"It's so beautiful here."

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  1. "It's so beautiful here."

    Everyone says so- and if they don't say it, they think it.

    Your family decides to suddenly move to the small island of Luna Beach, in the middle of no where.
    It takes about an hour by ferry to get there, and when you ask around in the city, no one knows what you're talking about.

    The island is constantly warm and green, filled with life and sunshine.
    Your family moves into a house right on the beach, and everyone seems perfectly happy not thinking about the life before you lived here.

    Once you've settled in, you meet a strange girl.
    She's not like the other island people. She's pale, with large blue eyes and dark circles under them.
    She always wears long sleeved things- even though it's hot outside.

    She looks washed out compared to the tanned, gorgeous people of the island.
    She's quiet, but she's interesting,and nice.

    You two become good friends.
    And she starts to point out a few things on the island that... well, aren't exactly right.

    I'm looking for a male partner, because romance and such, but if you want to play a female, I can do that too.
    I'll be playing the odd girl.



  2. Oh oh I'd be more then happy to rp this with you. I'm a girl, but as odd as it sounds I really enjoy playing a male. Just reply here or pm me if you want :D I hope you haven't found anyone this seems really interesting
  3. I haven't found a single person besides you who'd like to do this.
    Thank you for replying!

    If you fill out the CS, I can also fill one out, and then I can begin our role play, if you like.
    Do you want any mature scenes, and are you 18+?
  4. Unfortunately, I am not 18+ yet, but I have been known to do some mature scenes. Although, I prefer, to do more of the leading up to then the actual doing.
    Here's my character sheet. Sorry, I didn't see you replied until now.

    Name: James Lincoln
    Age: 18
    Birthday: November 13
    Likes: horses, drawing, painting, sailing, dancing, watching waves, exploring, supernatural things, some sports, some martial arts
    Dislikes: preppies, jocks, bullies, arrogance, public schools, boring routines, assholes,
  5. Alright. Do you want me to post mine, or just start?
  6. In case you saw the dumb question, I realized the answer ._.

    Grand idea, though, do let me know if you decide to expand it eventually.
  7. You can post your own as wel if you want just send me the thread link for when we start :D
  8. Name: Violet Trist
    Age: 18
    Birthday: October 12th
    Likes: Sweets, poetry, swimming, art, reading
    Dislikes: Sour stuff, liars, cheaters, ignorant people, bullies
    Weight: 110lbs
    Height: 5'5
    Appearance: Blond hair, pale skin, blue eyes, skinny, dd breasts.
  9. Allllright ^^