It's paranoia, just paranoia. Not if they're after me it isn't!

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One of my friends has had his car stolen, etc. due to no fault of his own that the final time, the car insurance gave him enough to purchase a Saturn Sky. Bad luck, good luck, that's neither here nor there. Anyway, it's one in the morning and we'd been hanging out, so I was being driven back to my house. We decided to stop by and grab me an order of fries from McDonald's. Sue me, I love them. Anyway. We had been eating and talking in the parking lot when another car showed up. We paid them no mind, until he pulled close to the car and looked inside.

When we'd finished eating, we headed for the sole exit and waited because of the stop sign. As we pulled onto the street, the other car turned on his engine and immediately followed. I started to get a little worried, he didn't notice until I pointed it out. There is only one way to exit the McDonald's and from there, clearly, either left or right on a main street, so we couldn't hold it against him that he too took a left followed by the left onto the main road.

From there, though, he got ahead of us and we relaxed a little. Still feeling a bit worried, as we headed toward an on ramp to a highway, we started in the right lane, the only one leading to the on ramp. Acting as though we were getting over, he flicked on his left turn signal. Instantly, the car we were worried about jumped from nearly being far enough down the lane he was forced to get on the highway anyway... into the lane we were indicating we were switching to drive in instead.

We're fairly certain we were being tailed.

So, now that I have my little adventure for the night gone wrong out of the way - what are your creepy, eerie, or just plain scary stories about being tailed, followed on foot, etc?
Ah, that's scary O__o What happened after? oO Did you lose him?

I remember this one time three or four summers ago when my friend & I were headed to the library (six or seven blocks away), there was this rumour about some weird man with psychological problems running up people's homes and saying "this is my house, what are you doing here?" and then sitting there and banging on their door for a while before disappearing and going to another home. So, naturally, she & I were kind of scared and paranoid, looking around and talking loudly and such. I didn't tell her because she'd probably freak out and get scared (she's younger than me), but at the time, there was this man in a blue jumpsuit following us for most of the way to the library.

So, discreetly, I asked her to take the shortcut way (which is off the sidewalk and through the grassy park-areas) and so we did that, and he changed course and followed us, too. This time around we were just by the library so I wasn't too worried because there were a lot of people around, but it was scary x3. We went to the library like normal and spent a couple of hours there. When we left, it was nearly late afternoon so we were in a hurry to get home, but the scariest part was that when we came out with our library bags in hand, the guy was standing there across the street x/ I totally freaked out and told my friend to go the other way home and she was all confused so I told her what happened.

She freaked out and then I got scared, too, but we started walking towards the direction (long way) home and he crossed the street and started following us again. That was like the end of it for me, I just totally burst into tears, grabbed my friend, hurried back to the library, asked for the phone, called up my dad and asked him to come pick us up. He wasn't able to, but my friend's dad came instead. Both our dads thought we were just being paranoid... >__> They laughed about it... x.X Unfortunately, I still remember the cold, shuddering fear feeling I had that day so I very much doubt it was just paranoia.

In any case, there were lots of 'happenings' that year. Murders and creepy people walking around anyway, so maybe it was a little bit of paranoia, but I can't say it wasn't weird that he followed us even when we cut through parks or made strange detours.

BYAH. They have better security going on nowadays and I can kick butt, so I never worry too much about shady people following us when we take our frequent trips to the library. xD But I'll never forget the feeling of being followed. x.X

Maybe it's cuz I'm a guy but I just have this kindda "LET THEM COME" attitude about stuff like this.

But then again I don't think where I live is a very dangerous place.
I've Clinical Depression and one of the rare not-often spoken of side effects of Depression is Hallucinations. When I get really super emo, I get these. They're not full-on hallucinations, they're mostly play of the light/trick of the eye stuff.

When I was in College, I was having a TERRIBLE time and the hallucinations would come and go a lot. While I have no specific instances to speak of, there were several instances where I'd see someone out of the corner of my eye and think they were following me, or I would feel as if someone was coming up behind me, turn and see a person (that wasn't real).

Most of the time they're "shadow men" so some of my friends thought I could see ghosts for a bit. Mehhh.
Not a fun feeling either way, let me tell you.

Somehow I think hallucinations are more comforting than seeing ghosts (which I do believe in) also.
Oooh scary!

One night me and my best friend went out for a walk like we usually do late at night. As we were walking we saw this white car down the street pulling up and slowing down. At first we thought no big, you know, it's a residential area and they were probably just getting close to their house and going to park. No such luck. Then the lights on the car were shut off and it continued to creep up behind up for a couple of blocks. It scared my friend quite a bit but I was tempted to run over and yell at them.
Well, I was riding my bike one rather humid summer night. The sun had just set and the sky was still somewhat light, but I was under the shade of a lot of trees where I was riding my bike so it was rather dark and I had to turn on my little bike light to see in front of me. Anyway, so my chain fell out of place because I had gone over this bump a bit too fast. Trying to fix it quickly, I suddenly had this scary feeling of being followed. And I swear, I turned around and there was a shady looking person walking towards me. So I pretty much panicked and managed to put my chain back in place and sped off. I wonder what would've happened had I not gotten away in time.