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  1. There are many tales such as this, Romeo and Juliet being the most famous. Two families at war with each other while children of each family fall desperately in love with each other. This story is different from the well known story of star crossed lovers. In Romeo and Juliet they see each other across a room, meet and then fall in love but that is not what happened here, in this the gap is a lot larger than just across the room.

    In the richest part of the large city stood two large and proud houses, home to the family of whiteheart and Blackhorse. Their families had been at war for many reasons over the years, the original reason forgotten but they were more than happy to keep the fight going.

    The whiteheart family consisted of a grandfather, a father, a mother, a teen age daughter and a baby brother on the way. The grandfather was harsh and had a quick temper much like his son but he was more likely to listen to you. The mother was a soft spoken woman who was much the peace keeper in the house between the grandfather and father that had a tendency to argue with the teen daughter.

    Elena, the daughter, was a sweet day dreamer. The child had been born with big blue eyes and long hair so blond under the sunlight it looked like it was made of the sun’s ray. Elena hated that she couldn’t go out at night because ‘that is Darkhorse’s preferred time’, that she couldn’t ask about the family she had always been told to hate yet if she walked out of her room on to her balcony and looked across she could see the home clearly.

    It was a night same as any other, Elena had decided to go to her room rather than be down stairs with her family and headed straight for the balcony. The 19 year old sat on the lawn chair on the balcony brushing her hair while looking over at the rival families house wondering what it was like over there.
  2. The Blackhorse family consisted of a grandfather, grandmother, father mother, a mid-twenties daughter and a teenage son. The grandfather was a quiet man but was very quick to give his opinion, especially when it was about the Whiteheart family. The grandmother had lost her mind to old age many years ago but every once in a while she would say something that made you think it was all a lie. The father was a work-a-holic so was always in his office. The mother was a lover books and flowers, usually holding a book in her lap as she stared out her rose garden. The sister courted with many men, trying to find a suitable, non-Whiteheart husband, so was rarely at home.

    Roy, the son, was an adventurer at heart. He loved riding his horse at night, raising with the wind and dodging trees. He was born with brown eyes, the same color as his favorite horse, and hair black as night. Roy didn't care much for the girls around town, they always seemed to attached to his name and looks, he never thought they looked at him. That is why he preferred his horse, Beauty. He knew she loved him and would always be there for him when he needed her.

