It's the end of the word as we know it.

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  1. My favorite is alien or earthly nano machines infecting the world and destroying it.
  2. Consumerism.
  3. I LOL'd.

    I wouldn't say I was a fan of the Zombie Apocalypse or anything, but... Well, I'm a firm believer of it.

    The world is going to end with The Horde tearing down all of civilization as we know it to feed a ravenous, undead hunger that will never be satiated until every scrap of life on this planet is dead or gone.
  4. Like I said...

    Don't tazer me, man.
  5. All matter decaying until there is apsotively posolutely nothing left. The universe will die.
  6. This actually...

    We're going to run out of oil, and we're not going to be ready for it. Long distance travel will die down pretty much instantly, and lots of electronic goods we rely on to keep in touch with the world will not be replaceable, setting us back a good 300 years in a matter of 10, only without the knowhow and skills the people of that time had. Anarchy will rise, and countries will have trouble keeping public order. Many will die in the ensuing chaos as wars are fought not only between nations, but also between neighbours...
  7. Hyuk hyuk, humans survived a lot of things back then without realizing (back in the days when no one put any stock in this hippie shit)

    So my bet would be... I can't really comprehend how the human race would die.

    Even 'entropy' doesn't sound so scary, given how we were able to identify it way before it could feasibly become a problem for us.
  8. Die, who said anything about humanity dying, civilizations fall all the time. Humans are still here.
  9. I know I've used this a lot by now (open)
  10. And I feel fine.

    I'm still waiting for someone to push turn those keys, push that red button and start the chain reaction of nuclear explosions.
  11. A lot of people here seen to want any reason to descend into anarchy or into a 'survival of the fittest' situation. It's not uncommon; people these days are too rote in their day to day actions.
  12. The next society born from the ashes of whatever ends the current one would be the next 'modern' society, then.

  13. The TARDIS explodes in every moment in time, causing every super nova in the universe to explode as well and undo reality.

    Except The Doctor doesn't save us this time.
  14. [video=youtube;qkYOnhcfjgs][/video]

    I choose to believe it'll happen this way. Thousands and thousands of years in the future, long after most humans abandon the Earth for other planets and the sun a CLASSIC EARTH BALLAD!
  15. :D I'm proud of you, Zy.
  16. The age of the robots is already here. It's already over.
  17. I say human morals will continue to collapse to the point where killing someone is socially acceptable and every one of the bad isms (Racism, classism, ect.) starts becoming more common. Eventually that will become the point where human civilization ends and we see Fist of the North Star played out.
  18. We already came from such an era. If we go back to barbarism, we're perfectly capable of getting out again.
  19. I'm going to go with SUPER VOLCANO.

    A super volcano is going to explode, casting a good portion of the world in debris and ash. The atmosphere is going to be so clogged that the sun will be blocked out for a couple years. By the time it settles down, most of the world's population will have died from hunger/disease/killing each other. And those that are left will have to deal with the next ice age brought on by the shift.