It's The Differences That Bring Us Together

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Beep! Beep! Beep!

From under the covers laid out on a super ultra king bed came a groan as someone awoke. The lump beneath the blanket started to move until a mess of red hair popped out from under them. The said person extended a long skinny arm and slammed the alarm off. However, before the person could think about sleep once again, a loud knock came from the door. The person outside the room then started banging on the door. Get up Allison! A masculine voice called. The person, apparently named Allison, swung a pair of long skinny legs over the side of the bed. I'm up already! She yelled back at the person outside the door. Footsteps could be heard walking off and Allison stood up. Honestly. He could at least try and be nice. Stupid brother. Allison muttered under her breath as she stood up. Slipping her bear slippers on, Ally walked over to a frosted glass door with a white, wooden frame around it. On the right part of the door, about the same height as Ally's elbow, was a metal piece that had been built into the frame. She placed three fingers in the indent on the metal piece that allowed people to pull on it. Doing so, she slid the door open, right to left. Walking in, she did the same thing from inside except closed it from left to right. Once the door was closed, Ally undressed and folded her clothes on the toilet seat. Stepping into the shower, she slid the sky based shower curtains closed and turned the warm water on.

Fifteen minutes later, the door that connected her bathroom to her bedroom slid open to reveal Ally with a cream colored towel wrapped around her body. Thanks to the towel, one could clearly see her curves. A D-Cup bust size and curvy bottom. Every guy's dream! Which would explain a few things. Relieving a sigh, Ally walked across her carpeted floor to a wooden door painted white. Ally reached her hand toward a silver knob that was about the same height as her elbow. Turning it, Ally pulled on the door and it opened to reveal a large closet. Walking in, Ally removed her towel and wrapped her hair in it so that her hair could dry while she looked for an outfit to wear to school. After about five minutes, Alley exited the closet fully dressed and her towel on her arm. With that done, she looked at her clock and saw that it was only six-thirty. Perfect. She thought before making her way back to the bathroom. Inside, she hung her towel on a metal rack then turned to her counter top and mirror. Time to fix this hair. She muttered to herself, reaching for her brush.

After three minutes, Allison exited her bathroom with her hair silky and healthy looking as usual. Another knock came from her the white wooden door that led into her room from the hallway and Allison sighed. Walking over to it, she reached her hand out to the silver knob and turned it. Pulling it open, Ally was met by her older brother, staring down at her with his hands stuffed in his pockets. What? She asked coldly. What else stupid? Breakfast. He replied, narrowing his eyes. Bending down a little, her brother used his sleeve to wipe the lip gloss off Ally's lip. Hey! She snapped and he stood up. It doesn't suit you. He growled before turning his back and walking down the long hallway. Allison sighed softly and walked over to her desk, grabbing her bag from the chair that sat before her desk. Slinging one strap over her shoulder, Allison exited her room, making sure to close the door behind her.

Downstairs, Ally was greeted by her mother. Looking around Allison noticed that father wasn't there, and remembered that he had to work over seas. Lame. She thought as she walked pass the couch, throwing her bag onto it. Exiting the Living Room, she entered the Kitchen and sat at the table where breakfast was laid out. Eggs, Pancakes, Sausage, and Orange Juice. All cooked how she liked it. Ally wasted no time and dug in, seeing as how she still needed to get to school. After ten minutes, she finished and stood up with her dishes. Allison walked over to the sink and gently laid them down before walking into the Living Room and grabbing her bag. On her way out the door, Ally was stopped by her mother. Are you really going to wear that? She asked, causing Ally to look down at her trendy outfit. Quirking a brow, Allison looked up again. Uh, yeah. She replied, having a slight attitude. Her mother bit her lip and furrowed her brows a little, staring. Rolling her eyes, Ally turned her back to her mother. I'm the model of this family. I know what fashion is. Allison told her before closing the front door behind her as she left. Sighing softly, Allison checked her phone. Six forty-five. She thought before pocketing her phone and walking down the front steps. Once she reached the ground, Ally was greeted by the chauffeur with her sports car. Walking around the car, she opened her door and threw her bag in the passenger seat. After that, Allison climbed in and closed the door. Once she started it up, Allison took off to school.

At seven-oh-five [7:05], Ally reached the school and drove into the parking lot in front of the High School. She found her parking spot and skillfully parked her car there. With that done and over with, Ally removed her keys and grabbed her bag. Opening her car door, Allison climbed out and shut the door. School starts at seven thirty, which means I have time to hang. She thought to herself, smiling. Another sports car pulled up next to hers and moments later, her brother stepped out. Going to meet you gangster friends, Austin? She teased, receiving an eye roll from him. Whatever. He replied, walking off. Ally chuckled and followed after him, seeing as they were both heading to the campus to meet their friends.

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