    One night, when Roy had come back late from riding with Beauty, he looked over at the house he knew belonged to that of the family rival. So close to his own, yet so far away. He never thought much about the family dispute, though he couldn't say he ever had the chance to meet a nice Whiteheart. He wondered what it was like over there.
  3. Elena sighed softly, reaching over to her side she turned on her small stereo and began to play you and me by lifehouse. It was the only song she really listened to at night becuase it helped her wind down from dealing with her family. The teen hummed softly along with it as she stood, she walked over to the railed and rested her hands against it as she looked in to the night sky without noticing the rivql families son just beneath her balcony
  4. Roy was a little surprised to hear the music so late at night. He searched around trying to find the source. He froze when he finally found it and his eyes rested on the house of his enemy. A girl was standing on the balcony looking up at the sky. Even in the low light of darkness, he could see her hair shine. Roy could not move as he stared up at her. About half way through the song, Roy found himself singing along.
  5. Elena had just been enjoying the qwind in her hair when she heard the singing and, not caring much for where it came from, she started singing along to. The young beauty knew the song off by heart now so it was easy to get lost in the lyrics and the melody. When the song ended Elena looked down over the railings to see who had been singing with her and she couldn't help her small gasp at the fact it had been a Blackhorse
  6. Roy was almost glad to finally know where the music was coming from. Many times when he was riding Beauty at night, he had heard the song and had grown to love it, but was riding to fast to really care where it was being played. The song ended and Roy could not say that he was happy about it. The Whiteheart girl looked at him and Roy's eyes widened with shock. He wanted to hit himself for being an idiot. He was just singing with a person who he was supposed to hate. Beauty pushed her nose against his shoulder a few times, snapping him out of his trance. He held her head over his shoulder and stroked her nose. He gave a quick look back to the girl that was still looking at him from her balcony, before taking Beauty back to her warm stable.
  7. Elena smiled softly at the way the guy was with his horse, it reminded much of how she was with her snow white cat Grace but she had to shake herself of that thought. The girl kept watching till he started to walk away and she moved to sit back in her chair on the balcony so she could watch the stars once again while trying not to think too much on the Blackhorse's son or what he was like
  8. "Foolish girl", Roy muttered to himself as he took the riding gear off of Beauty. "Standing out at night like that. She could get hurt if she wasn't careful. Ugg, why do I care?!" Roy rested his head against Beauty's shoulder, trying to get the girl out of his mind. Beauty nibbled lightly at his hair, and he looked at her and smiled. "Thanks girl, come now let's give you a wash down before we hit the hay. What do you say?" Beauty whinnied happily in response before Roy led her off to hose her down. As he was washing her, he made the decision to sleep by her side that night. It wasn't the first time he had done it and it would be the last.
  9. Elena was getting ready to go back inside and head to bed but, being the butter fingers she was, she knocked her hair brush off her balcony and in to the Blackhorse's property. She swore softly while trying to see where it could have landed but all she managed to work out that it was somewhere near the stables
  10. Roy had just finished with Beauty's primping before bed, and was going to shut the doors to keep them both warm during the night when he noticed something small by the doors. He slowing went over to it, wondering what it might be. What he found was a hair brush. He knew no one in his house had a brush such as this and wondered how it had gotten to this place. He looked up and noticed the Whiteheart girl still on her balcony. Roy looked shocked at her and then back at the brush. He held the brush up as if he could give it to her right there. He noticed the girl nodding her head quickly and almost laughed. He threw the brush up and down a few times in his hand before holding it up again, waving with it as he walked back into the stable, closing the doors behind him.
  11. Elena had sighed with relief and almost laughed when the teen had found her brush but then he went in to the stables and she had to frown "of course he couldn't five it back. I'm a Whiteheart and he was a Blackhorse so why would he do her any favors? The girl shook her head and sighed softly before finally going in to her room and began to get ready for bed
  12. Roy couldn't understand why he had taken the brush with him. He could have easily thrown the brush up to her, no problem. Why didn't he? Roy tossed the stupid brush up and down again, watching it intensely. His body was resting up against Beauty's side, her body under a blanket. Roy put the hairbrush down grabbing a blanket for himself and pulling it over him. "Beauty girl, I do think we are in for an adventure." He whispered staring at the brush, before he slowly fell into sleep.
  13. Once Elena was curled up under her covers she looked towards her balcony door and, for some unknown reason, gave a smile. After a good, long nights sleep Elena was up at the crack of dawn for her home schoolong. The tmren bite her lip and quickly wrote a note, foldrd it in to a paper airplain and sailed it towards the rival families stabels
    The note read; I know our families don't agree with one another but what could you possible want with my brush? Its not exactly suitable for your horse, which is gorgeous by the way.
  14. Roy stretched his arms to the sky as he woke up. Nothing made him feel so rested as sleeping with Beauty. As he got up he saw the hair brush, and for a second completely forgot where it had come from. He picked it up and opened the stable doors, looking up to the balcony. He took one step ready to throw the stupid thing back when he heard the crunch of paper under his foot. He picked that up and read the little note. He laughed as he re-read it. He quickly wrote a note on the back tied it to the brush and threw it up to the balcony.
    The reply read: I am glad to hear we both know that our families hate each other. I truthfully had no intention on keeping this thing, I was just waiting for the morning when I could see where I was throwing it so I didn't hit you. P.S. Beauty thanks you for the compliment.
  15. Home schooling had always been fun but for some reason thew lessons just seemed to drag on and Elena was more then relived to get back to her balcony. The young girl would eneve admit it but her heart jumped a little at the note attached to her hairbrush. She knew she just had to reply and after writing the note she attached it to her cats collar and sent the kitty over to the Blackhorse's property.
    I personally find it ridiculous, they fight as though they're a bunch of children fighting over the same toy. I appreciate the thought and thank you for returning it, my mother would have gone mad if I had lost the thing and Beauty is most welcome, you named her well.
  16. Roy walked into his house with only a short amount of time to shower, change, and eat before his school lessons started. He hated classes, he would rather be riding Beauty. He was glad to be able to free of them at the end of the day and go back to where he wanted at the end of the day. Imagine how surprised he was to see a white cat by the stable doors. He slowly picked it, noticing the collar read Grace, and held a note. Roy knew who the note was from and knew exactly who it was meant for. He read it over a couple of times before going to write a reply. "Silly girl," Roy said to the cat with a laugh. "I returned the brush, you would think she would never speak with her enemy again." He slipped the note into the collar and shooed the cat home.

    Well adults really are just grown up children, but I think they are fighting over more than just some silly hairbrush someone dropped by accident. Besides it would have found its way back to you somehow, so your mother need not freight. You named your cat well, as well. ~Roy
  17. Elena had been practicing her violin skills when her cat return and she was more than happy about it. After fussing the creature she took the note, read it with a laugh and quickly wrote a reply before sending the cat back

    Have you ever received an actual reason for our families and to fight? I tried asking hut just the mention of your families name earners me glares. Its an heirloom, my mother is rather paranoid over the item and checks almost every night that its still in my possession. Thank you, I found it rather fitting considering she walks around as if she's a cat of utter perfection - Elena
  18. Roy did not understand why the cat came back. Why was girl sending him messages? She did know that they were enemies right? Well, he was sending messages back so they were both doing something wrong. He wondered if he should even continuing to reply.

    I haven't really cared about the dispute. Truthfully, if I could be with Beauty all day I would. And with the heirloom, just make sure you don't drop it again. Who knows who would have found it if it wasn't me. Every cat walks around like they own the place. My sister has one that thinks he is the king of the castle. ~Roy
  19. Elena knew that it was stupid to keep passing notes but she wanted, no needed to know what was so bad about the Blackhorses that had her whole family hating them all. She wasn't seeing it though, Roy seemed like a nice guy and he didn't care about the fight either

    Me neither, I never understood the arguing. I mean, my family are idiots and grumpy but theirs not monsters and you don't seem like a thug or anything. I'm really grateful that you found it and I promise to be more careful with it, well as careful as a klutz can be. I know what ypu mean about your horse, I'd spend all my time exploring forests if I could but its 'improper' for a young lady -Elena
  20. Beauty kept on nudging Roy's shoulder but Roy ignored her as he wrote a reply. He would take Beauty out for a long ride tonight to make up for this. He found it almost a compulsion to respond to this girl. They hadn't really spoken to each other and they defiantly didn't know anything about her, but he felt that she was different from the other girls from the town.

    If you really want I can start asking my grandfather about it, he might know something more than I do. And about me being a thug, I will try not to take that as an insult to my family, however you don't really know me so how can you say I'm not a thug. Considering the exploration, maybe you could sneak out on night and I can take you for a ride. That is if you are brave enough. ~Roy
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