Its Romance Month and

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  1. So its Romance Month so why not find a partner? :3

    Okay so first things first, I'm Lightning~ I'm sometimes called Rufia by some of my few older friends on this site and I haven't really taken part in a long-term mature roleplay. I'm an avid writer and a very active roleplayer. I think I can satisfy those who like big posts, and I feel that I'm quite literate. (Not that I have a thing against people who aren't.) So I'll just put myself out there like that.

    I'm quite open-minded to most genres. Favorite is definitely Medieval or Fantasy. But I'm up for Modern, ScFi , apocalyptic. Anything reall,y except for Furries and Really REALLY hardcore. Like BSDM shit. Being a girl and thinking if someone were to do that to me..its just a turn-off. lol.

    I'm all okay for roughness but not that kind of rough. xD

    I'm good roleplaying either the dude or the girl and I have some story skeletons worked out in my mind.

    The only thing I would like personally is someone who's frequently active. My timezone is the same to that of Seoul in South Korea. But I can stay up late so yeah.

    PM me if your interested or post here. I'm okay with multiple partners so don't be afraid even if someone already posted!

  2. I don't know what the timezone of Seoul, South Korea is. But I know it's probably very different from mine, which is that of New York City. But I'm not overly worried about when you post anyway, as long as we can at least post once a day or so. And even then...I'm not too worried, but if you suddenly stop posting for a week or so, I may show some concern. Speaking of, there's another person I have to bug. But that's a separate story.

    While I prefer playing female, I can play male as well...Or double up. So whatever is needed I suppose? I'll play a character as long as it fits the story really. I don't need a heavy story laid out, mind you- but at least a minor idea of what's going on, even a pairing, is helpful.

    I'm very happy with fantasy as a genre to work off of. I can do medieval, so long as it's not using the proper speech of the time since...I don't really understand it well and get confused using proper medieval speech. But otherwise, I'm fine with that setting. Otherwise, modern or futuristic/sci-fi are also fine. I'll do apocalyptic as well, but not involving horror. Horror and don't really get along. Or gore. But otherwise...I'll try most things. If it bothers or bugs me in any way, I'll make sure to let you know.

    So...I'm interested. I hope we'll be able to get something going~
  3. If I know correctly, you just switch the PM and AM signs and its pretty much the same. Not one-hundred percent correct but pretty much so yeah. :)

    I usually post daily from Friday to Sunday. And to be elaborate on that subject.. Usually a post'll come during the evening on school-days.( Probably around six in the morning over there) But the moment its the weekend, I'm on all day. Posting as crap ton. Also, very much like you, I don't really mind waiting for a reply for a day or two~

    It seems that it'll be very easy but also fun to work with you soo, do you wanna discuss plotstuff through PMs? :3

    I hope this'll result into a very active roleplay partnership and probably even a friendship. Just tell me if your cool with it, 'kay Juneberry? ^ - ^
  4. In my case, I'm not currently in school, but I need to work on my sleep schedule because I need to take a big test so I can get my GED, and then be able to at least get into a few classes in the community college...I'd really like to get back into classes, but...Some stuff kept me from getting a proper high school diploma. Thus...That needs to be done. But otherwise, as long as I'm awake and not watching some TV, I'm on here. But my timing may vary from time to time.

    As for the time schedule...Uh...What time is it by you right now? I'm posting this at 1:05AM. That could make it make sense, not that it's a big deal either way. Anyhow...We can talk about plot and such in PMs or here, either is fine. And I'm getting a good feeling that this'll be a beautiful friendship as well, Lightning. No need to fret about that! It's perfectly fine!
  5. Okay my earlier statement about my timezone is actually kind of incorrect. Haha. You still switch the signs but you add an hour. To be put in a more simpler way, its about two pm over here in the Philippines. I'll just PM you~
  6. Hey there!
    You seem like you know what your doing and also in my range!
    See I work til 10 (Sometimes 9) PM Central time
    So at the moment of writing it is currently 12:47 AM
    As you can see I stay up as well. Usually until 5 AM
    But with that you sound like a decent player and a very cool person, hope to keep in contact. I have a thread about my rules as well if you wish to check it out to keep me in mind:
  7. Well, we may not catch each other online, but I'm on every day.

    I like to play females, but go ahead and yell out some ideas~
  8. Ruuufia! Are you free still?