It's that time again!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Orochi, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. I like how my last four or five threads were probably made in the welcoming forum.

    *insert demeaning insulsts towards the staff here*

    PS. Make the site more mobile/tablet friendly, Dianerp. :E
  2. Hello, Orohic.
    It's been a long time.... I've even had time to miss you.
    Glad to see you around. But you still don't get your pension, exhubbu. <3

    PS: We have a mobile version now!
  3. How do you expect me to send alimony checks if Dianerp keeps spending my pension monies on illegal cock-fights? And I'm not talking about chickens.

    Do you accept rape-dollars? ;)

    PS. Link plox.
  4. Welcome back, Dude.
  5. Octy: here's hoping I don't disappear for 3-4 months again(I probably will)

    Kittu: leave your door unlocked, then :3

    PS. I'll try to visit more often, after getting my shit straight and buying a new pc.
  7. Is it Morphin' Time?