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Its the End

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sammy_L, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Its been 5 years since the disease broke out...You were in school, At work, In the grocery store when the radio comes on and the voice is shaking and they yell "Urgent news!....the fearful disease that we thought was contained has broke out across the area....we recommend you find a safe place as soon as possible. Scientists dont know how long it will take for the diseased people to find you.." then the voice is cut off by static and people everywhere start to panic, making phonecalls and running to their cars. Hoping they will survive the tragedy that was about to happen.

    5 years later...
    The area your surrounded in is a ghost town, only the occasional leave flys past you in the wind. Your armed with your weapons you have to save you. All these years you've been doing your beat to keep your family safe or have been on a search to find the ones you love that have been separated from you.

    Will you survive?...

    •I will allow romance to happen in this roleplay just dont make it your all time center of attention.
    •Be respectful and include everyone.
    •Dont control others characters, its no fun.
    • Cursing is allowed but only to a minimum.

    *If someone is interested comment below and i will post the character sheet to start! :D
  2. I think this sounds very interesting.