It's sad...

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  1. It's sad when i feel like i cant even confide in my own family, as i know the shit will just be thrown back in my face telling me to just get over myself and that i need to get off my high horse.

    there have been so many things racing through my mind and even when i think i can ask for help to get over this 'problem' i feel i have no one i can talk to.

    I've never resorted to drugs ive never contemplated death. so does that mean everything is okay? no, i would never resort to that just to reach out for help.

    Hell even as i write this, i think that nobody will even bother to read it.

    Its sad that i find easier to write this on a website away from my family,except my sis. She may be a pain in the ass sometimes for me, but damn it she may be the only one who will understand, who may even be able to pull me out of my depression that i found myself in.

    that is if she reads this...

    i thought i could pull myself out of this but damn it its so hard.

    i dont even remember if my mom even bothered to ask if i was alright. not physically either, but emotionally.
  2. It's a human quality to sweep the problems, the "depressing" things under the rug and forget about them until they strike so hard that such a thing is impossible. In other words, mental pain is a very hard thing to identify sometimes, and it takes someone who's felt harsh mental pain to be able to recognize it in others too. Perhaps what's needed is a proper heart to heart with your family, if that's unsuccessful, perhaps time will reveal a better answer (just a suggestion, not a fact though) >.< there's my two cents on the situation
  3. -Gives hug- You can talk to me if you need to. n.n

    I don't mind listening.
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  4. Dear @-Kuroko-

    May I, first, congratulate you on reaching out. I know it can be so hard to, but when you finally confide in someone, it can be so comforting.

    I, myself, have never been in anything too serious when it comes to emotional pain. The odd bulling- nothing I couldn't get over with a pick-me-up from my best friends. However, I never judge anyone- that's not my job. My job is not to pass others by in the race of life when they're on the ground, but to stop and help them back on their feet. I would be happy to listen to you, offer any advice I can, and be here for you. It would put me at ease too- knowing I can help. I understand, it might be hard because you don't know me, but I will not let you down. I will not turn my back on you. Do not give up. I want to help you. *Outstretches hand*
  5. My mom is a narcissist my brother is scizophrenic and my dad is away most of the time. I understand. This part of your life is temporary though. Focus on your future. You don't have to be sad. The drugs though? They are going to screw you over. Ask your sister for help. Tell her you need to quit. Everyone will drug test you when you attempt to get a job. Don't get addicted to it. Focus on grades and future plans. Apply for jobs or if you cant do that move to hawaii and get social security money. Hawaii has the most generous benefits. Unless you aren't from the US then well uh.. heheh find a job.