also, just for the hell of it, next poster gets their choice of games currently on sale. SO GIT CRACKIN'.